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Ep13. Why the first sale is so important

The very first sale you make with each new customer is the most important transaction that you're going to have with them. Because if you impress this customer and they have a great experience, then they're likely to come back and make subsequent purchases.

Ep12. Ecommerce Marketing Strategy - Nail your Message & Pitch

Today we focus on nailing your marketing strategy - what it is and how to develop one. Everything to do with your messaging & pitch. This is often where most ecommerce businesses fall short.

Ep11. Why you need to embrace marketing

Let's talk about marketing because love it or hate it we can all agree that it's essential. I know it's not why you started your business. You started your business because you love the doing in the business, right? But you're not gonna make the sales unless you actually learn to love the marketing too. Here's 7 reasons why.

Ep10. How to come up with content ideas quickly!

Anna shares 10 quick ways to come up with content ideas. ALL whilst helping you to better get to know your audience so your posts will be even more impactful.

Ep9. Organic Traffic vs Paid Traffic - Pros & Cons

Anna takes you through what paid & organic marketing means, what the purpose of each is & importantly, how to know which one is best to use for your business.

Ep6. How to use a customer retention strategy to grow your business

The why and the how of a customer retention strategy to keep your customers coming back again and again. Anna not only chats about 5 easy to implement plans but the importance of developing a strategy in the first place.




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