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We live in a world where new business owners think they can make money from day one, that an ecommerce store is passive income, and that with the right manifestations you don't have to hustle.

This podcast calls BS on the blatant lies, spammy sales tactics, clever copy and false promises from todays' coaches and marketers. Get ready for a real, honest and raw look at what it takes to build a business to feed your family.


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Latest episode

Ep14. Ecommerce - How to leverage your numbers and data

If you're in ecommerce you’re in a numbers game, and it's my vision and mission to empower you to really understand this stuff so that you can leverage your data to make better decisions, help you make more money and be more profitable.


Most recent episodes

Ep7. Website Conversion Rate Optimisation - 8 Tips You Can Implement Today

Don't set up your website shop and then dive straight into paid marketing until you've listened to this episode. It could literally be money down the drain. We will walk you through best practice website optimisation and will give you several tangible things you can implement right now to keep users on your site longer, and moving towards that sale!

Ep6. How to use a customer retention strategy to grow your business

The why and the how of a customer retention strategy to keep your customers coming back again and again. Anna not only chats about 5 easy to implement plans but the importance of developing a strategy in the first place.

Ep5. Ecommerce Case Study: From Concept to $80k Months

A real no BS look into what it takes to grow a successful ecommerce store. The good, the bad and the ugly. The actions, attitude and beliefs - because they all matter.

Ep4. Instagram for Business: How to become Insta famous

Want to know what works for businesses on Instagram in 2022? Hear this and more around why you aren't Insta famous yet and how much time you should spend posting.

Ep3. How to grow your business - 3 numbers you need to know

Anna chats about a topic she is super passionate about - the numbers you need to be across to grow your business. But don't switch off! Get ready for a wakeup call.

Ep2. Facebook Ads: Are they right for my type of business?

Anna and Caroline chat about strategies to make the most out of your Facebook Ads spend based on your type of business.

What can you expect from The Elevatory podcast?

The Elevatory team is amazing with great knowledge within all areas of business and marketing. I highly recommend them!

Astrid Schwartz - Bubnest


The Elevatory has got me feeling so much more confident in running my business and elevated it to the next level! Can't recommend them enough!!

Alex Nairn - Moose Cow Fish


Anna seems to always know what I need before I do. So grateful for these ladies and the resources they provide! 

Sandra Sampayo -The Naked Cupcake Orlando


I felt a sense of trust in the experience of the coaches and found them all so knowledgeable and relatable.

Bec Albouze - The Pop-Up Party Co


The core values of The Elevatory and the language used felt authentic, empathetic and relatable.

Kate Berry - Just Gorgeous Things


I had been following The Elevatory for ages as well as another male business coach, but The Elevatory kept pulling me in and I resonated with the ladies so much more.

Megan Wells - The Sassery





The Elevatory helps clients implement proven business & marketing strategies to build multi-6 and 7 figure ecommerce businesses.


A comprehensive guide of the tasks you need to tackle and the infrastructure you need in place to sustainably grow your business.