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Flori chats with Academy Student Bec Albouze from The Pop Up Party Co about her rising business success from idea to thriving entrepreneur [who cannot keep up with orders!].

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  • How a change in mindset completely shifted the trajectory of Bec's business
  • Why goal setting is fundamental to driving laser focused results
  • How Facebook Ads have catapulted Bec's sales
  • The importance of genuinely and authentically connecting with your target market





Bec is the coffee and wine loving owner and founder of The Pop-Up Party Co, an online party boutique specialising in DIY balloon garland kits and stylish party decor. She is a mum of two, and having no prior business experience, made the jump into the crazy world of entrepreneurship when 6 months pregnant with her second baby. Her mission for The Pop-Up Party Co. is to establish a business that people know and trust to support them in planning their celebrations for life's special events and creating beautiful memories with loved ones.


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Instagram: @the_pop_up_party_co
Facebook: @thepopuppartyco



Flori Pyke [00:01:25] Hello and welcome to Episode 68. Now, it is Flori here with you today and I'm pretty excited because I get to connect with a student of ours who... well I've connected with you, Bec, many times online but also, I had the pleasure of connecting with you at our offline training weekend Academy Live. And, yeah, I definitely feel like you have been one to watch. So, without further ado, I alluded to your name but this is Rebecca Albouze from the Pop-up Party Co., who I get to connect with today. So, how are you Bec?

Bec Albouze [00:02:02] Hi Flori. I'm good. Actually, you know I think I probably should say congratulations on pronouncing my surname correctly. [both laugh] You have no idea how many people are like that Al-bouzee. No, Albouze. No. So you got it in one.

Flori Pyke [00:02:22] Oh, thanks. I feel like I just kicked a goal. I thought you were going to correct me on my pronunciation. I was like oh s**t because it's definitely happened to me before. I was like oh here's another one. I'm gonna get corrected again on the podcast. Damn it. OK. Well, I'm glad. Well, I'm coming in strong then. That's good. [both laugh] How are you?

Bec Albouze [00:02:41] I'm good. I'm good. I'm feeling much better now that I have two children asleep tonight. I know you relate to that.

Flori Pyke [00:02:47] Yup. I completely relate to that. So, look I thought we could start out by you sharing with our listeners and our audience just a little bit more around what you do. Tell us a bit more around your business Pop-up Party Co. Because I obviously know a lot about it, but I think it's best heard from the horse's mouth so we'd love for you to share a little bit more.

Bec Albouze [00:03:09] OK sure. Thank you. So, Pop-up Party Co., our main little niche is DIY balloon garland kits. So, you know you're scrolling through Pinterest and you see those beautiful balloon garlands and parties and you think oh my god that looks amazing. That must cost those people an absolute fortune. I was one of those people that was like always looking at all these beautiful parties and I was like you know what, there's gotta be an easier and a better way that people can actually make that happen for themselves as well. So, the balloon garland kits, basically, they contain everything that you need to create one of those balloon garlands but in a kit that you DIY. So, I give you the pump. I give you all the balloons, this decorating strip which is like this plastic strip with little holes in it and you simply pump up the balloons and pull the balloons through the knot. And that's what holds them all together. And then, a set of instructions as well. So, people kind of come up with all these amazing colour combos or like they might have their own info that they want and then I can make that happen or I've come up with a whole collection on my website as well and they can scroll through and choose which colours they like and yeah and then they can make it at home. So, basically, it just makes much more affordable option but you still get that amazing wow factor. So that's definitely our you know I guess what we're kind of known for now. That's definitely our most popular product. Then, we sell like all the matching table decors that go with it. So, the plates and cups and all of that kind of thing in all of the different kind of colour combinations to accessorise. So...

Flori Pyke [00:04:43] I love it. So, obviously, I've got you here on video. So, for our YouTube viewers, you might be able to see this as you're listening but I see Bec that you have a number of boxes stacked behind you. [Bec agrees] And, are those the actual kits? [Bec says "Yes. So, these are the kits."] These are the kits. Oh my gosh. Look at them. They're so pretty, too.

Bec Albouze [00:05:08] They're all pretty. This was actually one of my big goals that we've been working on this year was to get like work on my branding. So, as part of that, when I first started out, I was putting all the components of the kits into like plain calico bags which is fine. [Flori agrees] But, I knew that I needed to step it up a little bit. So, I got some branding done. And, yeah, I got these awesome little boxes made. I didn't actually just stack them all up behind me for the purpose of... [Flori says "the podcast?"] I'm also hiding the rubbish behind them. But no.




Flori Pyke [00:05:38] No, I love it. I love it. All right. Awesome. So, tell us a little bit more around obviously like this is quite a niche that you're in and it sounds like yeah how did you come up with the idea? Because you shared a little bit around the fact that you know, you were scrolling around, looking at all these beautiful parties thinking how are people doing this. There must be an easier way. Like I'd love to learn more about how you actually not only came up with the idea but decided to go for it? Because there is quite a difference between coming up with the idea and then actually going for it.

Bec Albouze [00:06:11] Yeah, that is so true. And, I have been someone... I don't know throughout my whole life, I'm a bit creative I guess and the ideas part comes easily to me. But, sometimes it's the follow-through that doesn't. So, the whole idea I guess emerged... It was when Maggie, my eldest little girl was turning 1 and I was kind of planning a little bit of a birthday party for her and I didn't want to do a character party. I don't know that was... I just wanted to do something a little bit different. But I was struggling to find somewhere online where I could buy everything all in one place. So, at that stage, it wasn't so much about the balloons but I was just looking at all of the decorations and table decor and that kind of stuff. And, I was like you know what this is actually a bit of a business idea somewhere where you can buy everything as like a comprehensive kit or a pack that you need if you've got a colour scheme in mind, but, you don't want to do a Peppa Pig party or whatever it might be and you want something a little bit different from what you know some of the big department stores can offer. So, that was what kind of planted the seed and then I don't know I didn't really do anything about it. Maggie, I've got some stuff and Maggie turned one and that's great. And then, fast forward another I don't know 18 or so months and then I'd been thinking about it a lot and developing the idea and that was when I joined was known as BSFM then and I was definitely still in the ideas phase when I first connected with you and Anna. And, I don't know like I'm not just saying this but that's without a doubt was the best decision that I made because it gave me... Promise, I'm not just saying this. [both laugh]

Flori Pyke [00:07:46] Obviously, that's music to my ears but I love that you're saying that it's not endorsed. It is the truth. It is not endorsed. So, thank you. That is a very huge compliment and I take it very warm-heartedly and seriously. So, thank you.

Bec Albouze [00:07:58] I assure you it's not a sponsored ad. So yeah... [Flori laughs] So, pretty much from there. I don't know. It just helped me refine my thinking and clarify my ideas because I am someone that I can get very la-la-la-la-la caught up in all the ideas but I have trouble refining and articulating them and making them something that's actually achievable. So, we got to work through that in my early stages of being with you guys and I worked through the first few modules and by this stage I was actually pregnant with my second baby. So, my website went live when I was six and a half months pregnant with him. So, great timing. [Flori says "I was gonna say that. Perfect timing."] But, yeah that was... So, the first few months I was definitely like the balloons were always in the back of my mind but like I said because I'd always just admired them so much on Pinterest and I knew I needed to tap into that market. But I started off more with the table decor side of things because I guess it was a bit of an easier place to start because I could purchase them directly from a wholesaler. It wasn't a product that I was actually creating myself. So, I started off and you know like that all went well for those first couples of months and then you know I had a baby and then I brought the baby home and adjusted to life with two babies and woah! [laughs] So, yeah, that was all going on well. And, you know what, I distinctly remember this one night because I'd been trying to build up my Instagram following because so many of my target market are you know really big Instagram users. They love Instagram. They love Pinterest, all those sorts of things. And, so I've been really trying to work on my Instagram and I decided that I wanted to connect with an influencer. So, this influencer called Teagan,who I am now actually good friends with and I've been following her for a while and I think at that stage I had I don't know maybe a hundred and fifty followers. And, a hundred of them was probably my friends and family which is totally fine.

Flori Pyke [00:09:57] Totally normal when you're starting out as well. Yeah.

Bec Albouze [00:10:00] Anyway, so I remember one night I was sitting there and I was trying to get Maggie to go to sleep and I was like you know what I'm just going to send her a DM. I'm just going to do it and I'm going to say. You know put myself out there, tell her a bit about my business because I knew that her daughter had a birthday coming up and I wanted to see if she wanted to collaborate, if I could supply her with some party goods. Anyway, and so, it took so much courage to send that first DM. And then, I was like sitting there and then I could see who DM'd you. I was like oh my God and then I'm like patting Maggie to sleep at the same time. She replied back straight away and just like Oh yeah. And, I was like oh my God, it's amazing. And, anyway, I just distinctly remember this moment because I think it was kind of the start of something. Like firstly Teagan and I connected and she has been absolutely incredible and such an asset to the building of my business and she then also as we got chatting and planning what she wanted to do for her little girl's birthday, she was really keen on the balloon idea. So, I was like OK yeah, I really need to follow this. And, for her little girl's birthday, that we first launched the idea of doing a garland. And, it went like completely nuts like people were so into it. They loved the colours. We just did a combination of rose gold and pink and white. And yeah it was just really really popular. And I was like OK we are on to something. So, then, yeah, I guess I'll still kind of be that newborn phase. So, it took me a little while to kind of get it rolling but then eventually, I launched a collection of kits. So, I spent probably a solid I don't know month or so. Then, research more than a month actually but researching the exact components that I wanted to have in my kits, looking at what other people were doing, working at my pricing, all of those kinds of things. And, I remember I was liaising with you guys in the forum around the time which was so helpful. Yeah. So then, I worked out exactly what I want to have in my kits. And then, fast forward. I hadn't actually yeah, I hadn't launched... I'd launched a couple of them separately and, they had been really, really well-received. But then, it wasn't until... I guess I kind of floundered then a little bit. I think I was, I don't know, like I kind of I guess a bit of that mindset stuff you know you start to second guess what you're doing a little bit and I was extremely sleep-deprived when I think back then. And, yeah, you know like life just happened. And then, I remember at the beginning of February this year I went to Sydney to connect with you guys for Academy Live and that I don't know things just ramped up after that. It was like all of a sudden, I had a massive...

Flori Pyke [00:12:39] You flew to Sydney, too, didn't you? You brought your whole family. I remember this. Yeah. [Bec agrees] I remember this because I was also breastfeeding and so my husband would come every three hours. He would drive suburbs over to where we were with the three kids in the car so that I could feed my baby and then he'd drive back and then he'd come back and you and I... I remember we're like kind of ships in the night almost like I would go out for my little shift and you know get the babe on the boob and then you would do your little shift. I totally remember it.

Bec Albouze [00:13:12] Oh my God. Remind me to tell you not on the podcast... [both laugh] on the flight home after that, actually, [Flori says "oh God"] that is only half of the story. Anyway. Kids, that’s all I'm gonna say. Yeah, so, that was a massive shift. Like all of a sudden, I think, I don't know, I remember walking into the room at Success Live and I was like almost having heart palpitations. I was so nervous because it was the first time that I'd ever been to like a forum I'm meeting with other businesswomen. Because you know like I'm also a teacher and I was really familiar with being in teaching seminars but this was so different because all of a sudden I was at a place of professional learning about my business and still felt really like who am I to be here like I just did not feel like a businesswoman. But I don't know, my mindset shifted significantly after those couple of days and came home and I just had this fire in my belly that was like right, let's do this. And, I came home. I cracked on. I sorted out a collection of balloon garland kits and launched them at the end of that month and they went like they were just so well received. I was literally shocked. I still remember the night and I launched them and I'd built it up on Insta a week before and I launched them at the end of the month Thursday night at 8:00 p.m. and somehow, I had two kids asleep which was great and rare. I was sitting on the couch which was great and rare. [laughs] And, you know on Shopify when you make sale and your phone goes ka-ching. And, all of a sudden my phone is going ka-ching...ching. And, it was like "oh oh oh" [laughs] because like I was just frozen with excitement and my husband looked at me and he's like "Do you want me to go buy some wine?" I was like OK. [both laugh] But, it was so good. And, yeah that month financially ended up being I think I nearly quadruple what I'd made the month before. And then, from there, it's just continued to grow which has been amazing and I've since launched another two collections. So, I launched another collection at the end of May. And then, another collection at the end of August and each one has continued to be more successful than the one previous to it. So, to be honest with you, I feel so grateful because I, I'm not just saying this. I legitimately have connected with so many of my customers and they are really beautiful people and I actually really enjoy working with them and feeling like I can contribute to something that brings them joy and that helps them make special memories with their family and you know that sounds like a cliché but it's actually true. I actually genuinely, really enjoy knowing that I'm contributing to that. So, yeah, it's more than just balloons.

Flori Pyke [00:16:11] Of course, I get it. I mean like the purpose of what you're doing is exactly contributing to these memorable events. And, it's like you know when you reflect back on some of your most noteworthy moments in life often, they are around those memorable events. [Bec agrees] So, yeah. To play a part in those, I can completely appreciate what you're saying. It's quite rewarding.

Bec Albouze [00:16:34] Yeah, it is. And, it's not all about having to have... It is not about having to have a Pinterest-worthy celebration like that's not what I'm about. Like that's, yeah that's where we drew a lot of inspiration, the different colour combinations and think oh my god that looks amazing. But, hey, we just celebrated my little boy's first birthday. We're on holidays in Tasmania with three lamingtons that we bought from the bakery down the road. And, like yes, I did take a bunch of balloons with me to inflate which was amazing but you know it doesn't... never promoting that things always have to be that way. But I just think, hey you know let's celebrate these special moments in our life and if we can make them look pretty and gorgeous while we're doing it then why not.

Flori Pyke [00:17:16] Yeah, no. I totally agree. So, I just want to go back to the few things that you said and one of them... So obviously, before we commence on the podcast, you and I talked a bit around exactly like how you have grown so quickly and one of the things that you said and without naming like exact figures you did allude to the fact, if I'm not mistaken, you made more in one month recently than you made like in the first year that you launched. Is that right? [Bec agrees] Which is like yeah, I'm still digesting the enormous growth that you have experienced like we should have like the emoji applause should be going right now because honestly, it's remarkable what you've achieved.

Bec Albouze [00:18:01] Thank you. Thank you. I am not good at receiving compliments but thank you. I do appreciate that coming from you.

Flori Pyke [00:18:08] No, like it's quite... it's very impressive and I did want to kind of highlight that for our listeners you know that Rebecca has experienced some serious growth but it's not been without a lack of hard work. And, on that, I think there's a couple things in particular that I'd kind of like to touch on. So, you alluded to the fact that you came to Academy Live which is our in-person training weekend and that you experienced like quite a mindset shift. You came into the room and you were a bit uneasy and then you left the room with a real hunger and drive. Can you talk to me more around exactly what happened from a mindset standpoint? What was the trigger? What changed for you?

Bec Albouze [00:18:55] I think, so, I still remember the first session that we did that morning of the first day and I, yeah, like I said you are so nervous when I walked in and you know like we just got down day before and you know what it’s like travelling with little kids and then they hadn't slept at all the night before and I was feeling quite jittery and then Anna like you guys did your introduction and then I think the first session was about mindset. [Flori agrees] And, as Anna was talking through it, I was sitting there and in my mind I was like yup yup this is so me and everything that she was saying about you know things like you know you self-sabotage and the barriers that we come up with but they're actually only in our own mind and you know having confidence and you know just that level of self-belief and actually following through when you know one of the things about yourself that self-beliefs that you currently hold that are you know standing in your way. And, I just resonated with so much that she had to say and I think and yeah I'd already done you know like some of the module work on that, but like I'd said prior to Success Live, I really had floundered a little bit just because of where I was at in life at that time. I was just exhausted, I think. [Flori agrees]. So, it just, it was just a bit of a kick up the butt again that I think I really needed and it was so timely. And, I think what shifted was I started to take myself a little bit more seriously and take my business more seriously because prior to that, I had been treating it as just a bit of a side gig. You know I'm not going to call it a hobby because it was always an intention to be a business but you know financially, I guess the money that it was making wasn't you know significant at all. And, I just don't think I was giving it the time and the level of seriousness really that it deserved. And, I guess, I've always had a bit of a, I don't know what you want to call it, like entrepreneurial kind of itch in me somewhere like you know my mum has her own business. Even my grandmother you know like she had her own business when she was younger which was quite a thing for you know back in those days. [Flori says "Definitely, yeah."] I've always kind of had that and I just I'd never actually had the chance to actually make it happen. So yeah, it was after Academy Live I think yeah my mindset shifted and I was like right I'm going to take myself seriously and I'm really going to knuckle down on this and I'm going to really give this a solid crack and see what kind of results I really can get out of it. [Flori agrees] I started being a lot clearer in my goals. I think that was a significant turning point also because before that it was like I was kind of... I just had my finger in too many pies. Like one minute I'd be trying to do you know I don't know I'd be working on something to do with balloons. Then, the next minute I kind of change that strategy and I'd be just off on some other tangent and I didn't... The time that I did have to work on the business was quite limited because I had both kids at home with me. But I wasn't making the most of that time. I wasn't being efficient and I wasn't being productive. Whereas just... that shift in my mindset was like right I need some clear goals and I need to create some real focus to like I looked at my year and then broke it up into 90-day plan as you guys got us to go through and then from the 90-day plans, I've broken them up to months and then I looked at my weeks and then every day and you know what it’s like, some days you still feel like you get absolutely nothing done. I still feel like that, but I at least I made sure that I could knock off two things a day that I knew that I could achieve and that we're working towards one of those goals that I had clarified in my 90-day plan. So, I've always felt like I was really directed in what my actions were. And, that helped my mindset become so much more positive because I felt like I was achieving something and I was actually ticking the boxes and working towards those goals. So, all of a sudden like I left Academy Live and I had that whole collection launch sorted out within like a week whereas mucking around on it for I don't know how long before that. The same with you know when I started to dabble in Facebook ads. That was my goal. That wasn’t in that quarter but that was the next one but that was one of my goals. And, so then, I had just broken it down to achievable steps and then boom, I knew exactly what I had to do. And then, I was so excited the first time I hit live this campaign.Yes. So, I guess that's my long-winded response to that question.

Flori Pyke [00:23:33] No, I love it. I think that's a great response and I mean a big takeaway I guess listening from what you're saying is that you were able to get laser-focused and also this whole like you were able to kick goals and achieve and confidence comes from those little steps. So, even ticking off those two things a day you know you created a positive mindset shift in yourself that led to confidence and you started to enter almost it's like this positive cycle you know where [Bec agrees] you're taking action, that inspired action. It's creating confidence and it's this full circle of like reward where you're working toward this goal and that's where you entered after Academy Live once you started to take yourself seriously. So, no, I think that's awesome. Now actually, leading on from that which is exactly what I wanted to talk to you next about was you alluded to you kicked off these goals for launching the kits and then the next thing was Facebook ads. So, talk to me a little bit around the impact that Facebook ads has had on your business and yeah from a marketing angle like how that has influenced your results?

Bec Albouze [00:24:49] Well. [Both laugh] Oh my God. So, I'll start off by saying that prior to dabbling in ads, I hadn't really been using Facebook much for my business. I definitely grown more through Instagram and Instagram is the platform that I personally use more often. So, I was leaning more towards it and I was getting a lot more engagement. For instance, I really hadn't done too much with Facebook and I was a little bit sceptical of how you know and if ads would even work for me. But, you know like I'd been listening to your podcasts and so many podcasts and everyone's just talking about Facebook ads and the training that we had done through you as well and I was like right I really need to start to have a bit of a crack at this because prior to that I hadn't done any form of paid marketing, all my marketing had been just organic through Instagram and emails. Anyway, so I made the decision to have a go. So, I started off by working with you and Caroline in the forum and I still remember when I was trying to create my first campaign and can't remember if it was you or Caroline that said to me because I was like OK right you know I've got this idea you know I want to promote the kits and in my mind I was like OK we'll just create an ad for the kit. And then, one of you is like no, no, no. Basically, back up the truck. Let's do a cold traffic campaign first and drive them to your lead magnet. And, I remember thinking oh I never think a lead magnet's that exciting. But A, I think I need to make it more exciting and B they're the experts so I'm going to listen to them and I'm gonna give that a crack. So, I remember that like creating that the ads for that campaign was just like backwards and forwards with you guys and like holding my hand through the whole process. And when I set it live, I was so nervous but I was also so excited. Like I said before because that was like a big goal that I ticked off that I'd finally you know having a bit of a play with Facebook ads and it just went crazy. So, it was like a cold traffic campaign and I had one interest-based campaign and one look-a-likes and both of them performed like really, really well.

Flori Pyke [00:27:11] Do you remember your cost per lead?

Bec Albouze [00:27:13] I did look at my totals down for what that was a….Yeah. Can I look at it? If I get out of here will I lose you?

Flori Pyke [00:27:21] Oh, I don't know. But don't worry about it if not, do you remember it was very low?

Bec Albouze [00:27:26] 15 cents. [Flori laughs] Yeah, it's either fifteen or twelve. I can't remember. It was really low because I remember at the time not knowing if that was good or bad. [laughs]

Flori Pyke [00:27:37] I can remember yeah; we were going back and forth and I think I almost fell off my chair. I actually remember it so vividly that I messaged Anna which doesn't often happen unless there's like a really, big, significant impetus to do so off the back of a forum conversation. And, I remember I was like holy s**t [laughs] and I think I screenshot the conversation where you showed me the metric and I was like check this out. And, yeah from there on you've just been one to watch. It's been quite remarkable.

Bec Albouze [00:28:13] Oh, thank you. I do remember at one point; I can't remember the exact figures off my head but I'd spent like a couple of hundred dollars maybe three hundred, I think. I don't want to quote because I can't remember but I remember having over four grand in sales from that. Yeah. But yeah. So that was huge but I think more than I think what it actually helped me understand was a lot of the strategy that sits behind Facebook marketing so you know and just marketing full stop because in my mind initially, I was trying to hard sell to a cold audience and that you can't do that. [Flori agrees] So, I really learned that. I really learned the value of having a really strong lead magnet. And, I think that that was because I've worked really hard to understand what my customers want to know. [Flori agrees] And, what they're struggling with and what their pain points are. And, I know that so many of them look at these beautiful pictures of balloon garlands that I have on my website. And, like I said they see on Insta and Pinterest and they automatically think that that's too hard for them to do when it's really easy. You can DIY it. So, my lead magnet was top 10 hacks to creating balloon guides. You know the secrets that the professionals use or something along those lines. And yeah, people were really, really... So, I wasn't actually advertising directly to sell a product but it was to download that guide. And, I ended up with yeah over, I think over 600 email sign-ups from that. And, the funny thing was... Well, it's not really funny. [laughs] But, I actually had to turn the ads off because I got really sick. [Flori says "Oh no. Oh my God, I remember this.] like literally, I couldn't keep up with the orders so I had to turn ads off because it was just going crazy. So yeah, that was my first experiment with Facebook ads.

Flori Pyke [00:30:06] And Bec, can I just jump in there? So, you led them to the lead magnet. And then, what did you do with them off the back of that?

Bec Albouze [00:30:13] OK. Yes, actually that's vital. So, I put them then into a funnel and if it had not been for you guys, I would have had absolutely no idea what that even is or how important that was. [Flori agrees] And that, I think is what converted so many of those leads into actual customers. So, they downloaded the guide. So, they went to my lander, they downloaded the guide and from there they went into a welcome sequence that was specifically targeted at those people obviously and then I sent them a series of emails. So, like first kind of welcome ones were introducing me and our business and you know I like to actually explain to people that I am just a small family business that literally runs out of my house and my kitchen table and that when you support my business you know there's no big factory and automated equipment like you're actually just supporting our little family because I think a lot of people can relate to that. [Flori agrees] So yeah, I started off with that the welcome kind of stuff and then yeah basically put them into an email sequence talking more about the balloon tips and then I shared some testimonials. And then, I led them to my video tutorials. So, I filmed a video tutorial which went through the actual steps of how to create a balloon garland to another way to help people understand that it's really not that hard. And then, yeah, I started to then like actually share some of the garlands. And, so yes, so a lot of people then went through that sales funnel of the email sequence and then from there came on and purchased which was really, really good. And then, I've then been able to use that data to inform future ad campaigns. So, I've got retargeting campaigns set up now which are really yeah, they seem to be working quite well as well, I think. [Both laugh] I mean, I do still laugh at the whole statistic side of things because I feel like I'm always saying to you this is good. [both laugh]

Flori Pyke [00:32:24] Let’s just look at the revenue, I think you're doing just fine. Your return on investment is off the hook. So, yeah, you're fine. You're flying. You're not just flying. You're on fire. No, I love it. You know what I was thinking. One note that I'm going to add here for our listeners like I love that whole angle of doing the video tutorials. I think that and also being so genuine and authentic about yourself, who you are and how you know you are a small business and you do this from home, from your kitchen room table, like all that kind of stuff is so impactful and I think it really you know we talked about sales funnels, ultimately, the sales funnel you know what makes it work? What makes it work is creating that sense of relationship and trust with your prospect. And, by you doing those videos, by you being so candid and authentic that is like the ultimate you know hand in trust. That is the ultimate clincher in creating a relationship and you being so authentic and honest. And, I think I wanted to just kind of add that in for our listeners you know. I think that that has been a really big piece of you having so much success as being so honest and people look for that you know. People connect with people and I say that so many times but it's so true like you being you that really resonates with people.

Bec Albouze [00:33:48] Yeah, thank you. But yeah, and to be honest I think I would struggle to do it any other way. I personally will relate to other brands who I feel I can relate to and who I feel are honest and you know and genuine and all of those things and I find it you know like I'll pop on Instagram Stories and you know sometimes I'll have been on my here you know with this teething baby and I'm like you know guys, trying to pack orders that you know this. [laughs] But, people do relate to that because they understand that themselves because that's often the situation that they might be in. And, yeah, I just, I don't think you can put enough value on the importance of being authentic. [Flori agrees] If you're not authentic then people think you're being salesy. And, as soon as people think you're being salesy, they don't want to know you. It's the same with like that was definitely a huge lesson that I learned on Insta on those first, the early days I didn't really understand how to use it as a business, I guess. And, I think I would put pictures up and be like oh this is great. You should buy it, obviously not those words but just being too salesy. And it was when I was doing my marketing strategy with you guys. And as part of that, I was really trying to work on my social media strategy and I was thinking about you know what do my followers want. And I was really trying to work my posts out so that some of my posts obviously going to be sales and creating products. Some of them are going to be connection kind of posts where I'm just connecting with my audience. So, I use a lot of like mum life quotes or you know that kind of stuff. And then, some of my posts need to give value and as soon as I started to really mix that up and actually because even though I'm not a service-based business, I'm an e-commerce business. But I still need to give value to my customers and my customers still. I can't explain to you how crazy people go about learning tips about how to double-stuff balloons or how to inflate a foil balloon correctly? Like people really enjoy hearing that stuff and I'm like that's excellent. I can give that to you. Yes. So, I think that once I started to put a little bit of strategy behind it and yeah really think about what it is that my customer wants and be authentic and genuine in giving that to them then it certainly helps.

Flori Pyke [00:36:14] No, I love it. Well, look I can't wait to see you in the Mastermind because you're certainly headed that way and I'm very proud of all that you've achieved. I feel very privileged that we've been able to, yeah, be on the journey with you. Because yeah, it's been great watching you to be honest and I can't wait to see where to from here because you're just like kicking one goal after another.

Bec Albouze [00:36:37] Oh, thank you. [laughs] I really don’t feel like it right now.Yeah. Thank you.

Flori Pyke [00:36:44] It is so true. OK. So, for our listeners, because obviously, you know I feel like I need a kit to be honest. I'm like where... So, and I'm sure that our listeners are listening thinking the same. So many of them you know, being women who are party planning be it for bubs, for weddings, for engagement parties, what have you. So, tell us a little bit more around where we can find you?

Bec Albouze [00:37:13] OK. Awesome. So, you can jump onto my website. So, www thepopuppartyco dot com dot au. So, the full range is online there. So, I've got a whole collection of the DIY kits. And then, there's also all of the matching table decor that goes with it. In the coming, or end of October, beginning of November, I'm actually launching my Christmas collection, so I'm excited about that. So yes, you can look into that but that's a little bit away. I'm in the final stages of organising all of that at the moment which is super exciting. Yeah, I'm pretty active on Insta at thepopuppartyco. And also, on Facebook as well. So yeah, I'd love it if you want to jump on and have a look. And always, I have lots of questions from people which I really appreciate because I understand that you can look at those pictures and straight away think no that's too hard. So, I always say to people in my emails, please like ask me questions because I'm more than happy to help. So, if any of the listeners have a look but they're wondering about anything then yeah just flick me an email or send me a DM on insta and yeah, I'm more than happy to answer any questions or you can look at my video tutorial on the website and have a good laugh [both laugh].

Flori Pyke [00:38:32] No, I love it. I've been checking out the balloon garland kits and they're certainly impressive to say the least. So...

Bec Albouze [00:38:39] I'll send you one for Julian's first birthday, Flori.

Flori Pyke [00:38:42] Oh my God. Can you? I'm like I am kind of obsessed. They're so pretty. [Bec says “Oh, you tell me which color you want. I'll send you. "] Oh stop it. Really. Oh, thanks.

Bec Albouze [00:38:53] You’ll have to video yourself putting it together.

Flori Pyke [00:38:56] Of course, I will. Oh, girlfriend, of course, I will. [both laugh] No, I'm excited. They're so pretty, honestly. OK. Now, look before I leave you to it, Bec, as you know you're an avid listener of our podcast so I'm sure you're expecting this to some degree. I'm going to put you on the spot with that parting thought which I'm sure you're all over. So, over to you.

Bec Albouze [00:39:24] This is so funny because I literally I was thinking about this in the shower. I couldn't choose one. But you know what I think is my favourite one is it sounds like such a cliché but if oh God now I almost forgotten it. If opportunity doesn't knock, then go build a door. And, I stole that off someone. I don't actually even know where I heard it. But I just read it somewhere. But to me, I think that speaks volumes because you cannot wait and sit there and wait for the opportunity just to pop up in front of you. You have to actually go and you have to put things in place to go and achieve it because I think sometimes it's easy enough to have ideas but it's actually making those ideas come to fruition that is the challenging part. And, sometimes you've just got to think outside the square. And there's never gonna be a time that's going to be perfect and it's going to be ideal. There's always going to be some kind of barrier but you know if not now, then when? So, if that opportunity doesn't land in front of you which is not going to, make it happen pretty much.

Flori Pyke [00:40:28] I love it. You know what though, it is so true and that kind of final thought that you had to add which was of the timing doesn't work like. Can I just say how many times to your point we come across women who have these ideas or they've started a business and they're looking to maybe take it to the next level or to grow or to make that idea come into fruition? But you know the timing's not right. And, the thing is like you're so right because do you know what the timing's never going to be right. There's never the right time. It's never going to be perfect.

Bec Albouze [00:41:06] Yeah, oh trust me, launching a website when you're six and a half months pregnant is definitely not the right time. [laughs] But, you just make it happen because otherwise there's always something else that's gonna come up. There's always something else that's gonna get in the way. So yeah, my advice is just, make the mistakes. Get out there and just do it.

Flori Pyke [00:41:27] Just go for it. I love it. All right. Well, thank you so much for all of your genius tonight, Bec. It's been such a pleasure. I've really enjoyed chatting with you on the podcast.

Bec Albouze [00:41:37] Thank you so much, Flori. It still feels like a little bit surreal to be honest that I have been on here but no I'm really like genuinely appreciative of the opportunity. So, thank you. Always great chatting to you.

Flori Pyke [00:41:50] No, likewise. All right. Lovely to have you tonight, Bec. And, that is a wrap. And, for our listeners, as always ladies, remember to elevate your business game.



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