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Flori coaches student Melanie De Gioia through what sits behind a successful top of the funnel strategy for her unique Ferrari hire company.

In this sales funnel example, Flori brings you up to speed on what’s been discussed to date when it comes to her marketing strategy PLUS what her next steps should be in order to draw in leads and convert them into customers.

Plug in to snap up some real-life case study takeaways when it comes to driving leads and converting them into paying customers.

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  • A real-life case study on how to drive leads and convert them into paying customers
  • How a Ferrari hire company, Fuga Veloce, engages with their avatar and audience to successfully draw them in
  • The anatomy of a sales funnel



Flori Pyke: [00:00:00] Welcome to episode 10 of the Raising Her Game Podcast and I'm so excited to be taking the drivers seat today, no pun intended, as we have a bit of a related business to driving in the hot seat today. But I am taking over today and I'm really pumped to deliver a marketing hot seat session with one of our own student sisters actually, Melanie De Gioia from Fuga Veloce. How's it going Mel.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:01:10] Very well thanks. I'm so pumped to be here.

Flori Pyke: [00:01:12] We are so excited to have you. Now for our listeners who may have recently had the opportunity to plug into Anna's mindset hot seat session on one of our recent episodes, which if you haven't yet checked out I absolutely encourage you to. Now for those of you who are tuning in but don't know me I am Florencia Pyke, you can call me Flori, and I am an expert digital marketer and I'm absolutely obsessed with all things consumer behaviour and psychology. Not to mention that I absolutely thrive on helping small business owners to expand their brand reach and growth so that they can ultimately scale and with all of this said I am so pumped to have you here, Mel.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:01:55] Thank you.




Flori Pyke: [00:01:56] And Fuga Veloce is a local Sydney Ferrari hire company and I'm going to let you take over here and tell us a little bit more around what you do. I think it would be great to hear from you really.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:02:11] Excellent it is quite simple. So fuga veloce, it's Italian for fast escape. And so that's what we focus on. We have a Ferrari and we rent it out to people to drive, it's a 2 seater, and they can drive it anywhere they like, so in Sydney, we do have strict rules that they have to stay in NSW, but they can take it for an hour, five hours, ten, 24, 48 or a bespoke package. It's quite a rare offering to have a self-drive Ferrari package in that a lot of people do drive days or track days. This one is like we give you the keys and you go. So it's quite unique in that respect. We have supporting things around it like we have some itinerary suggestions. I'm building up locations where they can go, like that affiliate side of things, but that's still in it infancy. But yeah. So basically the core idea is you make a fast escape from Sydney in a Ferrari and you just drive the roads, enjoy the roads and go somewhere beautiful and make memories.

Flori Pyke: [00:03:18] Oh I love it. Can you tell our listeners a little bit more around how long Fuga Veloce has been around.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:03:26] We did a soft launch on the first of May which just did the, basically the website was launched and I didn't do any marketing besides the friends and families and stuff, I wanted to get the processes bedded down, get my confidence up a bit, and then we launched at Ferragosta which is a Five Dock Italian Festival and we launched officially on the 20th of August last year 2017 and that was our official launch. And so we've been running since then, in my eyes officially like I've been trying to push marketing and growing the business. Things like that since the 20th of August.

Flori Pyke: [00:04:05] OK so almost a year.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:04:09] I know I did a little oh my god first of May was the soft launch and we're actually back at Ferragosta this year. Bigger than ever. Yeah we've got a bit better prime location and we're a bit more involved in the organisation not the organisation but we're involved with the organisers providing. So I'm going to celebrate our first birthday with a bit of a special day.

Flori Pyke: [00:04:35] That's really exciting. And how, we'll talk about that a little bit in terms of how it's going. But before we do I think one thing that I wanted to caveat before we start talking about your marketing specifically because that's what we're here for today is that as you know being one of our own students Mel you know that we are absolutely huge on getting you ladies first to really get your foundations in a rock solid place before throwing any money at your marketing. I am such a stern believer of the fact that you really need to be clear on your business foundations before thinking about even marketing your business. So just before we start talking around your marketing strategy what you've done to date how it's going. Can you just share with me. I just want to ask you a few questions just so that I can get clear and our listeners can understand where you're at in terms of these foundations and these essentials. So in terms of your avatar. So you know what we also refer to as your as your perfect or your ideal client. Can you just share with us a little bit around who that person is.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:05:45] Absolutely. I've been very diligent in following through the foundation steps.

Flori Pyke: [00:05:49] That's awesome. I have seen that in the forum which I love, makes my heart soar. [laughs]

Melanie De Gioia: [00:05:54] Yeah absolutely. I'm up to the last one now actually. So it's good but from the avatar perspective I've taken a slight, I'm going say it's an easy route but it's also a unique route, so I've completely niched down. And my avatar are females, which is a bit left of field for a Ferrari company but it's for a point. So it's females over the age of 30 because of the age you need to be; with a partner, male or female; and who like to get away, may or may not have children; irrespective they like to do the five star things in life when they get the chance when they have the spare cash. They like to get away. They will search out new locations. They will search out new experiences. They've got to be a little bit adventurous, a little bit ballsy to some extent, at least one of them needs to be, mainly, it's usually the man but, so the woman buys for the man because the woman owns the purse strings. Nine times out of ten.

Flori Pyke: [00:07:05] Yes. The decision maker right.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:07:07] The decision maker and she tends to buy the flamboyant outrageous gifts for the husband's 40th. I mean I am this avatar basically. [Flori laughs] that's how we started.

Flori Pyke: [00:07:17] You know what, it's always easier to market to yourself.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:07:21] Absolutely. So this is our main, at this stage in this early infancy, the avatar I'm searching for is aiming at is a female with a little bit extra cash who will buy extravagant gifts and enjoys getting away.

Flori Pyke: [00:07:40] And just to expand on that so that I can get clear and this will help us and you know when you're listening to this this is a really important thing to consider in your marketing communications when you're crafting a hook. So how to draw people in. It's really really important to understand a bit around the psychology and the psychography that's going on for your avatar. So if you could please Mel, if you had to pinpoint kind of you know this avatar does she have a name by the way.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:08:14] I'm going to with, no I'm making it up on the spot.

Flori Pyke: [00:08:16] You know we need to give her a name let's do it.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:08:18] I was thinking Stephanie.

Flori Pyke: [00:08:20] OK. So Steph. Steph. So you know this morning when Steph woke up, what and you know she's in the mindset at the moment because maybe it's her husband or her partner her boyfriend maybe it's his 40th birthday soon. OK. So she's woken up and she's thinking about that. She's thinking about it a lot. What's the number one biggest problem or frustration that she wakes up with, thinking about when it comes to planning what she's going to do for her partner. What is it that's like really weighing on her mind when it comes to your related offering. What's the number one biggest problem for her.




Melanie De Gioia: [00:09:03] So she wakes up with the problem that she has to buy a gift. She might be thinking in her head that he's got so much already that and she wants make it special, a memory, something that he will always remember and cherish. She might have in the back of her mind that she is a little bit on the environmental side of things but she knows she is leaning towards an experience gift. Something that's more tangible and more lasting than a physical gift, a memory will last forever. And so what's she going to do there.

Flori Pyke: [00:09:39] What do you mean by environmental like she's a bit of a greenie.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:09:42] She doesn't want more stuff. Yeah there's an element like maybe she watched War on Waste. So there's an element to that in that she doesn't want something that will be thrown away over time, like that will go to landfill. So there's a slight element to that, I kind of feed in, because there's a few other things within my company that, I'm a bit of a greenie, that I'm building like it's a completely paper free environment and things like that. But from her perspective from Steph's perspective she doesn't potentially want a thing, that says sits on a shelf. It's more a memory.

Flori Pyke: [00:10:20] OK. So I'm just going to quickly jump in and kind of challenge the greenie angle because obviously for me.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:10:25] Ok I just threw that in. [laughs]

Flori Pyke: [00:10:27] I think greenie and I'm thinking like an electric car. Like a Prius. Not a Ferrari. Just thinking in the realm of cars. So I would be careful with that.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:10:35] Absolutely. And I haven't actually put it out there.

Flori Pyke: [00:10:37] OK yeah. It's just one thing to be conscious of.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:10:38] It's an element but I don't think it's a sellable element [Flori agrees] in that respect.

Flori Pyke: [00:10:46] Yeah. I don't think it's really the hook that would

Melanie De Gioia: [00:10:49] No it's not a hook.

Flori Pyke: [00:10:49] No. Ok cool just checking. [both laugh]

Melanie De Gioia: [00:10:53] We are on the same page.

Flori Pyke: [00:10:55] OK. So in terms of, let's just talk a little bit more around these foundations before we start digging into your marketing and I'm just going to cover a few more, your competitors Mel and where you stand. Shed some light for me here. Are you clear on who they are, what their pricing is, how they stand out.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:11:18] So I have gone through that whole competitor analysis side of things. I'm going to be quite generalised. They are a lot for the male, they all go for the male. There are companies out there that have the female scantily clad draped over a Ferrari or what have you. Not my cup of tea. I kind of turn around and leave when I see that sort of stuff. But yes there are some others out there. There's some that are doing it really well in that they focus on drive days. They have five, six cars. They throw the guys in and they all go for a drive day, bonding day that sort of thing. And yes we kind of, that's all my competitors do assemblance of drive day.

Flori Pyke: [00:12:05] And so based on what they do, you know and this is one of the things we talk to you ladies about a lot in our student community is that by gleaming insights from your competitors you can really start to understand how you can stand out effectively and gain you know a bit of a position in the marketplace so on that point, from the insights that you've gleamed by looking at your competitors what would you say is a clear point of difference for you and I think you've touched on a few.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:12:36] Yeah. So as I said I've targeted the female, I've targeted, even my basic marketing that I've done to date like things above the fold below the fold that sort of thing are kicking their butts.

Flori Pyke: [00:12:56] I'm just going to clarify there for our listeners above the fold versus below the fold. So you're talking about the home page obviously. [Melanie agrees]. So above the fold is basically what you see immediately when you land on someone's website versus below the fold which is you're required to scroll down in order to see what you're doing below the fold so you are saying that your website is a lot more optimised. Is that right.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:13:21] Yeah. So they tend to have photos this photo photo photo photo. And then the main point of difference evolving is personality. Who is this company. Who are you buying from, renting from I should say. Like they get to know me. I'm linking me and we're doing a few other things in the background like we were constantly supporting charities and things like that to give our company more than just a feeling of spending a lot of money. You hire a car from a stranger. No I'm spending money on hiring a car from Mel.

Flori Pyke: [00:14:01] I love it. I love it. And you know it's it's funny that we're talking about this because we recently explored this in another podcast episode where we talked a lot around effectively connecting your brand with your audience and one of the things that we talked about was really putting your face out there and telling your brand story and the fact that people connect with people they don't connect you know with logos that they've never seen before. So I love that that you do that.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:14:27] So and it's really nerve racking. It's nerve racking because I am very private on my Facebook I have very strict controls but I'm kind of letting it all out.

Flori Pyke: [00:14:40] Which I think you know, in order, what the saying goes right, I mean the magic starts when you take a step outside of your comfort zone. And that's a perfect example right there. [Melanie agrees] And I also think it really plays to the strength and the fact that you are your own avatar in many senses and if you are marketing to female decision makers like yourself imagine how much more they're going to be able to connect with you personally you know than some sexy woman photo draped over a red Ferrari right.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:15:15] Yeah exactly. And that's why I'm doing it and why I see value in it and I'm actually really enjoying it. I'm living it up.

Flori Pyke: [00:15:25] OK. OK love it. So we've touched a little bit around the foundations there's a lot more to cover but this gives us all a little bit of clarity around where you're at. And and it gives us, you know gives me confidence I know from talking to you anyway, that you have this stuff down pat but I think it is important for our listeners to understand you know how fundamental it is to really be clear on all of your business foundations before you progress into your marketing strategy and throw any money at your marketing for that matter.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:15:50] And just on that point. I refuse to throw money at my marketing strategy. And I still haven't. As such to-date. Like I haven't for Google ads I haven't bought Facebook ads I haven't done that because I agree I needed to get, even before I found The Elevatory®, I felt like I needed to do some foundation stuff. I wasn't calling it that but then when I found The Elevatory® that's like OK when I get up to the next step side of things then I'm going to - the whole world is going to open up.

Flori Pyke: [00:16:20] Woohoo!

Melanie De Gioia: [00:16:20] So I'm on that precipice right now.

Flori Pyke: [00:16:23] I know you are. And I love working through it with you. But OK so in, to-date I think one of the things you know and this is one of the things that you and I have been talking a lot in the private coaching forum within our program, is a lot around your sales funnel. [Melanie agrees] Before we talk about this I think it's important for me to just kind of give a really quick overview of what sales funnel is for any listeners who are tuning in who may not know. So essentially the sales funnel is a series of touch points that enables you to develop a customer journey and to turn a lead or a prospect into a buying customer. So it's your responsibility as a small business owner to get clear on the map of all those different touch points to drive them from the top of the funnel to the bottom of the funnel. The top they come in as a lead and you collect their details at the bottom they're buying from you. And I always liken it to Ryan Deiss's saying you know it's kind of like marriage. When you started dating at the very top and then you get married at the bottom. 

Sales Funnel - The Elevatory<sup>®</sup>


Melanie De Gioia: [00:17:28] It's a good analogy.

Flori Pyke: [00:17:30] Yeah. It's such a great analogy and it really explains in a very clear manner what it's all about and how important these touch points are to develop trust and to establish a relationship with your prospects because that is essentially what drives people to buy. And funny enough it really speaks to your point in your unique selling proposition of using you know your brand story and yourself and putting yourself out there to establish that trust and I think that's just brilliant. So yeah.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:17:58] And it is. And trust is a key element to my area in that people are handing over large sums of money and they are a lot of, I've had one guy who danced around for a little while because he was just so concerned that I would run off with his bond and I'm like, mate, you know.

Flori Pyke: [00:18:14] Yeah yeah.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:18:14] I'm not like that. But yeah it took a while but he got there in the end and he was very happy. But we digress.

Flori Pyke: [00:18:21] No but it's such an important thing. I mean for any transaction let alone it's, especially yours where you know it's quite a large amount of money that's changing hands in order to deliver the service. Trust is just paramount. So can you tell me a little bit. You know we've been working on your funnel. And do you want to just tell our listeners a little bit around what we've done to date and where you're up to and then we can start talking a little bit more around how to get it out there and other elements to it.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:18:50] Just where I'm at. So what I've done today is actually it stems back from one of the foundation steps, I have to say, of the the survey. So when I went out and surveyed people and I may have got it but a lot of the questions, a lot of the responses I got back was along the lines of - my ideal day is of a Ferrari with a spa day or a Ferrari with a beautiful picnic lunch or a Ferrari with a driver. It wasn't just the drive. It was more than that. And so we put it up in the, I was really struggling with the top the funnel side of things I just didn't know what to do. So we put it into the forum. A lot of ideas came out and I probably will use some more in the future. But what we landed on and which ties in with was my day job, a little bit being a project manager, is how to plan the ultimate date. So you tie in the Ferrari plus the planning side things and maybe the realisation that you know people aren't as organised as I am. And don't know the steps, or you know they get lost in the idea of what to do I want to do this but then I want to, what else to do and blah blah. So yeah we created the top of the funnel which was the how to guide. And we went through a lot of things. What does this look like.

Flori Pyke: [00:20:06] So your lead magnet your freebie.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:20:08] My lead magnet. Absolutely. What does the freebie look like. What does it involve.

Flori Pyke: [00:20:11] And how are you getting those people's names and their email addresses so you can start establishing and creating those relationships with them in the middle of the funnel to get them to buy.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:20:20] Yes so that top bit was a bit of a difficult one and we've got there and it's actually today just just literally an hour ago I kind of ticked the box for it with my web guy and so it's it's ninety nine point nine percent there.

Flori Pyke: [00:20:38] OK. So that's awesome.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:20:40] So we definitely I need to know now what to do next. But we'll get to that [laughs].

Flori Pyke: [00:20:45] Yeah. OK. Yes. Sorry Mel.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:20:48] I was just going to finish off the rest of the funnel with you. The top is the how to, and then the tripwire is a little bit of a taste. I've offered a very bespoke package for them that they only find out about when they're on the lead magnet page.

Flori Pyke: [00:21:08] Ok. Ok cool. And just a caveat for our listeners too tripwire is basically like a low price point entry offering that basically facilitates the exchange of money the first time without the consumer having to lay it all in, in terms of your core offer price. So it's a great opportunity, exactly like Mel said for people to experience a little bit around what you're all about and to start establishing that trust without them putting their whole credit card down for the full meal deal basically.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:21:42] That's right yeah. And so I'm really quite happy with the tripwire that we've planned on.

Flori Pyke: [00:21:47] I can't wait to see it.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:21:48] Yeh which is a 20 minute drive so I will drive somebody for 20 minutes and it's like 99 bucks which is an absolute steal. And so yes so that's the tripwire and that leads to a five hour package which is a self-drive. So yeah you like it, drive it yourself and that ties back into the original lead magnet of how am I going to plan this ultimate date. And it's like here's a five hour drive and etc.




Flori Pyke: [00:22:20] So that's the core offer at the bottom of the funnel.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:22:22] The core offer is the five hours.

Flori Pyke: [00:22:24] OK awesome. So let's talk, going back to your question of you know I've got this pretty much set up now Flori. What do I do next.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:22:33] How do I get people buying.

Flori Pyke: [00:22:35] OK so great question. And I think you know in the first instance one thing I want to ask you and I don't think we've necessarily touched on yet is you know have you got an email marketing platform yet set up in the back end what are you using.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:22:50] Yeah actually I definitely needed it for this funnel as well but I'm using Mailchimp.

Flori Pyke: [00:22:54] OK.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:22:55] Love it. I think somebody's mentioned it's such a cool cool and useful tool but I have had that set up from day one. I've got a whopping fifty four people on it.[laughs]

Flori Pyke: [00:23:05] Yep you've got to start somewhere.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:23:08] Gotta start somewhere. I'm starting to do some tricky things where they all, I can start tracking how they come in to Mailchimp and they are going to the master list which I try to get an e-mail out twice a month. I actually just sent one the other day, twice a month just focusing on but I'm also using MailChimp as within the funnel process if you will. So when they email in, so when they get the email I have an automated welcome letter which has a link to the tripwire page but it also has a bit of information in there. Like some ideas on how to have an ultimate romantic date.

Flori Pyke: [00:23:51] Okay cool. So I want to talk a little bit more around the exact e-mails that you plan to send out as part of that automation to drive people down the funnel to buy. So before I do one thing that I did want to flag with you, you mentioned that you have a master list. My advice to you is especially now as you're starting out and it's very clear to you that you have kind of three segments basically, you have the people who are part of your lead magnet but haven't necessarily opted in or purchased your tripwire or core offer for that matter then you have your tripwire buyers, so they've consumed your lead magnet bought the tripwire but they haven't yet consumed the core offer. And then you have your core offer buyers. So one thing that I want you to get in the habit of especially now in your infancy is you're segmenting is really quite simple at the beginning [Melanie agrees] because you know there's not many stages yet to your sales funnel. So I want you to think about eventually dividing that master list up into three lists or three segments where either you are tagging, so you have the functionality and the capability to tag certain contacts within that list according to the actions that they've taken. Okay. So either you tag them so that you can then sort your master list according to those three different stages of the funnel. Okay. [Melanie agrees] Or you create three separate lists. But I want you to start kind of processing you know that's how you want to approach it so that in your mind you know your goal is basically to escalate people, ascend them from the lead magnet list to the tripwire list to the core offer list does that make sense.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:25:31] Absolutely. And I'm already, I haven't set it up yet but it is one of those things because I've got the list of 54 people are actually people who have just out of interest wanted to follow what we're doing. But I have got a second list which I haven't added which are people who already purchased from me and those people I want to re-sell.

Flori Pyke: [00:25:51] Yeh so we want to go re-engage them.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:25:53] Yeah. So I've already categorised those depending on what package they've done and things, so there is, I wanted to pull I'm actually working on the trying to work out the functionality with Mailchimp if I can actually have them in the master so they get the bigger email but also they get a bespoke email depending on what package they had. So there's a bit of a learning curve for me there and there's an awareness. So to your point yes I am aware and to back it, it's like I'm not there yet. [laughs]

Flori Pyke: [00:26:22] That's fine. You've got to start somewhere. It's just something to be aware of as you are expanding your email marketing skills and going through the motions at the minute.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:26:32] Well it's honestly it's like juggling. It's it's like a juggle. Like you got so many balls in the air it's like this person gets this email, this one gets that email, it's like yeah I love that sort of stuff.

Flori Pyke: [00:26:44] It will get easier. And as you get more organised on the back end too in your e-mail marketing platform it will become a lot a lot easier. And so we're going back to you know the e-mail marketing strategy that you could use to drive people from the lead magnet to the tripwire and then to the core offer. Let's talk a little bit more around that and then we might talk a little more around your re-engagement series because I think that that is really a valuable thing to consider. OK so in terms of, have you set up yet any e-mails. I think you said you have.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:27:26] So I've got the welcome email which is automated so that sends outs that sends out the link. That's the way that they can get to the actual tripwire page which has their details. So that's the welcome. So that's all I've done to date.

Flori Pyke: [00:27:44] Ok cool. So what I want you to think about then is that tripwire we want to drive a little bit of urgency and scarcity around it. Consumers you know, the human brain, we react extremely well to scarcity and urgency and they are two motives that really drive us to act. OK.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:28:02] I know it works with me. [both laugh]

Flori Pyke: [00:28:05] Well it is a marketing and sales strategy. [both laugh]

Melanie De Gioia: [00:28:08] Even when you're aware of it you still get sucked in it's like oh my god there's only 2 left.

Flori Pyke: [00:28:12] Exactly. It is marketing and sales 101 and it works. And so that is one thing that I want you to take stock of. So even on that tripwire page.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:28:24] Of course yes.

Flori Pyke: [00:28:24] I encourage you to caveat the fact that you know this is it's a special offer because it is, you said yourself it's an absolute bargain and they get to experience it, yes it's with me, but still it's my time, and you know it's a steal. So you know I think it's important to highlight that this offer is on the table only for so long. Right.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:28:46] Perfect. I hadn't even thought of that. Yeah that's great.

Flori Pyke: [00:28:49] So I want to drive a bit of urgency there. And truth be told you know you work a couple, you have another job. You do this. You might only offer five of these a month. I don't know. But think about perhaps putting a number to it as well so that people are more motivated to snap it up. OK there's only you know I've got five of these positions left for the month. It's first come first serve and you know.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:29:16] OK.

Flori Pyke: [00:29:16] So yeah. And think about those tactics to weave them not only into the tripwire lander, so your squeeze page for the tripwire, and squeeze page is basically what we referred to as a lander. It's where you squeeze out their details or their transaction details whatever it is that you're trying to get from them. OK. So put that messaging on that page. OK. And then what we're going to do is with your e-mails in addition to that first e-mail which is like Welcome to the Fuga Veloce tribe or what have you. Where you might introduce yourself because you know you are really trying to establish this personal connection with them and show them your face. You might also reiterate the fact that you know this is a great opportunity, but it's only available for so long and there's only so many spaces so if you're considering it you jump. And then what I would encourage you to do is to remind them so the next maybe you send another two e-mails over the course depending on how long you give them. So say that you give them. I don't know.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:30:24] A month. I'd probably give them a month.

Flori Pyke: [00:30:25] No no no no. Not that long now. They can redeem it perhaps over a month but in order to make the decision, honestly that saying that you've got to strike whilst the iron is hot it could not be more true. OK. And I have learned the hard way. [Melanie agrees] OK. So I would be giving them like 72 hours maybe five days tops. You're front of mind at that point in time you have to think, think about it this way. You know when you opt in for something. Think about the time that you're like the most highly engaged it's when you're waiting to get whatever you just opted in for, you put your name right. So you've got to like strike whilst the iron is hot and then you want to be close in proximity to that time because they're still hot. You're still front of mind for them they've only just taken that action. They've only just done that micro commitment to put their name and details a day before. So like the following day you hit again and you say right. Hey Sally you know it's Mel here and I saw that you checked out our offer and I just wanted to remind you you know these are well I only have so many left and it's only available for so long you know. And maybe in that e-mail you know you could test a few things, you could test popping in some testimonials for instance. So some customer stories of people who have experienced your tripwire or even like a video that could be cool. You know of someone saying how great it was or are you actually showing demonstrating how it works or in that e-mail you might focus on like some of you know some of the emotional benefits that come out of this experience. [Melanie agrees] It's like you know.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:32:13] Make a memory.

Flori Pyke: [00:32:14] Yeah. You know if you're considering like committing to or I wouldn't use that word committing because you don't want to make it seem bigger than it is, but if you're considering hiring a Ferrari this is a great way to experience it because xyz and I wouldn't outline benefits and features necessarily because that's not what sells. But I would try to use emotion. Okay. Draw emotion. You know it's a great experience. You get to go you know in the fast lane with Fuga Veloce. Like try and hit on the emotion. OK.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:32:49] OK yeah.

Flori Pyke: [00:32:51] Stories are a great way to connect with people too and to get them to act and that's why I said testimonials can be very compelling as well. OK. And then you might send another e-mail a third and final e-mail. OK. Giving them an opportunity to snap up this opportunity. It's like OK you know Hey Sally it's me again. I just wanted to let you know this is your last chance. You know. And time is running out. This is the final spot or I've only got a couple spots left. If you're keen you can book here. OK. And obviously you're always driving that call to action. That's really important as well. So your call to action what you want them to do which is to book the tripwire. You want to make sure that it's really clear. OK. So yeah make it a button maybe and make it on brand. OK.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:33:39] Yes. Yes.

Flori Pyke: [00:33:40] So does that make sense and give you some ideas.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:33:42] Yes absolutely. Yeah. Something to do. So it actually makes sense to how to get them in to the funnel. Draw them through the funnel but what about getting them in at the very top.

Flori Pyke: [00:33:55] Great question. OK so here's a question for you. Your customer avatar Steph, where does she hang out. Like what social channels is she on. What's her like behavior online. Where is she.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:34:07] OK well Facebook and Instagram to start with, Pinterest most definitely is likely to fashion the house because they've got them they've got income. So they do holidays.

Flori Pyke: [00:34:19] And did you find that out through your research. Out of interest with respect to interests.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:34:24] No just gathering like a lot of people I know who do this they're surprisingly on Pinterest.

Flori Pyke: [00:34:31] OK. The only reason why I flag that is because Pinterest is so huge in the US. But in Australia. 

Melanie De Gioia: [00:34:39] Not so much.

Flori Pyke: [00:34:39] Yeah yeah.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:34:41] It's interesting. But I have a number of friends who have, are on Pinterest and kind of, they help boost my avatar and round it out a bit. So they also listen to a lot of the cooking shows, the Masterchefs that sort of thing so they're kind of in that space as well.

Flori Pyke: [00:35:03] Okay cool. I think based on what you're telling me you know it's a no brainer. You know I always say especially for a small business owner it's like there's only so many hours in the day and because Pinterest in my opinion you know of the 650 small business owners I've worked with here in Australia I have yet to see one to have a successful marketing campaign with Pinterest in Australia. And given that you are very location based I would say let's stick to things that we know will work where we know that they're on. Okay so I would also hazard a guess that they would be you know on Facebook and Instagram. I'd have to say I'm probably not too far fetched from being a Stephanie myself and I hang out a lot on Facebook and Instagram. So what's great about those two platforms obviously is that especially, not those two platforms I should say, but just in terms of digital marketing you can be so targeted with digital marketing that you can be certain that you know you won't have any waste in terms of targeting the right people once you get to know how, what their interests are and how to find them and where to find them as opposed to doing offline marketing okay.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:36:15] Yes.

Flori Pyke: [00:36:17] So in the first instance to make your dollar go further, basically I would be running some paid traffic campaigns via Facebook so obviously now Facebook has purchased Instagram and in order to advertise on Instagram you have to facilitate the advertisement through the Facebook advertising platform anyway. So I would be saying you know let's work on doing some Facebook ads in order to target them and we would test to a whole lot of different stuff in order to see what works and Facebook ads can get quite complex. But you know luckily you are in our student forums.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:36:56] Yes and I have to admit like the very first next step, next level I think you call it, that I had planned to do it was around the Facebook ads. [laughs]

Flori Pyke: [00:37:05] Yes. And I think that that will be critical for you especially given that you're targeting females because they're all over Facebook and Instagram and given Stephanie and what she's like she's going to be all over Facebook and Instagram. So I think for us in terms of next steps and driving a paid traffic campaign, once we can nail your funnel, so first I would say Mel you know let's work on making sure that your conversion rates are strong at every stage of the funnel. So I would want and this is a way I'm going to work with you in the forum is basically I want to see that we can get people to buy that tripwire first organically. Okay. So okay we may drive it via social media yet we might do some collaborations that are free and organic. Okay. And get an idea and we're going to track and measure at every stage of the funnel. Okay so we're going to look at how many people like from today, you know you said you're 99 percent up with that with your land your lead magnet. Great. Okay. Once we get your e-mail strategy down pat what we're going to do is we're literally going to measure how many people land on your lead magnet squeeze page. Okay your lander and how many people opt in because that's one step, one conversion stage that we really need to track and ideally you're converting about 50 percent of those people. Okay that's a really strong conversion rate that I feel very confident that we can get you to that. That's what we do and that's what I hope so. So I agree with a lot of our students because there is a bit of a formula to optimising your squeeze page and I will certainly be teaching you how to do that in the forum but we're going to want to make sure that that's converting well for you first. Okay.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:38:56] Yeah I did totally copy your squeeze page template by the way.

Flori Pyke: [00:38:59] Great. Love it. [both laugh] And then from there we're going to look at open rates on e-mails we're going to look at click rates Okay. [Melanie agrees] and of the people who converted into the lead magnet we're going to see how many convert into the tripwire. Okay. Now what's a good conversion rate for a tripwire. This is a question I often get. 10 percent is good. So we are going to see how we go. Basically we're going to drive organically and we're going to do some collaborations before we put any money behind it and get an idea behind these statistics. Okay. And then I'd say we can start putting some money behind it because then we know at least the funnel works.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:39:39] Ok cool because I have to admit I might need to do something around the space because my hits per month on the website are not huge. And so I just need to drive people to there initially like I feel like I need to do that.

Flori Pyke: [00:39:57] So I mean it really depends on budgets if you have a bit of budget to put a bit of paid traffic behind it so that we can start testing and measuring this faster. You know sooner than later, I'd say let's do it. We will be able to very quickly assess and understand where the shortfalls in the funnel are. OK but what's going to be really important for us to do is to track and measure every single stage of the funnel because for instance if that lead magnet squeezed page doesn't convert even though your ads at the top of the funnel might be absolutely rocking it, they're not even going to get to your e-mail sequence or see the tripwire or see the core offer for that matter.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:40:34] So do you have a spreadsheet.

Flori Pyke: [00:40:38] Yes. So you. Yeah yeah.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:40:41] I'm picturing a spreadsheet already where you can track all this. You have the list, the steps listed and then punch the numbers in and stuff.

Flori Pyke: [00:40:47] Precisely and all the formulas are in there for our students, but for our listeners, what I want you to do if you're listening to this right now is basically to think about tracking every stage of the funnel and how effectively or not effectively it's working but track those numbers because then you'll see where the shortfalls are you'll see what you need to improve. Like I said you might be running a great marketing campaign on Facebook where you're getting you know awesome click through rates and the ads are you know getting commented on and you're getting a lot of social proof on the ads but you just can't seem to get people to opt in for it. So then you know that there's a problem right there. You know if 100 people are landing on the lander and five are putting their name and address you know.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:41:35] That's not enough.

Flori Pyke: [00:41:36] Exactly. OK. So that's for our listeners. I really want you to be conscious of that - is tracking and measuring everything because there's no point in pumping a whole bunch of money into a great Facebook ad campaign for instance or Instagram ad campaign if your squeeze page isn't working. If the e-mail automation series isn't doing what it needs do if the tripwire isn't compelling and isn't driving people to act. There's all these stages that we need to consider. So that's something that we're going to be working through together Mel. But you know for our listeners it's really important to be to be aware of.  All right awesome. So I'm just. Is there anything else. [both laugh] It's like a can of worms isn't it.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:42:19] I don't even know where to start. Yeah I actually I do know where to start and that's the whole point of this is that I kind of just want a get off this call and put those e-mails in place and have a look over. I've got to change the welcome email as well now that I am thinking about it to make it a bit more personal.

Flori Pyke: [00:42:38] Yeah I definately think that personalisation angle and it's funny that you say that because we're going to be actually releasing a podcast episode really soon on you know the importance of mass personalisation versus mass marketing. And I think our listeners and yourself Mel you'll get so much out of that because I agree like the more you can personalise it and really authentically connect with the person on the other side who's reading your e-mail, you know the more traction and effective that those e-mails are going to be. OK. So yeah I couldn't agree more with you more.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:43:09] Yeah and I'm not surprised at that. So one thing I missed out of the welcome thing.

Flori Pyke: [00:43:14] Yeah but I think. All right well I think you've got plenty of food for thought here to take away and you know for listeners I trust that you've gotten a lot out of this as well in terms of you know how to approach a funnel and all the stages that you need to consider in order to make a funnel to work because it can be tricky but the exciting thing is that it's not impossible. It's like data. I mean you really have to just look at the numbers and once you see where the shortfalls are is you tweak and you refine and you'll get there in the end but you do have to test and measure as you go. Unfortunately that's how marketing works. You know there's no one size fits all and there's no crystal ball that will tell us what works. But this is a great methodology to follow in order to get something that will be working for your business.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:44:00] And creating the funnel was just the first step. [Flori agrees]. You've got to create all the stuff around it, all the emails and then you have to tweak it.

Flori Pyke: [00:44:07] Because sometimes like the prices that you use too, for a tripwire and your core offer they may not be right either so you might have to test different pricing and messaging, imagery. There's so many elements to it but you're certainly on the right track Mel and I trust that you got a lot out of our conversation today.

Melanie De Gioia: [00:44:24] Oh yeah yeah definitely definitely. Thank you so much. I could do this six times over [both laugh]. So much I need to scrape out of your brain.

Flori Pyke: [00:44:36] Scrape it all out in the forum. Well thank you so much for your time Mel. I've really enjoyed connecting with you face to face. It's been awesome. And to anyone who's listening who wants to make a fast escape with Mel's Ferrari car rental company at Fuga Veloce we are going to be featuring Mel's details on our website at so that you can connect with her personally as well as on our socials OK. And our handle for our socials for your reference is @theelevatory. Now as usual to review the podcast please head over to And also if you'd like to drop us a note or if you'd like to get put on the marketing hot seat like Mel did today. Please reach out. I'd love to hear from you and you can find us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. we'd absolutely love to hear from you. One final note before I share my final final parting thought with you is you would have heard in our last podcast episode that we have launched a new mastermind a very exclusive one OK and my conversation with Mel is really just a taster of how we work with our students in our mastermind. So if you're interested in learning a little bit more around that please email us as we are accepting applications at the moment. All right and to wrap up my parting thought for you today. When it comes to your marketing strategy is this. Don't find customers for your products find products for your customers and that is by Seth Godin. All right. And remember be brave in your business.



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