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Ep77. Quality over quantity: Instagram must-knows right now

Flori chats to Instagram Mentor and Expert Emily Osmond around how to make the most of Instagram for your business, today.

Ep73. How to map out your lead generation journey

Flori chats to lead generation specialist Allison Hardy on how to tackle your lead gen strategy for results.

Ep71. Influencer Marketing. All your questions answered.

In this episode of the Raising Her Game Podcast, Flori puts Steph Pase from Just Another Mummy Blog on the hot-seat when it comes to influencer marketing.

Ep70. How to DIY your PR

Flori chats to Publicist and PR Mentor Odette Barry from Odette & Co about how to DIY your own PR as a small business owner.

Ep67. 6 Mistakes Business Owners make with their branding

Flori chats to branding expert Becky Hughes about the 6 fundamentals you need to get right when it comes to your brand... and driving your business forward.

Ep66. How to launch your course like a Ninja

Anna chats to Launch Strategist and Copy Writer Mia-Kee Tsang about what drives a successful launch and the things that can make a big difference in your success or failure.

Ep65. What you need to be doing right now with your FB Ads

Flori chats to FB Ads Strategist and Expert Salome Schillack on what you should be doing right now with your FB ads strategy to get results.

Ep64. How 3 simple marketing tweaks can amplify your business results

Tune into this episode with Anna and Flori to learn about how 3 simple marketing tweaks can amplify your business results.

Ep62. How to write a sales page that converts

Flori chats to Gigi from One 6 Creative about every step you need to consider when creating a high converting and beautiful sales page for your brand that connects with your audience.

Ep61. How SEO plays a key role in your marketing strategy

Flori chats to SEO Expert Kate Toon about everything from what SEO is, to what impacts your SEO to how to tackle your own SEO.

Ep60. Why you need content marketing at every stage of the sales funnel

Flori chats with content expert Kate McKibbin on the important role that content plays in your sales funnel: from how often to post, to what to post, to where to post, they cover the ins and outs of helping you to develop your own content marketing plan.

Ep58. How to create a passive income stream in your business

Flori chats to the Founder and Owner of The Social Bungalow, Shannon Lutz on all things passive income for your business. From how to start earning passive income, to what makes a passive income funnel successful.

Ep52. How to start a successful YouTube channel for your business

Flori chats with Louise Henry from Solopreneur Sidekick about how to start a successful YouTube channel for your business.

Ep51. How to write effective copy for your website and about page

Flori chats with Mastermind student Gemma Lumicisi from Contently Driven about how to write effective copy for your website... and your about page...

Ep48. 6 things you need to do with your marketing day in and day out

Anna & Flori take you through 6 important truths to be across when it comes to marketing your business.



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