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Flori chats with Leah Ladson from Leah Ladson Photography around all things service & product photography. This episode covers everything from locations, outfits & props to mindset, marketing & competitive advantage.


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  • The photos you need for your service or product-based business
  • Tips on how to feel comfortable and confident in a photoshoot
  • How to best prepare for a photoshoot so that you get the shots you're after
  • Why stock photography is a no-go zone
  • Why you should invest in professional brand photography 




Leah Ladson is one of Australia's emerging go-to photographers for Commercial and Branding photography, as well as a recognised Wedding & Family photographer too. Leah's work has been seen in several National & International publications as well as adding 'Author' to her belt in 2018 being a co-writer for the book "Weddings, Weddings, Weddings". Leah wears several hats in her business, she is a Photographer, but also offers mentoring to start-up businesses, as well as being the owner/found of regional group 'Girls From The Go' which supports regional women who run their own business. 





Facebook: @leahladsonphotography
Instagram: @leahladsonphotography



Flori Pyke [00:00:52] Welcome to Episode 46 of the Raising Her Game Podcast. It is Flori here today and I am super excited to connect today with commercial and brand photographer extraordinaire Leah Ladson. Hello.

Leah Ladson [00:01:08] Hi. Thank you so much for having me.

Flori Pyke [00:01:10] No it's such a pleasure. As I was saying to you just earlier, your name has been thrown around a lot in our community in a very positive way. So it's very exciting to connect with you because I've heard so many great things about you.

Leah Ladson [00:01:24] So nice to hear such good feedback. You just don't know do you? So yeah it's nice.

Flori Pyke [00:01:30] Totally. I feel like you've got a bit of a catchy name too like Leah Ladson. It really sticks.

Leah Ladson [00:01:36] I married into a really good name.

Flori Pyke [00:01:39] You really did. I didn't do that. I know I'm going off topic here but it'll be quick. I went from Florencia Bonet to Florencia Pyke like no [laughing].

Leah Ladson [00:01:50] I think that's nice.

Flori Pyke [00:01:53] Oh I don't know. Anyway, now before we get into chatting all things photography which I'm very excited to pick your brains about as I was just saying to you before I want to give a bit of an intro to you Leah because you are pretty spectacular. You're quite extraordinary. You've done some awesome stuff. So you're a photographer for commercial and branding related imagery but also you're very well recognised in the wedding and family photography area as well. Is that right?

Leah Ladson [00:02:22] That's right. Yeah. So weddings and families are kind of where I started and then the last few years I've gone into the commercial side so a bit of everything.

Flori Pyke [00:02:30] And you've even written a book.

Leah Ladson [00:02:31] I have. I've written a chapter in a book. So I'll take that I'll put my author hat on. I was so happy when that opportunity came up and it's not something that I've ever thought that I would do. But yeah the opportunity came up and I thought I've been shooting weddings for a really long time and that's what the book was about. So I felt like I had some really good experience and some great tips that I could write about. So I just said yes.

Flori Pyke [00:02:55] No I love it. OK. And you've also exhibited or been seen in a lot of national and international publications as well. Is that right?

Leah Ladson [00:03:02] I have. Yes. I've been lucky enough to be featured in some really cool magazines and website and podcasts as well. So yeah.

Flori Pyke [00:03:10] You're old hat at this podcast thing. [Leah laughs]

Leah Ladson [00:03:12] I love it. I love the digital world that you can kind of you know be chatting. I was chatting to someone last week in San Diego. And I'm just like it's so amazing that you can kind of... I live in a regional city and be chatting to people all over the world about what I do and yeah it's amazing.

Flori Pyke [00:03:32] It is, isn't it? And I love that I can reach out to someone and learn like basically extract the wisdom from so many incredible people around the world on different subjects. I find it so cool.

Leah Ladson [00:03:47] This screen in front of us is cool.

Flori Pyke [00:03:50] Yeah. I know. Totally. Now you know as a small business owner myself and coaching a lot of women and students across our programs, obviously, the subject of photography comes up a lot. And being a marketer and a bit of a brand stickler myself, I am the first to say you know, invest in some good photography whether you're a product-based business or a service-based business. And you've got to get some great headshots or as well as that you know, you get some great product photography. I think it is a very wise investment. And so I'm sure you feel the same. But I'd love to basically ask you a few questions today on this podcast just to pick your brains exactly on what we should be doing as small business owners when it comes to our photography. Does that sound good? [Leah agrees] OK. Awesome. Yeah. Let's do it. OK. So as a business like you know actually, let's start with this whole concept of product versus service. So can you talk me through what photos are product based business needs versus a service based, how they're different. Any thoughts here?



Leah Ladson [00:04:54] Yeah okay. So they are actually very similar contrary to what you might think. So for a service based business I guess it's more about the person who is offering the service. But it's also about like what they do, where they do it, how they do it. And I include all of that sort of stuff. Their outfits might be in their brand colours. So there's a whole heap of stuff to think about. Now, product-based businesses are obviously going to be more about the actual product and doing photographs of the product. But I think it's just as important for a product-based business [Flori agrees] to show their face. It's like it's the age old saying "people buy people" and it's so true like I'm way more likely to purchase from someone who I've seen the face or I've had an interaction with or I know that it's like a mum you know working at night kind of thing as opposed to buying from Kmart. So even product-based businesses I always really encourage the owner or the maker to get in front of the camera as well because for them as well is like people really love to know like how it's made, where it's made, the process on how they're getting whatever it is they're buying. So I think they're actually really similar. It's so important for both of them but yeah it's actually really similar.

Flori Pyke [00:06:06] I love that you said that age old saying "people buy people" and it's something that I harp on about, our listeners will be like ‘here she goes again’ because you know but I so agree with you. And I think that it's so true. We don't make connections with just some logo we see. We make connections with people, with the people behind the brand. And then based on that connection and that relationship we are then; we start to make further decisions around investing in that brand or that product or what have you. So I think it's really true what you're saying and I also love how much of an emphasis that you're drawing around the fact that no matter whether you're a product based business or a service based business you know it is a worthwhile investment to get some great shots of yourself.

Leah Ladson [00:06:49] Absolutely. And I know it's not comfortable. Like everybody's awkward in front of the camera including myself. I totally get it. But just putting on your big girl pants or your big boy pants and just getting it done, it literally would take you know half an hour of your life just to put on that face and just get some photos taken that you can use on your About Me page to introduce yourself to your social media following like it's so important.

Flori Pyke [00:07:13] Actually just on that when we're talking headshots for your website and your socials and your different touch points, do you have any tips around making it stand out a bit, I guess? Because I think a lot of people are catching on now to the fact that people do connect with people and there's a lot more people willing to put themselves out there. I think it's fantastic. But then how do you achieve that cut through and do you have any tips around thinking about the type of photos that you take of yourself or how you you know, the shots that you want to show and the brand personality like what's your take on that?

Leah Ladson [00:07:50] Well I think kind of gone are the days your headshot or your About Me photo has to be like a black and white portrait from like a studio kind of thing. For me personally if I'm going to, and I do this a lot actually when I'm shopping, I'll always go to the About Me page. I'll click there and I'll see what the photo is, what the person looks like, what the story is, why they've started their business and I really love to go on that journey with them before I purchase. So for me seeing a more of a lifestyle photo would be obviously a nice, bright, fresh sometimes did like doing what they actually are making or creating like actually the elements. [Flori agrees] The one that I use the most of myself, I've got a camera in front of my face so like automatically you kind of know that that's what I do. So yeah I love just bright, fresh, relaxed kind of photos, so more of a lifestyle than an actual like headshot.




Flori Pyke [00:08:42] Yeah I know I like that. And also like to elaborate on that. Exactly like thinking about the props that basically complement what it is that you do, right? [Leah agrees] What it is that you create for your offering and thinking about how to weave those props in because it's interesting like we recently did a few shots for the business and you know it's all well and good to kind of like yeah OK we'll kind of get this, we'll kind of get that. But I found that when we really articulated exactly the kind of shot that we wanted and we'll talk about that like in a little bit around you know mood board and what have you. But my point is I think that when we got very clear on the exact kind of shot we wanted, the actual props and what have you. We had one of the most successful shoots because it was just very clear cut. We were highly efficient. We knew exactly what we wanted and who we wanted and the different positions and it was great you know.

Leah Ladson [00:09:32] Preplanning your photo shoot is so important and almost as important as the actual shoot itself.



Flori Pyke [00:09:37] Well why don't we talk about that a little bit because I couldn't agree more with you and having now been in business ourselves for almost four years, we've done quite a few shoots over the course of our time in business and I have to agree with you completely. I mean I know when we did our very first shoot, we had no idea really what we were doing or how we were going to use the shots. So we didn't know what we were looking for when the photographer prompted us to put together a mood board. It was very difficult to be honest to be able to tangibilise what it was that we wanted. So can you offer any tips here in terms of the preparation of the photo shoot.

Leah Ladson [00:10:13] Yeah. Well I guess this is probably one of my points of difference is that I'm very involved in location scouting and and helping clients put together mood boards. It's not just saying you need to give me a brief. I'm very involved in actually helping create that whether it's the locations or outfits. I kind of ask them. I probe into like what it is they do and how they do it and where they do it and all of that sort of stuff. And so we always incorporate all of that into the shoot as well. So I mean like Pinterest boards can be helpful and stuff as a kind of mood board. And but for me it's more about creating an actual shot list, so that could be looking at their website and saying OK we need a header image or we need an About Me page or we need some graphics to go with like whichever services or products that we're doing. So it could be that or it could be just OK this is our branding colours. This is what we do. And we want to sort of show what we do in a fun way, in a moody way, all of that sort of stuff. So the preplanning is yeah I play a huge part in that with my clients.

Flori Pyke [00:11:17] I love that. And to elaborate on that further, yeah that's exactly kind of what we did was we print it off like a wireframe and put placeholders on where we wanted the shots and then we took it even one step further which added to this layer of efficiency which I'm sure you can comment on. We'll talk about this in a bit more detail shortly but I'm not a big fan of stock photography and I think we should talk about it but we did find as an aid, as a help was that we found stock photography images which we liked the like you know, the mocked up kind of situation. We liked what it was modelling and so we tried to literally replicate everything from that stock photography but making it our own and putting ourselves in there. And I found that that was incredibly helpful.

Leah Ladson [00:12:02] Yeah. And I'm down for that.

Flori Pyke [00:12:05] Yeah. Let's talk about that one. Tell me what are your... Because I agree I'm not, which is why we don't need stock photography but we do use it as an aid. What is your take on stock photography?

Leah Ladson [00:12:14] Don't do it. It's so not personalised. [Flori agrees] And I think you can spot it from a mile away. And I just think investing in your own personal branding photography is like it's everything. So just don't do it.

Flori Pyke [00:12:30] You know it's so true what you're saying and even when it comes to like don't do it on all fronts. So not just exactly like the photos you use on your website or your socials like don't do it for your marketing either because it just loses authenticity.

Leah Ladson [00:12:47] There's no feeling to it. And I guess for me that's what I'm trying to create. I'm trying to create emotive images to get your clients into buying from you and translating into sales. And just using those like cold kind of clinical stock photos, they just don't do that.

Flori Pyke [00:13:04] Well that's exactly right. And that plays to the whole premise that people buy based on emotion. And when you have a clinical photo, there's no emotion behind it. So I totally agree. I think it's important to highlight that because it's funny like the amount of times that I see a stock photography used for an advert in my Facebook news feed, I'm just like no no no no no no you're better off literally grabbing your iPhone like if you haven't you know, like just something over that. [laughing]

Leah Ladson [00:13:29] Yes I know. You can take great photos with your iPhone and you'd be much better off doing that than going into stock photography.

Flori Pyke [00:13:39] No I totally agree. Actually, speaking of iPhone photos kind of makes me think about you know the investment side of things. So a barrier that I often hear prospects and students express around photography is a concern to invest in it. And I'd love to hear you know how do you, because I'm very pro it, but like you know can you give us some thoughts on why it is so important and why you should invest in it?

Leah Ladson [00:14:04] I can totally get people's concerns and especially if they're kind of in startup mode. It is an investment and especially if you're going to go with a really good photographer. It isn't cheap. But like anything you kind of get what you pay for. And depending on the cost I think you're going to be buying experience and knowledge and all of that sort of stuff. So yeah it's so important though. So I think even if you can't afford it to start with, put it on your goal list and make it something to save up for. There are photographers out there who do like headshot day so it's like a 10-minute session and you can get just a few photos of yourself. I actually, this was kind of the basis behind me starting my Flatlay Masterclass because I want to teach business owners how to take their own photos using their phones. So, it's not aimed at photographers with DSLR cameras. It's aimed at business owners who want to be able to take their own images. Some might still invest with me anyway but for the most part you know like Instagram is so crazy like you can take 30 photos and they're gone in two weeks.

Flori Pyke [00:15:13] Yeah it's so frustrating right. I really side with what you're saying because I remember exactly rewind four years ago, first shoot we walked away with I don't know exactly maybe 30 images and we're like oh my God this is amazing. You know we'll be set up in the next twelve months. OK. Fast forward literally a month later.

Leah Ladson [00:15:33] Yeah I know. So I mean with my shoots I always make sure that we can recycle them as much as possible so almost like bringing three or four outfits so it looks like they're doing three or four shoots and then that way the images do last longer. But then the other side is that I do also like to educate business owners on how to take really great like Instagram worthy photos with their phone and not with anything expensive. It's just all just using like really good natural light and kind of giving them the tools to do it themselves. So it's super important and I think teaching them to do it themselves is a really great interim thing. But I think honestly if you want to stand out from the crowd, investing in professional photography that's personalised to you and it's exactly what you need for what, for your website, for your socials, for whatever. It will set you apart from the crowd it really will.

Flori Pyke [00:16:27] I so agree. One of the things that we coach around in addition to so many elements is exactly that enabling like how do you enable that cut through. How do you carve that space out for yourself in the market? How do you get that point of difference? And irrelevant of whether it's your actual offering or your turnaround time because there are a lot of angles that you can use to establish point of difference. A very obvious one is exactly that. It's the branding that you have, your brand guidelines and then it's the photography which is part of that. [Leah agrees] So I really couldn't agree more with you. It is such an easy vehicle to hop on literally and then be able to get some great shots and really set yourself apart from the crowd. So actually on that note can you just share some thoughts with us around why it's so important to invest in brand photography. So we talked about you know a point of difference but what other reasons do you think you know are really fundamental to highlight when it comes to investing in this.

Leah Ladson [00:17:27] I think like if you think about going to somebody's website, right? If you jump on... People's attention spans are so short these days. [Flori agrees] Like really really short. We've dumbed ourselves right down.

Flori Pyke [00:17:40] I love how you... Sorry can I just say I love how you say that because we've done it to ourselves. [Leah says Yeah and social media] One hundred percent and we want everything yesterday and we don't read a thing. I just couldn't agree more. And I have to say I'm totally prime victim of this. Like there are still people out there who you know are considered kind of the high involvement reader, who take the time to read the information and what not. I am so guilty. I'm totally low involvement like I look at pictures. So yeah.



Leah Ladson [00:18:11] So I think the stats are that you've got about three seconds to capture your audience. [Flori agrees] OK. So if you're doing that on your website, you need great imagery. If you're doing it on your social media, you need great imagery. Because if it's not they're just gonna keep scrolling. So the moment that you get them with that great wow photo that's when they might be more likely to click onto your feed. If you've got a nice feed with lots of nice imagery, that's when you get them to click on to your website. So it's just creating that transition or translation into a sale. So I just kind of wowing them at every turn. And I think it's not just photography like you've got to have a really great copy on both your website and your socials and then you know just having like really good position call-to-action buttons and stuff on both as well. So it's kind of they all go hand-in-hand but yeah with our really short attention spans these days you really you have to wow your potential clients. [Flori agrees] Like yeah you have to do it fast.

Flori Pyke [00:19:10] Yeah I feel that with our very short attention spans, what you do, the whole concept of photography is becoming more and more important and fundamental more than ever because people are reading less and less and a picture tells a thousand words. And so we are being guided and we have created exactly that, queue Instagram basically you know we look at the picture and then depending on whether we like the picture or not we might read the caption. And we're starting to be programmed in a way to really you know decipher through information based on pictures. [Leah says yeah we're such a visual world at the moment] Correct. And you know it's how we decipher information and whether we choose to then read further. But it's the picture ultimately that we look at first and I love what you're saying and I think it applies you know being a marketer, I'm putting my marketing hat on right now. But you know even from an advert standpoint it's like people aren't going to go read the copy on the ad. They're going to look at the image of the ad first and then decide where they want to read the copy. Exactly.

Leah Ladson [00:20:17] Yeah. And it's been that way forever. But it's just more prevalent now than ever because of social media and Instagram in particular.

Flori Pyke [00:20:24] Yeah. Definitely. We're getting like trained to decipher information and consume information in this way. So I really agree. Now one last thing I wanted to ask you about which I think is really pertinent because I know we've totally done a doozy on this before, is tips on outfits. So I definitely feel that, I guess I can only kind of draw this to personal experience but we've definitely kind of miss a mark on some shoots one in particular it comes to mind where I think we were trying to kind of bring it up a level. But the outfits weren't really congruent with where we wanted to take things like my question for you is what are your tips on outfits, on makeup? Because I certainly have a few learning experiences from this but I'm really keen to hear your thoughts on this.

Leah Ladson [00:21:13] Yeah. I mean makeup I think you just need to be comfortable and don’t do anything that you wouldn't do on a normal day to day basis. Don't do like with heavy wedding makeup. Just be super comfortable I think. Outfits do play a huge part in a photo shoot because you kind of make or break the vibe I'm kind of going for.So I think branding colours is where I always start with. So your logo color and that sort of thing. What's going to be complementary to that? And then I think the outfit and location kind of go hand-in-hand, too. So working out what outfit you gonna wear and what location is really important. And then looking ahead to is what you're going to be using the images for, are they for a website, are they gonna be for social media and you're gonna have some text next to you or something. So in that case what colour would the text be. And is that going to flow in with your brand as well. But I think for an Instagram feed and a website, you kind of have to have that uniformity in your branding colours and I think outfits really do you have to play a part in that. So just yeah just kind of finding things that are comfortable.

Flori Pyke [00:22:22] Yeah. I love that word. Definitely agree with you.

Leah Ladson [00:22:25] Yeah. Because honestly if you're uncomfortable, you'll look uncomfortable. It's already awkward enough. [both laugh] So we need all the comfort and relaxed vibes that we can get. Yeah. But I think it does play a huge role.

Flori Pyke [00:22:39] Yeah. No I agree. And I think you know it's interesting because you know rewind five years ago or so I heard photo shoot and I was like oh God I get to put my makeup on. And like I'm not one to wear a lot of makeup to be honest with you. It's kind of mascara, bit of concealer and I'm out and like huge learning experience. You know went to shoot. Totally I love how you said it wedding makeup. Yeah totally wedding makeup-ised and came out with something that was just so incongruent which is not good because exactly, people connect with people.

Leah Ladson [00:23:14] You have to show your personality as well. And often your personality goes hand-in-hand with your branding anyway. But yeah I think personality is a big thing with outfits, too.

Flori Pyke [00:23:24] Yeah. No I totally totally agree. Yeah. Thank you so much. That has been so many great tips for any business owner who's listening whether you know you're ready to invest in photography or you're not. I think there's so many great considerations that we all need to make based on the lessons and the insights that you've shared with us today. So thank you so much.

Leah Ladson [00:23:44] Thank you so much for having me. I know it's kind of scary for a lot of people to think about booking an entire session just for themselves. But it doesn't have to be scary like it's very important and it doesn't have to be scary. It can be fun.

Flori Pyke [00:23:57] Well actually on that, let's talk about that a little bit before we wrap up because you know mindset is a big thing for us over here. Do you have any tips for listeners who might feel that way, who might feel a little bit scared. Recognise the importance of it but something's holding them back. You know.

Leah Ladson [00:24:15] It's really hard because I think even not even talking about photography, I think in the circles that I kind of go in, there's a huge lack of confidence as a whole. And that really makes me sad to see, when people don't believe in themselves or don't have the confidence to speak up or show their faces. You don't have to be out there. That's something that I really like to work with with my clients and trying to make them super comfortable. Look it's never going to be like no one unless you're a supermodel like you're not going to be amazingly comfortable in front of the camera. But I think the main thing to get good photos is to to have a relaxed atmosphere. So that's one of my biggest challenges on a photoshoot day and I always try and build a rapport up like in the lead up to it. But yes I think just trying to make them relaxed. I don't know like you can't you can't make someone feel confident, can you? That's a really hard one.

Flori Pyke [00:25:13] Yeah I mean it comes back to mindset and doing mindset work it’s an evolving process. It's not going to happen overnight. But I do think that already throughout this episode you've given some great tips in terms of enabling that sense of self and confidence you know, make sure that you're wearing outfits that are comfortable, that you're wearing makeup that is you.

Leah Ladson [00:25:37] I've got some really nervous clients who have honestly just been so so nervous to actually do it to the point where I felt like I wanted to pull out and just not do it at all. But then sense of achievement and a sense of pride that they get once we've actually done it. And they're like oh I do actually look really good. And like that wasn't as hard as I thought it was gonna be and it wasn't like strict and kind of clinical like it was actually a fun day. So I'd get feedback like that a lot too. So it's just kind of putting yourself out of your comfort zone for a couple of hours and and reaping the rewards of some beautiful personalised branding photography that you can use for a lifetime if you want to and stand out from everyone else. [Flori agrees]

Flori Pyke [00:26:21] Yup. You know we always say that the magic starts outside of your comfort zone and I think you hit the nail on the head there and then I also think it's about exactly that focusing on the end result, what's around the corner, what will you know what you're gonna reap from this. Once you do get step in you know the outside comfort zone ring what's going to happen. And that's going to be really exciting. So I think there's some really great tips.

Leah Ladson [00:26:46] So I read a really cool quote the other day and I can't remember how it goes but it was along the lines of making mistakes, if the people who make mistakes at least they've done something. [Flori agrees] If you're not making mistakes it means you're not doing anything. So I really like that. Just say yes to stuff and put yourself out in your comfort zone. And I think often and for myself as well, often when I say yes to things that make me a little bit nervous and I'm like oh I don't know if I can do that, impostor syndrome blah blah blah. Usually when I say yes to that and I go through with it I kind of I don't know like my business so my personal growth goes next level. So I think it's important to take those nervous feelings and anxiousness and use it to your benefit other than kind of getting scared by it and just saying no to things.

Flori Pyke [00:27:32] Yeah. No I totally totally agree. This just reminds me of this one thing that I interviewed this guy about a year ago now on the podcast. His name was Colin Morgan and he said you know we all get butterflies and we all feel exactly like anxious at times and you know we get nervous but going back to the whole kind of, for butterflies, he's like you know the trick is in getting your butterflies to fly in formation and to focus that fear and anxiety and nerves on creating you know to harness that because you can harness that to your advantage.

Leah Ladson [00:28:07] Yeah absolutely. I recently just did my first public speaking gig. I think it was to about 70 people and like my biggest fear in the whole wide world apart from snakes is public speaking and the reason I had my Flatlay Masterclasses in my head for over twelve months before I actually got going. And the only thing holding me back is I just have this huge fear like everyone looking at me and be like whoa is what I have to say relevant, important? Is it going to be helping people? Are they ever going to listen to me? All of those sorts of negative self-thoughts which are just so bad for you. But I did it. And like I was so nervous beforehand but I just got up there and I did it and I felt so great afterwards.

Flori Pyke [00:28:52] I love it. You always do.You feel like you've climbed bloody Mt. Everest like we all feel those feelings.

Leah Ladson [00:28:59] I was an emotional wreck afterwards. I was so exhausted because like the lead up I had just wound myself up that tight. But since then like it's opened up some amazing opportunities for me. So it's just that thing, harnessing those nerves and doing something good with it.

Flori Pyke [00:29:13] Yeah exactly. I love that anecdote. And so Leah before we start to wrap up can you share a little bit more with us around where our listeners can find out more about you.

Leah Ladson [00:29:24] Absolutely. I'm very present on social media so Facebook and Instagram. Probably more Instagram than anything. I'm always lurking around on there. And then I've also got my website as well which you can see my work and learn a little bit more about my one on one mentoring and my Flatlay Masterclasses as well.

Flori Pyke [00:29:41] Sounds very good. And so what are those social handles.

Leah Ladson [00:29:47] Leah Ladson Photography.

Flori Pyke [00:29:47] OK. Beautiful. And your website URL.

Leah Ladson [00:29:49]

Flori Pyke [00:29:52] OK beautiful. I will also pop those into the show notes for our listeners. Now we've talked a bit about parting thoughts. So what we do typically Leah is that we always get our guest whenever we have a guest to share their parting thought with our listeners. So I'm going to totally put you on the spot. And like I said I mean we've talked about a few things now but is there a quote where anything else in addition to what we've discussed that you might want to share with our listeners or some thought as to kind of summary what we've gone through today.

Leah Ladson [00:30:22] My biggest thing is really wanting women in particular to just feel confident in what they do and really confident in how they speak. And I just know so many women who just kind of talk themselves out of things and have that negative self-talk and it's just I wish everyone could see themselves how other people see them. It's really hard. I mean confidence for me I would love to see; I would just love to see more confidence in this world. Like a lot of the people that I kind of go in circles with are working mums and like the juggle is seriously real. It's school holidays at the moment for me so I've got my daughter in the other room on the iPad. You know it's just stuff like that. [Flori agrees] Yeah. I don't know. I just love to see people be even more confident with themselves and putting themselves out there.

Flori Pyke [00:31:13] Yeah. No definitely. This is really something that is such a huge focus for us with what we do with the whole mindset element because. Yeah. I couldn't agree more with you. And I always say you know even if you have all the skills you know, all the things, if you don't have that confidence, if you don't have that mindset to back you like your business is going to fail.

Leah Ladson [00:31:36] Absolutely and that's why I love what you guys do because you've got the resources there to help people with all of that and build confidence, get rid of that negative self-talk. And the negative self-talk is probably a really big one because it's probably inset from early childhood not just with business. It’s like a theme within people's lives it's not just business. That's a really hard one to kick and I totally get that. But yeah I just think it's really important to share this stuff and what you guys are doing is absolutely amazing and hopefully together we can raise each other up and just women supporting women is a popular hashtag but it's actually a really beautiful thing as well.

Flori Pyke [00:32:15] Yes. I could not agree more. I think it's a movement. Get on the wagon. Get on board because it's beautiful. And I think there's always space for more of it. So you know let's all support each other and I really I love that parting thought so thank you. All right. And to our listeners, ladies remember, be brave in your business.



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