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Flori chats to Academy student Rachel Brittliff from Curious Kids Science about how she’s used The Academy's learnings to propel herself forward and create a business and home life she wants.

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  • How perseverance pays off
  • What happens when you have an ‘aha’ moment that marketing is not a one trick pony
  • Why setting business and family boundaries is an important task




Rachel is the founder of Curious Kids' Science. She is passionate about all things STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and maths) for kids aged between 4 and 10 years. The first product is a science kit called "Chemistry in Action". Her goal is to make products that engage children in STEAM activities and develop a sense of joy and wonder when children dive into the world of scientific method and discovery.
 Science Experiment Kit For Kids



Facebook: @curiouskidsscience
Instagram: @curiouskidsscience



Flori Pyke: [00:00:36] So welcome to Episode 17 of the Raising Her Game Podcast. We are Anna and Flori the founders of The Elevatory® (formerly Business School for Mums) an online business school completely dedicated to seeing mums in business thrive as well as the co-founders of The Elevatory® Mastermind, an elite private coaching program for female entrepreneurs. And today you have myself on board, Flori, as I'm going to be taking the reins on this exciting episode and am so excited for this one as I get to chat with one of our own superstar students, Rachel Brittliff from Curious Kids Science so hey Rachel it is awesome to have you here.

Rachel Brittliff: [00:01:19] Thanks Flori I'm so excited.

Flori Pyke: [00:01:21] Yeah, I'm rapt to have you here. I think it's going to be an awesome episode and I can't wait for you to share a little bit around what your journey has been like. Because I think a lot of our audience will be able to relate and also get really inspired by what's happened for you.

Rachel Brittliff: [00:01:41] Thank you. Yeah, I'm looking forward to sharing it.

Flori Pyke: [00:01:43] Yeah beautiful. OK. So I think what we'll do in order to kickoff today's episode is really by telling our listeners just a little bit more if you can Rachel around yourself and your story and your incredible business Curious Kids Science so if you can take us through how the journey began for you and just a bit of background that would be awesome.

Rachel Brittliff: [00:02:08] OK. So Curious Kids Science is my business. And at the moment my husband and I are really the only people who work in it and we make science kits for kids. And so on the market you'll see quite a few science kits out there that are often mass made in China and they have been rebranded with people's various brands etc and when my daughter was 3 she came home from daycare and she said to me 'Mummy Mummy I need to do some experiences'. And I was like I thought we did that all the time. And then she described to me that typical volcano experiment where you put baking soda and vinegar together and then the volcano erupts. And she was beside herself excited by it and wanted to see more things like that. And so the start of the journey was really me going OK let's find some more things. And so I'm not a scientist, I'm a lawyer and so that didn't come naturally to me. [Flori laughs] And I google. Google took me to Pinterest and Pinterest was good for a little while. So I found a few experiments there that she was happy to do quite frequently but there were a couple of things that really started to irk me. One was that the number of experiments was very limited and the other was that most of the sites that had experiments for younger kids didn't have good explanations of the science or didn't even bother having explanations of the science at all. And so science was kind of treated just like a magic trick almost. You know like oh wow. But there was no explanation behind it. And Lily wanted to understand why things were happening. And I thought that's probably typical of 3 and 4 year olds that they want to know. And then there's probably lots of parents out there like me who don't know the answer straight up and need to look for it.

Flori Pyke: [00:04:20] I can certainly relate. I think my son now knows. 'Hey Mum. Like why don't you just google it.' And he's 5. [laughs]. I mean I get asked questions that I should know. You know but it's like dating back to Year 4 or 5 on like the sun and the orbit and all. I'm just like no [laughs].

Rachel Brittliff: [00:04:44] It's a bit complicated.

Flori Pyke: [00:04:46] Yeah well it's not something I've retained obviously. It hasn't been like high priority in my brain. [laughs]

Rachel Brittliff: [00:04:54] So anyway after lots of searching and stuff I eventually went you know what, there's probably other parents out there like me. There's probably other parents who are looking for something that's suitable for their kids that isn't a one hit wonder, that has an explanation that they don't have to Google because you could ask Siri and Siri will give you a whole bunch of options but then you got to read them. And so I had this harebrained idea that I would just as a lawyer [laughs] start my own science kit company [Flori laughs] and I did.

Flori Pyke: [00:05:31] That's awesome. So how long ago was that Rachel.

Rachel Brittliff: [00:05:35] It will be 2 years in January.

Flori Pyke: [00:05:38] Okay okay. And I mean how do you feel it's, what's happened since you started. Cause I know you and I spoke. I remember the very first time that I spoke with you as a student of ours. I had the opportunity to connect with you on a call. Way back when, I mean it would have been a year and a half or so ago.

Rachel Brittliff: [00:06:02] Yep about 18 months.

Flori Pyke: [00:06:04] Yeh and I remember speaking, I really remember a conversation. You were in your house and you were at a point where, I mean I've always said like I think your product is amazing, and we kind of brainstormed and talked about a few different marketing avenues because you're feeling a bit frustrated with the cadence and kind of forward movement of the business and you were fence sitting. Like I just remember you were unsure about things. Am I right.

Rachel Brittliff: [00:06:36] I always so unsure. By then I was a bit over six months into the business by the time I chatted with you I think or maybe just under. And oh Flori [Flori laughs] I think back and I just I had the most unrealistic expectations of what running a business would be like, of what running my business will be like. I honestly had thought that I would make the kits and people would come. I look back and I just think, I can't even articulate what I think of myself 18 months ago and how utterly ridiculous my expectations were. And also you know I'm an educated person.

Flori Pyke: [00:07:26] Umm yeah, very educated I mean you're a lawyer. Right. And you work still as a lawyer you work part time don't you. Almost full time.

Rachel Brittliff: [00:07:34] I work 4 days. So when I kicked this business off I thought I'm educated. I've made it successfully through one under-graduate and 2 postgraduate degrees. I'm perfectly capable of running a business. Oh my god, seriously I just cannot tell you, how utterly ridiculous I realise that is now. I can't tell you how much I have learned the last 18 months about how little I know and how arrogant I was.

Flori Pyke: [00:08:07] But you have to start somewhere right. I mean...

Rachel Brittliff: [00:08:11] Yeah. Absolutely. And maybe I wouldn't have started if I had known how much of a journey this would be and so in some ways I'm glad I didn't because I'm so glad I started.

Flori Pyke: [00:08:23] Yeah ignorance can be bliss. I mean there's a reason there is that saying right. [Rachel agrees]. You don't know what you don't know. And in terms of the journey for you, rewind 18 months back when we first started and where you're at now. What's changed for you and can you tell us a little bit around what your experience has been like having taken on the learning that we've been able to facilitate throughout The Academy in our program and yeah just some of the key takeaways that you've gained along the journey from going from that place of ignorance is bliss to now being like oh wow this is not you just put a website up and the people will come, because it's certainly not that easy. [laughs]

Rachel Brittliff: [00:09:17] Oh my god no it's not. [Flori laughs]. So you know everyone says it's a marathon not a sprint.

Flori Pyke: [00:09:25] I love that saying.

Rachel Brittliff: [00:09:27] I love it too now but I didn't, you know I would say it, but I didn't understand it. And so I would throw all the hours that I had in the day that weren't spent at work at the business, to start. I probably did that for the first six months of The Elevatory®. And so I was neglecting my kids isn't quite right but I was certainly not present with them all the time when I was with them. My husband was getting really frustrated with me because I was spending a lot of time on social media checking my followers, you know I really obsessed about what was going on. Funnily enough that obsession really didn't make a difference to how I was performing in the business because it's not productive energy it's not actually getting something done. It's just checking on metrics that matter but they don't matter minute to minute hour to hour.

Flori Pyke: [00:10:32] Yeah.

Rachel Brittliff: [00:10:33] And so that has also been a big learning curve for me and in fact Anna has helped me with that. So one of the things that happened to me along this journey was that, two of the things that happened to me along this journey were that, I started to focus in on social media as a strategy for getting people to buy the product. And it worked to a certain extent. But marketing isn't a one trick pony. [Flori agrees] You can't just say ok I'm going to do social media and that's going to work and the people will come. You know that still, I'm still learning, and maybe a learning in terms of social media, even if you decided that that was where you were going with your business say you were an influencer and you wanted to become a better influencer, it's not a set and forget kind of place. So you constantly need to be thinking evolving etc. So anyway I kind of thought that would all take off once I got on top of my social media. And it didn't. And so I had this and then I had a bunch of personal challenges in my life as well start to happen. And I hit a real slump and thankfully, thank god I have you guys. And so I got on the forum and I had this massive meltdown to Anna and I said Anna I don't know what I'm doing. I think I'm crazy, no one wants my product. What have I done. I'm neglecting. I don't know what to do. I just maybe I should just chuck it in. Now I got on the forum to Anna to say all these things because I knew I didn't really didn't want to chuck it in, but I was miserable.

Flori Pyke: [00:12:24] Yep yep. I mean sorry I just want to go back to that point that you made around like you know it's a few things you touched on that I think are so key to highlight to our listeners is that you know you said marketing is not a one trick pony. And like I couldn't agree more. And I love that you also said you know I'm still figuring it out. And to your point we're all still figuring it out. You know like marketing doesn't ever stop. Especially in this digital world you're always testing you're always trialling and that's how you stay on top of it. So I think that once that penny drops for people in small business it's just such a key takeaway that you know it's a constant journey and it's evolving because there's new platforms popping up, there's algorithm changes, there's all these things that you need to take into account constantly on a marketing front. And it's not just you know a one hit wonder. So I couldn't agree more with you on that front. And yes I certainly remember Anna coming and telling me that she was having this conversation with you in the personal coaching forum. So and I know some of the personal things that have been going on for you at the time. So I can only imagine not getting too many runs on the board combined with those testing moments in your life let alone the business side would have been so challenging.

Rachel Brittliff: [00:13:51] It really was. But honestly I say this with absolute sincerity, having you guys there has meant that I am able to keep going because it helps me to calibrate where I'm going and what I'm doing and so on. Anna was great. She said, she brought me back to my values. And she said to me you know essentially everyone's journey is different and you need to run your business in a way that's appropriate for your journey. And so her point to me was I didn't, unlike a lot of people who have intentionally left their work to make their business work or who are trying to get a business running so they don't need to go back to work and stay home with their kids. She said to me your journey is different. Stop treating it in the same way as you treat, as a lot of other people treat their journey, go back to your core values and they are your family and their general happiness and well-being. And she said you need to re-prioritise and put the business second which was amazing advice. It was the right advice it enabled me to keep going which sounds really ironic but what I did was make some adjustments. I decided I was never going to look at my phone for business purposes while I was around my kids. And that family time on the weekends was family time. And this amazing transformation happened in my family where we were all much happier very rapidly. And because we were much happier I was much happier. And then I was so much better at the business because I wasn't resenting it when I was putting effort into it. I was also really thinking it out. I have limited time here where will I get bang for my buck.


Family Time - Rachel Brittliff


Flori Pyke: [00:15:50] Yeah yeah and I remember us having that conversation in the forum. Once you recalibrated and set those priorities in place and I love by the way Rachel that you have really put some boundaries in place I suppose, around your business and your family. Because I know that Anna and I can certainly relate to the blurred lines and you know we've made some changes ourselves as you know and as all our students know that we no longer coach now on the weekends. And it has been so liberating and correct, I now my enjoyment for everything has skyrocketed and the same applies for Anna because you get an opportunity to re-energise and refresh and come Monday you're guns blazing for the week whatever lies ahead. So I think that is such a great lesson for our listeners to take away that you know at some point you do have to set some boundaries because the lines can becoming incredibly blurred and it can be a massive weight on your shoulders.

Rachel Brittliff: [00:17:03] It can. And if you don't have any escape from it, you can't give it all your energy because it just drains it.

Flori Pyke: [00:17:11] 100 percent. If you're just on your phone checking orders answering things you know 24/7. Yeah. And you lose that enthusiasm to a degree you know. So I think that's such a great takeaway that you're sharing right now. And so what happened, so you started to really be conscientious around investing your time and energy on activities that would yield bang for buck. So what happened next.

Rachel Brittliff: [00:17:40] OK so next I got on the forum with you and I went right, we're going to do this, we are going to do this well. And we are going to do this efficiently and effectively. And so I said right. I want to start some conversion ads on Facebook. And so as you know you and I we nutted that out and I need to tell everyone this so these are my first really serious attempts at Facebook ads. And I write for a living, but I write lawyers documents. [Flori laughs] I write very detailed, very technical decisions about very technical laws. And so I wrote the ad copy for my Facebook and I sent it to you and you went 'Oh ok. Yeah OK. Right. That's a good start'. [both laugh] I remember just seeing it and going 'No it's a great start' surely. And you came back with some alternative text. And I went 'nah nah it's not that different sort of'. Well it is different but surely everyone will love mine, because I love mine. So I did A/B split testing on our copy, I used the same picture the same audience different copy and I didn't get a single click on my ad.

Flori Pyke: [00:19:07] I'm sorry I'm getting the giggles. But...

Rachel Brittliff: [00:19:09] It's ok because it's funny.

Flori Pyke: [00:19:11] Oh bless. But you know what. I mean it just goes back to that whole thing you got to start somewhere and this is the beauty of the forum isn't it that like we're constantly driving you guys to go listen in and apply and have a go and then come back to us and then we'll help you but you need to have a go. And I think that was the important thing is that you learn along the way and then by testing it which I love that you know, we workshop that and you did that test, you quickly started to realise what worked and what didn't. And from then on you know I'll let you continue but you've really applied those learnings which is exciting.

Rachel Brittliff: [00:19:50] Yeah, I really have. So I then, you know with all the stuff that I've learnt through The Elevatory® and then some of the podcasts that you've been recommending particularly in this podcast, so things like perpetual traffic. I've really tried to focus on what's going to work having constant ad campaigns running and tweaking them. There's been a bit of conflict between my husband and myself about it. He's actually a marketer but he's a B2B marketer and he doesn't use Facebook ads. And so although he does all the technical stuff behind the scenes for me, I kind of keep hold of well I keep hold of the ad copy and now I've taken its reins back on the pictures as well because he's not quite got that nailed.

Flori Pyke: [00:20:48] He's learning, he's learning right. I know that we had an opportunity to connect on a live training session to our students. And I said would you want to come on and we can analyse the ads and use you as a case study. And a lot of what we discussed were the creatives that he had very graciously, you know I think it's so great that he's so hands on deck put together for you. And I know that you're very, you wanted to give him some personal feedback on those after we discuss. But like it just goes back to you got to start somewhere and then having that sounding board and that feedback I think is great because you can then pivot and act and implement. And like you're just constantly getting guided in the right direction. So yeah. So what's happened I guess I'm personally interested actually since we had that chat.

Rachel Brittliff: [00:21:44] So, one of the things I did was then go look at a competitor ad that that I quite like.

Flori Pyke: [00:21:51] And can I, can I just add here. So Rachel I mean for our listeners I think it's really important so one of the recent changes in the algorithm right is that you can actually go on a competitor's Facebook page and click to see all of the active ad campaigns that they are running. So I don't know if that's how you discovered that but if you didn't definitely go and do that. So for all our listeners this is massive intel and it's really exciting from a Facebook ads standpoint that you can see what funnels are running how they're crafting their creative. You can go look at the social proof on the ads that they're running and that'll give you a pretty good indicative as to whether the ad is working or not. So I love that you did that.

Rachel Brittliff: [00:22:39] Yes. Well actually it was your recommendation [both laugh]

Flori Pyke: [00:22:46] But still, take the credit take the credit. I love that you did that Rachel. [laughing]

Rachel Brittliff: [00:22:51] Well you know I listened.

Flori Pyke: [00:22:53] I mean this is why I wanted to talk to you today. You know I think you're an awesome example of someone who has absolutely listened and implemented at every turn and used the resources of the program to their full degree. You know like any time you have a question you come and you ask and then you implement and it works. And it's just so exciting to see the results that you've been able to achieve. Thanks to the coaching forum and the program and you're always like acting and applying and it's fantastic. You know you're like superstar. So kudos to you. You're certainly one to watch.

Rachel Brittliff: [00:23:37] Oh thank you. Yeah so I went and I looked at my competitor's ad and actually I quite admire the competitor, we're not a direct competitor in that we are in different age zones or age target range. But I looked at their ad and I had a think about, I also I had quite extensive surveying a while ago of my target audience and pervasively there's this theme among the target audience that they wish their kids would get off tablets off screens etc. And so I started a screens down campaign. That's been interesting. So that's got me quite a few clicks but not conversions. And so last night actually after listening to the perpetual traffic, the episode that we discussed, I went back and I've been using lookalike audiences with the 170,000 so the one percent look like. And instead I've built a custom audience with a million people in it. That focuses on people who follow educational products, people who are interested in high school. People who are in a slightly broader demographic than maybe people who discovered me. And I kicked that off last night. I'm going to monitor that the next couple of days and see whether that engages or broadens the interest. If it doesn't I'm going to change up the creative. Then I'll change up the ad copy and then I'll start changing up the audience and keep testing it that way.

Flori Pyke: [00:25:21] Yeah. Love it. That's awesome. And so in terms of understanding what's changed from a result standpoint since you know broadening your horizons on the marketing front and I want to go, I want to then talk a bit more on the mindset stuff but more so on the marketing. You know what has changed for you from a results standpoint in terms of growing the business.

Rachel Brittliff: [00:25:47] Okay. So, look I'm not ready to quit my job [laughs]. So the business, it's gone from, I was selling, before I was able to do this switch and decide that I was going to get bang for buck for my effort, I was getting one to two sales a month. I'm now getting two to three sales a day.

Flori Pyke: [00:26:11] Well you know I don't have a calculator in front of me to do the metrics on that. But that is an incredible percentage increase on sales. So that is fast like that is awesome.

Rachel Brittliff: [00:26:28] What it's allowed me to do is, I have always wanted to release a second science kit. So I started with a chemistry kit and I then I have, well I always wanted to release a whole range. But the one thing I committed to doing was we had my initial investment from family money, I said I wasn't going to take any more. And so I needed to make the next lot of money in order to buy the stuff - I made enough money to make my next kit.

Flori Pyke: [00:26:56] That's awesome. 

Rachel Brittliff: [00:26:57] And so I pre-released this week for fulfillment from next week. I pre-released it because I've got some fundraising going on with schools, so people can buy it to have it delivered next week. And but there are actually then people who are just finding the website who are buying it as well.

Flori Pyke: [00:27:17] That's fantastic. And I know that we talked about some of the like prelaunch tips in the forum so that's great to see those are working. And you know you've been able to get some momentum now. You mentioned something around the schools and the charities and the fundraising can you tell us a little bit more around that arm of your business Rachel.

Rachel Brittliff: [00:27:38] Yes so, before I started the business I had sat down had a chat with someone who's part of a very successful startup. And she said to me the one thing that I've been told, that I've always taken with me is, don't sell to one when you can sell to many. And she said to me what could you do. So that instead of just selling one kit at a time or as well as just selling one kit at a time. You can sell to lots of people at a time. And I thought I can fundraise. There's a couple of reasons why I thought that that would be good. One is that the science kits are an educational tool and they're directed to a broad audience so that you can really use them from the ages of 4 through to 11. And because I have my daughter is now in school and although our school hasn't done it, lots of schools do things like fundraisers with chocolate boxes.

Flori Pyke: [00:28:42] Yeah I can relate. I've seen this. Yeah.

Rachel Brittliff: [00:28:47] And it's totally against all of the values we're supposed to be teaching our kids about healthy schools. And it's often, it's also an uncomfortable thing for me to want to have to ask people in the office or wherever to buy some chocolate and so or stuff like raffle tickets even for example. If they get sent home I buy them all because I don't want to be asking family and friends if they'll give us money for the school. And so I wind up paying, I don't know, $30 for a bunch of raffle tickets and getting nothing back because I never win. [both laugh]

Flori Pyke: [00:29:30] I can also relate. [laughs]

Rachel Brittliff: [00:29:33] Yep and I thought if people are going to pay that anyway for fundraisers because they're just paying that out of their pocket, rather than dispersing it and getting people to give small amounts of money, then why not buy a science kit that your kids are actually going to enjoy and everyone gets something. And so that's where the idea for the fundraisers, for charities, and schools etc and preschools. I've had a couple of daycares now do it and really like it. And the other thing is that as a parent at the school who's active in the fundraising, things like cake stalls take the most incredible amount of coordination. You wouldn't believe it. You would not believe the volunteer co-ordination, the having to get cakes in all that stuff. Doing what I do, I'm able to take all the orders via my website. I track everything. All that the school has to do is send out three e-mails and then on the day that the kits are delivered, they distribute them.

Flori Pyke: [00:30:41] Fantastic.

Rachel Brittliff: [00:30:42] It takes them about an hour and a half in terms of work.

Flori Pyke: [00:30:44] I mean it's awesome because like you said it's like a full circle win and I'm sure that a lot of our mum listeners can really relate to you know having to undergo these fundraising activities for their kids. And like you said I've certainly been privy to chocolate and cake stands and whatnot and it is kind of ironic because it absolutely goes against the grain of what the schools are trying to really instil in healthy eating and the lessons that they're teaching our children. So I can absolutely see the merit in something like this and it's such a creative way for you to get the products in the hands of other people as well you know. So you've got your Facebook ads and I know you're talking to different retail outlets at the moment and then you've got this fundraising arm and I just think it's so great. And it just goes to show how important it is I think to diversify the different channels that you've got going on in order to reach your end customer, that you can't put all your eggs in one basket. So it's a great takeaway. And so when we wrap up I'll definitely get you to share more information around your business and your details so that if someone wants to contact you around that fundraising or obviously to buy a kit they know where to find you. But before we start to wrap up I would love to just hit home a little bit more around the mindset side of things because I know you talked a bit around the journey and the trials and tribulations. So for Anna and I when we were talking around you and what has happened for you since you've come on the journey, one of the key words that came out for us when we were thinking about you was perseverance and we feel that you have been, you've persevered. Like you just kept on keeping on. And I think what's been some of the biggest mindset lessons for you I suppose throughout this journey that you can share with our listeners. Because you know being a mum, having to juggle your work four days a week you know what it's like. It's not easy. And there's highs and lows. Can you share some of the insights that enable you to keep on keeping on?

Rachel Brittliff: [00:32:59] Yeah. Having a few things. Having the people in our Facebook group, the ladies in it. The people in that Facebook group are amazing. [Flori agrees] And they're just fabulous for the down days and the moments where you just don't feel like you can pick yourself up because there's just so many people coming back saying we've all been there and you know that this will pass. And that's a really encouraging thing. But in terms of my longer-term values it's something that Anna comes back to a lot, which is your WHY.

Flori Pyke: [00:33:33] Yes of course yeah.

Rachel Brittliff: [00:33:36] It's your why. And my why is very different again than maybe some other people's in that the reason I decided to make the go decision and to spend the quite extraordinary amount of money I did on my initial purchase of a stock. [Flori laughs] I actually felt like vomiting after I pressed send on that.

Flori Pyke: [00:33:58] Sometimes those are the most exciting decisions where I can certainly relate on those sentiments and feelings, but they usually pay themselves back over and over and over. So yeah.

Rachel Brittliff: [00:34:12] And this decision there's a lot of reasons why in fact it was one of the best things I've ever had. I was talking to a friend before and trying to decide whether I was going to go ahead and start this business. And she said today what do you want your kids to know about life. I thought about it and I thought I want my kids to know that taking risks is OK. I want them to know that failing is actually OK. Because if you don't take risks and you don't fail you'll never learn you never get better never become greater. You're always going to be average. And I thought I'm not leading by example here, I'm following this very safe path even though I have this idea that really excites me that I really feel passionate about. I'm scared to give it a go and it really rang in my head. Well you can't say you want your kids to have a set of values and you can't raise them in that way and not lead by example.

Flori Pyke: [00:35:24] Yeah. I love that.

Rachel Brittliff: [00:35:26] And so in my really down moments when I think I'm going to chuck all this in, I think, what would I expect from my children and what I would expect from my children is to pick themselves up, dust themselves off, take a deep breath and go again. And so I have to do that for myself because I have to be able to say to them when it comes time I've done these. I know it's hard. We're going to do this together. But you are getting back up yeah.

Flori Pyke: [00:35:58] Yeah. No I love it. I think those are some really strong words and lessons for us all to keep in mind. And yeah I mean it just goes back to that whole mantra of you know you've gotta start somewhere and usually when you start you fail, but you have to just get right back on up again because otherwise you won't move anywhere you'll just be at a standstill.

Rachel Brittliff: [00:36:24] Yeah to learn something big to make a new discovery, really, you've got to try different stuff and it's a bit you know I suppose it's a bit like that one hit that lesson that I learned about - I started and they didn't come. That was a failing that I was just like well I don't know what to do now. But then I found you. And each time something goes wrong and I think oh I don't know what to do, but finding a way forward makes me so much better.

Flori Pyke: [00:37:01] Yeah yeah. And having I think that sounding board because I know I can certainly relate. You know we have and I've mentioned this before on other episodes that we're huge believers of you know being guided by those who have travelled the path in front of you and we have a business coach. It's exactly that you know putting pen to paper and explaining your ideas and having that opportunity to brainstorm something with someone who has travelled the path is just invaluable because you saved so much time and it enables you to pave the path a lot faster in the right direction.

Rachel Brittliff: [00:37:37] It does and it also just being in business for yourself is isolating. [Flori agrees] Because most of your friends and family aren't doing it. And so you also need to have a sense that you're part of something bigger. I think that operating in isolation trying to do it alone without the support of a network who gets what's going on for you, I think that would be incredibly difficult.

Flori Pyke: [00:38:06] Yeah I really agree and I know for yourself personally and a lot of the students in our community that the Facebook community of all of you guys I know you guys really, I see all the conversations, the support, the collaboration, the meetings, like yesterday I saw the ladies meet up in Melbourne and do a live and that's awesome you know like that's what it's all about. It's getting together and knowing that you aren't alone and that you have like a tribe of women who have got your back and it is so important to know that you've got that network behind you. So I couldn't I couldn't agree more. Well thank you so much for your time Rachel. I have really enjoyed connecting with you. It's been an absolute pleasure and a privilege to host you on our podcast. You have shared some really great insights when it comes to mindset and marketing and just you know how to keep on keeping on and what it's done for you and how you know you are quickly turning your business around from one to two sales a month to two to three sales a day which is pretty monumental in quite a short space of time so I'm really excited to see what we can do next as we start to scale your marketing. So I'm excited to have those conversations with you in the forum and now for our listeners can you just tell them a little bit more around where they can find out about you.

Rachel Brittliff: [00:39:37] Sure. and it's all spelt normally. And I'm on Facebook as @curiouskidsscience and @curiouskidsscience on Instagram.

Flori Pyke: [00:39:56] Beautiful. OK so for our listeners for the show notes don't forget to pop over to our site at and if you love the episode absolutely let us know. Drop us a review. We always love hearing from you. And one just final note before we start to wrap up is that we are going to be hosting a really exciting free marketing mini course so you know we've spoken to a lot around marketing in this episode and I want you guys to really get excited because in this mini course you're going to walk away with a very compelling strategy to basically nail your marketing so that you can start making more of those all important sales like Rachel has and that we all so want and need in our businesses. So to snap up your seat in that free mini course, a lot of you may already know this, but you can head on over to and we will be popping that hyperlink in the show notes for you as well so if you didn't quite catch that no sweat you can go head over there now and come join us. Now for our biggest parting thought for you today, Rachel you know you've touched on lots of key moments and takeaways over the course of your journey. So I'd love for you to share your biggest parting thought for our listeners, what's you know something that they can take away from listening today.

Rachel Brittliff: [00:41:24] If you're starting a business or you’re in that you know the startup phases of a business do something that you love because money will just not keep you going but the passion for the job the passion for what you're doing and the belief in what you're doing that that will keep driving you. So you need to find it and you need to hold on to it.

Flori Pyke: [00:41:48] Love it. Goes back to that WHY doesn't it.

Rachel Brittliff: [00:41:51] Yeah really. Having a good strong WHY will get through the difficult days.

Flori Pyke: [00:41:56] Beautiful. All right well thank you so much Rachel. And for listeners remember be brave in your business.



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