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  • Why ‘focus’ is an area we as mums struggle with
  • The 4 key problems causing lack of focus
  • Strategies to take back control of your time




Anna Jonak: [00:00:40] Welcome to Episode 27 of the Raising Her Game Podcast. Once again you've got me Anna Jonak at the helm because the lovely Flori is now enjoying time with her new baby... baby Julian OMG. He is so cute but OMG am I missing my partner in crime. I feel like I've lost an arm and a leg. I'm so used to talking to her everyday and I'm definitely trying to give her some space to enjoy her baby but that does mean you're getting a lot of me at the moment, lucky you. But now have no fear. Whilst I am certainly missing my partner in crime, I actually am very excited to bring today's episode to you because it's a little bit unique because I decided today that I would like to take you behind the scenes of The Elevatory® and into one of the live classes that I recently taught for some of our students. Now a bit of context for you around this class. I quite often see our ladies getting a bit stuck in a funk. You know life happens, there's overwhelm, there's juggling all the things, you know, where sometimes you don't know which way is up or how to move yourself forward mentally, just to keep on keeping on. There's just too much going on right. So I wanted to create a series of mindset sessions for our girls to help them reboot and get refocused and you know, facing forward and taking action again. Now, to help me prepare for these sessions, I popped into our Facebook community and I also sent out an email to our whole community asking them to give me some insights into specifically what was going on for them right now like what had them stuck, what were their mindset hang ups, and how could I help them. And I have to say I was absolutely blown away by the response, the emails, the messages, the poll. Holy moly. It went off. Okay. And what I did was I went through every single response that I got and then broke down everything that I read, everything I saw into all the mindset issues I could see and into a series of themes that kept coming up again and again. And then what I did was I tackled these key themes one by one throughout the presentation and the presentation spanned, this kind of a whole series spanned a few weeks. Now what I'm going to do today is share with you just a snippet of one of the sessions and this snippet really hones in on the juggle, time management and productivity, and I really trust that there's gonna be lots of aha moments that await you. Now I do warn you, I do get a bit excited [laughing]. So sit back and enjoy as I deliver you a ton of gold to help you get your head straight and keep on moving and make the absolute most out of your time.


Finding Balance-Illustrated by Paula-Kuka

Image: Paula Kuka @Common_Wild


Anna Jonak: [00:03:08] Hello ladies. Very excited. First thing I do want to say though, very important of you guys remember is that tonight as per usual I am here as your coach not your friend okay. And it's not my job to sugarcoat things so I'm definitely going to be, you know, I'm not here to make you feel comfortable and I'm definitely here to help you start thinking differently and to empower you to move yourself forward so it's not going to be nice and fluffy. I am gonna be direct. And if you've got questions for me throw them at me and I would love to answer them.



Anna Jonak: [00:03:39] Now let's get going with focus okay. So this is the first thing I came across a lot. And here are some of the problems that people shared with me when it came to what I feel would be the area of focus. I've got too many different ideas going on all the time. I go off in different directions and please shout out if you recognise these yourself or you wrote this if you want to share but let me know what resonates. What else we got here. We've also got here I struggle to find the mental bandwidth to try and process all the things, the course content, the logistics of trying to establish a small business and all the mumming and then we've got another one here I find "I spend a good 10 minutes scrambling over what I should focus on." Do I work on products for upcoming markets? Do I get my finances sorted? Do I work through an Academy module or I find myself multitasking. We've got yep [laughing]. That's me. Okay. So what I'm going to do is dive into each of these areas and kind of give you some thoughts about how you can approach some of these things. Okay.


Too Many Ideas

Anna Jonak: [00:04:44] So the very first one which is about having too many ideas. Now, there is nothing wrong with having lots of ideas. That's a great thing if you have lots of ideas but really it's what you do with them that is more important than having them okay. What I don't want for you guys is to be in a place where you get caught up in so many ideas in all of the thinking, about all the things you could be doing or should be doing or want to be doing and then find yourself not taking any action and going into procrastination essentially. Alright? But still we've got the act of not following through which is where you might start not one, not two, not three or four or five even maybe things and you start them all but you actually never finish them. You don't ever see them through. You start going off on a tangent and then go and stop and something else, something else gets you excited okay. But the whole point here is you create a lot of energy to gain momentum to get things started but you don't follow through and see them towards the end okay. So you find yourself in exactly the same place as when you started despite all the energy going into the initial output of moving forward with something okay. Now if you do suffer from lots of ideas for your business then this is what I want you to do. First of all get a journal. Write them all down. And then what I want you to remember is we're going to review them alright. So the best thing you can do is when your mind is flooded with ideas is to get it all down on paper so you can revisit it at a later time and maybe you can work on those ideas later but get out on paper, get it all out of your mind so you can clear out. Look at it on a black and white page and then basically start to review what you have in front of you. Because what I want you to remember here is that not all ideas are created equally and you have certainly heard me talk about the 80-20 rule previously where, you know 80 percent of your results come from 20 percent of your activities and this is going to be the case with some of your ideas. Some of your ideas are just not going to have legs. So you need to be able to review and research your ideas and really think about what's truly going to have the biggest impact on your life or on your business. Okay. Right now and into the future. So kind of step back and try and give yourself some perspective on really what the answer might be. Now if you're still getting stuck in your head then poll the Facebook group, come and chat with us in the forum like we're here to help you break things down and you know we've certainly been in your place where we've been, you know ideas laden and taken ourselves off on tangents and it's not been a good thing for our business. It's been costly on time and money but we certainly have a good view now on what works and what doesn't. So come and chat to us ask for help. But the biggest thing is... is that once you do have an idea in place that you want to follow then I want you to absolutely 100 percent commit to it. Okay. No over thinking, no stopping and starting. Just go down the road and this will make sense you're going to see all these sessions build on each other when it comes to decision making and things like that you just going to own it alright. See it through to the end. And now some people might find and this is the reason that they stop it, you know they stop and start things is that fear kicks in on the journey to completing a task. If this happens I really want you to stop and analyse it okay. So start thinking about if you're feeling fearful about the actions you're taking and you want to pull out, ask yourself why, what are you fearful of? Now fear normally comes in a few different disguises but the core, normally we fear success, we fear failure, we fear being judged and we feel a fear around not being good enough okay. These are our core based fears that sit at the heart of pretty much anything. Alright? So whatever your surface fear is, when you start to dig down, you’ll come down to one of these core fears and they're very normal for everyone okay. You'll always distil back to these ideas. But it's very important for you to recognise if there is a fear sat there for you, about seeing something through okay. Because this means you need to do some belief work here to get to the root cause of what is creating you any angst when it comes to you actually finishing things and seeing things through. We are going to talk about fear a bit more in a minute but it is always important for you to acknowledge when you have a feeling of discomfort to start digging to understand a little bit more about what that means. Okay. The key take out here though however on you guys having too many ideas, is really that I want you to understand that too many ideas can take you off your path and can be costly. Shiny object syndrome. Anyone with an "I" energy might find they go down this route. But what you really need to do is get focused on the stuff that matters and will deliver results and really just take some action and you're going to hear me saying a lot of these things over and over again okay.


Finding Mental Strength 

Anna Jonak: [00:09:15] Now, next point. I struggle to find the mental... I'm just going to read the comment again. I struggled to find the mental bandwidth to try and process all the things, the course content, the logistics, blah blah blah, the mum, the housekeeper, the partner, the business owner. Guys, we are juggling an enormous amount of things in the roles that we play as mum and as a partner, in doing the business side of things and trying to be an individual within all of that. We are juggling an enormous amount and the truth is that you really cannot do all of them very well at once. It's impossible there's too much going on and if you try and, I'm going to use the "P" word, be perfect. Be the perfect mum, the perfect wife, the perfect lover, the perfect business owner, it's all going to crash and burn. And I'm going to introduce you to the four burners theory a bit later on. But if you are feeling like at the moment you are juggling all the things, you don't really know where you should be focusing your energy, I want you to come back to doing these two things. The first is learning to really prioritise and that is to get clear on what comes first and when, so you can have different things coming first at different times but start to set some boundaries around the things that you're going to prioritise and give time and value to. And then secondly I want you to be able to compartmentalise and that means when you are doing the thing that you say you're going to do is that you are present in that moment and doing what needs to be done. So you're not half trying to send emails whilst with your kids you're either with the kids or you're doing your work so that you actually start to feel that you're separating off the roles and actually stepping into things and able to compartmentalise them and get better quality done in each scenario okay. Now re your priorities like in terms of how do you know what best to prioritise. Always come back to things like your why, like why are you doing this? what's important? why are you here? And more importantly your values. Now most of you should have done a values exercise with us as part of mindset module and honestly if you can be clear in your values it really should help you to start to see what you're going to spend time across your day or across your week and how you can prioritise things. They're really good drivers for you to help you do that to ascertain what's right. But what I do want you to think about here is that when you are starting to think about prioritising things I want you to be clear on what you want and what's important... what you want and what's important rather than what is expected of you or what you feel you should be doing okay. When you feel that something is expected of you or there's a should involved, it normally means someone else's or you know society's views whatever it is pressing upon you and there's a feeling of obligation around something that you feel that you should do rather than it being intrinsic to what you want, the person that you want to be and essentially what you want to put out for your kids, so really think when you're prioritising what's important to you okay. This is about you giving yourself permission to be focused on whatever you choose and what works for you and your family okay. Don't worry about being judged here. This is about letting go of perfection and guilt and the ridiculous expectations placed upon us to be able to do all this and have all this and to make it all work. Genuinely it's about you finding what's right for you okay. Your balance and being okay with it without that fear of judgement and just living your life on your terms and you know I will honestly say that I've done five years of hard yards with my kids home most of the time and I love them dearly but I actually enjoy them being in daycare more and more these days because of the volume of work I have. I love my job. What I do is I go to pick them up early, so they're in four days or they'll be in four days next year, but I go and can pick them up early so the days are short but I get enough done in that time. It works for me. It means I'm a bit a mum when I get to spend time with them. I juggle my stuff around with my husband. It's not perfect. It's messy but it works for us in our family and my values of growth and achievement in some respects. And then the love I have, the needs I have for my family. So it's always going to be the balance for me like that. And some weeks the business is going to win because it's taking too much time or more time and then some weeks I'm just going to switch off and put it on the kids. But the point here is that we get to choose okay. And I'm certainly going to put my hand up and say that I do not iron and I clean once a week and there's lots of things where my standards are very low because I have priorities in other areas that means so much more to me in terms of my values okay. So give up on perfect go for the focus moments of flow and happiness with regards to what suits you guys. Okay. Alright [deep breath]. Just getting excited here. Anyone has any comments by the way or anything that they want to add please do so whilst I have my coffee and my excitement moment. I just want you guys to stop... to you know stop giving yourself such a hard time on all the things that you're doing and the expectations that you have yourself and realise that it's okay for it all to be messy.


Prioritising Business Tasks 

Anna Jonak: [00:14:23] Now, another thing with regard to focus was on business activities. And this was about when you know you sit down on your day and you wonder what you should do. Should you be making a product? Should you be doing your finances? Should you be doing some modules? Whatever it is. The same person says they know they need to break down goals, big goals into manageable chunks but again doesn't know where to start. And then the overwhelm kicks in. If you're finding that you don't know where to start in your day then you need to get much better at goal setting and planning okay. And if I was in this position I mean I have a, you'll see if I take you through, I have a very strict regime with regards to knowing what I'm doing at any given moment with regards to holding myself accountable. So I always know what I'm doing and why. And if you're feeling like you sitting down and you don't know what you're doing day to day, week to week then you really need to come back to setting yourself some goals. And that's looking at what you want to achieve by the end of the year. So give yourself look quite far out the next year. And then what you want to do is give yourself two or three big goals to reach across that time and then spread these goals across the year and plan in 90-day increments. Now you have all of these at your fingertips in the goal setting module eight but really it's absolutely so worth you getting focused on some key things that you want to achieve and stepping them out so you have a map to follow step by step, bit by bit okay. Alongside doing a goal setting and planning for what you want to achieve in your business and ultimately looking to move it forward, you know you also want to have a planning calendar running alongside this as the kind of activations and events and market stalls dependent on your business. Whatever's going on, we have a massive planning calendar. So we are looking at the goals we're achieving by certain points and also the activations that are happening that have to run in the business day to day so that you can start to plan things more effectively around what's going on. So if I knew that I had markets coming up in X amount of time I would have worked backwards from when that market was on and given myself the start date when I needed to get my products, start making my products because I know how long they're going to take me. So I would always get into my calendar and know looking ahead next week that I'm starting on Monday to start planning out for my next block. So it's always working backwards from the end. And ultimately you want to be aligning these two plans together. Now something else when it comes to focusing on your business is really about boundary setting. And this might be when you're working on the business versus in the business and starting to get a bit more specific so that you don't find that you've got these blurry lines of what you're doing. So it might be that perhaps you get up an hour early every day for five days or four days whatever works for you and you do the working, you know, on the business and that's where you're listening to stuff, you're making notes. You're starting going through modules. bits and pieces like that. Whereas during the day and night time you’re doing more of the day to day in the business. But it's always about trying to carve out that time and setting boundaries around it. Now trust me, we do courses, we do programs, we do activations and again that stuff for me is diarised and it's blocked out in my calendar so that I have to do it. So that I can get through it at a certain pace because I know the impact it will have. So it's really about you sort of taking some responsibility here and setting boundaries around things, around again what works for you. I can also recommend that you start working to two to three key tasks a day like it's a well and good having a massive to do list but have three things as a priorty that must get done and you know make those things happen no matter what. Alright?

Anna Jonak: [00:17:57] Now, I do want to kind of remind you again, not all tasks are equal and I think that you need to come back the fact that all your social media and stuff that takes you ages, whilst it is incredibly, it is important, it has a role, sometimes it's not the be all and end all over other things. And I say that because I do see people spending a lot of time planning and doing scheduling on their social media. And I'm going to be completely honest like Flori does things so ad hoc on socials like our focal point has been very much on delivering value and experiences with people out there and on the sales funnel so that people can get to learn about us and delivering content that way than it has been about social media. Literally she’ll just message me and be like dude I'm going to get some photos of you. It's so ad hoc. Our business has not grown because of what we've been doing on Instagram like it's all the other things combined. So I just want you to come back to that. And the reason why we do harp on to you guys about getting these foundations in place because you know getting clear will what makes you different and then creating content around it and working on that sales funnel, you know literally got to carve out time for that stuff guys okay.


Be Accountable 

Anna Jonak: [00:19:09] And lastly, I really want to use the big A word here. And this is accountability and enforced deadlines. Alright? I literally set deadlines each day and each week. I know exactly what's going on in the business and what I need to achieve to create momentum. No one else is setting those deadlines except for me. The only deadline I have right now that is not set by me is the baby coming out Florencia next week and oh my God there has been deadlines upon deadlines put in place around that because there’s stuff needs to happen. But in all seriousness, everything that we do, Flori and I's ability to move so fast is because we set ourselves deadlines. Right we're going to have our website, you’ll see we're doing a website overhaul. It'll be rolled out next week. It was started, the copy we started maybe three weeks ago. Everybody was briefed that deadlines were there for getting that copy done. Doesn't matter what else was going on. Things moved around okay.. You really got to hold yourself accountable and set deadlines and that is how you make things happen.

Anna Jonak: [00:20:13] I'm just going to see here "what are your free greatness book?" Book helps with? not sure what you're asking there Julia. And Heidi, goal setting and planning absolutely transformed my business. But I definitely need to work on boundaries. Do you have your boundaries change week to week? Would you stick to the same or program each week? For me it's really about what I want to achieve. And so I guess I do look at what's happening each week and certain tasks I have to do like we have the Mastermind so there's a certain number of calls I do, there’s a certain number of check ins with staff that I do, so there's stuff in my diary that I know that I have to do. But it's very much ad hoc week to week. But I have a bigger picture view of all the tasks that need to happen and again when the happenings that kind of really works to the deadlines that we've imposed on when we want activations to happen. But for example something I do every day and those of you that in the forum you'll know that I do my forum at 5am to 7am. So I sit down every morning and they’re my two hours and Jo goes in a few hours later. So we kind of like flip between us and that is how I always start my day because then I feel like I've given everybody the best stuff they can get on with and go and get on their day. That does not move. Apart from Fridays when I have a lay in. But seriously there's certain things like that and personally for me walking as well that happens a pretty much a similar point every day so that I have a bit of a routine.

Anna Jonak: [00:21:36] Social media is getting you down. You wanna have all the other marketing set up properly. So maybe don't put so much pressure on yourself with it Kylie and I’m gonna talk about this later on. There is nothing like, it's like people saying that they have to be blogging all the time. Honest to God I've written three blogs, I think Flori's written two in three and a half years. We have never used it. There's these things that people tell you should be doing all the time. And the fact of the matter is you don't need to be doing everything perfectly all the time. If you're putting up one post today great. You know, I know that you want to look at like a hiring a V.A. We can definitely talk about that too and how you can start to allocate tasks.

Anna Jonak: [00:22:17] I need accountability. Can you recommend a goal planning diary? Look the several, one of the ones, that one of the Green Pea books I've used her planning diaries. But to honest with you, the goal setting stuff as well that we have, I feel that you've kind of got the bones there of what you need and all you really need beyond that is a weekly planner. But you could literally work week to week. That's what I have. If you could see my desk I have a to do list and a weekly planner that gets updated with key goals. So you always know the key, the big picture things that you've got to work on. And then the to do list and weekly planner feed into that. So there are some really good templates that you can do.

Anna Jonak: [00:23:00] And Sharon saying Trello. Trello., it is but you know I just find that sometimes that the time it takes to go into a system like that and set it all up and understand how it works and then tick things off like literally for me personally I like a bit of piece of pen and paper. Just give me give me a list of things to do, you know give me a clear Monday Tuesday Wednesday Friday that are open and I'll write the key tasks I've got to do in each day and line up with my, you know. my bigger picture goals. So it really depends on what works for you. I never had, I have to admit that I did use a diary until now. I have to use Google calendar with Flori because we're taking so many calls and bits and pieces. So we're aligning a schedule so we've had to kind of be a bit more up to speed with technology on that front. But yeah, should we be able to see what others ask? No you shouldn't. Everything should be sent through to me. I need to have people flowing down my sales funnel, it needs to be automated so I don't … continue driving. Yes you do absolutely. You need. This is why that's what I'm saying, that focusing on the things that are going to make the difference. Like our energy has always gone into the, you know creating those experiences and having the automated sales funnel working for us. Social media has honest to God taken a backseat. We're about, we've literally just hired a V.A. to take on our social media management full time as of the beginning of October. And I'm genuinely intrigued to see the difference it will have with someone working full time on the content strategy that we have. So pushing out, like we're about to start creating videos and bits and pieces. But yeah. Look, when you can't, when you do all the things you have to focus on the things that are going to make the difference. And sometimes it means being quiet on social or using Christmas to set up your sales funnel. We did a big initiative last year in December where we spent a lot of time working on building out a mini course that we use as part of our sales funnel. As an FYI, it was a lot of time spent on something that didn't work. It was meant to be a tripwire and it f**king bombed. But you know it is what it is. Trial and error my friends. But we use kind of dead time or you know when you're going to have quiet months and things like that.

Anna Jonak: [00:25:12] Thanks Anna. It feels like the message out there, it’s the pressure to be consistent with your content and social. Yeah we haven't okay. We will. But in three years. the honest to God truth is that we haven't been massively consistent on those things and that's why I want you to just take it easy on yourself. You can't do all of the stuff. So yeah try and relax a little bit and don't feel the pressure and you're going to see the last point I talk to you guys about when it comes to material is really about just taking small steps and small actions. Okay.

Anna Jonak: [00:25:37] Now, one more thing I want to talk about when it came to focus and all of this kind of stuff was definitely the whole concept of multitasking because I mean I still do it sometimes but I've got gotten a lot better at this whole concept of multitasking. And I really wanted to show you this pictorial and this comes from Todd Herman. And he does the 90 day year and he's actually like a goal setting specialist and runs a whole program on goal setting for performance. And this is kind of like a pictorial to show you that ultimately when you're trying to do multiple things at once, your percentage of available time per project diminishes and you also lose time essentially. So what happens is when you start to move between tasks, you move into a place where contextual switching starts to happen. And this is when you've taken on something else and say you start one thing and then you move over to something else. When you go back to that new thing, you have to re-engage and get your headspace back into what you were doing to be able to get back to full speed and momentum. So when you stop and start, you’re having to constantly re-engage which takes you longer than it would have done if you just stayed on that task solely okay.


 Context Switching Table-Data Credit Todd Herman


So contextual switching and multitasking and I know we talk about being multitaskers of women but ultimately your productivity and your focus is like far diminished when you are constantly bouncing between tasks. So checking an e-mail, going on Facebook, doing a post, starting this, so I'll stop that. You actually lose time in your day okay. So what I want you to be clear on here is again this is comes back to boundary setting and everything else but first of all starting thinking about the whole concept of environmental hygiene and if you haven't listened to it I really do recommend you go to listen to Episode 18 of the Raising Her Game Podcast where I did an interview with Srini Rao who was all about kind of creating the ideal space and understanding all the pressures and all the things coming into your everyday which take you out of flow, distract you and stop you being able to basically be as effective and productive as you want okay. Now this is you guys thinking about things like time blocking so you know literally turning everything off like turning off your Internet, going to sit in a park and doing like two hours on writing those emails or writing your presentation. Like for me to write this presentation over the last few days I literally have to turn off my emails, my Facebook, my this, my that and I go into the zone. And then every now and again I know that I need to come up for air and I'll come up for air and I just check a message from Flori because she's always message me so you know go check-in, see what's happening and you know gravity and I come back in. But it literally is time blocking things out, switching everything off so I'm not pulled out of my flow so that I can be so much more efficient and quicker on what I'm doing. You know preparing your work space for productivity, making sure things are clean and not things everywhere to bulking similar tasks, so social media stuff doing it all in one hit. You know doing one full day of social media planning for the month or for the week whatever it is. And be done with it. Like so your energy is all in the zone for that one thing. And also setting times for tasks, so maybe emails and a lot of big organisations are doing this now is they actually are releasing emails twice a day so they will release emails at a certain point in the morning for people to work with them and they don't get another batch of emails released till at 3pm. Because what happens is again you going in and out of email and you're getting distracted and you start doing something and then you feel that you're obligated to do that. Leave the email. Check it at like a couple of points in the day. Don't be always on because then you're always available and it takes you away from the stuff that you could be doing. Okay. Whoa. Okay.

Anna Jonak: [00:29:18] Wowee. I told you I'd get a bit excited didn't I? [laughing] As you can tell I love this stuff. I love sharing with you how much power you have. There were so many amazing topics that were covered across these series. It was brilliant procrastination, fear, money blocks, the support of others that was a huge topic around how people were responding to, you know family for support and so on. Perfection, motivation, confidence, dealing with things when they don't go to plan. It was fantastic. So much amazing feedback and insight delivered from everybody. Now, ladies, the main thing I really want you to take out of today is really that you know you are in control of your mania okay. It is mania. It is chaos. It is crazy. We are doing something extraordinary okay. It's not normal but I don't want you to get overwhelmed and to get stuck in the face of it. I want you to realise that you are in control of what happens or what doesn't happen. We get to choose how we manage our time. We get to choose what we make things mean and how we're going to feel in the face of it. Alright? The power is in your hands and I think that I will leave today here with that as your parting thought okay. Now alongside this, remember no matter what is going on you must be brave in your business.



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