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  • How niching can create a transformative space in your market
  • How going all in at every step creates momentum for your brand
  • How learning and applying The Elevatory® Academy training has fuelled success for a student’s product business
  • How clearing your head and re-setting your mindset allows you to move forward in your business in leaps and bounds.




Flori Pyke: [00:00:00] Welcome to Episode 33 of the Raising Her Game Podcast. We are Anna and Flori. And we are super excited to deliver a very special episode today, one that touches on a bit of a tradition with our students and we're doing it in a bit of a different way. Because last year we announced this at an event that celebrated our students but today we want to do this on the podcast. But before we get into that we should start with the hashtag winning hashtag losing I reckon.

Anna Jonak: [00:00:27] Totally. I think the hashtag winning is actually pretty exciting because you know given where we're at the moment, we didn't have much of a life. But last night we did. Last night we went out with lovely Anita from Inner West Mums and had dinner and a few drinks. And can I just say actually I know it absolutely rained like crazy yesterday and even hailed at one point, but I just had the biggest smile on my face because I managed to get out of here about 4:30, sit on the train in air-con just on my phone just chilling. And then I just walked around the city like I literally walked around before I met everyone and it was just so cool being in amongst the mayhem. You know you just kind of, I just kind of felt alive in a different way outside of the groundhog of you know picking the kids up, doing dinner and working and everything else just that kind of moment of being on your own in the city. Honestly, I just walked around with the biggest smile on my face. I swear people thought I was weird cause I was just like hi to everyone.

Flori Pyke: [00:01:27] So funny. See, whereas myself, I came home and I was like that was so much fun but I couldn't hear anything. I'm like I'm getting way too old. I was like there's too many people. It was too loud, too crowded.

Anna Jonak: [00:01:39] It was pretty, the restaurant was pretty loud so we did have to talk quite loud.

Flori Pyke: [00:01:43] Did you get that too? I felt like I got home and I was like my head was like baboom like it was fantastic, went to China Lane and it was delicious but it was like the...

Anna Jonak: [00:01:51] Did you pick up the food by the way because like I've got the leftover food and then no one took it? [Flori says no] I couldn't find it. It's like they gave us the bag and then disappeared. [laughing] So weird.

Flori Pyke: [00:02:01] I was thinking about that today I was like I'm so glad you got that because it was the best dish... it was the pork belly.

Anna Jonak: [00:02:05] I know right. I know and I didn't get it. Yeah it was so nice. But anyway we drank a bit. Put it that way. I actually, because I got there so early, I totally had a glass of champagne by myself. And then Anita and I had another one and then, but they weren't just one glass. They were like these weird mini bottles that we got given which were like two glasses worth. So by the time we'd got to we'd already had like four glasses or something. And then we got into more. Oh my God. Anyway so the hashtag losing is totally the dusty feels this morning of like uhhh... [laughing]

Flori Pyke: [00:02:36] Yeah there's a bit of that going on in my camp. I even had to google implications of breastfeeding when having a few too many glasses of wine. But hey, Breastfeeding Association said it was A-OK if baby woke a little bit early and unprecedented higher quantity of alcohol was taken in. So off I went to do my little feed. Now I think I only had like two or three glasses but still... [Anna says you really didn't have that much] No I didn't. But it' all relative when you haven't had any like really I mean of course I have my one a day which I just like highly look forward to. But I was like oh. Anyway. Yeah. So. Oh and I think we should also do hashtag losing. So Anna and I were hoping to have a bit of a very enjoyable long break and we will have a break to some degree but there is a lot happening and it's a good thing though because the hashtag losing in the sense that we're probably not going to get as much of a break as we originally wanted. However, it means really exciting things to come for all of you. [Anna says so it's like hashtag winning for you] Exactly. We're pretty pumped. It's a double edged sword but it's gonna be wonderful for you guys. So watch this space.

Anna Jonak: [00:03:46] That's what happens, right? When you've got so many big aspirations and so much awesomeness to come. It's very difficult just to switch it off. There's so much happening. And we're on a juggernaut. It's full speed ahead man. There's no getting off this train or juggernaut, big glory, whatever you wanna call it. It's happening. Let's do this. And yeah today's episode, really excited to kind of do this. We thought it'd be a bit of fun to do it this way and for our students to listen in and hear their names called out. But this episode is really about celebrating some of the standouts for us in our community. And as Flori said, last year we usually do it at our end of year event, a big end of year event that happens. But this year, just the location and the set up was too hard to actually get everybody to hear us. So we kind of decided we'd do it a different way and the podcast is certainly the way that we've chosen to do it because we thought it would be really interesting for you to hear about some of the businesses that we're working with, you know see the journeys they've been on, the transformations and the insights to see, you know get yourself inspired because these ladies that we're going to talk about today they're just doing amazing things and have just been an absolute pleasure and privilege to coach, to watch, to be part of their journey. And we totally trust that you guys are going to get excited and inspired as well. 





Flori Pyke: [00:05:04] Yep absolutely. So let's kick off with the first one. And if you're watching the YouTube channel, there are actually awards that we've created. So the first one. Don't know if you can see that there but is for Lou Fitz from The Anxiety Project. And if you tuned into an earlier episode which I recorded with her, you will know exactly why we have chosen her as a niching ninja. She is an absolute trailblazer and absolutely one to watch. That was a really fun episode to record. And Lou Fitz has a business called The Anxiety Project and essentially, we have awarded you Lou around your niche because you really have found your space and it's created an incredible point of difference for you. And we're really excited to watch you grow your business and you know fulfil this purpose that you are so passionate about and it really came through when I had a chat to you. It was so much fun. So well done. I know we're both pumped to watch you grow.

Anna Jonak: [00:06:04] Oh she's been so impressive from the day she joined. I remember like being blown away by how passionate and gung ho she was going through the material like the research. We do a research module and the volume of research she pulled off and shared with me like she really got stuck into it. She's so passionate about creating something transformative in this space and watching her embrace every single step. And I mean even looking at where she's at in her marketing now she's so fast and far ahead given where she's at in the journey.

Flori Pyke: [00:06:33] I totally. That word fast. I couldn't agree more with you. Like so I was working with Lou a little bit in the forum on her squeeze page like for her challenge, I was like OK you might want to tweak this this this and that and I wasn't expecting to hear back from her for a few days and I was like bang within like a couple hours, she had made all the amendments and was like ready to go. I was like wow. She's on it.

Anna Jonak: [00:06:55] Every twist and turn certainly I've seen that with what she's doing and I cannot wait actually. I think she would have talked about her challenges [Flori agrees] on the episode. And I can't wait to go and kind of watch from behind the scenes so that we can give her feedback and everything else on you know having done many challenges before so I'm pretty pumped to see her launch that in January and kind of support her throughout it. And I think it's, yeah it's such an important topic and I think that especially knowing so many of our community and mums out there, anxiety is such a big thing and I think it's so great to see her tackling that and giving people something with such fire in her belly around it.

Flori Pyke: [00:07:38] Oh God the passion. Like when I recorded the podcast with her I swear to God it was just like popping out the screen. It was just like contagious. And it was so much fun having that chat with her. And it just yeah it was awesome. I couldn't agree more and passionate to the max and very dedicated to what she's doing because it's her why. You know it's her purpose. And it really shows so it's really exciting. 



Anna Jonak: [00:08:07] Cannot wait to see where to next Lou and see you kicking some mega ass in that challenge. So high fives to you for being our niching ninja and many other awesome things. And and our next category, we have the All In Flynn and there's a few people in this space and basically All In Flynn is really from our perspective about people that have just kind of again, I mean Lou could really sit in this category too but yeah just have thrown themselves in right from the start and have really gone to town on every different aspect of their business and we've certainly seen them again applying the material, working really hard on themselves, working really hard on their business vision. And again these people have really impressed us. We have so much kind of conversation with these ladies in the forum and it's a lot of back and forward on what they're doing and when you have that kind of daily chat and you can see how they're applying and what they're working on and the questions they are asking, there's a few people that really stood out for us.



So the first is Wendy Cam with Our Joey and oh my gosh. She came in on a recent intake. In fact, she's one of our newest I think,one of our latest intakes and pretty much again bull out the gate as soon as she came through, has really worked so hard to perfect her business model, her numbers to understand everything inside out. I've seen her kind of communicating like doing her research pieces in Facebook groups. She has gone absolutely to town and wants this so much. And I just cannot. You know there's no way that this lady is not going to actually nail it because she's kind of the way that she's coming at this is she doing everything properly and she's just been impressive from day one.

Flori Pyke: [00:09:57] Yeah I couldn't agree more. I've had the pleasure of, so the way the forum works for our listeners if you're not a student is, they start off chatting research with Anna and putting a lot of their foundations in place and then they come chat more on the marketing side with myself and Caroline and a few other coaches. But the point is I've had the pleasure of speaking with Wendy quite a bit lately as she is putting together her Facebook ads and her launch campaign because she's gonna be launching her business called Our Joey and she's going to be launching a range of products. But specifically it's the one, it's like a baby organiser. Like a baby mat that organises every single thing that you need in order to leave the house with baby and it forces you not to forget anything which is totally what I need, because yesterday I so got caught off at the park with a massive poo and didn't have a wipes. So Wendy I need the mat. [both laughing] But our point is, she's just much like Lou. Actually you know I have given her feedback on things and like she just ninjas things out of the water and just comes back to me like right away she's ready to go. Like she's just guns blazing and learns and applies, learns and applies at every turn. So very excited to watch her progression and her journey as she launches, so one to watch.

Anna Jonak: [00:11:09] Yes. Another one to watch. I love it. So ladies, you’re lighting us up. I think that it's that whole thing around that there is no other option for them. You can see that in their mindset. This is it. This is going to work no matter what. And it's that kind of mindset and attitude that when people step into our program with the attitude and ideally, that's when we're doing our application calls, that's what we're looking for is that 100 percent certainty that these people are in this for the long haul and they're going to make it you know even if they've got to change things a thousand times they're going to do it because they want the results. They want the end result. And they're certainly going to get them. So Wendy, a massive congrats. Yes. You've been so impressive.



Someone else who's been impressive and has been with us for a long time but we've seen her business evolve certainly and I guess in the recent months really seen her kind of step into looking at things from lots of different angles and really kind of levelling up is Krystal Stephens with Lunchbox Pals. So she has these subscription boxes which essentially deliver healthy snacks to your inbox, not your inbox, your front door I should say. [Flori laughs] They'd be a bit weird if they came to inbox but she kind of hand sources them, the kind of quality of the products, they're really you know, they're really good quality products. Moving away from what you get in the supermarket with all the sugar and so on all those things and she spends a long time creating these fabulous product boxes and just watching her over the last few months with regards to everything from looking at her retention strategy to her surveys to up levelling her branding. Again, she's someone else who is like she wants this, she's going to make it work. She's learning every twist and turn and applying it to her business. And we're very excited to see the results that she's going to get as a result of the stuff that she's applying.

Flori Pyke: [00:13:04] Absolutely. Yeah I'm very excited. Much like the other ladies who watch your evolution Krystal, you're certainly one that Anna and I have discussed about at great length in terms of wow she's really doing her due diligence and you know moving very quickly in her space. So Krystal, massive congratulations. You're hugely deserving of this.



And our final All In Flynn winner, so this one is Sally Watson from Focus Resumés who Anna I have both also had a lot of huge pleasure working with. I know from my end, from a marketing standpoint, it's been a lot of fun watching Sally evolve her brand and you know her website and her offering and it's yeah I'm very impressed with how quickly she has progressed things. And it's been awesome to watch. So from my perspective, Sally, very excited to see you hit the ground running even faster into 2019. So huge congrats there.

Anna Jonak: [00:14:11] Yep. Sally has.. well, she's not only has she kind of I guess really kind of decided on who she wants to be in her space and I think that's really exciting to see when people kind of they start out offering one product or service and realise that they could be doing so much more. And in her case I think she realised where the space she wanted to play when it came to coaching, business coaching, resumes and all those kind of bits and pieces and she's joined the Coaching Institute to train as a life and business coach to complement what she was doing so that's a fantastic place to go and train at. So she's really kind of decided to up level and really take her vision of what she wants for her business that much bigger. Also, what I really love is seeing the fact that you know again a lot of people start with their pricing strategy and they kind of undervalue themselves that they don't have the confidence to price themselves the way that they should. And I've definitely seen Sally kind of work through that to a place where she's really kind of you know seeing the value in what she does and really kind of charging her worth and building out tiers and strategies where you know she can make good dollars basically for what she does and totally, absolutely worth it.

Flori Pyke: [00:15:23] Yeah. No definitely. I think that's such a good point about the up levelling in at the Coaching Institute in the sense of she's really carving herself a huge point of difference versus other operators in her space so especially given what she does around basically like very much career coaching and resumé building. There's so much of that that comes into mindset. So I see it as a massive weapon to have that point of difference when working with clients. So it's going to be really exciting as in when she takes those learning and starts applying them to you know her clients and being able to extend that offering to her clients. So couldn't agree more.

Anna Jonak: [00:16:04] I imagine it'll be an evolution from there and I think that that's the thing though. All of these businesses are evolving over time like you're seeing each of them will have different touch points and different ways of communicating as they go. And I think that, that's the exciting thing, is seeing the evolution that where they start right the beginning with the offering that they have to what they'll end up with over time will change a lot.

Flori Pyke: [00:16:28] And it will keep changing. Oh gosh. Do we ever know about that, Anna? Oh do we ever know about that? [laughing]

Anna Jonak: [00:16:36] I know. Well we're doing an episode on that with regards to the evolution of our coaching program because over the last three years it's changed exponentially and I don't think we ever saw it going from where it started to where it is now. And that's just part of the pleasure of the journey there and being able to lean into it and understand that you have to change and evolve in response to what's happening in your marketplace and what your consumers want. So it's part and parcel of the process. [Flori agrees] If you don't like change, get off the train.

Flori Pyke: [00:17:10] Yeah it's so true. But that's how you stay two steps ahead always by kind of you know keeping an eye on what's going on and exactly listening to your customers and being adaptive so that you can respond to their needs. So totally great. All right. 



So let's get on to another hugely deserving award winner so this one's for Marketing Maven and Marketing Maven is basically you know a student who has really learned and applied from a marketing standpoint obviously. And we actually have hosted this lady on our podcast before. I had the pleasure of interviewing her on her journey. And it's also worth noting that she, in addition to marketing, she's had some massive mindset shifts and I'll let you chat about that in a little bit Anna because I think that's also really fuelled her success in working with Anna specifically but from a marketing standpoint Rachel Brittliff at Curious Kids Science. Huge congrats lady. Like honestly I started working with Rachel around, we did a lot around her branding, her brand photography, her website, both Anna and I did. And then I started working with Rachel specifically on her sales funnel and Facebook ads. And it's just completely revolutionised her business. So she went from making you know I think it was like three sales a month or something to like 100 or something like. And today that's probably changed. I think I just saw her post a hashtag winning note in our Facebook community saying you know she was starting to really see the numbers come in this year.

Anna Jonak: [00:18:43] Yeah. And she since, she said she seen a massive impact on the growth year on year.

Flori Pyke: [00:18:47] Yeah. So look it's all accumulative where Anna and I are always the first to say you know before you even think about going into your marketing, you need your foundations, you got to back yourself, you got to believe you can do this and it all really did start there for Rachel. Like she wouldn't have been able to get to where she is without those foundations in place and do you want to chat a little bit more around that and the mindset work that you did with her?

Anna Jonak: [00:19:08] I think with Rachel, it's just, for me it's seeing her perseverance and I think that it's kind of like you know looking at what success means, what she wants to achieve. And I think that she really worked on getting clear on her purpose and her why and what she wanted to create with this. And I think we all need to do work on those things because sometimes we can get demotivated or overwhelmed or we get frustrated and it's all about that kind of clarity of purpose on your why, that why you're doing this. And I think for me with Rachel, the big thing on mindset or the one kind of trait that I have seen again and again is like a real perseverance. So no matter what is kind of thrown at her there's always kind of like an analysis of it and always looking for a way around it. And what can I try now? What can I do differently? And this is a real leaning into always trying and always doing and always working toward something. And I believe that is what will serve her all the way through her business. You know is that perseverance and I think that is something that we have in ourselves and as a team is that constant like well what can we do now? How do we make this work? And I think we know all of us collectively are driven by a real strong passion for something and a real strong why which kind of you know with her children and what she's creating for them because obviously Rachel has a kind of corporate career alongside this but she's really kind of you know, she's on a kind of mission for social change in terms of helping people out there to be able to kind of play with science especially girls, you know kind of get on at a young age and kind of... I love the whole thing about why she's doing this with her daughter and her daughter absolutely is just an absolute science gun, wants to do experiments on a daily basis. And I just think it's the most amazing thing that she led into creating these kind of experiments for her daughter and then kind of turned it into a business and has now kind of like you know taking things to the next level with all the kind of content and information she's driving out there and all the freebies out there for people to learn and educate. And I'm actually genuinely excited to see where she'll continue to grow because I think now that it's really firing and she's got her voice and her why and all these things it's just gonna be really interesting to see like where to next from here.

Flori Pyke: [00:21:31] Absolutely. And she's exploring a few other marketing channels as well which is very exciting. I think it's going to revolutionise her business and bottom line. So excited for that to start taking action. So one to watch out for sure in 2019. And I'm going to let you drive this one because this is like your jam, our biggest mindset transformation. 



Anna Jonak: [00:21:58] Yes. And the Biggest Mindset Transformation is Jo Cumberpatch from GoTrovo games and Jo's been with us I want to say about six to eight months maybe a little bit more. And she has just absolutely blown me away with the person that started with us to the person that is sort of sits in front of us now. So Jo came through on a mindset challenge and I know that she put her business partner into the mindset challenge. They both did the mindset challenge and she pretty much straight away started to apply the learning and the lesson through the mindset challenge to herself and from day one from just applying those learning styles to have an impact on how she was approaching things. And Jo originally was very much operations and numbers based in the business as a team as a partnership but seeing her lean in to things that were uncomfortable and she didn't know, she's done a lot of training, she's done a lot of work with Amazon for her business and different kind of trainings that she's applied and the fact that she's now throwing herself into all elements of marketing, copywriting, product development, all these things before that her business partner sort of used to drive or they'd always be kind of like a collaboration. She's now just taking everything. She's just taking it and running with it and like I had a meeting with her, so she's on our Beyond Brave, and had a meeting with her the other day and just the confidence and certainty and I'm going to do this and I'm doing that, I'm going to make it work. And just from the early days when you'd see kind of like the frustrations and things not working the business or you know we all cry about things and I think we also hosted her on, I hosted the life coaching session with her on the podcast. But you know seeing these moments of now just confidence. I can't believe it. Like I was watching her with a massive smile on my face, just going this woman is making stuff happen. She is going to make so much happen into the new year and beyond and seeing that belief in herself and their business and everything else and trying things on has just like blow me away because it's so exciting to see that you can make that shift, that you can move from a place when you are you know one minute not sure you can do it or you're not backing or believing in yourself or you're kind of running patterns of feeling kind of like overwhelm or feeling sorry for yourself, all these things and that you can make a change or make a choice or make a change with how you view things and that you know that you're in control and you can make better choices and that you can focus on a positive outcome and be optimistic and over time, the more you practice these things, the more you get uncomfortable and you do the things that you know you don't necessarily want to do and you realise that you can do them. This kind of confidence compounds and then you realise that you can do more and more and then the more you do, you know it goes from there.

Flori Pyke: [00:24:55] I agree. Well I just was going to say I remember having a chat to them, to Jo and her business partner Aley, when they were about to come on the journey with Beyond Brave because they're in our mastermind and I remember having this chat to them which like you and I got to this point as well in our journey where it was like OK you know you've each worn your own hats in the business like with your sets of expertise. But now it's time to basically wear the same hat in many senses like you can't just be focused I think on what you do and just keep doing that. Yes in a sense of, if that is your expertise but in terms of trying new things on, you both have to be in it together because the more you can work together and bounce ideas off each other and you know like even when Anna and I, we run for instance ads, like we talk about the copy that goes on the ad. We talk about the imagery because two heads are way better together and we both have an understanding of the avatar now. So it's like well let's think together collectively about you know putting our best foot forward in that respect. And I remember like a bit of a penny dropping for them because you know to your point saying that she's trying all these things and I think before they kind of had that clarity it was very much OK. Well I'm going to do this and stay in my lane and I'm going to do that and stay my lane and certainly I think there's benefits to that in certain capacities but I think that when it comes to marketing your business, understanding your customer, the tone, your communications, your touch points like put your heads together for that. You know especially if you're in a business partnership that's a key learning there because you'll do so much better together [Anna agrees] in you know putting that intel together.

Anna Jonak: [00:26:28] But also just trying different things it kind of opens up your abilities. I think sometimes we do think, and I think this is belief based, but you know we are a certain way and we can only do well at certain things. [Flori agrees] So I know that I joke about it with you but in terms of branding and me never being very good at the whole branding thing because it was never on brand but like in terms of at the moment I'm doing all of our web site and it's like...

Flori Pyke: [00:26:50] You've totally embraced and learned and applied and vice versa with the mindset. I remember the first time I was like Oh this is just a bit fluffy and now I'm like yes like you know be all you can be like mindset is so my jam and I'm certainly not trained in this but I do feel like I can, you know... Thanks to you Anna and you know vice versa thanks to Anna learning from me like we've learned some great skills from each other [Anna agrees] and have been able to really apply that to the benefit of the business. So in many ways, we're in the same lane when we're working together and it's very beneficial.

Anna Jonak: [00:27:31] It's just means we've been able to go off and do different things. So when we're both really busy it's like oh I can do that or you can do that. Like there's no any one person that has to do things. So I definitely think it's important. So Jo, a massive congratulations. You've given me goose bumps over the last six months watching your journey and the woman that you have become. And I just know that it's onwards and upwards for you and Aley and the business that you're working towards with GoTrovo games. These ladies have created these fantastic games for children. Basically, these amazing treasure hunt games, the imagination and the passion and love that goes into them. They've literally sold like 30,000 40,000 now copies worldwide which blows my mind that so many people have these awesome games and in their homes with their kids running around enjoying them. And I just know that number is going to double over the coming years with the vision that they have for the business and the products that they're developing. But you know just knowing where you were when you came to us at the beginning to where you are now, mind blown.

Flori Pyke: [00:28:34] Yeah totally agreed. Even, oh gosh like the branding and where they've taken the website and their touchpoints, everything. You guys have gone full force and full speed and it's been really exciting so bring it on 2019 for you ladies. [Anna agrees] Alright. So that's pretty much it in a nutshell. A huge congrats to you ladies. You're inspirational to be honest, all of you.

Anna Jonak: [00:28:57] It's so amazing to watch these success stories from the outside and be part of them. And I want to say that you know all of our students out there, we are watching all of you. And we do think you're doing amazing things. You know we've got people on our list already, we're watching, because we've seen some amazing talent and execution and activation. So you know we have a list. We're always looking in and checking in. And you amaze us all every day with what you do and you know the big lesson here is just to keep on keeping on. Just follow your passion. Live your dream. Do the work. Follow the process. And persevere. And I guess believe in yourself.

Flori Pyke: [00:29:33] Exactly, which a timely moment to lead into a bit of our parting thought and quote for today which is from Zig Ziglar and he says if you can dream it, you can achieve it. It's so true. So simple but so true.

Anna Jonak: [00:29:46] So that really fits into our goal setting challenge I think if you dream it. So we will definitely be getting you guys to dream big in our upcoming goal setting challenge as well. So if you haven't already. Make sure you join that. We will put the link in the show notes. From memory you'll have to help me, So yes. If you want to dream big you want to lean in and be like any of these ladies. They're going for it. They're nailing foundations. They are transforming mindset. They are nailing Facebook ads. You know you name it, sales funnels. Then make sure you come and join us in our goal setting challenge because we'll help you to sort of lay down the path for achieving each and every one of these things.

Flori Pyke: [00:30:34] Absolutely. So remember ladies. Be brave in your business.



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