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Ep14. Are you a #controlfreak?

Anna coaches student Jo Cumberbatch through her need to always feel in control, striving for perfection and learning to let go.

Ep13. The habits of highly successful people

Flori chats to Colin Morgan about his thoughts on how best to manage your time, mindset & marketing, after interviewing hundreds of today's most successful entrepreneurs.

Ep11. 7 steps to conquering your fears

Anna & Flori take you through 7 steps to conquering your fears so you can drive your life and business forward.

Ep8. Is your confidence really the problem?

Anna coaches student Avanthi Ravindran through her fears and doubts around pursuing her passion. 

Ep2. The 3 building blocks for small business success

Anna & Flori discuss the three essential foundations you need to have in place before you even think about your business strategy or marketing plan.

Ep1. Why we started this podcast

An introduction to Anna & Flori; And their vision and mission for this podcast and all the awesomeness & value you can expect from it.




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