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Read on to learn how this workshop will help you to:

  • Uncover hidden revenue and sales opportunities
  • Identify areas where you may be losing money
  • Proactively spot issues before they become significant problems in the future
  • Be empowered to make data driven informed business decisions

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Why you need this workshop


While analytics may not be as flashy as ChatGPT or reels, they ARE crucial for ecommerce growth.

But with Google Analytics boasting over 100 metrics and Shopify offering 60+ dashboards of data, the data overload can be overwhelming. Where do you start? What do you look at? And what does the data even mean?

Let us simplify it for you by focusing on just 15 core metrics you need to be across to drive significant results in your ecommerce business. 🎯🚀








Here’s what we cover in this workshop


15 key metrics you need to track across the customer journey

A breakdown of all the jargon so it’s simple and easy to understand

Industry performance benchmarks so you can assess your store's performance

Effective techniques to attract and convert new customers

Tactics to increase the average value of each customer's purchase

Strategies to build long-term customer loyalty and increase repeat purchases




PLUS you'll get your very own spreadsheets to use moving forward






Everything you’re getting for $7



  • 1.5 hour interactive workshop
  • PDF of what to track and where to find your data - across platforms like GA4, WordPress, Shopify, Email Marketing platforms, Meta and Google.
  • Analytics tracker for you to populate
What you get 


We're Not Done Yet…

Bonus Tag

To ensure you get the most out of this training, we're ALSO including access to group coaching sessions for a month. This extra support will help you master your skills and ensure you're maximising the potential of your newfound knowledge. Plus, during these sessions, we'll personally review your numbers and provide additional feedback to further enhance your understanding and progress. Valued @$499.



Our Expertise and Track Record


We have helped hundreds of ecommerce businesses achieve remarkable results by leveraging their analytics effectively.


Like Sue ...

By reviewing and tweaking her email flows based on our benchmarks, Sue was able to increase her revenue by a staggering 10 times!

Additionally, when we tracked her site's performance and reviewed her website's user experience we were able to make specific improvements that resulted in doubling her conversion rate.





Meet your Coaching Team


Join us and learn from a team of expert coaches all with unique marketing experience and specialist skills in Google analytics, Shopify analytics, CRO, Google ads, Email Marketing and Meta Marketing.





» Marketing Strategy
» Financials & Analytics
» Marketing Plans
» Leadership Coach




» Google Ads
» Email Marketing
» Website Optimisation




» Product Launches
» Sales Funnels
» Meta™ Ads
» TikTok Ads





Anna Jonak


Our Goal for You

You’ll know WHAT numbers to track, WHY they matter, WHERE to find them and HOW to use them.

So you know exactly how to leverage your analytics and make informed decisions that will drive significant growth for your business.





This Workshop is Perfect for You IF:


  • You're tired of feeling overwhelmed by your analytics.
  • You want to make data-driven decisions that lead to real results.
  • You want to understand your GA4, shopify analytics, email marketing metrics and more.
  • You're ready to take your ecommerce business to the next level.

    BUY NOW FOR JUST $7 $97





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"I had literally never really used a spreadsheet before and now Anna has me understanding and not fearing my numbers. I now see this knowledge has the power to grow my business and understand how the numbers can guide me to make decisions rather than guessing all the time."

Jane Brereton
Plain Jane Paints



"I have a totally different outlook to my numbers now than when I began. So much of what I do now is based on NUMBERS and I couldn't move or grow my business where I want it without having a great understanding of them"

Kristel Spencer


"Before I started with The Elevatory I was running in the red and avoiding my numbers. After being forced into a cash flow sheet and analysing my PNL, I was in shock. But we turned things around and now I have the much needed insights and benchmarks to make sound decisions for my business."

Sarah Bugden
Daisy's Closet





At the Elevatory we help clients build multi-6 and 7 figure businesses through strategic marketing.


A comprehensive guide of the tasks you need to tackle and the infrastructure you need in place to sustainably grow your business.