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Anna & Flori take you through 7 steps to conquering your fears so you can drive your life and business forward.

Everyone feels fear. The trick is in how you perceive it and more importantly, how you fight fear.

In this episode we give you 7 steps to combat those fears so that you CAN and you WILL take the jump even when you think that you can’t.

We also dish out some very personal stories on when we both individually felt a HUGE deal of fear on our personal and business journeys and what happened on the other side.

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  • How people perceive and manage fear differently
  • 7 steps to combat fears to give you the confidence you need
  • Personal stories of battling fear and what happened on the other side




Download: 7 Steps To Conquering Your Fears 



Flori Pyke: [00:00:35] Welcome to Episode 11 of the Raising Her Game Podcast. We are Anna and Flori the founders of The Elevatory® an online business school completely dedicated to seeing mums in business thrive.

Anna Jonak: [00:00:46] Hello hello. What's happening ladies. Episode 11 already.

Flori Pyke: [00:00:51] Crazy right.

Anna Jonak: [00:00:52] Yeah that's, actually when we get like Episode 12, that's like three months of podcasting. Holy moly. Who knew at the beginning of the year that we would have launched a podcast and be three months into it.

Flori Pyke: [00:01:01] I know and I have really enjoyed it.

Anna Jonak: [00:01:03] It's been so much fun. [Flori agrees] Hanging out, having tea. Hashtag winning, hashtag losing, maybe not so much the losing but you know the highs and lows.

Flori Pyke: [00:01:12] So what's happening by the way.

Anna Jonak: [00:01:12] Hashtag winning. I have picked my dress for Telstra.

Flori Pyke: [00:01:18] OMG. Actually I pretend to be surprised but I was with you.

Anna Jonak: [00:01:21] I know. Dress for a night hello hello. Oh my God how nice is it getting dressed up in some bling like I feel like I just don't ever go out.

Flori Pyke: [00:01:30] Oh well. Hashtag mumlife. [Anna laughs]

Anna Jonak: [00:01:33] Especially to the degree when you get to wear like a black tie kind of cocktail dress.

Flori Pyke: [00:01:36] I know.

Anna Jonak: [00:01:36] So nice to feel bling. So yeah feeling good, the losing side is that I feel like I can't eat for the next few weeks [both laugh] in order to wear it. But no, cannot wait just so pumped about the whole experience more than anything, and going out, we've got our team coming with us to Telstra, the hubbies are going to be there it's just going to be the most amazing night, just could not be more excited so you just don't have that baby early.

Flori Pyke: [00:02:01] Oh don't. Girlfriend. [Anna laughs] I mean this is 3 what is it like 2 months out so surely not surely not.

Anna Jonak: [00:02:07] You never know.

Flori Pyke: [00:02:07] I would be concerned if we made it then to like national finals because I think it's like two days before I'm due so that will be an interesting one.

Anna Jonak: [00:02:16] Can you imagine your waters break on stage. [laughing]

Flori Pyke: [00:02:22] Given the emotional [both laugh] wave that I've been on, like the pregnancy hormones are on fleek at the moment, it is ab-surd. Now just quickly before I share my hashtag winning moment I just thought I'd say Dress for a Night and how amazing they have been. [Anna agrees] They have dressed us on a few occasions now.

Anna Jonak: [00:02:44] So much fun though, such a great place to go in and get dressed in there and be pampered and find something that just suits you. [Flori agrees]. It's just awesome.

Flori Pyke: [00:02:51] Love the dress hire rental business model to be honest and based in Sydney is just awesome. All right. So my hashtag winning moment. I have been all in with my Facebook Ads ManyChat mini course which has been awesome. I've really enjoyed putting this together and now starting to deliver it to our student sisters.

Anna Jonak: [00:03:15] All about elevating the status of the Facebook Ninja, can't fall behind. Got to keep ninja-ing.

Flori Pyke: [00:03:22] And that algorithm certainly doesn't give any opportunity for respite I tell you what. Wowsers. Anyway it's a love hate relationship at times. Hashtag losing well I have a number of interviews now with different au pairs because with the impending arrival of number 3 you know working out logistics I just think you know we've talked about this alot because I know you had an au pair. I'm certainly on the au pair hunt.

Anna Jonak: [00:03:51] So if you know anyone... [both laugh]

Flori Pyke: [00:03:52] Correct, no literally, I was just going to say 'If you know anyone'

Anna Jonak: [00:03:57] Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Flori Pyke: [00:03:57] Correct who wants to live in the lower North Shore and is ready for October 10th [both laughing], has a private room. Just let me know.

Anna Jonak: [00:04:09] You're gonna need it.

Flori Pyke: [00:04:13] Yep so that's me in a nutshell.

Anna Jonak: [00:04:14] Awesome well I'm sure you'll find someone soon but yes it was an absolute God send and definitely got me through. I did it for four or five months of baby number three. I mean hubby was away so it was even more like cray cray. But yeah absolutely recommend it to help because knowing us is not like we're going to be sitting still for very long is it.

Flori Pyke: [00:04:30] No certainly not.

Anna Jonak: [00:04:32] If she thinks she's having time off. Hahaha.

Flori Pyke: [00:04:36] Yesterday we were talking on the phone and she was like 'Well you know those three weeks you wanted'. [both laughing] I was like oh shit here we go. [both laughing]

Anna Jonak: [00:04:45] This is it man. This is what happens when you have the intensity levels that we do. So don't just - you've three weeks anyway I don't know what you're thinking. [Flori laughs]. Anyway let's get onto the topic of today's show shall we. Today ladies we're doing some more mindset stuff and we are going to be taking you through the seven steps to conquering your fears. And this came about because all too much we see people like fear just is a roadblock for them. They feel fear around something, they procrastinate, they go into perfection, you name it and ultimately it massively stands in the way of people reaching the success they want in their life and business. And you know it's really highlighted for me especially when we when run our mindset challenges and our goal-setting challenges, how much fear people carry around with them, how much it holds them back from investing in their business, from backing themselves, from telling the world that they are doing this. Like it just it pains me to see people kind of trapped by their fear. So I really wanted to use today's session for us to come and bring some amazing tips to help you basically. Some life coaching tools to help you kick fear to the curb or indeed manage it so that you can step through it, to move yourself forward and get yourself where you want to go. Okay.

Flori Pyke: [00:05:51] Yeah. Love it.



Anna Jonak: [00:05:51] But first we need to tell you a little bit about fear okay we need to tell you a few important facts around fear before we dive into how to deal with it.

Flori Pyke: [00:06:00] Yeah. And the first one is that fear, it really does happen to all of us and to the same degree you know like you feel fear Anna [Anna agrees], I feel fear, you guys listening I'm sure you feel fear, Richard Branson feels fear, Beyonce feels fear. Yeah. It's there. We all feel it.

Anna Jonak: [00:06:19] How often do you hear celebrities on TV like singers talking about how they brick it before they go on stage and they feel like they're going to vomit. [Flori agrees] It's huge. It's so important to reiterate that.

Flori Pyke: [00:06:29] Yeah exactly. And we'll talk about you know the trick in it but that's exactly right, we all feel it. And it's really based on like our innate [Anna agrees] behaviour it's like our old body, our old bodies flight, fight or freeze response. This is something that has been developed in us over history, you know. And it's really what is triggered it in us in the face of danger or the unknown. [Anna agrees]. So yeah we all feel it basically.

Anna Jonak: [00:06:59] And yet people talking about it like psychologists, this unconscious brain which is like the lizard brain because it is so historical based on way back when this whole kind of sense of fear and flight or fight response was developed, the key or the most important thing you take out though, is that whilst we all feel it, it is an old response and it isn't always warranted in today in the kind of experiences that we have. But it's an unconscious response that just happens when we feel threatened but our species has evolved or we're not being you know chased by lions and tigers anymore when the response was appropriate to freeze or to run or to hide or whatever. Instead now we're in a place where we're kind of you know been kind of driving ourselves crazy with imagined threat that aren't even real.

Flori Pyke: [00:07:42] Yeh no that's exactly right. So rather than imminent danger, like a bear coming after us [both laugh], you know looking for the same dinner as we are. It's literally based on imagination and it's often based on things that haven't even happened yet.

Anna Jonak: [00:07:59] I know that's the thing.

Flori Pyke: [00:08:00] Yeah. We live on this cycle and what ifs you know.

Anna Jonak: [00:08:04] What if this happens. What if I fail.

Flori Pyke: [00:08:06] Yeah. What if I invest and I don't make my money back.

Anna Jonak: [00:08:09] Oh like you know what if my husband like loses his job or you have these horrible like foreboding thoughts about what happens to the children, you live in this sense of what if this happens.

Flori Pyke: [00:08:20] Yeah. And what's really important to reinforce here is that it hasn't.

Anna Jonak: [00:08:25] No

Flori Pyke: [00:08:25] Happened.

Anna Jonak: [00:08:25] It hasn't happened.

Flori Pyke: [00:08:27] Yeah and it may not ever happen and it probably won't ever happen. But this is where most of us live.




Anna Jonak: [00:08:33] Yeh, we live in this space constantly and going into that response fight, flight or freeze based on imagined fear. So look it's not appropriate and I think that this is what we really want to reiterate, it happens but it's not always appropriate. But this is why we want to get our way around it. But on top of that something else which is super important to share is that fear isn't going to go away for anyone. And more specifically it's not going to go away for you because you are pursuing an extraordinary life and we say extraordinary because you are at the end of the day you know this small percentage of people who are going to start their own businesses and you know you've also juggling a family you know it's not going to be easy and for you to grow a business successfully you're not going to be able to sit in your comfort zone and stay nice and warm and fuzzy, you're going to have to take risks, you're going to have to get uncomfortable. So the life that you've chosen is going to be full of fear. The biggest thing you need to know is that you are going to have to grow and evolve and you're going to have to get uncomfortable and if you don't your business will fail.

Flori Pyke: [00:09:31] Yeah. No you're you're absolutely right. And I think a really important point to make on that note is that the difference between those that are successful and those that are not, is not IF they feel it, but in how they manage that fear and how they move through that fear and move themselves forward beyond that fear.

Anna Jonak: [00:09:51] And that is where we want to focus with you now. We want to give you some amazing tools to move yourself through it so that even though you're feeling all this discomfort that you can push through anyway and get s**t done basically. We want you to get s**t done. We want you to feel the fear and do it anyway. It pretty much is that.

Flori Pyke: [00:10:08] Yeah totally. And look as usual we have created an awesome little download for you to pin up around these seven steps to conquering your fears which you can check out over at



Anna Jonak: [00:10:25] Awesome. All right let's dive into the seven steps to conquering your fears. And we're going to start with step number one and that is simply this, well I say simply, [Flori laughs] but there's a bit to it, but I'm going to just going to keep it simple is that number one is to be honest and dig a little deeper. So basically if you find yourself procrastinating or blaming others, being emotional, avoiding things or getting stuck in perfection or saying things like this 'I'll wait for the right time'.

Flori Pyke: [00:10:51] Oh God have I ever heard that. [Anna laughs]

Anna Jonak: [00:10:51] When the ducks line up.

Flori Pyke: [00:10:51] When those f**king ducks. [Anna laughs]

Anna Jonak: [00:10:51] F**k the ducks.

Flori Pyke: [00:10:51] F**k the f**king ducks. I'm sorry I just used the bad F word but honestly those f**ing ducks. I hate the ducks. [laughing]

Anna Jonak: [00:11:04] They don't line up. Or when X happens or if/then/when/I'll do it tomorrow. All of this is unproductive behaviour right. And I guess if you catch yourself in any of these things the first thing I want you to do, and this is to be honest and acknowledge that for the most part fear is driving, right now, fear is in the driving seat when you're doing any of these things. So what I want you to do is ask yourself what is this really about, like what is really going on here its about you digging deeper and asking yourself what am I scared of. Have you got some negative self talk happening. I cant do this. I don't believe I'm good enough. I'm lazy. I never follow through. Like these are negative beliefs that are following you around that are going to keep you playing small and they obviously driving your fear. Do you fear success. I mean some people really do. [Flori agrees]. There's a fear around they might never be home or they're going to have to work too many hours, they've got a real negative association with what success means or money mindset issues. People see wealthy people as arseholes. Some people have a really bad feeling about people with wealth.

Flori Pyke: [00:12:03] They have like a chip on their shoulders.

Anna Jonak: [00:12:05] Absolutely and if you are in conflict like that you want to be wealthy and yet you have a negative feeling around people with wealth, you're going to have a clash you physically will not be able to get yourself into a place of wealth, because you're constantly going to be fighting an inner demon. Then there's also tribal beliefs and what I mean by that is things that are passed down from your family like an expectation of you should be at home, you should be looking after the kids all the time. So really I want you to get digging into the origin of the belief driving your fear so that you can tackle it. Because beliefs are definitely not set in stone they have come from a way of you protecting yourself most likely from an early childhood experience and they just get reinforced over time. Okay so for an example your Dad might have a gambling problem and as a result you don't spend money and you hate risk because you saw what it did to your family. But you walk around with that and the problem lies in the fact that say this was you five or six or seven years old is you're now walking around with it as an adult with a six or seven year old strategy. [Flori agrees]. You're walking around as a six or seven year old risking, you know fearing risk, because of the experiences you had and it's about you realising that you don't have to walk around with that seven year old strategy and you can actually sort of dig past it and realise, re-frame that belief that you're not your father. You have different experiences. You now have a sensitivity switch to risk because of the experiences that you've had so you're far less likely to ever get into that situation. You can seek professional advice. You could put KPIs in place. You know you can set yourself some goals so you can really basically turn the belief on its head and get yourself into a place that is actually really pushing you forward as opposed to holding you back. But obviously you can't do that unless you actually dig a little deeper and you are honest with yourself in the first place that there is something that is holding you back.

Flori Pyke: [00:13:48] Yep, just on that I found that way that you've just framed it in terms of you know you're an adult walking around with a six or seven year old strategy. What a gentle slap in the face but so true, [Anna agrees] like most people are doing, literally.

Anna Jonak: [00:14:05] So many people walk around with strategies that protected them when they were young and got so used to running them that now they just walk around with them everyday. Yeah it's huge.

Flori Pyke: [00:14:13] But when you put it in those words right, it's just like oh wow right.

Anna Jonak: [00:14:15] I've done it with a few people in coaching sessions where we've actually named their like seven year olds self and then so they know that they're stepping into the role of the seven year old. And it's a really good wake up call for them to remember I'm being seven right now and not being an adult who can actually handle this and can learn a different way.

Flori Pyke: [00:14:32] Yeah love it.

Anna Jonak: [00:14:32] Flori's learning...

Flori Pyke: [00:14:37] I'm learning. Gotta move on from my seven year old self. [Anna luaghs]. Well you know we all have those beliefs I guess to some degree that haunt us and so it's interesting.

Anna Jonak: [00:14:45] Absolutely.

Flori Pyke: [00:14:47] And when you frame it in that context and you know as I've worked so closely alongside you for the last two and a half years, it's like a lot of those beliefs as we know stem from childhood, and so when you put it in that context of you know you're walking around like an adult but with these strategies that you developed as a six year old it's pretty ridiculous.

Anna Jonak: [00:15:06] Got a six year old driving the bus.

Flori Pyke: [00:15:06] That's what I mean.

Anna Jonak: [00:15:09] Come on get out of the seat man, you're not old enough to drive.



Flori Pyke: [00:15:13] Like not on. Okay. So strategy number two. Speaking of you know fear and moving past your fears is really, you've got to do it anyway. Okay so as you work through re-framing your new belief and going against what is ingrained in you these habits you know and these beliefs that you have practised from the age of six or seven, it is going to feel uncomfortable to start with the unnatural, to oppose what you've been so used to practising and preaching and doing and exercising but you're going to have to just go ahead and you have to do the thing that you fear anyway to push past it. Okay. And you know this goes really comes down to that saying where you've just got to start somewhere.

Anna Jonak: [00:16:01] Yeah absolutely.

Flori Pyke: [00:16:02] Like you know you got to take action and by taking this action you're going to build new reference points to support your belief. Okay.

Flori Pyke: [00:16:10] So if you've got a new re-framed belief about you can do this and everything else, by you actually taking action around it then what's going to happen in your mind is going to start to create a series of like reinforces that show that you can do this. So as you said you start somewhere you have to push through the discomfort anyway with your new belief and just keep moving forward with it until it gets more and more comfortable which you'll do over time. But it does often start with the action first. A lot of people think that they have to change their thinking and then their actions will change. But you know your brain will trick you in 101 different ways. You change your thinking and you can put a new belief up and an affirmation up somewhere but you have to change your behaviour first. Do something, reinforce it and soon the thinking will actually change in itself.

Flori Pyke: [00:16:50] And it will follow.



Anna Jonak: [00:16:51] Exactly right. To do the thing first so do it anyway. Okay. Number three realise that courage is always waiting for you. And I love it because so many people like they wait to do something because they're waiting to feel brave, they're waiting for the courage to show up okay. But courage only turns up when you take action. So courage is always there. It's already waiting for you. It comes back to taking that first step and then it's there, because as soon as you do your body will just kick into doing whatever you need to do.



Flori Pyke: [00:17:18] Yeah no I really love that and you know this is so related to what you just explained and this is strategy number four which is give fear a meaning that supports you. And before we actually started today, Anna and I were going through the show notes actually and I said oh I've learned this through you, you know, where you can see fear in one of two ways, you know you can choose to see fear as something that's absolutely petrifying and that you hide away from and that inhibits you from taking action and that holds you back and that keeps you playing small okay. Or you can see fear like, this is your choice how you perceive it, you can perceive to see fear as excitement around the corner, as greatness to come, as the fact that your like on the precipice of change and like wonderful you know and it's really up to you to choose how you're going to see fear and and it's a choice. So I love this one personally.

Anna Jonak: [00:18:19] Oh my God I want to cry a little bit. She just articulated it so well. [Flori laughs] I'm rubbing off on her it's so good. [both laugh]

Flori Pyke: [00:18:24] Well it's been two and half years of listening [Anna laughing] to this shoved down my throat ladies - no I'm just kidding. It's awesome. I love it.

Anna Jonak: [00:18:24] But it's so true. It's so true to be able to think about it in different ways and to see it as excitement. I mean because how many times, there is some exercises that we do in the next level part of our program where you get people to visualise times when they've been scared about something like on your wedding day or things that have been nerve wracking, and that feeling when you step through it on the other side of it - it's just amazing.

Flori Pyke: [00:18:53] That's such a great example on your wedding day because you're right. You're like absolutely sweating bullets before walking down the aisle and then like you have the best day of your life don't you.

Anna Jonak: [00:19:02] Exactly. Well think about getting up on the stage for something and how horrible it feels in the lead up to it. But then after you've done it, like you just feel this sense of being alive.

Flori Pyke: [00:19:10] And pride.



Anna Jonak: [00:19:11] Yeah. So it's always focusing which comes back to the next point actually focusing on like the good stuff and what you want to happen and  what you focus on expands. And we've certainly talked about this lots across different things but essentially if you're focused on the fear and all the things going wrong and what you don't want then they're more likely to happen because you're going to create stuff in your environment to make them happen because that's where your focus is. The flip side of that is if you focus on what you want to happen and where you want to go and pour all your energy into that, into making things work, that's what you're going to create. All I can do is liken it to people being in a car. If you consider looking backwards what you don't want, like or something like that to say looking backwards you're going to crash okay was if you're looking forward and your focus is on where you want to go, that's how you are going to get there. So always focus on what you want to happen. So when you feel scared, predict the most amazing result and you're far more likely to create it. 



Flori Pyke: [00:20:09] Yeh and number six is see the gifts that risks can bring. And I know when you look at the most successful people out there in the world they're ninety nine point nine percent of the time they have taken immense risks in their lives. [Anna agrees] And that's, there's no doubt, that the absolute truth and the more uncertainty that you can learn to handle basically and tolerate in your life and your business, honestly, the greater success you will achieve because yeah you may fall a few times but you also learn every time you fall.

Anna Jonak: [00:20:42] Absolutely.

Flori Pyke: [00:20:43] And you're going to become smarter and you're also going to become used to managing risk and it's a learned behaviour. So I think you're not going to achieve your dreams by playing it safe in a nutshell. You got to get out there.

Anna Jonak: [00:20:58] No way in the world. I think it would be really nice. We wanted to share a couple of examples for you of some of the risky behaviours that we've taken where we literally bricked our pants. [both laugh] I know it was scary but we took the leap anyway. And for me personally it was when my husband quit his job, when we were in WA and we went, well I went, full-time on The Elevatory®. We were probably what 18 months to two years, no 18 months in. We were starting to stabilise and it was going really well and very obvious that we were going to grow but it was not by any means in a place where it was stable or comfortable at all [Flori agrees] but, it was from our perspective, our family wanted to be together and it was now or never and I had to believe and it was very much down to that belief and focus on where we wanted to go, that we would get the business to the place it needed to be in for us to survive. So we packed up and we came here and we had some really tough months. We moved back. My husband wasn't working to start with and yeh it was scary, it was horrible at times but it was the most amazing decision we've ever made because we came back, we were able to continue to grow the business you know five fold. And on top of that my husband then found himself the dream job that he's wanted literally since day one of him doing his Geo training and it would never have been possible had we not taken that risk to give up the security of his salary and WA. So, scary, horrible at times, but the most amazing decision and yeah I would never I wouldn't have changed it in a heartbeat.

Flori Pyke: [00:22:25] Yeah definitely. I mean I remember what it was like at times and watching the monthly payout.

Anna Jonak: [00:22:32] The struggles. [laughs]

Flori Pyke: [00:22:32] Yeah no, exactly, now look at where you guys are as a family as well.

Anna Jonak: [00:22:40] Amazing.

Flori Pyke: [00:22:41] It's just so awesome to see. I think for myself personally in terms of you know taking risks and facing fears, was probably before Anna and I commenced The Elevatory®, we each had our own respective successful businesses, Anna in personal coaching as many of you know. And I had a digital marketing consultancy. And I worked, it's almost like you know when it rains it pours and I know Anna you will remember this, so Anna and I literally started kind of conceiving the idea of The Elevatory® and I landed like a massive client with my consultancy. They were huge. You know I was on a retainer. I was travelling every week to their offices around Australia and it was great. You know my husband was like oh my God this is amazing. And I started landing other really big brands so this one was an insurance one, then I had like a food client. I had so many clients but at the same time we were growing The Elevatory® and I had two babies basically under the age of two. So it was pretty crazy. I grew Elva Marketing, my former consultancy, to a really strong financial point. So when The Elevatory® was 12 months old, I knew I was going to give it one year, I'm talking about The Elevatory® and at that point I knew that I could do it, that I could leave, but I was going to take basically like a bit of a financial hit and it was hard like not so much, well yeah there was fear pegged to it for sure. And also you know I had to explain that decision to my husband who had so graciously supported me in the last two years to get the other business up and running.

Anna Jonak: [00:24:29] Starting kind of all over again.

Flori Pyke: [00:24:30] Yeah exactly. So there was a lot of fear pegged to it. Not only from my side but then for him and I appreciated his fear as well because he was changing careers. He just retired from the Swans and didn't really have anything quite cemented. So it was really scary to be honest and now much like Anna said I wouldn't change that decision for the world. The flexibility and freedom this now gives me, the ability to work alongside biz wifey here is great and to transform all these women's lives and businesses, like come on the list is amazing. It just goes on and on. Yeah.

Anna Jonak: [00:25:12] But we had to get uncomfortable majorly to bring the business to this point both you know and things going on in our own lives as well as the things and risks that we've had to take from a business perspective in terms of serious money that we've outlaid. But we really do want to hit home that point as we said that the gifts are in the risks sometimes and if you can put all your energy into making it work and believe and just act and keep going then it will happen like 100 percent I've seen it time and time again not with just us but our students.

Flori Pyke: [00:25:41] Yes. Oh my God yes.



Anna Jonak: [00:25:43] Persistence, vision, focus. Anything can happen and it's all in your hands. Okay, a little bit of inspo for you there. [Flori agrees] And lastly point number seven which is the flip side. Okay. Finally when you feel the fear okay I want you also to consider the implications of not taking action. So if you don't do the thing, if you don't do your numbers, you don't invest in your business. You don't work with that coach or you don't do this whatever it is what's going to happen. Where will you be in six months, is your business going to have moved. You can have the life you want. If not now then when. Honestly consider the lost time, the progress that gets stalled, the confidence that will shatter because it will, if you're not taking action and you're not getting results that confidence will diminish much like alongside that your self doubt will actually grow because you're not getting results. So ultimately picture the what if on the other side. It is important that you do that because most often we regret the chances that we did not take, not the ones that we did. Could you imagine if you like you look back and like you just stayed with your business.

Flori Pyke: [00:26:49] Oh no.

Anna Jonak: [00:26:49] The first business and like if I was still in Perth.

Flori Pyke: [00:26:51] Like it was slowly grinding me. It was not sustainable with young children, all the travel and for you could you imagine Bo being gone every other week.

Anna Jonak: [00:27:04] Not where we are now like holy moly. So most often we regret the chances we did not take, not the ones we did.

Flori Pyke: [00:27:11] I absolutely love that line. Okay so ladies in a nutshell you know yes, you're going to feel the fear but you need to do it anyway. Okay so break down those negative beliefs. Act as if. Do it. You've got to jump off the cliff okay.

Anna Jonak: [00:27:25] Jump. Do it.

Flori Pyke: [00:27:26] Yeah f**k up. Scuff up your knees, fall over. But you got to just keep on keeping on, keep going. Be open minded. Grow. Learn as you go and work toward that extraordinary life that you so so deserve.

Anna Jonak: [00:27:41] Totally. I love the ending. Look, that's really a wrap today. As usual we'd love to hear from you. You can also find our show notes at

Flori Pyke: [00:27:52] It's a bit of a tongue twister between the email and the URL.

Anna Jonak: [00:28:01] It's getting to the end of the day.

Flori Pyke: [00:28:01] Sister I hear you.

Anna Jonak: [00:28:07] If you are loving the journey with us so far, I did want to say we'd love to hear from you okay, so we'd love for you to rate us or leave us a review or indeed share this podcast with your business besties.

Flori Pyke: [00:28:18] Yeah. Much much appreciated. And as we leave you let's share this parting thought with you today and that is the following. I learned that courage was not the absence of fear but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid but he who conquers that fear. I love that. That's by Nelson Mandela.

Anna Jonak: [00:28:40] Definitely. Okay okay. And remember be brave in your business.



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