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In this episode of the Raising Her Game Podcast, Flori chats to seasoned expert astrologer Natasha Weber on how astrology can help us best navigate our own entrepreneurial journeys.

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  • An outline of what exactly is astrology
  • The common misconceptions about astrology and what you should be mindful of
  • An upcoming shift that may be bearing an impact on our lives and businesses
  • How astrology can help us discover our true meaning and why
  • The astrological similarities of highly successful business owners




A self-confessed astrology nerd, Astrotash is the resident astrologer for myBody+Soul, Australia's #1 health and wellness site. She writes horoscopes for Mamamia and has presented on radio and podcast shows, and is also a regular guest speaker at the Soul Star Festival. Motivated to build a bridge between sun-sign columns and the ancient science behind our celestial movements, Astrotash aims to bring deeper personal awareness through the lens of astrology. Astrotash is accredited by the Australian Academy of Astrology and Cosmobiology and a member of the American Federation of Astrologers. Her articles have appeared in Thought Catalogue, Out of Office New York and Today's Astrologer, in addition to international publications across the globe. 






Instagram: @astrotash
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Flori Pyke: [00:01:23] Hello and welcome to Episode 74. It's Flori here with you today. Now, today's episode is certainly a little bit different. We're going a bit left of centre in comparison to what we're used to here on the Raising Her Game Podcast because we're gonna be lifting the lid on Astrology. Yep. I am leading us all on a journey to find out whether astrology can have an impact in helping us best navigate our entrepreneurial journeys. And, this is with none other than Natasha Weber, also known as Astro Tash, who's the resident astrologer over at Body and Soul, as well as Mamamia and a frequently sought-after speaker and presenter. But, before we get into it, just wanted to quickly read out a review we received about the podcast from Soul Scrubs who says I love every episode. At times, it's raw and honest, always supportive of small business owners and the hectic life of being a mum. Soul Scrubs, thank you for the shout out and the kudos. We most certainly have got your back lovely and will continue to do so. OK. But without further ado, let's get into today's episode. So, Tash, a huge welcome to you. How are you?

Natasha Weber: [00:02:36] I am fantastic and thank you so much for having me on.

Flori Pyke: [00:02:39] Oh, it's such a pleasure. As I said to you before we commenced our chat today, I'm very green to all things astrology. So, I have to say, I am genuinely very excited to lift the lid on all that is astrology and to learn from you on today's episode because it's certainly something that I don't know much about.

Natasha Weber: [00:02:58] Well, I'm very happy to facilitate [Flori laughs] that and get down and deep because it's just been the new moon in Scorpio. So, that's all about probing and asking the questions. So, I'm more than happy to discuss my favourite passion in the world, which is astrology.

Flori Pyke: [00:03:14] I love it. By the way, I am a Scorpio. So, this is coming at a very timely moment. Yes.

Natasha Weber: [00:03:19] I'm having a lot of Scorpios cross my path lately. So, that's interesting that you say that.

Flori Pyke: [00:03:25] Oh OK, might have to understand that a bit further. OK. So, before we kind of deep dive in today's episode, can you share with us a little bit more about you and when you started on your journey when it comes to astrology?

Natasha Weber: [00:03:38] Yes. Well, I had quite a different career initially. I was involved in musical theatre. I was on a ballet scholarship at the Victorian College of the Arts. And then, I moved into modelling. And, that allowed me to travel and see a bit of the world. When I had my first child, my daughter, I just had an epiphany that I knew I needed to do something else, that there was a new path that was opening up for me. But I just couldn't tell what that was. And, the one thing that I was certain of was that I needed to feel passionately about whatever it was that I was going to pursue. Being quite a spiritual person myself, my mother is a clairvoyant and her mother before her, I was giving my prayers out to the universe, praying for a sign, and my one and only prerequisite was to feel passionately. So, I was kind of tossing up between naturopathy, psychology, and astrology, which all three topics I've found interesting and have always loved. I literally couldn't sleep for about two weeks because it was ruminating through my head which path, I was going to pursue. And then, I went to a job and on the way, I stopped off at the bookstore and I picked a book on each subject because I thought there might be my sign. And then I went to the job, which happened to be at a television station. And, I spoke to the other girls there. And I said, look, I don't think I'm going to be doing the shows next month because I really want to study. One of the other girls mentioned that the beautiful Karen Moregold was in the green room. And I thought, well, OK, normally I'd actually be, I got quite a lot of Cancer in my chart. So, I'm actually quite shy and with a Leo Moon that I have natally, Leos can be or Leo Moon can be particularly shy, especially in childhood. So, I struggled with that personally and I would never approach someone to ask them for a favour or anything like that. But I did see this is my sign. So, I kind of went out on a limb and I did speak to Karen and she was gorgeous. She rang me the next day with a reference, with a referral, I should say. And from there, I went to the Australian Academy of Astrology and Cosmo Biology, and I did my three years of study. And that's basically how I got into astrology.

Flori Pyke: [00:05:52] OK. I got it. And, so how long have you been doing this now?

Natasha Weber: [00:05:57] That was 15 years ago. Yeah. So quite some time. But, you know, again, going back to that shyness and possibly self-doubt. I think a lot of women in business, especially, they're juggling a lot. They're juggling motherhood. They're trying to do it all. And, we're often filled with such a large degree of self-doubt. And, I certainly was victim to that. So, I... And being also a perfectionist, which can be a great asset, but it can also be a deterrent and it can stop you from putting yourself out there and pursuing your dreams and just going for it. [Flori agrees] So, I literally spent a good 13 years, I would say, just studying. And then, after my studies, I was asked to join the research group. The senior research group would give presentations on my topics of research and share that with that group. So, I did that for all of those years, for about 13 years. And it wasn't until the last probably two years that I had the courage and the self-belief to then go in and pursue and put myself out there my ideas on astrology out there as a business. And I really, I really just, I remember going on Instagram thinking, I'm just going to share my love for astrology and it all sort of aesthetically or started completely differently. And I changed my mind on everything. But it was a beginning. And just sharing my ideas and I remember getting my first four followers and being so excited and humbled and almost terrified that there were four people out there looking at what I was doing. But I guess it just, it grew. And in the end, I just come from a place now of sharing what I know and knowing that that isn't everything and that isn't perfect. And that's absolutely fine.

Flori Pyke: [00:07:43] For our listeners, Tasha has gone from four followers to almost 50,000 followers. I think that's quite extraordinary. And, I also, I made a note here that I wanted to mention, you know, it's interesting how, yeah, I mean, you said, you know, I’m naturally quite a shy person. And look at you now, like, you know, before we connected today, I did a bit of due diligence on you. And, I know that you are a very sought-after speaker and presenter and how that has changed for you, right? Like how you know, you said I'm naturally a shy person, but you've come to really come into your own and, you know, crushed your self-doubt quite clearly because here you are only, what, two years in [Natasha agrees] from owning your own business. And look at you now, I mean, you're a writer for Mamamia, for Body and Soul, doing different speaking engagements and events like how extraordinary that's you know. I feel like we need an applause here. That's fantastic!

Natasha Weber: [00:08:36] Thank you so much. And, I'm really proud of myself I have to say. As I've mentioned, these were things that I found quite terrifying. One thing I've always done is when an opportunity was presented to me and I have to say, I didn't pursue any of these opportunities. I do believe that I am following my destiny because the opportunities have presented themselves. And I've just, no matter how terrified I was, I just said yes. And I thought, let's just feel the fear and do it anyway. And I tell you, I felt the fear. My first speaking engagement for Soul Star at the Festival, literally, this was the first time that I was really speaking publicly live outside of a research group or outside of an astrology group. It was to eight hundred people. And I followed an incredible Charlie Goldsmith, who has an enormous following. And I just thought, oh, goodness, I remember Charlie speaking with me backstage. And I was saying to him, you know, how nervous I was and he was basically helping me and giving me some tips on how to handle that. And he was just saying the message was really simple but beautiful in that he was saying just honour those emotions. Honour the fear. Don't try and suppress it. Don't try and justify it. Just feel it. And, in doing that, you allow those feelings to arise, to be acknowledged, and then they can sort of float away. And I have to say, when I stepped up on that stage, I felt nervous for maybe the first minute. And then, I just, the thing is I feel really passionately about what I'm saying. I really believe in it. I love it. And I love to share it. And being a Gemini, I can talk until the cows come home. That just all came into play. But I will say that prior to that and I haven't really told anyone this publicly before, that prior to that speaking engagement, I was so nervous. I had a couple of months to prepare and I was so nervous. And I just unfortunately, I just also become very ill in Bali with salmonella. And I actually nearly died. It was a bizarre time in my life with kind of everything culminated but I was so nervous for about a month or two beforehand that I literally had handfuls of hair coming out. [Flori says "oh wow"] So, I guess it just goes to. And now, I will be I have it's accepted to speak there at the Soul Star Festival again in March. But I feel a bit more on top of it. I think you know more what to expect. [Flori agrees] And, I guess you just keep challenging yourself and rising to the challenge knowing that you're going to make some mistakes. It's not going to be perfect. My microphone kept cutting out and I just thought to myself as the words were coming out and I was addressing the topic with the listeners, I was thinking, well, you know, if I can handle this situation, I can handle pretty much anything. So, you just do what you have to do.

Flori Pyke: [00:11:27] Yeah. I totally agree with you. And, I, you know, when it comes to speaking in particular in the emotions that it stirs up for people, I mean, I feel like speaking is almost like riding a bike. When you haven't done it full stop, it's really scary, right? But the more... [both laugh] Like really scary. I mean, we do lots of speaking engagements as well and different live events. But what I do find is that the more you do it, the more natural it feels and the less scary it is. And, it's like anything, you know, taking that step out of your comfort zone the first time is really scary. And you don't want to do it. You know, when you feel that anxiety and that fear and you've got those butterflies and, you know, everything is just going like your adrenaline, but you get there in the end and it does get easier hey. [Natasha says "Look. It does."] OK. Now let's talk about astrology, right? And, in particular today, you know, our audience being small business owners, women who have an idea, who are starting out, who are growing, who are scaling their businesses or on entrepreneurial journeys, how can astrology have an impact on them? And that's basically what I want to discuss today. But I thought let's just start really simply by you outlining for myself, for our listeners, what exactly is astrology?

Natasha Weber: [00:12:51] OK. Well, astrology has been used for eons. It was originally used by the Babylonians and kings and queens and heads of state. They were using astrologers to advise them on matters of war and alliances, agriculture, plagues, that sort of thing. Astrology did evolve with the discovery of the planets and then, not sure when the first birth chart for the lay person or just your average person, meaning not a king, not a queen, not a head of state. I think it was more that astrology also lost a little bit of favour when Christianity came into play. So, you know, we're talking sort of historically, you know, quite a long journey and quite a long story with astrology. And then, in the 1970s astrology made a resurgence with the hippie movement, which, you know, is fantastic. And, I'm a bit of a hippie at heart. However, it gives that flavour to astrology that it was very out there. And I love that, as I said. But I also think that we have lost a little bit of the science that goes hand-in-hand with astrology and how valuable it can be for a person to use the astrology in their everyday life and certainly with their businesses.

Flori Pyke: [00:14:10] OK. So, I'm going to take that last line and go. So how do we do this?

Natasha Weber: [00:14:16] OK. So, I guess when I'm giving a consultation, whether it be to a person individually about love or about their career or about health or any sort of topic that they might want to focus on, I'm advising them on their not just their personality traits. For example, you can be looking at a person's strengths and weaknesses, how they might express themselves in love, what sort of partner they might be looking for, what type of partner they might be attracting. But we also look at the natal chart or the birth chart in relation to the transits, which are the planetary movements or alignments that are currently happening in the heavens. And, the idea is that those planetary movements will be triggering or activating certain points in the birth chart. And when they do that, we've basically got times of optimal production or luckier moments in time. And conversely, we have times that might be more stressful or might be more difficult. So, I guess if someone starting a business or looking to, for example, launch a big project, you're not going to want to do that during the balsamic phase of the moon, for example, which is the dark side of the moon, you're going to want to be doing that in a new moon phase. If you're having... What's interesting is I would seem to be being interviewed or doing some sort of a podcast during the Mercury retrograde, which has a bit of a dire reputation in itself. But we could talk about that later, but you wouldn't want to necessarily be launching a project or doing an interview, actually, during a Mercury retrograde. So, there are different things to look at astrologically, according to launching projects, starting a business, negotiating, signing documents and contracts and so on.

Flori Pyke: [00:16:12] OK. And, how do we find out more around, like I'm just thinking for those listeners, you know, for myself right now listening to this, do we go and Google like moon phases or how do you know, you know, take the next step to kind of know when to do what? Yeah.

Natasha Weber: [00:16:29] I mean, you can certainly educate yourself to that. I think there are some good apps out there. I wish I could show you my ephemeris. It's up there. Astrologers use an ephemeris. It's basically like an astrology bible. It has many different little symbols and numbers on it because it's all mathematical. So, we know what the planets are doing and what sign it's moving through. How do people educate themselves according to the moon phase as well? It's sort of like saying, how will I know what medicine to give myself in case I get sick with the flu or sniffles.You'd have to go see a doctor. So, I guess the same thing could be said if you really want the accurate information, you'd see an astrologer. Having said that, there is information out there. I do post moon updates on the new moon and the full moon and in my interpretation of that. But, in that, I put the time zones that, you know, of the exact peak of the full moon and the new moon, according to the time zones of Sydney, New York and London. So, that gives people a little bit of an understanding of where the moon is at, for example.

Flori Pyke: [00:17:40] Got it. And, what about in this last year, for instance, have there been any significant like astrological, I mean, here I am going in with my green language [laughs] But, shifts, seismic shifts that we should be aware of, which may have impacted certain things in life and business other than the moons.

Natasha Weber: [00:18:06] Yeah, absolutely. There are often times in big planetary shifts where we're feeling this globally. You're going to feel it more personally if it's going to trigger something particular in your chart. So, if your... I'll use a broad example if you're an Aries for example, particularly if you're an Aries that was born in the beginning of Aries season. So, you're around zero degrees. Your sun is around zero degrees. Don't mind me, I'm a bit mathematical. So, you would have probably felt some type of a shift in terms of wounding and healing and addressing some emotional wounds, possibly from childhood as well as some other topics around the asteroid Chiron and what Chiron represents because Chiron made a big shift around February of 2019. So, that was something that was big and was felt on a global scale, but more particularly relating to the sign that it was moving into and with themes that Chiron relates to. So, yes, there are always going to be shifts and when Mars moves into a new sign, for example, that sign's going to feel the effects or if you've got a moon in that sign. So, the universe is constantly moving and you got to be feeling it if it's going to be triggering your sign or something in your chart. Astrologers are all talking about the Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter conjunctions that are coming up in 2020. So, all throughout the year, I think the first ones in January, there's another one in April and then November. So, we do have a series of hits that these mega planets or planetary heavyweights, if you like, are coming together. They're meeting in the heavens, for want of a better word. And, this will be felt... This is big news because this probably would happen once in a lifetime. Every planet will take a different amount of time to move through your chart or through the heavens because it's relating to our solar system. When Mercury changes sign, it's not so much of a big deal because it does that a lot more frequently than, for example, one of the outer planets, which, for example, Saturn will take 29 years to make one revolution of the sun. So, it, therefore, takes twenty-nine years to come back to its position that it was at originally in your birth chart. So, these mega planets are going to be making doing this dance in the heavens, if you like. And, we will be feeling this globally. It could be potentially quite stressful. It's an intense type of energy. Particularly, it's going to be hitting something in your chart. But, the potential with this stress that comes off the back end, you know, if you're prepared to work really hard and invest yourself, it will stir up feelings of ambition. So, all of those business owners out there, you know, you might be asked to work really hard, harder than you have previously. But the rewards and the achievements could be so, so much greater also.

Flori Pyke: [00:21:11] And, do you feel like that has already started to those feelings have already or that energy has already started to kind of manifest itself for people?

Natasha Weber: [00:21:22] Yeah, absolutely. And, the more profound the shift or the more profound the energy, usually, the longer you will feel it prior and post the actual hit. That can be true for a full moon that's hitting your, if that full moon degree is going to be hitting your sun sign or your moon sign to the degree. They are going to be feeling that build up and fall away. I think, I believe that the human spirit, in order to make deep and lasting evolutionary changes, those sorts of changes, they just don't happen with one event. They just don't happen overnight. [Flori agrees] Our soul requires some time to absorb that information and to process and to make those changes when you're talking about really profound changes. So, the same can be said for the planetary movements and how they affect us. So, yes, I do believe we've been feeling a build-up without a doubt. Yes, probably for the last six months even.

Flori Pyke: [00:22:27] Yeah, right. That's interesting. But you're saying that on the other side of it that if you can embrace the energy, continue working hard, that, you know, you'll see the light at the end of the tunnel. The results will come. Is that what you're saying?

Natasha Weber: [00:22:40] Yeah. Look. I absolutely believe that with astrology in general, I don't think we're put here on this earth to be tested and trialed and stressed out for no reason whatsoever. And, I see this time and time again in my readings and in charts, you know, with birth charts, for example, often the charts of the most successful people. They can have really difficult aspects in their birth charts. You might look at that chart and think, wow, you know, this person must have had a really tough life and an unsuccessful life. But often, these are the charts of the most successful people because they've been given an energy that might be challenging but with the long-term view of meeting those challenges, rising to those challenges and becoming great through those challenges. So, the same can be said for what we're dished out by the universe in everyday life. If you can rise to the challenge, you know, the reward is waiting. And, the planet Saturn is a really good example of that. But there's work. There's often the reward. And there's not a reward. We are not necessarily talking about a tangible reward, not necessarily talking about a monetary reward, but it might be in the form of a great life lesson that's helped you to grow and become a better person through that challenge.

Flori Pyke: [00:23:57] OK. Got it. And, in terms of misconceptions like are there any misconceptions that you feel should be addressed when it comes to astrology? Yeah, I feel like this would be a common subject that probably comes up a fair bit, right?

Natasha Weber: [00:24:15] Yeah, absolutely. And, it's one of my greatest passions, too, to relay this to people that you are so much more than your sun sign. I think people disregard astrology because they feel that, well, how can anything that categorises the entire population into only 12 categories be accurate for me. They might be a Gemini. They'll read Gemini in horoscope for that week and think, well, that doesn't relate to me. Firstly, I might just say go off on a little tangent again and just say that as an astrologer, I'll point out that we have only this much space to write the horoscopes for the week. So, I have the astrology in front of me. The astrology is spot on. But then, I guess I just intuitively choose something that I feel is the focus for that week for the Geminis. But it's not going to relate to all Geminis every time. However, even more important than that is that you're not just your sun sign. You're not just a Gemini or an Aries or a Taurus. The birth chart is your birth chart, which is actually as individual as your fingerprint because it's showing the map of the heavens at your exact moment of birth, which is your time, your date, your location. So, you are in the centre of that 360-degree wheel at your exact moment of birth, which has never happened before and which will never happen again that moment in time. So, that is capturing the heavens and that is specific and individual to you. So now, I've gone off on a tangent, I can't remember what I was going to say, but. Oh, OK. That's right. Very important. You are so much more than your sun sign, which means that your birth chart is going to contain this sun sign in addition to the moon sign, your Venus sign, Mars, as well as a lot of other mathematical points in that chart. And then, there's mathematical relationship everything makes to each other. So, in actual fact, your horoscope is so individual much more than just a sun sign. Yes. When I write the horoscopes, my one little catchphrase, which I'm always harping on about, is telling people to read for their ascendant or their rising sign in addition to their sun sign. And, without getting too technical it just matches or lines up how, we, astrologers interpret the sun signs from the sun sign columns. It will line up more accurately for the individual. So, if you do know your ascendant or rising sign, read for that and then you can combine that with your sun sign. And that will just give you a much more accurate reading for you.

Flori Pyke: [00:26:56] OK. Got it. And what about, final question here, as a Scorpio, obviously bit of self-interest here. What's the latest? What's on the cards?

Natasha Weber: [00:27:06] Oh, wow. OK. Well, we'll just have the new moon in Scorpio on Monday, and that was directly opposing the planet Uranus. So, Uranus can, it can be unsettling. It can be a bit disruptive. So, you might sort of feel and it can be changeable. So, you might be experiencing some changes which might be unsettling for you. But I think it's really important to tap into or address for all the Scorpios out there, address the inner rebel. Be fluid with the change. Don't suppress the changes that are being presented to you. Absolutely go with it. At the same time, you don't want to be throwing the baby out with the bathwater because Uranus can do that. So, be mindful about accepting the challenge and accepting the changes that are coming for you.

Flori Pyke: [00:27:53] OK. Got it. Good advice. I can certainly relate to like I'm applying this to current situations and I think you're definitely on the mark. [Natasha says "to address that inner rebel, Flori."] Got it. Got it. Got it. All right, Tash. Thank you so much. Today's been certainly very eye opening for myself. Is there anything else that you want to kind of end on in terms of any like actionable takeaways that, you know, our audience can walk away with when it comes to astrology or something else that we should be across from a business owner kind of entrepreneurial standpoint?

Natasha Weber: [00:28:32] Oh, gee, that's a big question. I guess I would just leave you with, as an astrologer, to honour your own individuality and for the business owners out there to be pursuing something that really resonates with you, because I really, truly believe that is when you're going to be the most successful. So, in understanding yourself, in understanding your own traits and whether you're already highly intuitive on the topic of yourself or whether you need to look into astrology, which can certainly help you understand yourself. I think that is when you're going to be most successful in your business because you are going to be authentic. Your message is going to resonate with yourself and that's going to be translated to the people that you're trying to reach.

Flori Pyke: [00:29:17] I love that. Usually, we end with a parting thought. I'm going to make that your parting thought, because I think that... [Natasha laughs] Yeah. I think that that is so impactful. And, from a business standpoint it speaks so true, you know, that when you are being true to yourself and you are being true to your why, the message that you put out there will resonate and will be heard that much more clearly, right? It is authentic and real.

Natasha Weber: [00:29:43] Authentic in your message. That's it.

Flori Pyke: [00:29:45] I Love it. OK, so Tash, where can people find out more about you?

Natasha Weber: [00:29:50] I'm astrotash dot com online and at astrotash on either Instagram or Facebook. Love to have you aboard.

Flori Pyke: [00:29:58] I love it. Thank you so much. Now, to get your hands on the show notes, for our listeners and to learn more about Tash, you can head over to And to our listeners, if you love the podcast, please make sure to leave a review. We seriously appreciate it. And Tash, a huge thank you again for taking the time to connect with me today.

Natasha Weber: [00:30:18] My absolute pleasure. Thank you for having me on.

Flori Pyke: [00:30:21] It's been a lot of fun. All right. Now, that is a wrap. And ladies, as always, remember to elevate your business game.



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