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Anna chats with Gemma Benad of Manifesting Mum about what it takes to create true wealth both inside and out.

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  • Celebrating fear and doubt
  • How life is always happening for you
  • There's a lesson and growth in everything
  • How we are born creators
  • 3 tips for successful manifesting
  • Mistakes people make when manifesting
  • The impact of your beliefs in everything




Gemma Benad is the founder of The Manifesting Mums and a Rapid Manifesting Coach, who empowers Mums to clear their limiting beliefs so they can step into their power to create a life they love with confidence and without compromise. With her hugely successful Podcast, The Manifesting Mum, Gemma has reached over 50,000 Mum's worldwide in under 9 months and her thriving online community of down to earth, real Mums is growing daily as she inspires, motivates and empowers a generation of women to know anything is possible, when you simply believe.





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Anna Jonak [00:01:19] Welcome to Episode 57 of the Raising Her Game Podcast. Anna here today talking to Gemma Benad. And, Gemma is a rapid manifesting coach and also the founder of Manifesting Mums. Now, I think for those of you that know me, I'm going to be very excited about this episode because oh my gosh, it's going to go into so many different directions. There's going to be mindset at the core. Gemma has this amazing podcast. If you haven't checked it out, you really should. The Manifesting Mum. And, she's reached over fifty thousand mums worldwide in under nine months now. Wow! And, not just that but she's also got a thriving online community of down to earth real mums. And, basically, she's inspiring them and motivating them and empowering them daily to believe that anything is possible and who doesn't want that? So, look, if you're ready to manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams, Gemma is your woman. And as I said, I am so pumped to have you here today because you are right up my alley when it comes to living life on your terms, creating what you want, being brave enough to step into it. So, welcome.

Gemma Benad [00:02:20] Thank you, this is right up my alley too. If I could spend all day just talking to other women like you and having conversations like this, I would just stay in Nirvana, absolute Nirvana. So cool. Love it. How amazing is that we can connect like this and share this message. So, thanks for having me on.

Anna Jonak [00:02:37] Oh you're welcome. I'm totally with you. Yeah. This stuff lights me up. I was literally looking at my morning and I'm like we're connecting and then I've got like some more mindset stuff that I'm doing and I'm connecting with someone else and my whole morning is this amazing mindset morning of just connecting with amazing people. So, oh my gosh, I can't even... I'm excited for our listeners as to where we're gonna go today, basically.

Gemma Benad [00:02:57] Yeah. Definitely. We can go anywhere. We can go a lot of different directions. So, let's see.

Anna Jonak [00:03:03] Let's dive in. First things first. I would love for you to share a little bit about your journey to this place because as we said before we jumped on the podcast like how do we ever even believe we'd end up here? So, how did you end up here doing this thing?

Gemma Benad [00:03:16] If you have had said to me even 12 months ago, this is where you would be, I would have been so excited. I would have been like this is amazing but I probably, it would have been a surprise to me. And even years ago, like I've had my life is going on so many different trajectories, downso many different avenues. But it has all led me to this point right now. I am totally confident, 100 percent confident, so this is exactly what my purpose is to be here on this earth doing. But it didn't always start off like that. I mean, if you were to go right back, I mean gosh, my background was corporate. And, even within corporate like I changed jobs. Like I studied law for a little. I studied financial planning for a little while, too. So, a very, very different background. I didn’t sharethis particular story before. This is a first. But I really feel like this is the place where it really started for me and I got made redundant from my corporate job. Gosh, it would have been probably over ten years now and I knew it was a blessing. So, I knew at the time it was a blessing and it did give me the freedom to take some time to myself and I actually went away on a retreat for a week. And in that retreat, I was there by myself and it was in that retreat I remember just feeling so free and so peaceful and just so content. That was something I hadn't experienced very much in my life before and I had this moment of absolute clarity which I now understand is my intuition. It was my inspired action that just said "you need to share this". You need to share this feeling. Like share this feeling with the world. And in my mind, I was going more down health and fitness path because I just thought, to be honest with you, the first thought was "what's the quickest way that I can get this message out to the world?" It was to go into the health and fitness space. So, I actually trained and became a qualified personal trainer. So, I ended up, gosh like seven or eight years I think it was. I actually stayed in a health and wellness space. So I had the opportunity to help hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds, almost thousands of women in that space of time to change their life and feel better about themselves. It was always something underneath the surface when I had conversations and I was coaching women because I owned a gym as well for five years and so whilst I was coaching women, I've so much work around mindset, so much work around self-belief and self-worth. And, it was where I loved to be. I loved to have that conversation but it never occurred to me that time and I ended up selling the gym. I had twins and it was five kids, twin babies. It was just never going to work to have a bricks and mortar business for me. And so, I sold that business but I still didn't know what I wanted to do. I still was unsure and I took some time off and I was just a mum. And that was lovely and I couldn't have coped really at that point in time in my life with anything else because I was living with depression. I was riddled with anxiety at the time as well and just trying to cope day to day which was a real struggle. I'm sure so many people can relate to that particularly those who have had kids. So, it was a really challenging time and then to compound that, my dad passed away incredibly, unexpectedly, he had been sick. He was going through treatment for cancer but it just took a turn very quickly. He had some very intense treatment and he was into hospital on the Tuesday and he passed away unexpectedly on the Sunday. But it was that moment in time for me that I truly believe changed everything monumentally for me because I just made this decision at that point in time that I wasn't going to allow the pain I was experiencing that moment to define me in any other way other than being able to gobble it up and to really use it as an experience that could allow me to grow within myself but also share that growth.So, I started the journey at that point in time to start to shape more around mindset, still not knowing. And then, it was about August of 2018, so, last year, when we're recording this that I had been listening to a lot of podcasts and manifesting was something that kept coming up and I've had experience with manifesting before I consciously manifested just the most amazing things into my life eight years ago. My husband is my most amazing manifestation story and that's what I share on my website, too. So, if you want to read about that because I could talk forever. If you want to read about that head on over to my website and check that story out. But some manifesting kept coming up, kept coming up, kept coming up. And again, I got this intuitive download. I'd read some books. I just had this download of information. One clear message that came through was become the manifesting mum, share your story. And, that night I listened to that. I listened to that guidance despite all the fear that was in my mind. You can't do this. You're not good enough. You're not worthy. Who's going to listen to you? All the things that normally come out when we go into a moment where we really challenge to take our life, our business, ourselves to the next level. And, I put one post onto a Facebook community and I got inundated with messages. I started a private Facebook community that three hundred people joined in the space of a couple of hours. And, about a week later, I started my podcast and almost like the rest is history. And, here I am now and it's something that I get to teach and I've now become an expert on teaching people to manifest. And, it blows my [laughs] mind. It really does blows my mind and I feel incredibly blessed to be on this journey and to be able to be in a position where I can share my truth and my wisdom with other people and that they want to listen and that they feel inspired and empowered and motivated by what I share. So, that is the long-winded answer and that's only part of the story but that's something I haven't shared before about that moment I experienced you know ten years ago.It really was that moment of just absolute clarity that that's what I was here to do. And, it's grown and it's evolved and it's changed in that time which it does and it should. And it's been an amazing journey, the ups and the downs and the round and rounds and the uncertainty and the fear and the doubt. It's all been that have all led me to where I am right now which is something that's pretty incredible and I know with absolute clarity, my mind is only going to become even more amazing.




Anna Jonak [00:09:29] Totally. And, I think that the interesting part is it's been like seven years in the making. Like you've had these feelings and sensations for maybe even longer than that. Because I can completely relate to the fact that when in my early teens I was always helping friends to better themselves and to encourage them to be more and have more, do more and all these kind of things more than anyone else and always had this sense of wanting to help people. And then, I did a Degree in Psychology but then kind of ended up in Advertising but always thought it was pretty like 'cause I enjoyed it. It was pretty soul destroying in lots of different ways. But you know you kind of went with the flow and then all of a sudden, I decided I was going to do my life coaching. And, as I said to you, I was adamant I was never going to do anything related to business and back in corporate. I was out. I was done. I was just going to follow that dream of helping people and making people live their best life or helping them to create that. And then, I mean we ended up on this journey and now I get to do both.I get to do stuff in the business world which is actually great. But alongside that, I get to do the mindset as well so I kind of have like this kind of two sides to things and I just could not be happier but would never have seen that this is where I'd end up. But you kind of had the sense for so long that there was a purpose within you.

Gemma Benad [00:10:40] Yeah. And, isn't that the beauty, though? I mean we can get so lost in being fearful of the unknown. But, like you and I are both testament and not just you and I, like there are millions of women out there that are a testament to the fact that the unknown holds within itself something that can be incredibly beautiful and can be life changing if you just take that moment to be brave enough to see the potential, like the possible potential. Like if you can just take that moment to just listen to that little pull in your heart that says maybe try this, maybe go here, maybe do this. And it will. I think that's the thing, too. This is what I teach as well. When you truly listen to what is within your heart, it leads you where you want to go. It will. The path is not going to be linear. Like let's be honest. That's life. You don't want linear. The lower polarity says we need the opposite. We need the opposites. We need the opposites for clarity. We need the opposites for confidence. The opposites are great. Like we need those moments where it challenges every part of our core being like where you just go, oh my god, is this really for me? We need those moments to give us the strength. So, I'm all about embracing it. I'm all about embrace the fear. Embrace the doubt. And to reframe it and to know when you listen to your heart, you are on the right path no matter where you end up.

Anna Jonak [00:12:03] Oh totally. And, I think we feel a lot of people that focus on what might happen in the negative and they get so focused on like being rejected or being hurt or being embarrassed or being something else that they don't focus on the amazing thing on the other side or worse still coming back to the fact that by listening to their fear, they suppress something greater within them. [Gemma agrees] They basically end up shutting down their whole amazing life by listening to the fear of worrying about something whereas the bigger fear is you're not actually living to your potential. You are looking back in years to come and regretting the fact that you stay very safe because [Gemma agrees] how many people look back on their life and like they don't regret the things that they try. They always regret the stuff they didn't do.

Gemma Benad [00:12:44] Absolutely. I mean it's a cliché to say but it's the truth. It is the truth. You don't regret the things that you tried. You do always regret the things that you thought "I really should have done. I really wish I'd done that." Like we never really regret that and fear, like you and I both know when it comes to the mind, I mean the way the brain works. The fear that we experience in this day and age is not true fear. Like it's not really the fear that our brain was designed to process and keep us safe from. It's so important for us that we don't, I've said it to people too, don't ignore the fear like never ignore the emotion of fear. Like lean into the fear and see what's going on behind that. And, it's never the experience that is causing the fear. It's the thought you’re having about the experience, the potential experience that is actually causing the fear and that's great news because you can change your thoughts. [Anna agrees] When you change your thoughts, you change the emotional experience. When you change the emotional experience, you change the way you act and react. And, when you change the way you act and react, you change your life. Like that's it. And, I just encourage people like I say to my clients all the time you've got fear and doubt? Yes, let's celebrate that. [Anna laughs] Honestly, I do. My clients are like what. Like let's celebrate that because that is you growing into your potential. That is you growing into the possibility. When we're comfortable and we're in familiar territory, we don't experience that physical, emotional response of fear and doubt. So, that means you're not stretching yourself. You're not going to get to where you want to be. So, lean into that and be like oh my God I must be doing something right. And then explore what's going on with the fear like what are the thoughts? Are they real? Like challenge them. Discredit them. Are they real? And who would I be without that thought? It can be simple work to do. It just takes practice.

Anna Jonak [00:14:31] Well that's it. I think its people are so... I mean I don't think there's enough out there on the mindset front to empower people to actually realise that they have the power to change the way they think and then to change the way that they're being in the life that they have. And, I think that, I mean I've coached many people over time who have basically been and seen psychologists before me and then come to coaching and being like wow I've never felt so empowered in my life whereas when I was working with psychologists and this is obviously no disrespect to what anyone does in any of their fields but in their experiences, they felt that there were getting lost in the problem as opposed to empowering them to look at things differently and to realise that they had the opportunity to create change and they could change the way they were thinking and so on. And, I think [Gemma agrees] it's fascinating when people realise that they have this power within them.

Gemma Benad [00:15:15] That's what I love of what you guys do, as well, because the truth is that we're actually so stuck on a physical plane of life. We just are stuck in the experience that we have. So, we're always looking for actions we can take. What do I need to do? And so, if we keep it in the context of business, we're always looking for the strategy, the structure, the process and don't get me wrong like that stuff is valuable but if you don't have the mindset to support the strategy, the structure, the process, it means nothing. Like the process means nothing. And so, there are so many coaches out there and they have their place too and I help people. But you've got to understand if you're not being the person you need to be to put those processes into place, to take those actions, to believe in yourself that it's possible, they actually truly mean nothing. Like you've got to have the mindset first. You've got to have the being. You've got to be that person first and foremost and for a lot of people it’s very challenging because we're so, and this is where people I think I find get stuck with manifesting. It's like if I have this in my life, if I have business success, then I'll be that successful person. [Anna agrees] So, when I'm successful, I'll be successful. And, the way that you know and this is where manifesting becomes real life for people, too. Because this is what you teach. Like you have to be successful first in your mind. And, when you're successful in your mind, you'll be successful in the actions you take. And, therefore, you will be successful in your life. The success doesn't come after you experience the success in your business, in your life. It must come first. And, when you understand that and you step into your power to be that person because that's a decision that you make every day. It's the small micro decisions we make true that culminate and get compacted into bigger decisions that reach big outcomes. But, when you first understand you've got to be successful, whatever that looks like for you and you get to define what success means to you and who you want to be as a successful person. But you must be successful in yourself, in your mind, in your body, in your actions. And then, you will attract a trait, acquire success in your business. Well, it just doesn't work the other way around. But people get stuck there and you can see that a lot. But when I'm successful in my business, then, I'll believe in myself. [Anna agrees] When I'm successful, then I'll do the things. When I'm successful, I'll invest time, money, energy into this, that or the other. When I have the money, it's always delay, delay, delay. And it just doesn't work that way.

Anna Jonak [00:17:41] Same thing I think with courage and fear. A lot of people, they wait for courage to show up. [Gemma agrees] It's like when I feel braver, when I feel stronger. It's like that's not going to happen. The only time that courage kind of shows up is when you actually take action. When you take that step, it's there. It's waiting for you. But people don't see that it's within them. And, as soon as I take the step, it's there for the taking. There's an expectation that one day it's suddenly going to magically show up or a situation is going to change [Gemma agrees] as opposed to the realisation that for the most part, all of this stuff does reside within you. And, I think that's why this whole kind of what we teach in our own kind of fields is that it's all about realising that everything is possible from within you and it's just learning how to kind of create an awareness around it and to tap into and then kind of anything is possible. [Gemma agrees] Now, I would love to learn a little bit more about manifesting and I would love for you to share with me specifically what the term means because it's kind of used a lot. But I'd love to know from your point of view, what do you see manifesting actually being? Or what does it allow for people or give them?

Gemma Benad [00:18:38] Yeah. It is the term du jour at the moment. Like I know in my world anyway, it's just bandied around all the time and it's sometimes used in a positive way and it's sometimes used in a negative way, too, when people talk about it. And this is my belief. It's not a belief. This is what I know to be true and that is we are born creators. We create our life. And, it's an unavoidable superpower that you have to. You can't give it away. All right. You are just born that way. We're born with the ability to make decisions, to think a particular way, to put our energy in a particular vibration and frequency, to take action, to create whatever we want in our lives and manifesting is the ability to intentionally create somebody to put purpose behind it. It's to say "OK. This is where I want my life to go. This is what I want. I've decided this is going to happen and now I'm going to go about bringing it into my life." But where I think people get really lost is, they think it's this magical thing that we do. I'll be honest with you. There are magical elements to manifesting because when you get your energy into the space that matches what you're trying to create, sometimes it can appear in your life in the most unexpected ways and that's what it feels like a miracle. It's not magical. It's basic science. It's the basic science of energy. And, it works on some very universal principles that have been tried and tested as well, you know, not just within our generation but thousands of years ago. It's something that has been available to us forever. But people get lost in the term and I totally get that but it is when you bring it down to the basics, is you making the decision to send to your life, to have what you want in your life, to send in a particular direction and say "this is what I want. This is what I want. This is what I'm gonna have." And then, it's about just learning how to change your being, who you are to attract it into. And it is making it happen. But some of it is attracting it. I mean so many places I can go because the thing is we get what we expect in life. If we expect and this is so true, like if you really take a moment to think about your life right now where you're at and have a look around 'cause your life doesn't lie like you cannot... It is the unavoidable truth. Like what you are living in your life is only a reflection of what is going on inside of you. You cannot lie. You want to know what you expect; you have a look around your life. And, I did a workshop yesterday and I talked about this and it was very confronting for a lot of people but I said if you are struggling in your life because you expect your life to be a struggle. If life is hard for you, it's because you expect it to be hard. If business is hard for you, you expect it to be hard. If you think you've got to hustle your butt off 24/7 to have what you want, then that's what you get. Now, that's fine and you're like that's what I want, then there's no problem with that. Look, I'm not here to tell you your expectations are wrong or misguided but if you're not where you want to be, check in with your expectations. What is it that you expect? And that's really what manifesting is. It's not what do I hope for. It's not what do I wish for. It's not what do I pray for. It's what do I decide on and expect is going to happen in my life. And, when I put that level of faith behind that expectation then anything and when I say that to people I don't really think people actually, truly get what ‘anything’ means. Like anything. If you said to me OK Gemma, I want to manifest a million dollars in the next week. I can tell you that is possible but you have to expect it and get your energy in line with it. And, that's the challenge that people face because people go I don't believe that. I don't believe I can manifest a million dollars. That's cool. But if you don't believe it, it's just never going to happen. And, some people do crazy stuff like people do. You look at some people particularly a lot of people that use manifesting in their business as well at very high levels. You know people do manifest a million dollars in a week through their business. People are at the level where they do that.It is possible but it's only possible because they've got themselves to a place where they unequivocally with absolute unwavering confidence believe they can do that. And, they get their energy into place and they take inspired action to open up the channels for it to come in. So, it's a combination of things that have to take place. But I know I've gone around in a circle but just one line of summary for what manifesting is, it's intentional creation. That's it.

Anna Jonak [00:22:55] I love that, what you said there about the fact that and I've said it in a number of places about basically like it's the whole concept of you get what you project or you are your results. So, right now your life is absolutely a reflection of what you're putting down on the table. [Gemma agrees] And, this is where it comes back to taking responsibility whether we like it or not. A lot of us live with our head in a cloud thinking that life is happening to them as opposed to realising that actually, you have a choice what's going to happen. So, I love that you said that.

Gemma Benad [00:23:20] Yeah. And just to touch on that life... Life is always happening for you, too. And can I say no matter what is going on your life, it is blessing you with the outcome that you've decided on or it's teaching you a valuable lesson that is going to help you to get to where you want. So, life's always happening for you. And, I know for a lot of people that can be like oh yeah right. And I get that. I totally get that because I lived for decades with a belief system that was very powerful and that was that God was punishing me. Now, I use the word God because in context, I lost my mum when I was 10 and I we grew up Catholic and so we did go to church every week. And, I truly believed that it was God that was punishing me. Now, you can put any term in that. You can call it universe, higher power, infinite potential, it doesn't matter. The term is irrelevant. But I grew up with a belief system that I adopted from that moment in time, that memory, that painful memory, that I was being punished. So, I lived like I was being punished. I lived like the universe... Things were happening to me and I would say why is this happening to me. And, I mean even to the smallest thing. Small things like I would drop a plate. And, why is this happening to me? Like that's where I was. So, I get like if you're going “but no things do happen to me.” I've been there. And, the shift that has happened for me just believing that everything is showing up for my greater goodhas changed my life because your belief systems, first you create your beliefs and then your beliefs create you. Like you make your beliefs. You make your beliefs and then your beliefs make you in life. And, when you change your beliefs you own it. Like your belief system, your program in your mind, when you change it your life changes monumentally. And, it's so powerful to understand that honestly everything that is going and I mean everything, every struggle, every hardship, every moment of joy and serenity and peace, they're all happening for you. They're all happening for you. And, when you open your eyes to see that truth even in that moment, things will change for you because it does allow you to reflect and go a hundred percent responsibility 100 percent of the time. It's a motto that was taught to me last year when I did a coaching program. That's another thing that changed my life. A hundred percent responsibility a hundred percent of the time because when I stop blaming, shaming and justifying why something is going on, then I can change it. But when I'm in a space of going at someone else's fault this [Anna agrees] is happening for me. You know, it happened to me because of this I can never change it. I'm giving my power away. [Anna agrees] Take your power back into your hands. Take responsibility no matter how confronting it is. Because in that moment where it feels confronting, I promise you, that moment of confrontation where it feels painful to look at, the crappy things that are going on in your life, the next moment you will experience immense liberation because then you realise oh my God now I can change it [Anna agrees] whereas before you can't have that.

Anna Jonak [00:26:10] And, as you said there's a lesson in everything. In every discomfort, there's a lesson. In every anxiety and frustration, in pain, in anger, within each of those things, if you take the moment to look at what's in front of you there's a lesson being presented which you have an opportunity to create change around if you want to change that feeling. [Gemma agrees] So, it's like oh my God you are speaking my language. I love the whole concept of you being a creator and being able to create what you want but it starts with you trusting I guess that you can and believing enough in yourself.

Gemma Benad [00:26:43] Yeah. And there's one thing I just want to go here with you on this. I think this is something I know it's helped me and this kind of goes into more of the spiritual side as well. But I want you to understand you're not creating your life by yourself. People might be going, OK well who? There is an energy and a source that is out there that is greater than us that is unfathomable sometimes to even think about this, but it is organising the structure of our world. OK. There is a source. Some people call is God, some people call it universe a lot. Some people might call this as an infinite potential or higher power. But we are actually in a process of co-creating our life. OK. We are. And, when you believe that you understand that, that there is a power that we are able to tap into. And, when you really lean into that belief and understand that you are constantly being supported. You're constantly being supported. What you want, this higher power, it wants it for you, too. Like you're not battling against something that's outside of you. You are being supported every single day by an energy whatever you want to call it, by an energy that is supporting you to create what you want and it wants what you want. Like he wants you to have it. And, as you move closer towards it, it is bringing what you want closer to you. And, that's how the energetic side of manifesting works. And, that's why people like kind of I know sometimes get a little bit lost, but I want to plant that seed with people because so often in life we think we're doing it alone and in business like we feel that way, too. And, that can be like when you're a solopreneur and you're at home and you’re by yourself and you're not surrounded by anyone like it can feel very isolating. I know what's helped me is an understanding that I'm co-creating my business. Like I'm co-creating my business with a higher power that is there to support me like it wants me and is intuitively guiding me every single day when I'm open to that. Like those ideas that you get in your head are coming to you from this source. So, I understand that's like the spiritual side that can be a little bit like OK you're losing me a bit here but I just want to plant that seed with people to understand there is a source of energy out there that holds the potential outcome you want in your life, in your business. And, it is helping you to create what you want.

Anna Jonak [00:28:56] I like thinking of that as kind of like whatever way, whether you take it outside of you in terms of having this entity, for me just the word just comes back to like trust in everything. [Gemma agrees] Trusting that it's all gonna be okay and that it's gonna happen and you can make it happen. [Gemma agrees] And, I think that for me, that's one of the biggest things and I know that I've personally been in some like with moving back from Perth with my husband and the kids and we've been in some really tough positions for this business. But, in every moment, when you want to cry because money's tight or these things are happening, there's always been that trust that we're going to get where we want to go. This is just the season. We just have to like keep on keeping on. Like there's a purpose or reason, we're finding a way forward. And, as you said I think it's like when you said when you look around you and what you've created, I look back at the last couple of years of the journey back from W.A. to the house that we were in to where we are now to like the comfort that we have now compared to that and I'm just like totally that we made it all happen and we will continue to make it happen. And, I'm actually having a conversation with someone today about, they're gonna do an interview with me about kind of like my belief system and I genuinely believe that we can make anything happen and it is a self-trusting. And on that note, I'd love to know, what kind of beliefs do you walk around with that you feel serve you towards your life like in generating the life that you want for yourself?

Gemma Benad [00:30:23] Well, firstly that belief that you just tapped into. I truly believe anything is possible and I truly believe that what is possible for me I can't even fathom right now. So, I actually walk around with that belief but I don't even understand what's possible for me right now. And, that helps me to know that. That helps to take the fear away. I have a very strong belief with my business that people need what I have to offer, that they need it. They want it. They need it. And, I also truly believe that people want to pay me for what I have to offer. Like that's a money belief system. But I think for me and I know for me being in business as well because at the end of the day this is a business for me and it's my purpose, it is my passion but it is a business. It's a business because I deserve to have a lifestyle that I want. And, this is one of the funnels, one of the manifesting funnels that allows me to have that lifestyle. So, I believe wholeheartedly that people need and want what I have to offer and that they want to pay me for it. They love to pay for what I have to offer. I also have a belief system that I am worthy. Like very solid. Like some very, very solid belief systems that I am worthy and deserving. Full stop. Exclamation mark. Draw a line underneath it. It is not just a belief. It's like a fact in my life. It's fact and that's what beliefs effectively are. But it's a fact, I am worthy. I am full stop. I'm just worthy and deserving of everything. I'm good enough as well. I'm good enough. I'm smart enough. I am passionate enough. I'm driven enough. I am just enough.

Anna Jonak [00:31:58] Enough. I was gonna say. That's it, yeah.

Gemma Benad [00:32:00] Yeah. I'm just enough. I'm just enough just as I am, too. Like I don't need to change. Like I can have my fears. I can have my doubts. I can have my uncertainties. I can be a little bit disorganised here. I can be running late for something. Doesn't matter, I'm still enough. Still enough. Doesn't matter, I'm still enough. And, I was inherently born that way as we all are, too. Like we're born. You don't earn your enough-ness. You don't earn your worthiness. We just are because you are. Because you are. Like just because you are. Because you were born that way. I believe and it's one of my absolute passions is to teach people to uncover their worthiness, to unlearn their unworthiness and to tap into their worthiness.

Anna Jonak [00:32:40] To reclaim what is inherently theirs. Absolutely.

Gemma Benad [00:32:45] And, I think I love that one too because you don't have to go find it. OK. You don't need to go and search for someone or something or an event or situation or anything to happen to get that. You just need to go within yourself to uncover the junk that's sitting on top of it. That's basically what it is. I've got so many belief systems. I believe. I just believe I'm deserving. I believe I am capable anything and everything no matter how incapable I feel in a moment. I believe I will find it within me to be who I need to be, to do what I need to do in that moment. And, I just trust. It's like a faith. It's like a knowing inside of me. It's just a knowing. It's just a knowing that everything's going to work out for me. Particularly, so important, I want to get this message home... Particularly in the moments where everything in your life looks like it's not working out. Everything like it's hitting the fan. You've got no money in your account and bills rolling in. Your business isn't generating what you hoped it would. Your health is not where it was.I truly believe in those moments; I just know it's all working out for me and it happened. Like if that's faith to me, like it’s all well and good to have faith when things are going great. Like life's great. Everything's amazing. I've got faith it's all gonna work out but the moment we are testedoh my God where has the faith gone. The faith begins in those moments. It begins in those moments. [Anna says "it's part of the cycle.”] Yeah. And, it really does. It’s definitely part of the cycle.It's our job just to keep building the faith bit by bit by bit by bit. But, I just have a belief system now that just it's almost foreign to me to think how I used to think like I sometimes think about who I used to be and the beliefs that I used to have and now when I speak what I speak, who is this person? because I [Anna says "there's a massive disconnect because it's just, it's not you anymore"] Yeah. It's not me anymore. And, I want to make sure I share that with people too, I've not always been like these like I've not. People that know me closest can attest to even you know 12 months ago. My belief, if you will ask me what my belief system is I wouldn't have told you what they are, I would have struggled to really to tell you. So, change can happen within your mind. It can change quickly. It can change rapidly when you make the decision for it to change.

Anna Jonak [00:35:05] Oh, I love the whole kind of neurology around the fact that we are so, like our brain is hardwired to all behaviours and beliefs and feelings and that with creating change you, can create new neural pathways and actually can redesign who you are. It's almost like I think sometimes it's easy to kind of describe it almost like a computer program. It's like you are a blank slate that was perfect and you’ve been uploaded with crap over the years because of the environment and situations and you're running those programs over and over, the patterns and you get to a point when you realise that actually you can pull those out and put new ones in and you can run a whole new machine and a whole new level. [Gemma says "reboot baby, reboot!"] Yeah. Let's do that. Exactly.

Gemma Benad [00:35:45] You just reboot like it's so possible. And, I think it's [inaudible] and people can check themselves with this too. Because I know, I hear it from people. People go "this is just the way I am. This is who I am. Like I was born this way." No, you weren't born this way. Like you weren't born this way. You want to know what you were, how you were born? You were born with unwavering confidence. You were born with an unwavering belief that you are enough and you are worthy. You only need to look at your kids to see that. Like when your kids particularly learn to walk for the first time, they had no idea how they gonna walk. They get up. They fall over. They don’t lay on the ground and go I give up, can't do this, didn't work out. They even get back up. Why? Because we’re born with that level of confidence. We're born with that level of belief. We just learn something different along the way. And, I just think that’s great.Like it's not a blame game. It's like oh well my parents didn't do good by me or I learned this from my teacher like whatever. That's what happens. That's fine. I teach people to understand where it came from so they can disconnect from that. But when you understand you learned that then you can unlearn it. [Anna agrees] Anything else. Really quickly, too.

Anna Jonak [00:36:55] I love it. Oh my God. Everyone is going to have their minds blown by the end of this episode. [laughs] They'll be like you guys, I love it. Oh my gosh. OK. Well, do you have any... I think we've obviously probably shared so much. People have probably like I said mindblown right now. But is there any tips that you want to share on successful manifestation? Just a couple of gold nuggets.

Gemma Benad [00:37:17] Oh OK. All right. Yes. Let me share a couple of things.

Anna Jonak [00:37:20] Couple of things to get people excited and kind of testing the waters maybe.

Gemma Benad [00:37:24] Yeah. First and foremost, decide what you want and I'm going to use the word... Two things "decide and want" are the two things. All right. This is not ask for what you want. It's not even like, to me it's another level. It’s not even set the goal. It's "decide" like this is it. It's happening. It's done. And, what you want, not what you think you want, not what you need. Like this is go to that next level, what do I want if my outcome was inevitable? If fear wasn't a part of my life. If it was absolutely going to happen for me, what would I want? And, decide on that. OK. "Decide" that's like the first thing. And it really is. Now, and, I'll just let people know that that decision, for people, that they feel is scary, they might feel challenged in that moment. That's OK. Grow into the decision. Like if you go oh my God I'm scared. That's fine. Don't go okay I should settle for something less. Grow into the decision. You just grow into the decision every day. Like it doesn't have to be OK I have got the faith I'm done, it's all happening. But, make the decision grow into it. Grow into it. Grow into it. OK. The next thing I'll say as well is that when it comes to manifesting and creation and whatever what are you going to call it, the most important thing is to decide what you want. And, the second thing is to become what we call a vibrational match for it. And that's where it can become a little bit tricky. But, I've got a podcast if you want to understand how to become a vibrational match, I've got 50 something episodes. You can start to throw yourself into to understand this more. But, this is how manifesting works, so become a vibrational match. We become a vibrational match by changing our belief systems. When we change our belief systems, that changes the daily thoughts we have. When we change the thoughts we have, we change our feelings. OK. And our feelings for the most part areour vibration, how we feel about something. So, really working through the feeling like deciding what you want then think how would I feel if I was living that outcome. If it was already in my life, how would I be feeling? And, most people say things like excited, confident, happy. Become a vibrational match by feeling into those feelings and practicing that. OK. But, you gotta understand it does come from the source of your belief systems because your belief systems are the parent thought. They create your daily thoughts and your thoughts create your feelings. Nothing else creates your feelings. It's just a thought. So, become a vibrational match. And then the last thing I'm gonna share with you and this is going to be an interesting one because this goes against a lot of what I know people talk about. Let go of the how. OK. Now, that's scary for people because that's the first place we go, how is this going to happen? How am I going to make it happen? When you decide what you want and you become a vibrational match, the how of it, how it's gonna happen, it has no choice but to come to you. It's got no choice and it will come to you as ideas. It will come to you as like that gut feeling like oh I should do this. Gee that would be nice. I wonder how that would work. That knowing, that gut feeling, that's the "how" and it can be a challenge to work that in with strategy when it comes to business but I truly believe we can set high level strategy and allow the how of that strategy to come to us. But, when you decide and you're a vibrational match, you open up the channel of inspiration to come to you and when you're an open channel, gives me goose bumps because when you're an open channel truly you will be guided towards what you want in the most amazing way. Doesn't mean it's not gonna be scary. Doesn't mean you're not gonna go out of your comfort zone. You're going to go out of your comfort zone. [Anna says "you have to"] Yeah. You have to. That's fine. The comfort zone is just a programming in the brain. That's all it is. Like comfort's just programming. Like that's all it is. And we’ve already saidyou can change the program. But, just let go of the how and just become an open channel, to getting that intuitive guide, that knowing, that gut feeling, that idea that comes to you and then your job is to take action. It's to trust and have faith.

Anna Jonak [00:41:37] It's that trust word again, isn't it? And I kind of like it because like at the moment things aren't working you know the way I want them to and I get frustrated. But, I'm like it's OK because I trust that the answers are going to come. I'm going to find a way. I'm gonna find a way. I'm always going to find a way. I always do. So, what's next? It's OK. It's gonna keep coming. I'm gonna keep trying. Even if this one doesn't work, I'm gonna keep going. It's about asking those questions and like asking better questions or how can I think about this differently? Who can I connect with? It's about finding the way no matter what, right?

Gemma Benad [00:42:08] Yeah. Let me go back to a little bit of the woo woo side but those people that are that way inclined like you ask the question. So, I ask better questions. Absolutely. When I don't know, and trust me I very rarely know how something's gonna work out, [Anna laughs] I literally open my hands up and remember I said interchangeable words. I say God, show me how. Universe, show me how. You don't have to use word. Show me how. Just show me how. And, I've done that a lot in the last week and I've got some... these ideas that have come to me and all I've done is gonna trust that idea. And, I know that that specific idea is going to lead to it but I trust it enough to explore it and to see what comes out of it. And, no it's not going to hurt me. Ask the question, just show me how. Let the ideas come to me and then your job is just to listen. Like listen. It's not like you're listening to someone else, you're listening to yourself. You're listening to yourself because everything you need is within you. That's it. It's all within you.

Anna Jonak [00:43:10] You know what, it reminds me of when I listen to Tony Robbins ages ago, he used to say when you tell yourself, when you're constantly telling yourself you can't do something. Like you can't find the saltyou'll never find it. Like in that particular example, I need the salt but I can't find the salt.So, you can't see it because you just close your mind off to it. Whereas it's that same thing of opening up the other way. I can find it. I'm gonna find it. I'm gonna make it happen and it will. Doesn't matter what the path is but you will if you allow yourself to trust.

Gemma Benad [00:43:37] Yeah that's right. And, oh my God. You've got to give your mind better directives. Like we think the mind controls us. No, we control the mind. Like your mind's one and only job is to do what you tell it to do. Like it's to do what you tell it to do. So, if you tell it through your thought, I can't find this, I can't do this, it's never going to happen to me, then your mind responds to that. And, it responds to it in different ways but it responds to that. And I mean you know, like if you even go into the science of it, like your reticular activating system which is the part of your mind that's designed to filter in and out information. When you say to it, I can't do this, I can't find this, it goes OK, well I'll just basically filter out all the information that's gonna help you to... [Anna says "it shows you the opposite" and laughs] Yeah. That's right. Like it's not just something what we kind of talk about the mind like this esoteric thing that hovers around like it's the functioning of the brain. Like the function of the brain. Like when you give that filter in your brain, you give it the direction. You give it the parameters. You say here's the filter I want you to work on, it will do its job for you. Like it will do its job for you. You've just got to change the directive you give to your mind. [Anna agrees] And when you do, I mean honestly, you do that, that's when your eyes go all of a sudden you start to see the world differently like oh my God, that was there the whole time? How was that always been there? I never saw that before. It’s not that it was never there, you just didn’t see it.

Anna Jonak [00:45:00] It's amazing the way that your mind does that. And, I think it's the kindest way to look at it is that it's all it's doing is it's trying to work for you. So, it's up to you to what you bring it. And then, it will go work for you in that way. [Gemma agrees] But if it’s stuck loopingbecause it's what it thinks you want because it's what you're so used to running. So, give it something else to run for you.

Gemma Benad [00:45:21] Yeah. That's right. Like your mind will do what you want. Like to stop. That's it. There's a few rules of the mind but that is one of the key ones. The mind will do what you wanted to do. The body and the mind have to be in alignment. So, the body then will respond to what the mind is doing. So, if you're saying "I can't do this, I can't do this," well then, your body responds to that and responds that chemically in the terms the emotions you experience, the fear you experience, the doubt that you have, the uncertainty, all that kind of stuff. So, you and I both know we keep coming back to the power to create your life, the power to have the successful business you want. It's not outside of you. It resides in your mind. And when you give it better directions, oh my God, you'll get a better business. Give your mind better directions, you'll get a better business. Give your mind successful directions, you'll have a successful business. That's it.

Anna Jonak [00:46:13] Totally. And, I think when we did Academy Live recently, one of the ladies in there, she said that, in that moment when we were talking mindset, she realised that she'd just been playing herself small and basically believing that she was a school teacher and that's all she can be. And, as soon as she realised that in that moment she had to let go of that belief and realised that she could be more, the actions she took when she left and the business and the results she's got since by changing that thought and changing that belief about I can only be this or I should be in this, you know I can't do more has mean she's just be able to open up so much and success has come to her in a completely different way. Just little example I guess to bring it to life by just suddenly going actually I don't want to think like that anymore. I want more. I'm gonna have more. I'm gonna do it. And then it flows.

Gemma Benad [00:46:58] And I'm allowed to have more. It's not just I want more. I'm allowed to have more and I'm deserving of more. When you get an idea in your mind to have something, you're immediately deserving of it. You're immediately worthy of it. Like doesn't matter how far out and even ridiculous to your existing life it might seem. Like you are absolutely it, totally. And it is so important. And, just to touch on this one point like I know we’ve gotta wrap up, could talk for hours about this. So, I'm mindful of that but you asked me what some of the belief systems arein business contexts. I have a belief system that I am an 8-figure entrepreneur. OK. That's my belief system. Now, I'm not an 8-figure entrepreneur yet.

Anna Jonak [00:47:42] That's the key word.

Gemma Benad [00:47:44] Yeah. Not yet. No. God, not yet. But, I know with every fibre of my being. OK. Will it be this year? No, it won't be. Because my belief isn't... My expectation isn't there. Will it be next year? No, it's not going to be next year. Will it be in the next five to seven years? Abso-effin'-lutely it will be. OK. Because I am working into that. It's like you said with that lady like she just thought I'm just a teacher, I've got a side hustle. Well, if you're just a teacher and you got a side hustle, that's what you get. 'Cause you get what you expect. OK. So, my job is to see beyond my existing reality and to tap into what it is that I see is the potential for me in this moment. And that is that I want, I am worthy of, I am deserving of and I will be an 8-figure entrepreneur. So, ladies just let you know, I will generate more than 10 million dollars in revenue in my business in a given year. Within the next five to seven years. I don't know how it is going to happen. No idea but I'm on the path... I'm committed. It is done and it's not the money for me it's the impact it's the impact. [Anna agrees] I want to reach millions of women around the world every single week in my business. When I focus on that, that lights me up and I'm like OK I've got goose bumps I'm just my body is covered in goose bumps. But it's because I know it's going to happen. It's done in my mind it is done. And, it was done in my mind. It is done in my life.

Anna Jonak [00:49:11] Well, I can say amen to that sister because I'm on the same path as you. I'm like sitting here, the vision that we've got of where our business will be bricks and mortar at one point where we'll be bringing hundreds of people in at any given time to coach, to do everything from the mindset to the business. Like that's it. It's having that vision and who knows man how it's going to happen but it's going to happen. [laughs]

Gemma Benad [00:49:31] That's right. Spot on. Yeah. Definitely.

Anna Jonak [00:49:34] But now, I think you need to tell everybody about where to from here for you because you've been doing some amazing things on your podcast. You've been doing some amazing work with women one on one and obviously transforming their lives and turning them upside down in the greatest way. But now, you are doing what you really absolutely 100 percent should be doing and that is taking your first steps to reach people en masse with a new program, so talk to me.

Gemma Benad [00:49:57] Yeah I am. I'm like oh ridiculously excited. It's like it almost brings tears of joy to my eyes because I know this is what I'm supposed to be doing. So, this is what I say to people, you never know where you're going to end up but I always held spacewith the fact that I would go into a greater teaching role where I would work more one to one but I didn't know how that would happen. But I opened up my business to private coaching earlier in the year and it's just been inundated. And, I'm at capacity I just cannot take on any more people when it comes to coaching and so those that are in this space and understand that the next step is to do a group coaching program and that's exactly what I'm doing. And, I'm so excited to be launching my first group coaching program which is going to become my flagship course. It's going to be the core of my business and it's called You're Worth The Wealth. And, it's a program that is all about helping, empowering mums to let go of the struggle so they can start living the abundant life whatever that looks like for you, the abundant life that you want with confidence and without compromise. Without compromise, with no exception. And, I'm even more excited because if you want to like know more about this you don't have to sign up for the course straightaway. You can come and do my free masterclass that I'm doing. So, I'm actually going to be doing some masterclass sessions on Wednesday the 24th of July. They're all online. So, you can access them anytime anywhere. And, I'm going to be really going into more of the mindset stuff like more of the manifesting as well. So, not just the mind but have the mind connects the energy and how we attract in that space. I'm gonna be sharing so much information I'm still unable and I'm sure how I'm gonna squeeze it in to the hour that I'm gonna be giving to it. So, I am determined to be giving more value than I can possibly even squeeze into that time to women to really help them to start to understand what are the core mindset shifts that you need to have in order to live the life that you want. And, they're really simple mindset shifts that are available to everyone right now which is great. I'm gonna be sharing more about my Five-step Manifesting Framework as well. So, really helps people to break it down to make it simple, to make it easy, to make it real and most importantly to make it life changing. And, also I use a really amazing technique in my business called Rapid Transformational Therapy which we've talked a lot about belief systems today but it’s the most powerful tool that I use within my business, with my clients and with myself to help people change their subconscious belief patterns. And, I'm going to be giving people a taste of what rapid transformational therapy is all about in that session. And, the beauty of the taster is that you will experience change in that moment. It's not something, it's like a tool I'm going to give you that you're like go away and you've got to keep practicing, practicing, practicing. It actually will give you transformation in that moment.

Anna Jonak [00:52:53] Yeah. I've seen what you're doing and I'm very excited and I know that it's going to be an amazing training that you're going to put on in this masterclass. And, do you want to read out the link, we will put it up as well. Do you have the URL?

Gemma Benad [00:53:05] Yes. So you can go to my website for this. So, it's

Anna Jonak [00:53:16] Perfect. And, we'll put some stuff up on the site as well when we publish the podcast so that you can dive in because I know there'll be tons of people that we can get really excited about joining you.

Gemma Benad [00:53:27] I will just let people know as well. Because I'm all about impact and value, it's actually not just the masterclass that you get. If you join onto the masterclass and you sign up to come and participate with me for one of the options that I'm giving in terms of time, I'm also then going to be spending time within my private Facebook community doing live streams for people as well. So, as I said, I'm all about the value. So, it's like yeah come and do the masterclass, you're going to leave a different person in that masterclass. But just to give you a little bit more, I'm going to be doing some live streams as well over the course of the next few days. So, like 25th through to like the 31st of July as well inside my private Facebook community and those that are members of my private Facebook community will also know the value that I give to people in that as well. Like I have people that message me all the time that tell me just from listening to my podcast, being part of my community, the amazing things they've manifested into their life. I mean business success, babies, my God people manifest babies which just blows my mind, money but also just peace and joy and confidence and courage and more love for themselves which I know has been life changing for people, too.

Anna Jonak [00:54:42] Well, I think that that's ultimately what sits at the core of all of it though, isn't it? The other stuff is stuff,but it's kind of the feelings that come from all of that, isn't it?

Gemma Benad [00:54:50] Absolutely. And, that's something that I teach heavily like as I said there's a lot... I mean we've obviously got limited time. A lot I haven't touched on. But, I teach manifesting like no one else. I'm going to be brutally honest with you. I've got my head around the people that teach manifesting and they're amazing manifesting teachers out there too by the way. It's all about who you connect with but I truly believe I teach manifesting like no one else. I don’t just teach you how to manifest like short term stuff like it would be nice to manifest a little bit of this, a little bit this. I teach people how to clear the beliefs, get rid of the junk and the drama that are stopping them from creating what they want and teach them how to be the vibrational match so they can easily and effortlessly attract what they want into to their life and live the life of their dreams without compromise.

Anna Jonak [00:55:35] Well, there you go. She's your lady. Get on that masterclass. You'd be a fool not to. I'm going to be in the background enjoying the fun as well because as you know I love this stuff. So, look. I would love for you to wrap up with a parting thought as I said I'm sure that there are so many gold nuggets and this is probably an episode people will want to listen to again and again because it's a lot of gold in here. How would you like to wrap up the session? What parting thought do you think you would like to leave our listeners with as we wrap up right now?

Gemma Benad [00:56:01] Everything you need in your life is inside of you. It's inside of you. Stop looking outside of yourself. Stop trying to find answers. Stop trying to get validation. Stop trying to acquire, achieve, your belief, your confidence, your courage, your work, your enoughness. Just go within. Go within and just make that a daily practice. Just make it a daily practice of just practicing going within yourself. Your mind is your most powerful resource. People think it's money. People think it's when I have the money that I can do anything. No. When you have the mindset, you can do anything. Your mind is your most powerful resource. Combine that with the strategy, structure, the process. You will be unstoppable. And the final final final parting thought, you can have whatever you want. You can have whatever you want. There are no exceptions. You do not need to compromise. You can have whatever you want. That's it.

Anna Jonak [00:57:12] Yeah. And, you deserve to shine. All of that ladies. What a message. OK, look. Fantastic. Thank you so much! And, as we wrap up normally just woah with all of this, if you can imagine just applying just a little bit of the stuff we talked about today, God can you imagine what it would do for you and your business because we want you to elevate your game.



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