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  • Why your big picture vision is so important and how to craft one
  • How commitment plays a huge role in getting you to where you want to be in life & business
  • How truly connecting with your ‘why’ is essential



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Anna Jonak: [00:01:11] Welcome to episode 2 of the Raising Her Game podcast. We're Anna...

Florencia Pyke: [00:01:16] And Flori,.

Anna Jonak: [00:01:16] The founders of The Elevatory® an online business school completely dedicated to seeing mums in business thrive.

Florencia Pyke: [00:01:25] So on that note what did you get up to since...

Anna Jonak: [00:01:28] ... since the last recording [Flori laughs] These ones are a little bit back to back. So in the last wee while I think we've managed a cup of tea.

Florencia Pyke: [00:01:37] Yeah just about, I ate a Jatz, yup a cracker.

Anna Jonak: [00:01:40] That's pretty exciting yeah. Oh but Flori also made me - she loves doing this - does all these insta stories. My pet hate is like being on camera doing something when I'm trying to figure something out. And she's like 'we're here in your face' [Flori laughs]

Florencia Pyke: [00:01:56] Someone's gotta do it girlfriend.

Anna Jonak: [00:01:58] I know man I know, like hats off to you. She's a social media queen.

Florencia Pyke: [00:02:01] I don't know about Queen but I'm trying.

Anna Jonak: [00:02:05] Dude I did not know what Instagram was. Do you not remember. Like when we first met I was like is that the Instagram app. Is that the right logo.

Florencia Pyke: [00:02:13] Oh gosh. Now you're getting it.

Anna Jonak: [00:02:14] Now I actually go into the app and check things out.

Florencia Pyke: [00:02:18] Yeah you've come like a really long way.

Anna Jonak: [00:02:18] Thanks man, getting there, getting there.



Florencia Pyke: [00:02:22] All right. So we are going to get cracking. OK. So in our last episode we took you through a little bit of an introduction on who we are [Anna agrees] and what this podcast is going to be all about. And we also told you that we're going to be taking you through the three essential foundation blocks to ensuring your business is set up for success. And that these foundation blocks are a little bit different, to what you might think and they are foundation blocks that need to happen really right from the outset. So way way back before you even really start...

Anna Jonak: [00:03:01] ... to think business strategy and marketing you need to have these down pat. Definitely.

Florencia Pyke: [00:03:05] Yeah. And like. Case in point. I think most people who we work with, who we coach, they actually don't have these fundamental foundations in place. And they are key pieces of the puzzle that they're missing and so they're kind of wallowing along but not really sure where they're going.

Anna Jonak: [00:03:24] So yeah. Well we certainly, well we have a starter kit in our business, our signature business program and basically this is very much where we're going to take you today, is very much at the start of the journey with us. It's the kind of similar things that we take our students through because as Flori said it's totally the best place for you to start to have that clarity that you want and where you want to go. Now we do just want to let you know that we have created a very special workbook for today's episode, because we really wanted to start with gusto with you guys when we kind of launched, and give you something really special. And as you see when we take through the material there's like some exercises there for you so that you do get this clarity as a little gift from us to you, which we're super excited about. So we absolutely urge you to jump into theelevatory.com/podcast and head into today's episode and you will see a download link for you right there so that you can follow along. So get into it.

Florencia Pyke: [00:04:17] Very exciting. Okay. So should we, let's just jump top line maybe into the foundations I'll let you run through them and then we'll dig, we'll start digging into them, we'll deep dive.




Anna Jonak: [00:04:29] Deep dive. Apparently I said that too much 'let's do a deep dive now into this particular area'. So let's do an overview of these three - the three foundations that you guys definitely want to get yourself across. And that is number one. You must know where you're headed. Number two you must be 100 percent committed to the journey. And number three you have got to be very clear on and connected to your WHY. As we said this is the stuff that you need to have like clear, be clear on, well ahead of anything else in business. This really is the start of so much as - as we'll get into.



Florencia Pyke: [00:05:07] OK. So let's deep dive into number one here and that's about knowing where you're headed. And this really plays to you understanding and having in place a really clear crystal vision on where it is that you're headed and where you want to end up what you're really what are you doing this for. You know like where are you going to get to in your business in five years time ideally. Because if you if you don't know where you're headed in the short term or the long term you're just going to be just wallowing along like those people who we come across so often - isn't it true?

Anna Jonak: [00:05:44] No they've got no direction yeah. And that is different - momentum and direction is a very different thing. You can keep moving but if you don't actually know where you're going. That's where you're going to get really unstuck.

Florencia Pyke: [00:05:54] Yeah you're going to get lost. Right? So, look the bottom line, and these are a few thought starters really that I want to take you through, is that you know if you want your business to be successful you've got to know essentially what that success for YOU personally - what that looks like. Okay. And if you want your business for instance to support your family well you've got to really get clear on how you see that working you know.

Anna Jonak: [00:06:20] Like how much money are you making.

Florencia Pyke: [00:06:21] Exactly like what are going to be your financial targets that you need in order to do that, right. On the other hand if you want your business to reach millions and millions of people well you're going to want to really bring that to life in your mind's eye. And really breathe and live it and connect with it.

Anna Jonak: [00:06:39] oh my god that's what we do.

Florencia Pyke: [00:06:39] Yeah well 100 percent right. So you really have to start with the end in mind and it sounds a bit paradoxical but honestly without knowing where you're headed it's going to be really hard for you to get to that place.

Anna Jonak: [00:06:52] Stephen Covey's one of his highly effective habits, highly effective habits... [laughs].

Florencia Pyke: [00:06:55] The seven habits of highly effective people. [laughs]

Anna Jonak: [00:07:00] That's what I was trying to say. Yeah it's one of his, start with the end in mind. Absolutely. And most of the books I read in business when I remember first starting out all started with that fundamental place where to from here. And it was like it's such a natural first step right. But so many people just dive straight in and they get excited about what they're doing. But with no actual focal point with where they want to get to.

Florencia Pyke: [00:07:20] Yeah. No you're absolutely right. And I think, to that point, you know, people who take the time to analyse and to dream and to really understand what their future looks like, to visualise that, to create a big picture vision for themselves around what they actually want they can really start to connect with that and emulate that in every aspect of their business and their lives. Because once you know what you're aiming for that's going to drive you faster than than anything else. You really need to have that direction carved out for yourself on the path that you're going to go down. Really.

Anna Jonak: [00:07:54] Yeah well we encourage our students actually to do vision boards. [Flori agrees] Yeah I had a vision board. In fact I really need to update it. But like for me having that is still my screensaver. Something where you have visuals and again what it is you want to achieve in the different elements of your life and how they're all feeding into each other can be such an inspiring thing to be looking at to keep you on point. You like seeing that everyday.




Florencia Pyke: [00:08:14] Yeah. A hundred percent.

Anna Jonak: [00:08:16] Why don't you give them a bit of an overview of your vision - your big picture vision where you see things happening. I'm in that vision right?? [laughs]. Yeah.

Florencia Pyke: [00:08:25] Who? [laughs].

Anna Jonak: [00:08:25] Me know I'm there with you. [Flori laughing] So you better feature me ok.

Florencia Pyke: [00:08:30] No no pressure. Just sweating over here. Actually I need to break something to you.

Anna Jonak: [00:08:35] [Anna laughing] Oh my god !

Florencia Pyke: [00:08:35] No I think it's funny because we were talking about this a little bit earlier as we were kind of going through what we wanted to share with you. And you know I feel really fortunate and fortunate but also you know we worked our asses off to be honest.[Anna agrees] And a lot of what I had set out to achieve, we have been able to do in a really short space of time. So for me you know when I set out on this path to start a small business it was really to be able to work for myself and to bring something to people to be able to help them but also to be able to balance it with the kids and the family and that juggle. And I've really been able to achieve that. So now I've kind of you know rejigged my vision for the next five years and for us personally as a couple for my husband Mike and I.

Anna Jonak: [00:09:26] So thought she was talking about me then. So yeah, there it is. [Flori laughs].

Florencia Pyke: [00:09:31] Don't worry you're going to get a little mention. We we're looking to buy a house soon so that's definitely something that we'd like to happen soon and have a few other exciting things in the pipeline which I'll be sharing with you pretty soon. And as well you know from a business standpoint and we were talking very much about this earlier as well as to continue our growth you know we want to have worldwide impact...

Anna Jonak: [00:09:58] ... And we're on that we want to reach millions. Aren't we definately, and you'll see when we get to the why. [Flori agrees] The reason that underpins that is very strong.

Florencia Pyke: [00:10:06] And it's funny because it's actually shared the areas where we've discovered just recently. So anyway yeah it is to continue our growth at an increased pace than even what we've done to date. And to continue celebrating that as we go so. So that's my big picture vision.

Anna Jonak: [00:10:25] It's a good vision it's a good vision and I'm glad I feature in it with you. [Flori laughs] Onwards. So yes. So in all seriousness you really do want to have a big picture vision of where you want to go. And as we said we've got a workbook for you to crack into. And there's some really great questions in there to really help elicit what that might look like for you. And if you've got the time or the energy or love being creative get a vision board up, get some keywords up for yourself and have something staring at you every day.



Now, your vision must absolutely be complemented with a massive huge commitment to the journey that you need to be like 100 percent committed. Tony Robbins, like my hero, there's a few heroes I'm going to you about as we go through things. His kind of way at looking at things is that basically essentially that the only limit to what you can have, so the vision that you create for yourself, is your imagination and the level you have in your commitment to making it real. Okay, you need to be all in, or you're not in at all. [Flori agrees] And actually that's a really powerful lesson I learned when I first started my coaching journey was that you can't really half ass any of this. [Flori agrees] You have to be 100 percent into anything you do. What's more, you need to decide that there is no alternative. There is nothing. There's no other way that you're going anyway, like this is it, like you're really, you're all in like Flynn and there is no other option for you. This is when you get that - oh my god you find a way. [Flori agrees]. Trust me you find a way, you find the time, you find a way. You make shizzle happen.

Florencia Pyke: [00:11:54] Yeah. 110 percent and I guess. On that note. Question for you now. You know I just shared my big picture vision so for you in terms of your commitment. Can you share with us. You know how committed were you. Because obviously you know in the last episode you told us a little bit about how this all came to be for you [Anna agrees] and it was hard. You know you had a fly in fly out husband. He was rarely at home. You had three kids under the age of three.

Anna Jonak: [00:12:21] Good times [laughs].

Florencia Pyke: [00:12:21] So how did you get, you know, talk to us about that level of commitment.

Anna Jonak: [00:12:26] Yeah. Well I think for me once I started, I started out with the same thing getting a big picture vision and set a goal for - my husband and I sat there and we did a big picture vision together, and we set a goal to for my business to be up and running to a point, this is when I was doing the coaching, and you came in at the end of that and then we kind of took the bar to the next level, but to be earning a specific amount of money so that I could bring him home from his job so that he could be home every night. So we basically had a vision and an intention and that commitment was very much linked to being there with my husband having him home every night for the kids because as I said for six months of the year I was on my own with young kids. I was in Perth I didn't really have any friends. It was a really really full on time so I poured all my energy and focus into what we're working toward and my commitment level was just so intense probably [laughs] very as she would have seen. [animated] 'Come on where are we going, let's make this happen.' But we made it happen.

Florencia Pyke: [00:13:24] I think it was mutual to be honest, do you think that level of let's bring it? I mean I needed to make it happen too because I wanted to get out of travelling every week and it was a really mutual feeling.

Anna Jonak: [00:13:33] That just being that committed to something I think as I said we're going to go into other episodes, but you will get to a point when you're that committed that you just make stuff happen. Like I said people find, you find people make excuses for the reasons they don't do things, but when you're really connected to something and you become a bit tunnel visioned in it then you can absolutely get where you want to go. And as I said my husband no longer works in the mines and that is very much as a result of what we achieved in our business and that very much started with the vision and commitment which is huge. We really want to reiterate for you guys as well that, when we do these exercises with the students a lot, or also when we do challenges, we quite often do this exercise around your vision and your commitment and a lot of people hover at the six or seven mark if you're looking out of ten, your commitment and you know sometimes it's because there's a fear of like what's to come. Like can you do this it could be negative talk happening, you may not be that clear on your vision or be not that connected to it. There's a few different things that might be happening. But ultimately we want you to understand that you're going to get back what you're projecting so if you're being uncertain and not particularly committed then you're going to feel that back in your environment like you're going to find that people don't support you, that if you're promoting your business as a bit of a side hustle...

Florencia Pyke: [00:14:47] ...Then people are gonna see it that way. Right?

Anna Jonak: [00:14:49] Yeah, and I think this is where when you're a hundred percent committed and you're standing there and you telling everyone around you that this is it. Like I'm making this work. I'm all in. [Flori agrees]. Then that some people start going okay well how do we make this happen for you. How can we support you. How can we help you. But you know coming at the side hustle and the 'I don't know whether I can really do this.' You know you going to get that back from people - so be committed. Another reason a lot of people and we're going to get into this one now, kind of struggle with commitment is sometimes they are not really connected to their why. Like what it is that they gonna get from this and that's on a deeper level. So I'll let you kind of sort of like lead-in with this now.



Florencia Pyke: [00:15:29] Yeah. So what the why your WHY, I should say, is is really your emotional driver so it helps you to see. You know it really, your why helps you to paint your vision in many in many aspects I think you know and it's going to certainly help you to get through the darker days when it comes to everything especially business because there will be darker days. [both laugh]

Anna Jonak: [00:15:57] Yes there will. Lots of them.

Florencia Pyke: [00:15:57] And you know one of the things that we talk about is whether you're going deep enough with your why. And there is an exercise that we've put together for you. OK. And it's called going seven levels deep on your why and you're going to be able to tap into that in the workbook. And we're actually going to basically so go through what that looks like. We're gonna do an example for both of us on what our whys are doing at seven levels deep exercise and just before we do, to snap up that workbook, ok, just to help you cement these foundations and you know the seven levels deep why all this stuff. Head over to our web site. OK. theelevatory.com/podcast. And yeah let's jump into these examples now the 7 levels deep on the why and I might start with with you.




Anna Jonak: [00:16:54] Yes I'll be the guinea pig first...

Florencia Pyke: [00:16:56] ... you can be the guinea pig. This is through and through your jam here.

Anna Jonak: [00:17:00] This is. She's not joking when we say we're going deep. Oh I forced her to go to go deep too...[laughs]

Florencia Pyke: [00:17:06] I'm like already nervous about going deep, got butterflies. Ok so I'm kind of glad I'm going second I think. Alright. [Anna laughs] So Anna, my first question for you here is what do you what do you want to do?

Anna Jonak: [00:17:21] So this is in relation to business and this is that we've placed our lies [tongue-tied] lies?. Well there could be a Freudian slip. We've placed our why in relation to why we do what we do in our business. So yeah put it into context. It was like for you to understand what drives us and what sits in what we do everyday. And I think this will be eye opening for our students as well. So what do I want to do. So this is my first level top level top level. I really genuinely want to inspire people to live their best life.

Florencia Pyke: [00:17:50] OK. And and on that note. So why. Why is that important to you to help people do that.

Anna Jonak: [00:17:57] Because I want people to realise that they have choices okay and that life is malleable. I think a lot of people really get stuck in the life that they're in and feel that there's no other choices in there on a path they have to stick to it whether it's because they feel that they can't create the change or they don't realise they have the power to or whether it's the fact that they've got people dragging them back. For me it's really incredibly important to light people up and get them to a place when they realise that they have so much possibility, options and choices right there in front of them.

Florencia Pyke: [00:18:28] OK. So level three here. So for what reason do you. Yeah. Do you want to light people up. What is it that's driving you to do that.

Anna Jonak: [00:18:37] I want people that kind of sense of choice and is helping people to feel alive like they're really living, like I want people, I have seen so many people, kind of a bit dead on the inside you know that kind of greyness and that feeling like they're just doing the day to day drudge of life. And I get excited to see people tap into their potential and seeing them grow and seeing them change.

Florencia Pyke: [00:19:02] Okay and that change that you want to drive but essentially that transformation that you want to help people to achieve so why. Why is that important to you.

Anna Jonak: [00:19:13] Because I've seen people stagnate. I feel you know this is where it gets a bit deep for me as I've seen my parents really settled. So my dad stayed in the same job for you know, God I don't know how many years 20 years, he stayed in the same job and then got made redundant like he was just kind of thrown away like didn't matter and then struggled to find employment. I just felt that he was really kind of he just stayed because it was safe. My mum on the other side the flip side of that she was a housewife from very early on and I saw her stagnate to the point where she lost all of her confidence and kind of became almost agoraphobic and she's at that place now where she doesn't really like to leave the house. So from my perspective I've seen two people who have gotten very comfortable and stayed in their safety zone in their comfort zone. And you're seeing me talking about this a lot because they've stayed there, their lives have become really small and I don't believe in my whole heart that they have lived their life the way that they would have really loved to. Like when they look back at their life I don't believe that they are going to be like we did everything. There's no regrets.

Florencia Pyke: [00:20:14] Yeah right. So you feel like one of the things that drives you then is that it's important for you to people that people live a big life is that what you're saying.

Anna Jonak: [00:20:24] Yeah that they that they don't they don't basically let their fears keep them small to the point that they look back on their life and regret all the things that they didn't do.

Florencia Pyke: [00:20:34] And so I guess to expand on that you know why - why is that important for you to help people live a big life.

Anna Jonak: [00:20:42] Ok so. I think that the reason my family ended up doing what they were doing comes down to a bit of the herd mentality. So when people, there's a lot of expectations in society that you stay in a job for 10 years or that it's a good thing to do it's the right thing to do. And I had a lot of growing up, from my family, of like, you should do this and you should do that or questioned when I was travelling or trying to like expand my horizons. And for me there's a real sense of wanting to go against the grain of you know doing what's expected because what's expected isn't always what's going to make people happy and what is right for my family isn't necessarily going to be right for me. So I don't want to feel like I'm an outsider essentially in wanting to live my life to its fullest if that makes sense.

Florencia Pyke: [00:21:26] Yeah. No. It definitely makes sense. And when you're talking about the way that you want to live your life - why is that important to you.

Anna Jonak: [00:21:36] I want to live life without judgement. Like I don't want to be in a position when people are like you should be doing this and feeling bad because of it. So I think from that perspective it's about moving past the judgement of me moving past the judgement of what everybody else thinks and being completely okay with just doing what I feel like is right for me.

Florencia Pyke: [00:21:58] Okay. So final question here on the seven layers. So I mean I can I can hazard a guess here because you've really been taking us down a very insightful deep dive into what's going on, but why. Yeah why is it important for you to live a life free of judgement from others you know without that external kind of ...there's a key word there that I'll use.

Anna Jonak: [00:22:29] I think it comes down to ultimately, comes down to self acceptance and being valid and being able to live your life without judgment and

Florencia Pyke: [00:22:38] Validation that's exactly what I was going to say.

Anna Jonak: [00:22:40] Coming down to that point of saying you know I love myself no matter what and what I want to do is just as important to live my life that way than it is how everybody else would do it. So for me I get down to a place where I want to leave my legacy. [Flori agrees]. And give people permission to do the same. So by me living my life and loving myself and being fully accepted for doing whatever it is that I feel is right to live my full life. I want to see other people be able to step into that same power and be able to live their life that way too so that they are truly accepting whatever their path is regardless of what's going on around them.

Florencia Pyke: [00:23:15] Wow. Powerful stuff Anna Jonak.

Anna Jonak: [00:23:17] There we go. So again you can see right how when you get to that point when you go where really it comes down to self-love and acceptance and inspiring others to just live their life. How like that is much more meaningful and personal than on the top level of wanting to inspire people. So this is why this exercise can be so powerful. We definitely do this with students and some of our live calls as well. But now it's Flori's turn. [laughs].

Florencia Pyke: [00:23:43] Seriously. When she was like [animated] 'so i'm going to coach you. We're going to go seven layers deep.' I was like 'oh stop the bus girlfriend.'

Anna Jonak: [00:23:51] I sent her a message 'so I'm going to do some coaching with you' and of course she's like 'What do you mean' [Flori laughs] I'm like 'just lean into it man.'.

Florencia Pyke: [00:24:03] Yeah. I can appreciate that. Probably in the last two and a half years since we started I think on one occasion I slightly opened up about this stuff so I'm really letting it all hang out right now, well I am about to, I'm like sweating bullets. I'm going to be honest with you because this is like this is big for me.

Anna Jonak: [00:24:26] It's important that people, well we think it's important that people know like a little bit about where we're coming from and what inspires us. And also you know the the little things that we carry around with us. So yes normalise it all for you. So, what do you want it like. Let's talk about what you want to do. Why are you doing what you're doing. What is it.

Florencia Pyke: [00:24:43] Yeah well I think I touched on this earlier on and essentially like one of the driving factors for me was I've always known that I wanted to make a difference in the world and that I wanted to be able to help people throughout that cause that it really fills me to be able to do that.

Anna Jonak: [00:25:02] So for what purpose or why is it important to you that you're helping people.

Florencia Pyke: [00:25:07] I think when I see the effect that that has. So for instance you know with our students and I mean to be quite particular about you know but when I can help them implement a strategy in their marketing or give them some valuable feedback or tweak on their Facebook ads or what have you, when I see the immediate effect that that makes on their business and their sales and their success like that brings me great joy to be honest to be able to help them in that in that respect.

Anna Jonak: [00:25:40] Okay so I'm seeing it is in you wanting to impact other people so having an effect in creating change for the people. So why is that important for you.

Florencia Pyke: [00:25:49] I think like I really thrive on connecting with others but also to be able to drive that change. I have to learn. And I really I, I'm someone who has always really been very conscientious about my own education and constantly investing in it. I mean I think that stands true for both of us. And so it fuels me - it's like an engine right. It fuels me like to be able to help these people. I have to learn right. And constantly learn especially in the world of marketing where things are changing constantly. So it really kind of puts the pressure on and I enjoy that. I enjoy that self development and growth to be able to facilitate that change in others.

Anna Jonak: [00:26:36] So why is it so important for you to be learning.

Florencia Pyke: [00:26:39] I think that it probably comes down to as, I mean as a child I mean you know I think education was always something that my parents placed a great deal of importance on and I always remember them saying actually you know, the best investment that you can ever make is in your education and it is so true. Right. And so I think ever since I heard that you know it really resonated with with me and both my parents are individuals who are extremely educated and so is my brother. So I think you know it probably comes from that point.

Anna Jonak: [00:27:21] Okay so it's important for you in that regard to I guess this is a question with regards to being able to keep up with the family being on the same level.

Florencia Pyke: [00:27:33] Yeah I think that there was always I mean from from the you know I went through private schooling education and there you know there was always an element of you know - work. And I think it's the right thing to do. My parents always made me very very aware that they are investing in my education. So I had to try. You know I couldn't just like fly by the seat of my pants here.

Anna Jonak: [00:27:56] Well you could but you didn't. But some people do. You don't take it for granted.

Florencia Pyke: [00:27:59] No I never did. And I was made aware not to. And so since that I suppose innate behaviour like I started to really kind of own that you know that education, like if you're going to invest in it, you're going to go for it. And over time I also really started to, as I learned what I loved to do which was all around business and marketing, you know I really enjoyed doing it, and I found that it really provided me with kind of that self validation I suppose, not only because of the family but for myself. And you know I funded my own MBA which was a big undertaking because I was an international student in Australia.

Anna Jonak: [00:28:42] Holy moly yeah that would have been expensive.

Florencia Pyke: [00:28:43] Yes. So it was something that over time you know I really did for myself I suppose and have done since and we both are very very much around very pro education.

Anna Jonak: [00:28:56] And yeah okay so we've talked about why education is important for you and I guess why self funding or continuing to educate. Can you elaborate on that.

Florencia Pyke: [00:29:07] So to continue to educate. Well I think probably, I mean, here to be to be honest with you, so I moved to Australia about, what was now 10 years ago, and I moved with my now husband Mike and I you know he jumped into a really successful career from the outset. And so my husband is a professional athlete. He is retired now but at the time we moved here because he was recruited by the Sydney Swans and it was amazing. You know you did incredible things, he won a premiership he played in another premiership. He was always just amazing and it was, I felt so proud of him obviously, but I think for me the outlet of education and furthering myself was a way to also kind of provide some self validation for myself because he was in the limelight, he was in the limelight all the time and I was not used to that. You know I went from being the youngest child and you know being

Anna Jonak: [00:30:15] ... the apple of the mother's eye.

Florencia Pyke: [00:30:15] Yeah, seriously though you know put on this pedestal to just a very different experience you know where it was a kind of this conflict of emotions because I wanted to and I did you know support Mike wholeheartedly throughout his whole career, but I also struggled internally probably a little bit in terms of being kind of tagged or recognised as Mike Pyke's wife.

Anna Jonak: [00:30:43] So not the lack of recognition in it's own right, for who you were.

Florencia Pyke: [00:30:48] Exactly and that you know I felt like a little bit of that. It challenged my significance my sense of significance and so from that a lot of fuel came within me. You know it really fuelled my fire to educate myself to create something for myself and to be known as more than just that, you know.

Anna Jonak: [00:31:12] So that so I'm getting from that. So you're one of the why is going from a place of education to one of you know establishing yourself or becoming something for you, as in, you are creating a bigger identity for yourself [Flori agrees] which is important.

Florencia Pyke: [00:31:27] Absolutely important. You know I think I don't want to live in someone's shadow and I don't I don't I don't feel that way. I think that was quite a big claim but, emotionally at times I think especially in the beginning when I moved here 10 years ago and you know I didn't have a career and I hadn't done an MBA and I didn't know what I was doing I couldn't work. I certainly felt that way. Today, I certainly don't feel that way. But you know I've invested a lot of time and energy in getting to this point. And so for me I think a big part of my why is I don't want people to feel that inner frustration of like that, how can you say like kind of, that lack of self significance [Anna agrees]. I mean, I want them to feel validated, I want them to feel heard, I want them to be successful, I want them to thrive and rise and all those things you know. And so I think that's a massive driving force for me. My why you know.

Anna Jonak: [00:32:26] I think that she took herself through the last few levels though we thought we knew we'd get there was like going to ask different questions because I know where we're going.

Florencia Pyke: [00:32:34] [animated] Yeah I feel like I've just torn my chest open to you guys. There you go. That's my story.



Anna Jonak: [00:32:41] But the beauty is and I think what I love about this is when we were talking about this prior to us having recorded the podcast, is that in essence is that we have a similarity we have very different journeys to get to the same point but at the core of it is a sense of us feeling accepted and being content in ourselves and wanting other people to feel exactly the same way and find their potential and reach their success.

Florencia Pyke: [00:33:04] Exactly right. And it's funny right because right before we started recording this, we found this underlying similarity at the core of our why. And I think that's probably one of the driving forces on why WE as a team...

Anna Jonak: [00:33:17] ... work so well.

Florencia Pyke: [00:33:18] Exactly.

Anna Jonak: [00:33:19] But we didn't know until just a little while ago. So we definitely encourage you to do this exercise. It can be really eye opening and if you can really push yourself and you know you get through. You don't want to stay in your head for you why you need to get your heart. You need to get to a place when you can't get up in the morning and you having a crappy day and you can say look I'm doing this because you know it means something to me in this whole other level. And if I can give that back to other people then you know and they're gonna get the same. That's the kind of stuff that's going to get you out of bed as opposed to I want to do it because I want to earn X amount of money and I want to have a house. [Flori agrees] So definitely get involved in this in this little workbook and go on a journey with us and we'd actually love for you to share, like what went down for you. And you can contact at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Or you can get on the socials, do you want to share the socials?

Florencia Pyke: [00:34:06] Yeah come at me girlfriend. instagram.com/theelevatory

Anna Jonak: [00:34:14] Show us doing the work you know. Give us an inside view of the workbook.

Florencia Pyke: [00:34:17] Behind the scenes. I love it. Now just to summarize what we took you through before.

Anna Jonak: [00:34:24] Because there's a lot we just took you through a bit there. [both laugh].

Florencia Pyke: [00:34:25] My heart is still palpatating.

Anna Jonak: [00:34:34] Flori needs a cup of tea.

Florencia Pyke: [00:34:34] I know, or a wine. So number one you know we really talked about the importance of having that big picture vision so that you know where you're headed. OK. Number two that you've got to be all in. [Anna agrees]. Yeah you got to be 110 percent committed to this journey. And number three that you really really got to be connected to your why.

Anna Jonak: [00:34:53] Yeah. And what that is going to bring you and what it's going to mean for you. I also just want to say that going through these exercises as well while I said were the sort of like the foundation blocks for you really starting your business on the right foot. Like knowing we had an what you want in your why. Also these kinds of exercises are the kind of things that are going to be the building blocks for your courage. The building blocks for confidence and resilience and action and you're going to need all of those on this journey and then some. But it really does start with this stuff having that clarity and connection. So you know you're going to be building so many layers on like an emotional and on a mindset front when you tackle these exercises like wholeheartedly.

Florencia Pyke: [00:35:28] Yeah absolutely. OK well you guys I think by now you know where to get the show notes so theelevatory.com/podcast and like Anna said, we'd love to hear from you.

Anna Jonak: [00:35:38] We want to know what's going on. Share your stuff how these exercises made you feel what your why is like.



Florencia Pyke: [00:35:43] Definitely we'd love to hear from you. [Anna agrees]. So we've got a parting thought of you...

Anna Jonak: [00:35:48] ... parting thought today is you can choose courage or you can choose comfort but you cannot choose both and this is by Brene Brown who's just an absolute legend.

Florencia Pyke: [00:35:57] Yes like big love there. And remember. Be brave in your business.



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