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  • How to keep your Inbox at zero emails... all the time
  • Why automations will help you maximise your time and efficiency
  • How to get around the inauthenticity of an automation
  • Top tech tools to maximise your time
  • Why canned responses save you so much time



Kiah Worling is a digital thought-leader and productivity adviser whose mission is to better the lives of business owners through the smart use of technology.

Kiah knows that your time is so much better spent on more fulfilling things. Like wowing your customers, being with your family, or pursuing hobbies. Which is why it is her belief that you don't need to be weighed down by clutter, or scared off by tech-phobia anymore.

With a strong background in tech, projects and planning, she unites AI with humanness to advance her clients technical prowess and improve their everyday enjoyment of business entrepreneurship.

When she's not on the tools, Kiah is most likely playing with her wonderful boys, sourcing the freshest ingredients for a healthy meal, savouring every precious drop of one of her most-loved wines, planning her next adventure or simply soaking in the sounds of her latest favourite artist.





Facebook: @kiahworling
Instagram: @kiahworling 



Flori Pyke [00:01:26] So, hello and welcome to Episode 53. You have got Flori with you today. And, can I just say I'm super excited about today's episode because we're going to be talking about all things productivity which I am seriously excited about because hashtag not enough hours in the day over here which I'm sure most of you listening can certainly relate to. So, on that note, to speak about all things productivity, I have a very special guest with me today, Kiah Worling. So, welcome!

Kiah Worling [00:01:56] Thank you very much Flori for having me.

Flori Pyke [00:01:58] Oh, it's such a pleasure. As I was saying to Kiah, I came across you on social media originally and started to see... You have a really cool brand actually which is why I kind of like stopped to look. [Kiah laughs and says "Awesome. It's working] Yeah. It totally caught my attention. I love the different imagery you use. I find it really like modern and has cut through. So, that's kind of how I came across you in the first place. But then, we did a bit of chatting and I was like I need to get you on the podcast because there's all this genius upstairs that you need to share.

Kiah Worling [00:02:36] Yep and get it out into the world and help you guys out.

Flori Pyke [00:02:38] Totally. So, do you want to just tell us a little bit more around what you do and exactly right like your zone of genius?

Kiah Worling [00:02:45] Yeah. Well, so I'm part sort of nerd and part human I guess [both laugh] where I try and bridge the geekiness in me to all the business owners out there who would just generally be struggling with tech and it really doesn't need to be a struggle. It's just too many bells and whistles and dings and blings in our faces and it gets a bit complicated. So, yeah. Just to cut through all that and just make the lives of other business owners easier. Really. That's my jam.

Flori Pyke [00:03:15] I love it. And how long have you been doing this, by the way?

Kiah Worling [00:03:18] Yeah. Well, I'm just three and a half years in to being in my own business. But I guess before that, there's a good couple of decades of working in tech teams and digital marketing creative agencies. So yep, there's a bit of a hybrid mix. It's definitely been a meandering interesting journey but yeah three and a half years with my own gig working from home as a mum.

Flori Pyke [00:03:40] Yeah. I love it. I think you know enabling people to really harness the technology is so important especially today obviously and actually I had a guest speaker on last week. And, she does something kind of similar and there is so much fear around this, isn't there? Like the word technology and people just kind of shut off often. Is that right?

Kiah Worling [00:04:03] Yeah definitely. So, I see, I guess we all acknowledge tech's really important. But we always struggle with it in our own sort of way. So, I definitely see the technophobes out there the ones who kind of just freak out and they decide not to go there really and just stick to doing things manually. But I also see the opposite of that where there's people out there I call them appoholics [Flori laughs] like they're literally trying everything. They're so into tech that they're trying everything and then they end up yeah just overwhelmed and confused by how much they've got turned on and don't know how to use it effectively. And then, there's the ones who kind of sit in between that which is they know it's important but don't really want to try it themselves so they pay somebody do it. And yeah then often, you have a number done on them and not getting back what they thought they were going to. So, I guess we all struggle in different ways. But yeah look I love it. So, if I can love it, well I guess you can love it too.

Flori Pyke [00:04:57] Definitely. Actually, just quickly before we kind of go into these hacks and suggestions that you have around harnessing technology to boost productivity, what is your take on that in terms of outsourcing this stuff? Because, obviously, I think it's so empowering but I also think which sounded like you were going down the track of to some degree you kind of got to know what's going on, don't you?

Kiah Worling [00:05:17] Yeah. You need to have a I guess enough knowledge to be able to ask for the right thing back. Yes. It's always that time cost scenario, right? You can afford to pay for it when your time is best spent somewhere else then of course you're going to engage somebody to help you out but you don't want to hand over full control essentially and definitely be able to take control of the project that you're handing over. So, having enough knowledge to be able to keep the ship steered is really important. But, there's a heap of people especially when they're just starting up a business or in the first couple of years who can't actually afford to be spending money on getting somebody to do it all for you. And, there's so many cool easy to use apps out there like you go back a decade, it definitely wasn't as easy and available for small business owners. But, there's so much out there now that you really can do it yourself if you want to commit the time and energy to getting it set up right from the beginning.

Flori Pyke [00:06:13] I think that's such good advice in terms of understanding what's going on behind the scenes and often that starts with doing it potentially yourself in the beginning which is like it can be a bit of a bang your head against the wall scenario but I reckon it does pay dividends because I certainly know. Yeah. We've made the mistake of outsourcing a few things full throttle when we started and it honestly did us no favours.

Kiah Worling [00:06:38] Yeah you need to have enough knowledge to know how to do it but I think it's also about trusting the person that you're outsourcing to. And, if you can get a good referral for somebody else then that really helps that. But above everything, you just want to know you speak in the same way. If there's any communication breakdowns and you can't talk through, you don't want to feel like asking silly questions of whoever you're working with, just make sure that they make you feel like you can understand this because absolutely you can. You're capable of understanding it.

Flori Pyke [00:07:07] That's right and no question is a silly question. So totally agreed. So, yeah. Let's talk tech productivity. Let's hear it. Do you have some hacks you want to take us through or? 



Kiah Worling [00:07:21] I have heaps of hacks. [Flori says "Oh I love a hack!"] I love a hack. Yeah. I guess the trick is that it's not always so much about the platform that you've got turned on but how're you using it, right? So, when I talk about productivity hacks it's really about a way of working. It's not necessarily about hacking the tool you've got turned on. So, notoriously and we'll start here are inboxes dictating our days. And, it's by far one of the greatest kind of distractions for people day to day working. So, I am that person who's had a zero inbox for like 15 years.

Flori Pyke [00:07:57] Oh my God. How? Give me all of the intel!

Kiah Worling [00:08:02] I have a lot of tips for that. Look. I started, I met the most amazing productivity coach many, many moons ago and he gave me a few tips and I guess from there that started me on my journey of keeping it at inbox zero and I've sustained it. So, now I'm here to share everybody what some of those things are that I've learned along the way. The absolute first thing that I would say to everybody is to start hitting the Unsubscribe button. We seem to be signed up to mailing lists left, right, and centre. And whilst they might land in your inbox and you don't read them you just hit delete or archive or however you get rid of them or sit there and ignore them. They're literally cluttering up the inbox, right? So, if you're not consciously reading something when it lands in your inbox every single time, then unsubscribe from it. You can absolutely go and follow somebody on social media to be inspired. You know who they are. You've always got access to blogs and podcasts and everything around you. And, if you're not really consciously reading that when it comes in, then hit the Unsubscribe button. That's a game changer.

Flori Pyke [00:09:10] Literally, when you said that I was like hmm how many emails did I delete this morning that I didn't even bother to open before I could actually find the emails that I had to open because they were business.

Kiah Worling [00:09:21] Yeah. And, you're doing your business friends a favour because you're actually saying to them sorry guys I'm actually not reading your stuff.

Flori Pyke [00:09:27] Totally. Like because everyone has to pay for those people on the list.

Kiah Worling [00:09:31] Yeah. Exactly. So, it really is doing everyone a favour if they know that they've got an active and engaged email list So, don't feel like you're offending anybody. You're actually helping them out.

Flori Pyke [00:09:42] I'm literally like making notes here as we go so note number one to self, unsubscribe. And you know what, the thing is like you know that but you don't... Like why have I not done that. I don't know. Like because you don't take the conscious awareness perhaps to do it. I think I sit there and I think like for instance this literally happened last week where there was a training release that I was like oh that's gonna be so interesting to listen to. So, I'm just going to leave it in my inbox and it sat there in my inbox. It sat there in my inbox. And queue this week, sat there in my inbox. Finally, I was like I'm just going to delete the thing because honestly, I don't have enough time to listen to the training and it's just not high enough on the priority list. And, it's kind of like what you are saying, tomorrow when I want to listen to something related to that, I can go punch that subject line in Google and find a training, a podcast, a blog related to that, can't I?

Kiah Worling [00:10:34] Absolutely. Yeah. And, the other thing is that treating inbox as a To Do List is a real time suck. [both laugh]

Flori Pyke [00:10:42] I feel like I'm getting a lesson right now and I love it.

Kiah Worling [00:10:47] Don't do that. Yes, you really want an inbox zero then have your to do list outside your inbox because you can keep notes in all different places and obviously your inbox can't be a To Do List if you've got a team as well because otherwise nobody in the team knows who's working or what. So, yeah. So, if you do really want to listen to that still just pop it in to your to-do so rather than having it sit in your inbox.

Flori Pyke [00:11:07] Yeah OK. I love it. Big, big exclamation here from unsubscribe. Written it down in front of me here. OK. So, I love that. OK. Good one on the inbox front. And what else? What else should we be doing.

Kiah Worling [00:11:19] OK. The other absolute game changer and this makes people who are filing into folders quite queasy, stop filing emails into folders.

Flori Pyke [00:11:30] But hold on. I'm going to challenge you on that. Because you just told me to put my to-do's in my to do folder. Did I not hear that?

Kiah Worling [00:11:38] Your to-do's outside. So, wherever you keep your to-do. So, if you're using a Trello or Asana or on a list somewhere else. So, I've got some proper logic on this. And, I was the queen of...

Flori Pyke [00:11:52] Does anyone else say this? I'm like this is totally... [Kiah says "totally new"] Yeah. You're like totally zagging whilst everyone is zigging. Like what's going on here?

Kiah Worling [00:12:03] So, here's the logic. Let's say we get a thousand emails a week. Maybe it's only a hundred but whatever we get x number of emails a week. And, for each one of those that we drag and drop into a folder. It might take us three seconds. A second, something along those lines. But if we ever want to go back and actually find that it might take us to go to the folder and then go down through the list of emails until we backtrack to the one that we want to find. You know that can take anywhere from eight to 20 seconds. How many are we actually going to try and find? And, are we actually going to find them by going to a folder and scrolling through or do we use the search functionality? And, lots of people, they file in folders but then when they want to find something they search anyway. So, essentially, you're wasting time putting it into a folder because you a) likely to be searching for it anyway to find it, in which case, you're not going to the folder or if you are going into your folder, you may only be going into the folder to find two or three items. But, the amount of time it's taking you to drag and drop the thousand emails that you've got in order to retrieve two or three items, it outweighs each other, right? It doesn't make any sense. So, it's a) you save the time by not filing into folders and b) you use the search functionality to find them anyway. So, instead of filing in folders, just archive your emails. There's an Archive button. It sits in Gmail, Google G Suite. It sits in Outlook. You hit the Archive button and you search if you ever want to find something. Way faster. Saves literally hours. Or, saves your admin assistant hours if you're getting somebody to do e-mail filing for you.

Flori Pyke [00:13:47] Yeah. I mean I can certainly see how this could work. I did this earlier today as I searched because I was like I don't even know what folder it's in anymore. But then there's a one-off time where it's like I search and I can't find it. And then I have to start... My kind of next plan... The plan B is then to go into the folder. So, has this approach ever not served you? [Kiah says "no"] You've always been able to find it.

Kiah Worling [00:14:12] I actually met a client of mine who hasn't tried it and loved it. You definitely feel awkward for like the first week. [both laugh]. I had a very strong folder habit and I kicked my folder habit. You just gotta get used to how to search well. There are like these little tricks of searching and I guess this is like we throwback to the old school library databases. You know billions of stuff but there's ways to get clever at searching, which means that you can find it. Because you can search for something with or without attachment. You can search for something that has contained specific words. You can search for from a specific person or to a specific person. So, if you can remember that when you're looking for an email that had a particular word in it and even now like search functionality can be smart enough to even look inside of attachments. Even if it's sitting inside a folder you probably still having to troll through a few different emails to try and find it. At least you can filter how many you're trying to search for through with Search. So, yes, if you get really smart at knowing how to use those little operators to be able to do clever searches, then no I haven't found it. And, most people who come to me go, that was so uneasy to try it but once I did it has saved me hours.

Flori Pyke [00:15:33] So, it's really interesting because you say this right and I recently was like wow I really need to get smarter with my folders. So, what was the result of that? I created more folders. [both laugh] And then hold on. Here's the clincher. Today, literally, because I went through this whole search thing, I was like I really need some sub headers so I can put the folders into that one folder and that will totally help me. And now I'm just like yeah right. This is totally... So f**k the folders, basically. [both laugh]

Kiah Worling [00:16:02] Yeah. Exactly. But, when you try it, don't delete all the folders and then try it. Like try it first. Leave your folder structure sitting there. If you’re really like oh I don't know about this...

Flori Pyke [00:16:18] I feel like a little bit like anxious. I'm anxious. Like a little bit sick.

Kiah Worling [00:16:26] You'll go straight past that and you'll be like this is awesome. You'll get from anxious to awesome. Guaranteed.

Flori Pyke [00:16:32] All right. You will be hearing from me if not. You're to blame. Otherwise, no I'm just kidding. [both laugh] OK. I like it. You're certainly challenging the status quo here. I've never heard this before so let's keep going. This is just like the serious shakeup here so I'm ready for more. I'm writing down my list of to-do's.

Kiah Worling [00:16:51] We've unsubscribed from stuff that we don't want to keep receiving. So that you don't have to keep ignoring it every time it arrives and we're hitting the Archive button on anything that we've read and we just don't need to worry about anymore. So, it's not that we're deleting those e-mails. We're just archiving them. We're getting them out of our inbox and that essentially leaves us with an inbox of stuff either we've got to do or somebody else has got to do it. It's like an action list, essentially. It's like OK well I see that there. Now, if it's for someone else's to do, just hit the Forward button. Flick it on to them.Delegate it to them and then you can archive it. So, that's beautiful. And then, if it's left for you to do, rather than leaving it in the inbox to do it. Pop it into your whether you call it a list or a brain dump or wherever it is that you put all of everything that you've got on your plate. And, as I said, some people will be using a platform for this so they might use Trello or Asana or Monday dot com or one of those or other people just literally old school pen and paper.

Flori Pyke [00:17:52] Oh that's me. You see me here for the YouTube watchers, I got my pen and paper. Yeah. [Kiah laughs]

Kiah Worling [00:17:58] And, I can't vouch for pen and paper enough if you’re just a one-man, one-woman band. If you're solo and just looking after your own to-do's, then pen and paper. You literally can't beat it. But anyway, that's very non-techie of me. But I would only have a plug in some of those other platforms once you're trying to get visibility across how your team is working. [Flori agrees] But, if it's gonna take you two minutes, just do it. Like so if it's email, you read it and you're like this can take me two minutes to do. Just get it done and then you can archive it. But, if it's gonna take longer than two minutes, I'll pop it in to-do's in order to kind of schedule it into your work plan for the week or day whatever's going on. [Flori says "I've got it. OK. I like it."] Yep. So, either deleting, which is in form of unsubscribing or archiving. We're delegating which forwarding it on or we're doing it and we’re either doing it quickly and then archiving or popping it in our to-do list to schedule it in. That's how you get to zero inbox.

Flori Pyke [00:18:51] OK. I'm like doing a marathon up a steep uphill right now. But yes, I'm following. Yup. Slightly uneasy but following. [Kiah says "Try one of them."] Yeah you're right. You've got to start somewhere, right? [Kiah agrees] OK. I'm with you. So. that's talking email. Is there anything else that we should be looking at on an email front or does that cover us?

Kiah Worling [00:19:14] Well, I would say there's probably one other thing that's worth taking a look at. And, that is when you're writing the same email over and over again. Obviously, this is not talking about Marketing Automation and emails and sequence and also stuff that goes from you to many people, just literally one to one responses, replies or emails that you're sending over and over. If you're doing that and you catch yourself doing it, there's something in Google Suite as well as in Outlook that you can use which is like a little mini template. G Suite calls them canned responses and Outlook calls them quick parts. And essentially, what you do is you write an email address and then you save it as a canned response or quick part. So, the next time you go to write an email that has the same sort of words, starting base for words that you want to use, you literally drop them in. You drop in the template, the canned response or the quick part, edit it and then hit send.

Flori Pyke [00:20:15] OK. Yeah. I mean again it's funny all this stuff we're talking about I'm like oh yeah I did that yesterday or today like literally I... [Kiah says "copy and paste"] Yeah well that's what I do or I save it in a Word doc because then I can find it and it's just easier to open the Word doc and I copy paste it from the Word doc. But, you know, if I can save myself a few seconds all for that, so, OK I'm going to check that out. So canned responses in G Suite. OK.

Kiah Worling [00:20:40] Do check it out. You can put your links in there so if you're linking to a particular document on a regular basis that people can download, then you can easily say hey here's my checklist of blah. You can click on that link. The link stays in the canned response so you don't have to re-link things or do things like it's super friendly.

Flori Pyke [00:20:56] Yeah. OK. No that's great. All right. Love it. And OK. So, that covers us then on email. I know though in the past, I remember when you and I first connected you were like oh I love your automation but you can kind of improve by doing this which I loved. [Kiah laughs] But, tell me like obviously, you are a big fan of automation that makes me think. So, do you want to talk a little bit more around that as well for our listeners you know and how that can boost our productivity? 



Kiah Worling [00:21:29] Yeah. Absolutely. So, I'm all for joining the dots on the different platforms that you're using. And, I think when I'm choosing a new tool in my kit bag, if I need something in there, I'm equally looking at how nicely it plays with others as I am looking at the features that it's got that I need. So, for example, and we'll throwback to the Calendly Zoom integration. [both laugh] So, you can literally have a Calendly account and it comes in-built with Zoom integration. You just literally turn it on. So, there are platforms that are literally already talking to each other. It's just the click of a button and then there's others which they're not playing as nicely together. But you know we can buddy them up by using something like Zapier. So, we just need some kind of master connector in there and I really believe in this being a big-time saver once it's turned on. Definitely. So, ideally, you're looking for platforms that have great support and great help. They have the features that you need, the easy to use for you and your clients. But they also play nicely with others.

Flori Pyke [00:22:43] Yeah. OK. So, couple things on that. You mentioned the word tools. Do you have any favorite tools that you use when it comes to... Let's just talk automations first I suppose and then we can open that can of worms more generally speaking. But on an automation front, like for instance, you mentioned Zapier which I also am a huge fan of. Our business would not be able to function to the level it does without the likes of Zapier. But, what about you? Tell us more about Zapier or any other favourite tool you have.

Kiah Worling [00:23:17] So, that's my go to for when you... There are others out there. There's and a few others. I find Zapier as like the absolutely the easiest to use where it kind of pre-thinks stuff for you. [Flori agrees] And its pre-built and the nice thing about Zapier is that you can have a free account to set up a few basic zaps. So, you don't actually have to pay from the minute you turn it on but you still get a benefit. And then, after a period of time, once you sort of got used to that, you start joining more and more bits together, putting the jigsaw puzzle together. [Flori agrees] Then, you can start paying more like ten dollars a month or something I think it is, in order to make that magic happen.

Flori Pyke [00:23:59] And for the listeners who don't know what Zapier is, I guess as a bit of context in case the penny hasn't quite dropped or we haven't been clear. So, Zapier enables you to get one platform talking to another. So, for instance, like we will use Zapier if we're running like a mini course or a challenge to send the information from a lander that we collect from a lead to our email marketing platform. So, it's all automatically connected and linked up so that would be a zap that gets sent between one platform and the other.

Kiah Worling [00:24:28] That's it. Spot on. And, the thing I would say about it is that you have to have a really nice process in place before you can automate it. [Flori agrees] Like you don't actually like, as with any platform or tool, it's not going to do the thinking for you. Like you have to know how you want it to work. You have to know,OK, I want to capture first name. I want to capture an email address. I want to pass that through to here. I want to pass it through to here so that I send out an email and I want that email to go out three days later. Like the tools themselves aren't going to do that thinking for you. So, before you turn these things on, make sure you've mapped that out and it's good to have a business coach to do that. [both laugh] Make sure that's mapped out and then from there, you can actually jump in and automate because you can only automate something that you're planning to happen. And, I think what happens for heaps of people is they go, I've heard that I need to be on Zapier. I'm gonna go turn on and stare at it like uggghh. And, a really good way to do that is look at all the things you're doing manually over and over again because they're tried and tested. You know that's how you want to work. You know that's how you need it to work. And then plug in if it's a Zapier or as I said some of the platforms, they already go hand in hand without even having to turn on Zapier. So yeah, just do the thinking before you're gonna hit the Trial button because you want to make sure you're actually trialling something you want to make work.

Flori Pyke [00:25:55] Yeah. No, I love that. And, on the topic of automation actually, I had one question for you on that. It's funny like because obviously, we're an online business. We have an offline component to the business but fundamentally, we're an online business and we have many, many automations working for us across different funnels and welcome series, nurture series, you name it. Now, I have to say you know, it doesn't happen often but occasionally someone will... because you can't please everyone, right? They'll be disgruntled to the fact that they receive an automated email or conversely, if we send a very personalised email that we'd actually take the time to write, they really appreciate it. So, how do you get this balance right? You know, because you want to be as efficient as possible but by no means for instance do we want to be inauthentic. That's the last thing we want to do. I mean I think it's very clear for anyone listening to this podcast, if you haven't listened to many episodes, like our genuine aim is to connect with each and every single student as much as we can you know. So, how do you strike that balance?

Kiah Worling [00:27:02] Yeah. Absolutely. I mean I think the there's something about human to human that you can't replace with a bot. And, not everything can be done by a bot and not everything is best done by a bot. So, you'll know your business well enough to know where those really important points are to connect. Don't underestimate the value of a coffee, of a phone call, of a video chat. We don't want to just look at our customer journeys as where we can automate. We want to look at and zoom back on that and look at our customer journey in the way that we are going to develop a great relationship with the people, everybody who we have contact with in our business whether it's our suppliers or our peers or everyone who we have contact with. And, remember first to be a great human. And second, to automate where we can. I think that's how I really look at it. It's like whoa, I automate what I want to do over and over and over again in order to deliver the best service in my business. And, if that means having a coffee, I can't automate that but I can automate people booking it in and make it easy for that to happen but I don't knock that out of my gamut I guess the way that I relate to people because I can't automate it. You know it doesn't just get dropped off to the side. So, I think being really conscious of those moments that you need to be just a good human and those moments that you can automate just strike a balance remembering what that means to you and your clients.

Flori Pyke [00:28:37] Yeah. I think that's great advice and I think as well like one thing I want to share with our listeners which I've found has been working really well is taking the conversation from automation to personalisation. So, literally, on occasion depending on the automation we will be asking that prospect or student to literally respond and they'll be like a call to action. You know, let us know how you're tracking or are you this or are you that or can you answer this question for us? And, we love that. We love when people hit reply because then we get to initiate a conversation that's personalised with that person. And furthermore, it shows you that that person's engaged and that they want more, like they are taking the time to read and respond then you know that this is opening up the door and it's basically making the most of the automation but still adding that personal element as much as you can I suppose you know.

Kiah Worling [00:29:34] Yeah. Absolutely. And I go also sometimes it's just that I'm remembering a client I'm like oh I haven't had contact one to one with them lately so I just open my inbox and write them an email or give them a call. So, there's the part definitely you can prompt that automation to drive that one to one, that next step being a one to one interaction or just yeah if you feel like it and you think of them then just write to them. They love it. They love it and I gain so much value out of asking one to one questions still.

Flori Pyke [00:30:07] Yeah. No I love that. OK. So, I'm gonna go back to the tool front. You know you mentioned you had some favourite tools. So, have you got any in the tool belt which we haven't talked about which we should be across or there's too many. 



Kiah Worling [00:30:23] Wow. Well, yeah. Look. I'm always cautious to say tool for this and tool for that because I change so often. So, whenever I'm looking at things I tend to look at do I have something for effective note taking? Do I have something for storing and sharing documents. Do I have something for…? I guess my brain thinks a bit differently about the tools where it's like a cable. I want to make sure I've got these things in my kit bag now which is the best platform for me to be on. So, I guess if I want to run through maybe more in that way, I definitely couldn't live without something to store all my notes in one place. [Flori says "Yeah. And where do you do that?"] Well, for some people it's been notepads but mine is Apple Notes. Because it's in my phone all the time with the images. Just as long as everything is in one place I find; this is the absolute ticket to overcoming overwhelm. So, the single greatest thing we all struggle with in our business is being overwhelmed. We wear so many hats and we have so much on our plate and we go to zoom in and out of all different modes and one minute we're marketing, in the next minute we're sales and then we're finance. It's like you can be in so many modes all at once. And, if we add to that by having stuff everywhere, then it kind of makes us feel even more chaotic. So, in order to bring that all together, I pick one home for things. So, one home for my notes. One home for my email. So obviously, that's my inbox. One home for my appointments. That's my calendar. One home for my documents. So, rather than having some in my desktop and some in My Documents and some in Google Drive and some in Dropbox and some here and some there, I really centralise everything. And, if you can just make a little bit of time each day or each week to tuck those things in, that would be my biggest tip is just one tool for everything. But yeah, look I've got, I do have a few fan favourites. I couldn't live without G Suite. Couldn't live without Xero. Right now, I couldn't live without Active Campaign because that's my CRM.

Flori Pyke [00:32:23] Yeah I love... I'm always shouting praises re Active Campaign. I’ve used so many and I think it's friggin' amazing.

Kiah Worling [00:32:31] Amazing. And, you know what I love most about Active Campaign is their support. Literally amazing.

Flori Pyke [00:32:37] And, it's very affordable. Like I just I have yet to have like a... experience where I'm like nah. You know what, it doesn't tick the box. Like they are really great and I completely agree with that comment.

Kiah Worling [00:32:49] Yeah. And, I am loving... They've got a Sydney office now.And, that is pretty unique for us to have a local office. They can have a local phone support number soon. You get given a local rep and they bring training to the capital cities. So, you can actually go in real life and ask questions. I just think that's why I'm literally loving on them at the moment because of that support layout, as well as the platform being awesome and playing nicely with others. So, definitely couldn't live without that. And, the other thing I couldn't live without is Spotify. I can't get through my day without some great tunes. [Flori says "For? OK. I was like am I missing something."] No. In terms of having it in my tool kit. You just got to have some fun along the way and get in your zone and get in your vibe and I don't think my eleven dollars ninety-nine every month is so well spent with them at the moment because it gets me in my zone every day. So, without listening to crazy ads that don't really fit. [laughs]

Flori Pyke [00:33:55] I got that. All right. I love that. And, now, one final question before I let you go here is I'm very curious to know from your end being a bit of a productivity genius here, there's all these different schools of thought around how to get the most out of yourself be it what's that like tomato thing. [Kiah says "Pomodoro Technique?"] Pomodoro. Yes. And then there's like time blocking then there's all these other experts blah blah blah. I want to know what you do and what you recommend.

Kiah Worling [00:34:27] Well, I think there's a saying eat the frog but I don't necessarily eat the frog. What I do is I just don't do anything until I've done that one thing that's most meaningful or impactful in my business each day like the one big thing. Before I check my inbox, before I go on social media, before I do anything else, I know I've got one thing I've got to get out of the way for the day. That is yeah, can sometimes be most meaningful. Like the thing you know you've got a great vision for your business and you know that it's centred on making a difference in some way and that can be really meaningful on its own. It's like well actually no that's really going to help me fulfil that mission and visions or it can be impactful in a sense of it's like well I've got to get that thing done because that's what's going to bring home the bacon. And, I will always make sure I do that. My most productive time of day is like, and this is ridiculous, but it's like 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. if I could do that. And, I've got kids that wake up at ridiculous a clock, so never do start work at 5:00 a.m. I still got my mum pants on at that time of day but I'd get as much done in the morning as I can and because my focus zone is in the morning, that's where I try to crack up that one big thing, the most important thing and then I'll get on with anything else is just a bonus and a win for the day. So, that's my greatest tip.

Flori Pyke [00:35:41] Yeah. No I think that's an awesome, awesome tip so thank you. Oh my gosh so much genius. Thank you so much for your time Kiah. I've really really enjoyed this chat. I've literally got a little list of notes for myself here on what I've got to do based on the lessons I've learned from you which I'm literally like sweating about. But anyway, that's another story.

Kiah Worling [00:36:01] Those are like little steps just try one of them. You don't have to do them all at once. [both laugh]

Flori Pyke [00:36:04] But, tell us a little bit more around where our listeners can learn more about you and if you have anything you want to share around? Any offers you have or freebies or anything that will benefit our audience I suppose?

Kiah Worling [00:36:20] Well, I guess, first thing is to invite you to jump onto my Instagram because I post little golden nuggets of productivity there.

Flori Pyke [00:36:26] Yeah. This is what got me, your Instagram. It was so pretty. So there you go. Go check it out.

Kiah Worling [00:36:32] It's just full of beautiful things because that's what matters most, isn't it really? It's that we're making time for those things that are most important. [Flori says "What's your handle there so that everyone knows?"] That's kiahworling.

Flori Pyke [00:36:42] Do you want to just do the spelling?

Kiah Worling [00:36:44] Yeah. K i a h w o r l i n g.

Flori Pyke [00:36:49] OK. Beautiful.

Kiah Worling [00:36:50] If you drop over to my website, you can follow the links from there. You can download. I've got 52 tech tips for busy business owners. That's an e-guide that you can jump through and get a bunch of these tips that, well bunch more tips that we've spoken about today. And, I do have a special offer for anyone who is listening. If you want to get some personalised, tailored advice to boost your productivity and streamline your systems, I do offer one to one coaching sessions. And, if you book in between now and the 30th of June... if you book two, I'll give you a third one for free. So, that is three times the value really. You can go to or follow the links in my link on Instagram.

Flori Pyke [00:37:48] That is amazing. OK. Thank you. What an offer. Goodness. Thanks love.

Kiah Worling [00:37:54] Yes, free sessions up close and personal. And, I can tell you we would totally unblock any blocks you've got and boost your productivity.

Flori Pyke [00:38:01] Yeah. Well, which is... The thing is with this stuff too, it's not like a one-time win like it's you know when you get into these habits and you apply these practices and hacks on a daily basis like this is stuff that can really revolutionise your time available in the day. Like once you do this, it has a long term impact, doesn't it?

Kiah Worling [00:38:23] Yes, it is and it’s little steps over a long period of time that have the biggest impact. So, just give you little bits at a time. You go and implement them, we'll jump back online for another session, implement them and that's how we can work through.

Flori Pyke [00:38:36] That's fantastic. Thank you so much. All right. Now, for our listeners to get your hands on the show notes and to learn more about Kiah, you can head over to our website, And, Kiah, we normally end with a bit of a parting thought. Now, you have shared so many parting thoughts and thoughts and genius throughout this episode but I'm going to just put you on the spot. If you have one big additional tip or something that you want to leave our audience with, be it a quote or just a parting piece of wisdom.

Kiah Worling [00:39:13] I guess I live by the mantra to bring out the best in each other. And, so as a parting thought, let's just have a think about how we can bring out the best in each other.

Flori Pyke [00:39:22] Yeah. No, I love that you're bringing the best of my time efficiency out. So, there you go. I need to download that 50. I was literally just on your Instagram and I was like I gotta download that e-guide with the 52 hacks. [Kiah says "52 tech tips. You'll see it there."] Yeah. I'm excited for that. All right. Awesome. All right. Well, thank you so much. And, ladies, remember to elevate your business game.



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