Meet Our Team


We believe it takes a village to grow a successful business which is why at The Elevatory® we've brought together an incredible team of specialist coaches and experts to ensure you thrive in every aspect of your life and business.




Anna co-founded The Elevatory­­­® 4 years ago and her love and vision for The Elevatory® truly knows no bounds.

But her mission is simple - to ensure you have everything you ever need to ensure the success you dream of.

When it comes to teaching and coaching Anna's focus is on 3 core areas:

First and foremost, she wants to ensure that you develop a success mindset - that you are willing to grow, try things on, take risks and take that all-important action.

Alongside this she is heavily focussed on numbers and research – all to ensure your business model is viable, profitable and scalable.

Then, comes the all-important strategy – the ideas, goals and plans that'll drive your business's growth and development.

In her corporate life, Anna spent 11 years working in media and advertising for some of the UK and Australia's biggest agencies and media outlets.

And she's spent the last 6 years in small business.

She also she holds a degree in Psychology, an Advanced Practitioner of Life Coaching, and holds certificates in Meta Dynamics, NLP, Deep State Repatterning.



Introducing our business brain box Caroline.

Now, this lady's experience is second to none when it comes to what she has to offer you as a coach and mentor. She has spent over 10 years working in research, marketing, communications and account management and she also runs an e-commerce store.

As you will see Caroline is a complete all-rounder, but her real passion is all things Marketing and this is where she's spent the last two years upskilling like there's no tomorrow - she seriously #cantgetenough.

Caroline teaches and coaches on marketing strategy, marketing plans, email marketing, website optimisation and Facebook ads strategy.

Caroline is also The Elevatory® Marketing Manager and runs our digital marketing campaigns.

Caroline is a graduating student of The Elevatory® and joined the team in 2018.



Meet our marketing maven Zoe.

Now we call her a marketing maven for a very good reason because Zoe’s spent the last 10 years working in marketing for numerous small businesses - managing everything from content strategy and creation to digital campaign management.

Her sweet spot is growing your online presence and helping you bring in those leads and to say sales funnels are her favourite thing is an understatement.

This lady lives and breathes digital marketing and works tirelessly to stay on top of the trends to ensure you results - always!

Zoe teaches and coaches on marketing strategy, marketing plans, email marketing, and Facebook ads strategy.

And she works alongside Caroline in our Marketing department running digital marketing campaigns for both ourselves and our Mastermind clients.

Zoe is a graduating student of The Elevatory® and joined the team in 2020.



Next up on our coaching team is Vikki.

Vikki's background includes recruitment, customer service and event planning and alongside this she's been running her own service-based business as a sleep consultant for the past 2 years.

And Vikki's jam is research, research, research and doing that all-important due diligence when setting up your business. This lady also has a way with words, loves a good GIF and has an incredible talent and love for all things Instagram which is why she's in charge of all of The Elevatory® social media accounts.

Vikki teaches and coaches on research, surveys and social media strategy and is The Elevatory's Social Media Manager and Event Manager.

Vikki is a graduating student of The Elevatory® and joined the team in 2016.



Now it's time to meet the legend that is Jo.

Jo is the Elevatory's Operations Manager.

From CRM Management to SEO she's our gal. And she keeps everything ticking along nicely in the background so our customer journey is seamless at every point in the funnel.

Alongside a stint in small business, Jo's career skills have prepared her well for this role. She has outstanding knowledge and experience in customer service, marketing, product & service pricing, and digital account management and is a self-confessed tech nerd.

Jo teaches and coaches on email marketing tech, sales funnel integrations, CRM Management, SEO and Google Ads.

Jo is a graduating student of The Elevatory® and joined the team in 2016.



Meet Leigh – our self-professed numbers girl!

Leigh not only manages The Elevatory® accounts – and is your go-to for all things invoicing, but she is also your go-to in our community when it comes to your bookkeeping & accounting questions.

Leigh seriously LOVES numbers, has been bookkeeping since 1996 and has been running her own bookkeeping agency for well over 10 years now.

Just like us she knows how important it is to be on top of your numbers and the power and insight they can deliver you in business. She truly wants you to feel in control and confident in this area of your business.

Leigh is a graduating student of The Elevatory® and joined the team in 2017.



A massive welcome to Becky - our branding ninja.

Having worked in the Brand and Design industry for over 20 years now, it’s fair to say Becky eats, sleeps and breathes all things brand!

Understanding, defining, enhancing and communicating brand stories is Becky’s passion and delivering her clients cut through and an emotional connection sits at the core of what she does.

Becky has been running her own consultancy for 6 years and plays a crucial role in ensuring The Elevatory® sits front and centre in the coaching and training space for rising female entrepreneurs.

Becky is a graduating student of The Elevatory® and joined the team in 2018.



Please bow for our tech genius Madhuraka.

Madhuraka does … well EVERYTHING techy over here at The Elevatory® and plays a crucial role in ensuring that as a client you have the perfect user experience as you navigate through our programs.

He’s also the man that makes all our systems talk and ensures we are able to reach the masses in just the way we want with our Marketing.

Madhuraka is incredibly experienced in his field and has been providing software solutions and web-based platforms over the past 18 years working across a wide range of industries from online publishers, accounts, construction, healthcare services, sports and more.




The Elevatory® is a coaching & mentoring hub for women looking to significantly advance their business. Founded in 2016 The Elevatory's mission is clear - to deliver Women all the coaching, training & resources they need to ensure next level RESULTS in their small business.


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