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  • How you can become a time management Ninja
  • The 6 lies you tell yourself that will suck your time down the toilet whilst leaving you frustrated and floundering
  • How you can empower your mindset on how to approach your time management



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Florencia Pyke: [00:00:56] Welcome to episode three of the Raising Her Game Podcast we are

Anna Jonak: [00:01:00] Anna

Florencia Pyke: [00:01:01] and Flori the founders of The Elevatory® which is an online business school completely dedicated to seeing mums in business thrive.

Anna Jonak: [00:01:10] And we're back, episode three what's been happening man. I thought we'd start this week with a little bit of like hashtag winning hashtag losing.

Florencia Pyke: [00:01:20] Oh I like it.

Anna Jonak: [00:01:20] So you know I've actually had a hashtag losing week to be honest [Flori laughs] I've definitely had a hashtag losing week with projectile vomit all over my carpet. We are in a rented apartment house and my eldest just started vomiting and he didn't just vomit once I swear to god it was like the exorcist he vomited all the way up and down the hallway. It was horrendous and I was like it was like [animated] "oh my God stop. Get it in the bucket. Get in the bathroom".

Florencia Pyke: [00:01:48] I'm just getting a bit of a visual I can feel my lunch coming up. [both laugh].

Anna Jonak: [00:01:48] Anyway we had lay towels down and then do some serious cleaning on the carpet. So that was my hashtag losing. Did you have a hashtag?

Florencia Pyke: [00:01:59] Well it's funny coz I was thinking what was my hashtag losing and you know what, don't get me wrong, there I certainly have and Anna will hear about it, through and through, yeah my hashtag losing weeks, but I'm going to take this one as a win because I haven't had any massive losing moments to be honest. Maybe a few lost hours of sleep here and there but that's nothing out of the ordinary.

Anna Jonak: [00:02:21] Hashtag standard [both laugh].

Florencia Pyke: [00:02:24] Correct. I'm like, mum life. So yeah I can't.

Anna Jonak: [00:02:27] So give me the winning then.

Florencia Pyke: [00:02:28] The winning. Oh well you know I'm working on a really exciting sales funnel for The Elevatory®, which I am going to be nutting, just finalising, nutting out with another digital marketer on Friday. So yeah pretty pumped about that.

Anna Jonak: [00:02:44] A little bit jealous. She's going to be with somebody else on Friday. [Flori laughs] But Flori we'll be talking actually, I'm pretty confident, about sales funnels, [Flori agrees] in the next couple of episodes it's going to be on the radar. This woman is going to get excited. Okay so sales funnel and my hashtag winning this week was the fact that we, between us, with a lot of back and forward, we got our Telstra small business award, like second round, in and submitted and created an awesome little video of our community.

Florencia Pyke: [00:03:15] That was a beast.

Anna Jonak: [00:03:15] Which was pretty special. Yes it was a beast of a task but how beautiful was a video with all...

Florencia Pyke: [00:03:20] ... ooh the video. It actually made me tear up.

Anna Jonak: [00:03:22] We should actually put it up. We should put it in the show notes, let's put a link to it [Flori agrees]. So yeah. So hashtag winning let's focus from hashtag winning, onto the topic of the show because actually you're going to see where we're back on mindset. We're still in the mindset head space at the moment. Today's episode is all about time management. It's a big one. And actually I should say really the episode is about time mis-management but we'll be getting onto that bit in a minute. I think first of all we really wanted to talk about why we've decided to hone in on this and you'll probably see several sessions on time management and productivity because it's you know, it's key.

Florencia Pyke: [00:03:59] Yeah. I mean I think it's whenever we've done any in-depth interviews or research around you know the number one problem that our audience faces in their lives and their business, is the element of mis-time management as you very eloquently put it, is what comes up almost most of the time I would say. [Anna agrees] And there is a real scarcity mindset around time and the lack there of I should say, and look we both we get it wholeheartedly [Anna agrees]. Yeah. I mean you know The Elevatory® whilst we work part time in the business you know truth be told we work full time hours. [Anna agrees] We work at night and often we work on the weekends often...

Anna Jonak: [00:04:47] ...Early mornings over here.

Florencia Pyke: [00:04:48] Yeah she's an early morning worker.

Anna Jonak: [00:04:49] 5am man.



Florencia Pyke: [00:04:51] I'm more of a late-nighter, although these days - [both laugh] that's another story that I'll fill you in on down the track. But yeah it's you know, it's not it's no easy feat. It's no mean feat but we still manage to get stuff done okay and we're progressing fast in our business and a lot of it comes down to this element of time management.

Anna Jonak: [00:05:12] or mis.. well yeah the not-mismanaging [Flori agrees] they should be on top of and kind of to really like reinforce what I guess we're trying to get to which we will get to, shortly, is that you can take, we're obviously getting stuff done in spite of being busy and in spite of doing the household and you know all the crazy that happens with the kids and the hours of putting in, but also and a lot of people do this is like they'll go to their scarcity "oh i don't have family at home" or "I don't have help" or "I've got 10 children" you know there's always an excuse as to why they don't have enough time and I just want to put this into the context that you can find people like for like with the same number of kids, help at home or not or whatever, and you still find that one person will absolutely be killing it out there and the other person will be going round in circles, because at the crux of it, you know there is more to it. Time is not, you know we all have the same amount of time but ultimately whether you are successful with your time or you get stuff done how productive you are really actually comes down to a few different areas. One is self belief or your beliefs around time sorry. So like more like yourself talk around time, running ineffective habits and not taking responsibility. So essentially the kind of stuff you tell yourself, like I don't have enough time, what you do or you don't do with the hours that you do have and whether or not you own what you're doing or you're not doing whether you really own the fact that you've been procrastinating on Facebook for like three hours or not, because that's a big one.

Florencia Pyke: [00:06:35] Yeah and we are going to get into each of these elements now. But essentially we are going to cover one part of this but really touching on those themes that Anna just covered off okay. And we're going to run you through the six lies that you tell yourself that are essentially going to suck your time down the drain or the toilet so to speak and leave you totally frustrated and floundering. And just before we get into this you will find your one pager with notes around everything that we're about to take you through as per usual at theelevatory.com/podcast.



Anna Jonak: [00:07:13] Yes this is one you going to want to pin up as a bit of a slap in the face reminder to get yourself on track. So let's dive in. We're going to take you through each lie and give you a bit of context around it. So I am going to start with lie number one which is that there is just not enough time in the day and I appreciate that sentiment, but I do want to reiterate which I kind of just said which is the fact is that we all actually have the same amount of time in the day, and some people do amazing things and some people do not. And the really big thing here I really want to get to is that you make time for what you value. Like if you really value something you will find time for it. Okay so if your business isn't getting the attention it needs, I'd want to be asking you a few of these things like is something else more of a priority. [Flori agrees]. Like do your kids come first because some people they, for them high priority value is always going to their children and that's totally okay if that's for you then we just want you to own it and just say yeah...

Florencia Pyke: [00:08:11] ... that's what I was going to say. Like then you've got to own that you know your business comes second and you work in and around your kids. Exactly.

Anna Jonak: [00:08:21] I think I think we are at the point where for us we kind of have the kids are up there but so is a business and that's because it gives us something for a sense of self. And you know we've given our self permission to put them in next to each other and there'll be times when one takes precedence over the other obviously, but for us it means that we're making time for each of those things separately and we're working them around each other. Like in that same vein, something else to consider is have you given yourself permission to do this because that's something that we see a lot with the mums coming to us is that kind of sense of - am I allowed to or should I even dare put my needs ahead of the children. Should I create time for myself. It's a fear of judgement what others think. Should they be doing something else or there's a lot of people with that sense of I should be in a full time career and what am I doing starting a small business [Flori agrees] and so they hold themselves back and they put their needs last. And again that's where you going to find there's no time for your business because you haven't given yourself permission to do something for yourself. So kind of question your self-talk around that.

Florencia Pyke: [00:09:20] Yeah - so much of it - I'm just like listening to this right, as we go through it, so much goes back to that element of self-talk [Anna agrees] and what's going on for you upstairs and how you are managing the time or lack thereof.

Anna Jonak: [00:09:34] Absolutely. Vision - vision is another one which we obviously talked about last episode like is your vision powerful enough, are you really bought into it. Do you have a really solid why, are you committed. Are you excited because again if you've got all of that stuff down pat then you should be, you know, if you're in and you're 100% committed then you should have given yourself permission and you should be making priority and making some time for it. And then lastly which is going to bring us onto point, Flori is going to start taking you through which is, do you have help like if you're saying there's not enough time in the day have you actually got a support network helping you.

Florencia Pyke: [00:10:06] Yeah. And I think that I talk about the next point this is going to lead into shortly but I really truly believe that there are no excuses around that point because I mean I know for one you know you've lived in Perth with no friends or family for that matter. [Anna agrees]. And you managed to make it happen. You found solutions you found ways in the same way, you know I live in Sydney and have friends but I don't have family and that being said I feel completely supported because I have developed a support network of babysitters, of close friends that I can call on, you know, when shit hits the fan, and that becomes your support network. So there's no excuses here. [Anna agrees].

Anna Jonak: [00:10:48] You can find them you can find time and you can find a support network. Exactly right it depends on the mindset with which you are approaching it.

Florencia Pyke: [00:10:55] Yeah exactly right. So yeah this really does lead very well into the second point is that you can do this on your own.


 Mumlife You Cant Do It All



Anna Jonak: [00:11:04] This is the lie that you tell yourself.

Florencia Pyke: [00:11:05] Yeah you can not, I will tell you right now...

Anna Jonak: [00:11:09] ... you can't do this on your own. No. Don't be silly.

Florencia Pyke: [00:11:11] I mean to be honest with you. We are just talking about this before we kicked off the recording that I think when I think we both felt the same way you know we had kids and started our own businesses. We kind of felt like oh yeah we can do this we can do this on our own, [Anna agrees], we are super women and you know slowly we kind of crash and burn [both laugh].

Anna Jonak: [00:11:32] [animated] You can be the perfect mum and the perfect house wife and the perfect wife and the perfect business owner

Florencia Pyke: [00:11:37] Yeah. So you drive yourself into the ground and nothing gets done well [Anna agrees] and it might take time for the penny to drop but let me tell you it's going to drop so better to drop now than never [Anna laughs] or you know five years down the track...

Anna Jonak: [00:11:49] ... Get a head start.

Florencia Pyke: [00:11:49] Yeah exactly. Let me do you a favour girlfriend [both laugh] because you can't do it on your own you know. So if that means that you've got to get some extra childcare days or you've got to get hubby. How many times do we call on our hubbies.

Anna Jonak: [00:12:02] Ah yes we told them that every second Saturday is out now we're like no, do you know what, our kids are in daycare three days. And as we said but we're actually running a business full time really around that. So is that like every second Saturday the men are on, man, they're in, but you know what, they're bought in because you've taken them into the journey we've got them involved in what it's going to mean for all of us. And this is something that we see a lot people don't do is that they're not really involving their partners or because they're not right like really bought into it themselves or backing themselves and they're not doing those things.

Florencia Pyke: [00:12:34] And yeah tell me, like tell us a bit about, because you know we talked about you in Perth and how you didn't have a support network and then [Anna tries to cut in] Anna Anna hold on, I got it, jump in here, [Anna laughs] so literally I think two weeks into knowing Anna she goes, we are like nutting out, we're like figuring out the nuts and bolts of our business logo and she calls me, and I'm on a little family drive [Anna laughs] she goes - so I'm pregnant. I was like oh okay I think to myself I've known this woman for two weeks, we're growing, we have decided to launch this business and she tells me she's pregnant with her third child which is going to be under three years like the three kids under three, with like the fly in fly out husband. I was like oh this is going to be a walk in the park. [both laugh]

Anna Jonak: [00:13:20] Yes so I had to get help. So I was in Perth because we had to move for my husband's job. We moved back and forward actually four times in three or four years it's been insane. But I had gone into the business at that point and I was really committed so I really didn't have the time or I'd made choices and it was about my family and about the business because the business was what was going to bring us together. So I didn't have a support network I had some extended family that I saw very infrequently who were not particularly helpful. You know they had their own stuff going on which I completely appreciate. So for me it became about hiring support like at the beginning I was getting, I was running classes at nighttime were doing everything like we were running live classes every week, and the hours are horrendous. It was at 4 or 5 o'clock in the afternoon in Perth for eight o'clock Sydney.

Florencia Pyke: [00:14:05] With three kids under 3. Like let's paint that picture because often you can hear them on the webinar [both laugh]

Anna Jonak: [00:14:09] But it was real life, real life and yeah I got at one point I had baby sitters same thing has the support network of baby sitters that would help me out and I also then got an aupair, live in aupair for about five months when the third was born and you know, do you know what, it meant that I wasn't really taking too much profit from the business but it meant that we stayed afloat and then we got to a point when gosh like I said my husband's now home. So it was so worth the investment like whilst we didn't see much money at points, look at where we're at now. [Flori agrees] So we had to do it and I think that you really need to look at it from that perspective of all the hours that you're putting in and then return down the track, completely and utterly worth it. So you know that's in the early stages and now we were just saying how like if we're like in the three days we haven't got through or we need to do we'll just hire someone to come and help us for a couple of hours and we're just so much more chilled.

Florencia Pyke: [00:15:02] Yeah it reflects in all elements.

Anna Jonak: [00:15:03] Better parents [Flori agrees] because you're not like staying up till midnight or getting up at 5 every morning and it's just a couple of hours here or there if you need to top up so.

Florencia Pyke: [00:15:11] Makes a huge, a huge difference. And now one thing that I think is really important to highlight as we're talking about whether you can do this on your own or not, is when you are, as you grow, and I will say, you know as you grow there's actually a lot of moving pieces as we all know. So one tip here is that you're going to want to make sure that you're investing the time that you do have in the high pay off activities for your business that are going to get you results, so you know be conscious of what are those things are going to bring you in the sales basically and you know don't get too caught up because we see this all the time, on spending hours and hours like Anna said you know posting on Facebook or being on insta like be very conscious of where you are investing your time in that investment of time is creating results for you. And on the note of growing you know over time you might look at outsourcing things to a wider network of people who can support you.

Anna Jonak: [00:16:13] You need a team.

Florencia Pyke: [00:16:13] Exactly you know, VAs, tech support, you name it, and you know for us over the last two and a half years there have been certain tasks that have been very scary to let go of [Anna agrees and laughs] but we have learned and we have embraced it now.

Anna Jonak: [00:16:32] Yes we have now, let go of the control.

Florencia Pyke: [00:16:33] Yeah. And you know we were also very lucky and fortunate to have an incredible team who work amongst with us and you know Jo in particular our student liaison...

Anna Jonak: [00:16:42] ... Amazing, Jo you're amazing we love you

Florencia Pyke: [00:16:46] Yeah you know like...

Anna Jonak: [00:16:47] ... she even can get away with calling me hashtag control freak like [Flori agrees] [both laugh] What!

Florencia Pyke: [00:16:55] I mean. Yeah. So you said it yourself anyway but [both laugh]

Anna Jonak: [00:17:01] I've gotten way better. Hey I'm a work in progress too.

Florencia Pyke: [00:17:01] I know I know we all have our flaws. Trust me on that. But you know now we've embraced it's so much we trust like, we can just give it to her, we know it gets done, it gets owned, it gets managed and what a feeling. [sighing]

Anna Jonak: [00:17:16] Yeah so good when you can pass things off. And you know you actually can focus on key things like this. This is the reason they're now in a position when we can spend time on this because we've got a team running other areas of the business so that we can come on, enjoy and engage doing this kind of stuff. So a lot on that note yeah. You can't do this on your own. Ok.



And lie number three that you tell yourself I should have achieved more ready. And we see that a lot there's a lot of people that come to us and they're in the early stage of their journey and they're expecting to be making a shit ton of money and you know we live in a society where everything is fast, fun, furious, expected right now, but you know it's just not realistic. [Flori agrees]. We've been in business two and a half years and we have had phenomenal growth and I think part of that is because of the fact that we did all of our due diligence and our research. We stepped through things properly. We got coaching we got support. We'd been in a position where we have like done everything the best way that we could to create those results but also I think people need to realise that it's a long haul...

Florencia Pyke: [00:18:20] ...Yeh it's a marathon right [Anna agrees] we always had this little saying that we like telling our students which is that it's a marathon it's not a sprint.

Anna Jonak: [00:18:28] This is it, you'll burn out if you're trying to sprint all the time and you know it is about the journey you're going to go on the journey and quite often when you start is not we end up like I don't think when we start it our businesses that we thought we'd come together and be, you know, The Elevatory®. I'm sure it would be like [animated] What? [laughs]

Florencia Pyke: [00:18:44] And even then you know like the evolution of the business has been quite revolutionary [Anna agrees] I think to what we imagined that first day that we kind of sat down and created a business plan like these things are they're malleable and they're evolving and the journey is yeah

Anna Jonak: [00:19:03] It's in the journey and I think it's about realising that you know you're in this for the long haul and that's why the commitment so important because you know there's things that we did that have been so time consuming and they haven't paid off and there's things have been really time consuming and they're only just paying off now. So you really need to be okay with working towards something and not always getting those results straight away. So we really want to put that out there because we've both been working out butts off recently [Flori agrees] we made a lot of changes to our program, to increase our student user experience and we've now got a personal coaching forum where we literally coach one on one with students in the forum which is just amazing such an amazing addition to our business but the actual getting that integrated and making it work was just insane. And we also ran a huge challenge in conjunction around the same time. [Flori laughs] It's stupid but anyway [laughs] like and we really, well I can personally say that I really hit a burnout point when I was like oh my God like we've been going so fast and so furious and I think we just need to be able to see it and appreciate and slow down for a bit and we've both sort of taken that time in you know been able to realise that we don't always have to be achieving. And what's more you'll find that when you do reach that mountain and achieve it you look at the top of that mountain and there's another one [Flori agrees] there's always going to be another one people.

Florencia Pyke: [00:20:18] There is but it's important to take stock and [Anna agrees] you know, crack a champagne [Anna agrees] like you know pop a champagne, like revel in that moment you know - give yourself the permission to celebrate the wins as well. Take the time to do that because it's so important otherwise you will burn out and you won't enjoy the journey.

Anna Jonak: [00:20:37] No. So we want you to take stock of that just you know slow down sometimes and also appreciate that you know you're going to put the hard yards in and it will come back. Just don't expect it all happen tomorrow. Basically [Flori agrees].



Florencia Pyke: [00:20:48] So lie number four. I do not need a plan and I can get by without one.

Anna Jonak: [00:20:55] Ehnt [laughs].

Florencia Pyke: [00:20:55] Absolutely you know you're going to go up there a lot faster if you have a plan and I know that we for one always have a plan in place so we step out 90 day plans literally we have a marketing calendar, it's like a content schedule [Anna agrees]. And I mean we just talked about this, I think it was two days ago, we put the dates in actually for six months ahead. So we have it all planned out for the next two sets of 90 days and we have a colour coding system around literally every task that has to go into implementing that activation or that strategy. And who is going to do what and when it has to be done by [Anna agrees] and to be able to follow that step by step approach is so easy because you know exactly what's expected of you.

Anna Jonak: [00:21:41] What week when yep.

Florencia Pyke: [00:21:42] Exactly and you know, you know what you're working toward and you know that at that date it's going to be finished and it just makes it all so much less overwhelming and so much more clear in terms of where you've got to invest your time into.

Anna Jonak: [00:21:57] I think it also helps you to see whether you've taken on too much as well [Flori agrees] because there's points when you're like Let's try this this and this and then we look at it in the calendar and go oh no, well we won't sleep at all and we won't see our children. So it really enables you to see you know what's involved in each task and we really you know we do a lot of intensive 90 day planning and we should actually say look out for some goal setting gold coming your way [Flori agrees] in the next month or so five weeks there's going to be something epic coming your way on that front. So you know stay tuned on that one.

Florencia Pyke: [00:22:28] I mean to your point there really is a bit of an art to knowing how to goal set properly and how to work toward seeing and carrying, kicking that goal out. So yeah I'm excited to do that one too, that's a good one.



Anna Jonak: [00:22:38] Go, what's next. What have we got up next. I have to do everything. Do you though, or have you just linked significance and purpose to all you do. This is a bit of a minefield in terms of really actually having a word with yourself. And also I want to say it's very normal so both Flori and I have discussed this and we both have dropped this behaviour I have to do everything then feeling the need to literally be that perfect everything for everybody [Flori agrees] all the time. And I want to say that from having coached women in this space prior to The Elevatory® and during The Elevatory®, there is definitely in the mum space, a real sense of when we move from the career that we had into having babies. There's kind of a lacking of sense of significance [Flori agrees] around where like you know who am I now what am I getting. And quite often to kind of feel purposeful and significant we start taking on all these tasks then we've got something to do and it kind of you know helps us feel better about ourselves. But then when you start to run a business and you kind of you realise you're getting your significance from elsewhere as well. All of a sudden you're doing everything [Flori agrees] and you know you feel this sense of having to control everything. There's a lot to do with control and significance tied up in it and it's not particularly healthy and I think if you ask yourself do you actually really enjoy doing all those things. I mean who enjoys doing the washing the cleaning the cooking. I mean I don't actually cook.

Florencia Pyke: [00:23:59] Far out.

Anna Jonak: [00:23:59] I have so handed that over to husband. And yeah I literally remember at one point having two kids carrying them both and a bag and my father in law saying to me can I help you. And I was like no fine that I was so in like you know in this Trojan mind I've just had to keep going. But look. we just want you to realise that you will not get anywhere fast in your business, very much like we talked about getting help before, if you believe that you have to do everything, and we really want you to appreciate the fact that when other people come in and help you.

Florencia Pyke: [00:24:28] Or offer to help you for that matter right. [Anna agrees] Like take it girlfriend. I tell you what - my mother-in-law came and visited recently and it was just...

Anna Jonak: [00:24:37] ... Oh yeah you were you. You were loving that.

Florencia Pyke: [00:24:38] She was just amazing.

Anna Jonak: [00:24:38] She's like, I'm walking I'm doing this I'm doing that.

Florencia Pyke: [00:24:42] Oh I felt like it was B.C. Before Children, [Anna laughs] I was living a life I didn't even know. It was unbelievable. Yeah I embraced it 110%.

Anna Jonak: [00:24:54] You got to start delegating you've got to start asking for help. That's why I do any cooking now. My husband does it all.

Florencia Pyke: [00:25:00] See I don't mind the cooking.

Anna Jonak: [00:25:00] oh pftt not a fan. [Flori laughs] But my husband's dealt with it. He is a good cook. Me not so much. But anyway.

Florencia Pyke: [00:25:09] Well I didn't want to say it [both laughing].

Anna Jonak: [00:25:11] She even made lunch today. She offered [laughing].

Florencia Pyke: [00:25:18] I'm at her house and I made lunch. Anyway. [Both laugh] So in closing let's touch on lie number six okay and that is I will do tomorrow okay. Why tomorrow.





Anna Jonak: [00:25:31] Yeah. Why. Why tomorrow.

Florencia Pyke: [00:25:33] Yeah. I mean honestly like if you're willing to do it today then why. Why would you do it tomorrow. What is it that you are avoiding, you know. I think an example to draw on this is very much around doing your numbers so I can't tell you how many times I've come across students who come into a program and they may have been in business five years, ten years some of them even. [Anna agrees]. And they have no idea what their numbers are. So like they don't know how much they've spent or invested in the business they don't know how much money that the business has generated they have no idea. And it yeah it can be a gruelling task these things but you need to do them day in and day out because in or you know from doing these tasks it gives you real insight and data into what's working and equally as important what's not and that's just one example. I'm just talking about one example of a gruelling task which is numbers.

Anna Jonak: [00:26:29] I mean within numbers you got your pricing strategy though and this is the little things that people miss out on knowing where their profit margins are or their pricing strategy. And these are things that can make a huge difference in your business and if you've got your numbers right and you're travelling at the right price point it's going to save you time. [Flori agrees]. These are the things that people put off a big task because they're fearful about what they're going to find or you know it's going to unveil something painful to them and it probably will. Or it might...

Florencia Pyke: [00:26:54] But how enlightening.

Anna Jonak: [00:26:55] But yeah. You now have the tools or an opportunity to create change around it to be more effective and you know so you really need to start approaching that the things that you're saying I'll do tomorrow, like really asking yourself why you are putting them off. Because you know you don't know if you've heard the expression eat that frog for breakfast. But that's how successful people start their day with the hardest task most gruelling task first, they put their energy into it and then you just start winning from that moment on wards once you tackled the hardest task first. So...

Florencia Pyke: [00:27:22] So eat your frogs

Anna Jonak: [00:27:22] Eat the frogs man. [both laugh] Bit of milk. Get in there. Let's go. Okay there we have it. I have no idea how long we've been going for like we could just keep talking I'm just like oh my God yabba yabba yabba. We've just shared with you six big lies. That we trust that you've told yourself one or two of these porky pies at the time and you know this stuff will suck your time down the toilet and leave you frustrated certainly. You know look, time management and you going to see obviously we talk about mindset a lot, it is our USP as a business but so much of what you do or don't do or how you think and when you're productive or when you're not getting results comes down to this. We've taken you through six lies around time but also giving you a little bit of some home truths about potentially where and why this type of thinking might originate and we'll definitely be tackling more on self talking coming episodes.



Florencia Pyke: [00:28:12] But on that note what we really want for you to take away out of today's episode right now is really that your springboard to more time is literally in catching yourself in the lie. Okay so you know next time that you tell yourself Oh you know I've got to do it all. Well you don't. You don't just go delegate something. [Anna agrees]. You know ask hubby, get a babysitter, like every, how are you going to do it all on your own - you're not. I mean I tell you that right now and next time you tell yourself you know I should have achieved it already. Okay honestly we want you to breathe. You are going to stop pushing yourself so hard. OK. Give yourself a bit of a break. And next time you tell yourself that you're going to do it tomorrow we'll just do it right now get, get, get it going.

Anna Jonak: [00:28:54] Yep. Eat those frogs right now. Okay. What you are going to see really, this is what will be building with you and this is essentially the aim of this podcast, is to start raising your conscious awareness so a lot of these things you will have been doing like subconsciously you won't know that you just you kind of fallen into these patterns of way of thinking and behaving. We want to help raise your conscious awareness around the sort of things that you do the way that you think or you know the habits that you run because we want you to realise when you can raise your conscious awareness and catch yourself in these moments as Flori said catch yourself in the lies, that's when you're in the position to create change and that's what we want for you is to be able to say hey I can look after myself, I can create the time that I want and need and you know it's all good.

Florencia Pyke: [00:29:35] Yeah exactly. So to download your six lies and you know pin them on the wall in front of your desk.

Anna Jonak: [00:29:43] The gentle slap in the face.

Florencia Pyke: [00:29:44] Exactly so you're constantly reminded around what you are lying to yourself about

Anna Jonak: [00:29:50] Don't lie [laughs].

Florencia Pyke: [00:29:51] Head over to theelevatory.com/podcast. And our parting thought for today is that fortune always favours the brave and that never helps a woman who does not help herself and that's by P.T. Barnum.

Anna Jonak: [00:30:07] And remember - be brave in your business.



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