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Lisa helps women get unstuck and create real, lasting change.“When we work from that place of personal power and we know, we can literally craft the story of our life.” And isn’t that a powerful thing?


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Lisa Corduff is the founder of Small Steps Living, a business that helps you achieve a healthier and happier life. She helps women get unstuck and create real, lasting change in their lives through powerful mindset strategies and inspiration to break down the barriers that hold them back. Lisa’s inspiration is that she believes that the world needs more women owning their worth and power.

The journey

People often see a successful business and believe that it happened overnight. What they don’t see is the years of procrastination, trials and failures. With three kids in four years, Lisa’s journey definitely wasn’t all smooth sailing.

Small Steps Living was born from wanting to make friends. Having just moved to Brisbane, Lisa took to selling Thermomix so she could meet new people. But what started as a desire to socialise quickly became her market research.

Based on what she learnt whilst selling Thermomix she launched a 21-day whole foods challenge, having no idea what she was doing, but had 500 people sign up. Then came her 8-week program Small Steps to Whole Foods which 500 people bought, making her $35,000 in her first launch. Small Steps Living had been born!

Even though Lisa was winging it, she quickly realised how much she loved what she was doing.

“It became addictive to help people. They were changing the food they ate. Their kids were eating food they’d never eaten before. I was sharing all these amazing experts that I'd been following with a whole new audience of people. It felt so good.”


The importance of support and tuning in

Lisa quickly realised after this first launch and making $250,000 in 18 months that with three young children, she didn’t want to be working late into the night every night. Much of her $250,000 was reinvested into outsourcing as much as possible as well as coaching and joining Masterminds to support her personal development and growth.

Lisa’s rapid business growth was also supported by her ability to listen to what her audience was saying.

“The really important part here is to be in conversation with your people. Talk to them, ask them, create opportunities for them to tell you what they're struggling with or what they need.”

Once you understand your audience’s problems, you can create tailored solutions based on your zone of genius.




Mindset is everything

Lisa believes that mindset plays a huge role in achieving your goals. She would see some women come into her program and make significant transformations, others would start strong and lose momentum and others didn’t even open the emails. The difference? The stories that they told themselves, which then impacted their identity.

“You don’t have time or space for anything that matters to you because you continue to tell yourself the story that you don’t.”

So how do we re-write these stories? Most of us unconsciously carry these stories around with us – whether related to money, business, motherhood, relationships or food – and intrinsically accept that they are part of who we are. But they don’t have to be! Lisa believes that “once you've got this method for being able to shift those stories, spot them and then take action, then anything becomes possible.”


Putting the realisation into action

Lisa admits that changing these stories isn’t easy. “It's a of rewiring your brain, like creating those new pathways and those new stories. It takes time and a fair bit of work. I don't think I ever fully understood my brain. It's flexing a new muscle. And you tell yourself when you start who you are, you need to have that on like repeat all the time.”

Lisa’s moment of realisation that she wasn’t taking full responsibility for her life and her stories came at a time when life seemed a little chaotic. Her husband was unwell and in hospital, the family had just moved interstate and so the responsibility of finding new schools, day-care and a house fell squarely in her lap. This was all whilst she was also trying to run the business to support the family.

Then the inevitable happened. Once everyone was settled, her body gave in and Lisa was sick for two weeks, with very little energy.

Conscious of the need to bring the absolute best of herself to her business and not knowing how to get out of her funk, she spoke to her coach James Wedmore. His response – I don’t think you’re taking responsibility for your life.

Naturally, Lisa was furious with this response. She resented the suggestion especially when he seemingly had it all - a healthy partner, no kids and plenty of money. But then, Lisa had the realisation.

“I completely missed his point. And like all good coaches, it was just this little suggestion that you then go on and contemplate. And I realised wasn't [being responsible]. There was no one else responsible for keeping me well, for setting my agenda but me.”

This lightbulb moment has been the catalyst for Lisa to take control and ownership of all her actions. She realises now that she doesn’t need to wait for circumstances to change. She has the power to do it and do it now! Lisa says, “when we work from that place of personal power and we know, we can literally craft the story of our life.” And isn’t that a powerful thing?


Your stories, your choice

Lisa’s journey so far has taught her that it’s important to invest in the right support as early as possible, even if it means bringing in less income for the family. “I was consciously choosing to invest in certain things and to take less home for our family during those years. I’d be in a really bad spot right now if I hadn’t been investing in myself and my own growth and this business because it now supports our family.”

She also acknowledges that the more people that she brings into her life to support her business and personal growth, the more her revenue grows. She encourages women to step out of procrastination when outsourcing because when you do, you feel better and when you feel better, your business reflects this! The result is a business that is aligned with your vision. “I couldn't stay true to myself or my audience if I wasn't bringing the highest version of me to my business, the highest message, the highest teachings.”

Another way that Lisa learnt to bring the highest version of herself to her business was by investing time in herself. As a busy mum it can be difficult to find time, but Lisa was determined to make time. She would often wake up early, go to a café at 6am and work until 7:30am. She would go home and make lunches, but something had already shifted for the day. Her vibe had lifted because she’d already invested in herself.

The difference? She chose happiness and that’s transformational. Lisa encourages you to ask yourself “If I want to feel good today, what would that mean? What would that look like?”



In conclusion...

Lisa is all for taking consistent, imperfect action. She believes that she wouldn’t be where she is today unless she’d done exactly that. Expecting to be perfect will stop your growth as you won’t take the action you need to move forward. Staying inside your comfort zone is not where the good stuff happens! Lisa has a screensaver on her phone that says “100% responsible, 100% possible”. She keeps it there as a reminder not to fall back into her old ways.

Her parting advice is to act right now. Grab a paper and pen and brain dump all the reasons that you can think of that your business and life isn’t where you want it to be. Then take a step back and highlight all the things that are true. The rest are stories. Raise your awareness around the stories and re-write them. Then you can take on the world!


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