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Ep69. How strategic copywriting can drive your business growth

Flori chats to copywriting and brand strategy expert Anita Siek from Wordfetti around how strategic copywriting can drive your business's growth... and what you need to consider.

Ep68. From idea to thriving entrepreneur

Flori chats with Academy Student Bec Albouze from The Pop Up Party Co about her rising business success from idea to thriving entrepreneur [who cannot keep up with orders!].

Ep63. Top 5 growth lessons we've experienced throughout our time in business

Tune into this episode with Anna and Flori to learn about their 5 own biggest growth lessons that they've gleamed to date on their business journeys.

Ep56. How to prototype and manufacture your own product

Anna chats with Academy student Jenn Alker about her journey from idea to a finished product ready for launch

Ep55. How to budget and forecast for your business

Anna chats with Financial Coach Eliza Ludwig about best practice budgeting & forecasting so you can be more financially empowered in your business.

Ep54. Is Amazon right for your business?

Anna chats with Mastermind Student Jo Cumberpatch about the peaks and pitfalls of using Amazon as a platform for your business.

Ep50. Your 3 key growth areas

Anna & Flori explore some of the key lessons taught in their recent live Business Growth Mini Course. 

Ep46. Why you need good brand photography to stand out

Flori chats with Leah Ladson from Leah Ladson Photography around all things service & product photography. This episode covers everything from locations, outfits & props to mindset, marketing & competitive advantage.

Ep45. The importance of pricing and positioning in your business strategy

Anna coaches Academy student Shelly - through pricing, positioning & branding in the lead up to the launch of Shelly’s new product range for Pretty Neat Kids.

Ep44. How I prepared to launch my directory business

Flori connects with Academy student Becky Hughes to learn about the steps she's taken to prepare herself for the launch of her new business, The Sista Collective.

Ep39. $1 million in 18 months

Flori chats with Kayla Houlihan from Tribe Skincare around the marketing strategy that she's used to achieve extraordinary success in such a short space of time.

Ep37. How I went from corporate to a profitable business with apps

Anna chats with Kimmy from Kimmy Smith Fit on how trusting your gut and creating unique valuable content can lead to the ultimate fulfilment.

Ep32. Our year in review

Anna & Flori step you through the importance of taking stock of the year that was, so you can leverage your insights for the year ahead.

Ep25. How to get your first 100 clients

Anna chats to Johnathan Grzybowski about how he got his first 100 customers through the door in his newest business venture.

Ep7. 6 keys to building a strong brand identity

Anna & Flori step you through what you need to do to establish a strong brand identity. 




Based in Sydney but servicing clients worldwide, The Elevatory is an education hub for Women in Business. Founded by Anna and Flori in Sydney in 2016. The Elevatory’s mission is clear - to deliver Women all the coaching, training & resources they need to ensure RESULTS in their small business.

The Elevatory Mastermind was later founded in 2018 in response to students who were progressing quickly through their signature coaching program, delivering advanced training to help them scale and break through the boundaries of those next income levels.


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