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Ep33. This is what happens when you go all in

Anna & Flori celebrate some of the successes and standouts from inside The Elevatory® Academy in 2018.

Ep32. Our year in review

Anna & Flori step you through the importance of taking stock of the year that was, so you can leverage your insights for the year ahead.

Ep31. How I turned my biggest problem into my biggest opportunity with Lou Fitzpatrick

Flori chats to student Lou Fitzpatrick about her journey of turning her number one challenge into her biggest business opportunity with The Anxiety Project.

Ep30. Instagram - Latest tips and insights to be across with Elise Darma

Flori catches up with Insta Expert Elise Darma to talk about all the latest must-do's and insights to be across when it comes to growing your business on this social media platform. 

Ep29. How to maximise your impact on social media

Anna chats to Social Media Strategist Stevie Dillon about social media’s place in your marketing plan and what to do to maximise its reach and impact on your bottom line.

Ep28. How fitness can help empower your mindset

Flori chats to fitness expert Jay Kali about the impact that health and exercise can have on your mindset.

Ep27. Juggling all the things

Anna draws back the curtain on a recent mindset class where she hones in on the mummy juggle, and how to be most effective with your limited time.

Ep26. Decision paralysis

Anna coaches student Danielle Levy through her procrastination, fear of decision making and lack of self-belief. 

Ep25. How to get your first 100 clients

Anna chats to Johnathan Grzybowski about how he got his first 100 customers through the door in his newest business venture.

Ep24. Mistakes, wakeup calls and comebacks

Anna & Flori take you through one of the biggest mistakes they made this year and how they clawed their way back from it.

Ep23. How to drive organic growth on your Facebook page with Rachel Miller

Flori chats to Rachel Miller about how to drive organic growth on Facebook and the impact if can have for your business.

Ep22. How to come up with killer content that your audience will lap up

Anna & Flori chat through the importance of using content as part of your marketing strategy 

Ep21. Facebook Groups - A good or bad idea for your business? - with Diana Tower

Flori chats with Diana Tower around the pros & cons of creating and managing a Facebook community as part of your business model.

Ep20. Why hasn’t it happened for me yet?

Anna & Flori chat through some of the key reasons your business might be stagnating right now. 

Ep19. How to create a buzz when launching a new product or service

Anna & Flori step you through what you need to consider when creating and implementing a successful launch strategy.




The Elevatory® is an education hub for Women in Business. Founded in 2016 The Elevatory's mission is clear - to deliver Women all the coaching, training & resources they need to ensure RESULTS in their small business.

The Elevatory® Mastermind was later founded in 2018 in response to students who were progressing quickly through The Elevatory's signature coaching program, delivering advanced training to help them scale and break through the boundaries of those next income levels.


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