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Case Study

How This Midwifery Business is Booked Out in Advance

You’re ready to grow - and you know what you need to do… Sales strategy, financial plan, funnels, email marketing, marketing plan .. the list goes on BUT, you're just not sure how to implement it all …

Introducing Albury Wodonga Midwifery

During Barb Robert's (pictured above right) time working as a midwife at a local hospital she became acutely aware of just how disjointed the care was for expectant women.

“They would go into labour looking terrified. And on the postnatal ward women would say to me "gee I wish you could come home with me".

Barb wanted more for these women. She wanted to develop a real and meaningful relationship with her patients and really be there for them, all the way through their pregnancy and postnatal journey.

So Albury Wodonga Midwifery was born. Because midwifery services on the Victorian & NSW border just needed a new standard of care!

The Problem

"I needed support and guidance in business. I knew what I was doing clinically with my eyes shut however I had never run a business before. I was lost with this side of things. I needed help with my website & my email / phone funnels. I tried and tried to do this all myself with other courses and researching however never could get it to work properly. I knew I needed one go-to person that could assist me with it all".   

Joining The Elevatory® Mastermind

"I had researched a few courses/mentors. And I saw an Elevatory ad and I spoke to Anna at length on the phone and what she said really resonated with me. I loved that I'd finally found a whole team that could help me with everything I needed, in the one place!"





Barb had been operating for a couple of years prior to joining The Elevatory® and her brand and website had not changed much since it was initially created.

So, one of our first tasks was a brand audit with Anna, and a full website audit with Jo.

The website needed to better resonate with her target market visually (colours and images) and it needed to be optimised for conversion (usability).

After the audits Barb was then connected to one of our design partners who was able to refresh the brand and make the design changes to improve the customer experience on the website.

What’s more Anna & Jo managed the whole process so Barb could sit back and watch her new brand and website unfold.



AWM-Old-Hero-Image AWM-Old-Services-Section


AWM New Homepage




Social Media          

Barb has gained a new confidence in her social media style. A thourough audit with Elevatory Socials Coach Vikki and engagement has nearly doubled. 

Barb was stepped through how to use Planoly, and how to bulk create and schedule her content. Together they developed new templates that matched her branding but gave her feed a more modern and organised look.

They also worked on her hashtags and implemented a strategy to increase the amount of views of her posts, targeting mums to be in the Albury Wodonga area specifically.







Sales Funnels

Now, with leads and forward bookings identified as a key focal point for improvement, during the next stage of our work together we went on to build 2 sales funnels for Barb's Midwifery business

  • A lead funnel to build Barb's subscriber email list, delivering a comprehensive pregnancy download and a series of targeted emails based on their relevant month of pregnancy and
  • A phone funnel which encouraged expectant mothers to book in for a free 15 minute consult, generating conversions from the consult conversations.

Over the last 6 months, Barb's leads list has increased by nearly 15% which has led to an increase of consults being booked - with nearly 20% of leads booking in for a chat.

In the past, leads would contact Barb in their 5th, 6th, 7th month of pregnancy. Now expectant mothers are booking in for Barb's services when they are 1-2 months in. This means as at Jan 2020 - Barb already has clients forward booked over the next nine months!

Barb also has a 90 % conversion rate on calls and is fully booked 3 months out.

And the best bit with these funnels… is that can be turned on and off at any time to meet the lead flow needs of the business!


Facebook Ads

To date Barb's Facebook Ad campaigns have generated an ROI (return on investment) of over 800%. Providing a steady and reliable lead flow at all times.

And Barb opted for our in-house agency team to manage her ads – exclusively available to our Mastermind clients, so she is able to concentrate on other areas of business growth (including opening a second location!).










Stepping into CEO

Across their time together Anna has worked exclusively with Barb to help her step fully into the role of CEO.

Together they have embraced financial management and forecasting, reviewing business growth opportunities, celebrating important milestones and working to reduce Barbs hours in the clinic so she can continually expand.




 What's Next

My plan is to have two clinics - one in Wodonga and one in Albury running at full capacity and after that the dream is for a Birth Centre. 


Barb has had Tanya by her side for the last few years but with more business coming in, it means Barb has employed another staff member (with encouragement from Anna) and never looked back.

On top of that, clinic number 2 will be opening in Jan/Feb 2021 in Albury AND alongside this, Barb will start looking at other ways to bring in revenue without doing clinic hours.





5.0 Rating from 65 Google Reviews









"Two months in and my audience has grown by thousands, my list has doubled and my income is steadily growing. I have dived into Facebook ads which has been a revelation and I’ve even executed a pre launch launch! It is powerful to be right alongside other owners as they grow their businesses too. The support, the accountability and the candidness of our coaches is making a major difference to how I am working and my goals for the future.”

Erin Duncan | Erin Duncan Creative





In the first 3 months I got more done than what I used to get done in a year. We have made so many incredible changes to improve both my sales and profit margin.

After just 2 months, I had a record month in sales."

Louise Carter | Baby Luno







“In two months, I have tripled my email subscribers, set up automations which have generated great sales (abandoned cart sequence and website pop-up) set up my first Facebook ad which is doing really well AND sold out of my pre-sales for my next book in a couple of hours!"

Jess Spencer | Adored Illustrations





Just 12 months in our sales are doubling year on year... we’ve jettisoned a product, relaunched our flagship product, rebranded our website, and overcome one of us unexpectedly being absent from the biz. This year we will totally be a AU$1,000,000 turnover business. What’s more we LOVE our biz again!

Jo Cumberbatch | Go Trovo Games







"I have been able to efficiently fast track my business to success within the niche Equestrian industry with a complete rebrand, new website, social media and marketing plan and fundamentally a better understanding of my numbers. If you are a business owner who needs to be inspired, educated and connected with like minded individuals to take your business to the next level, I cannot recommend joining the Elevatory journey enough!"

Kate Berry | Just Gorgeous Things





"This program has opened my eyes and helped me take my business to the next level. The assistance and support with FB ads, strategy and financial management has increased my sales month on month. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I have in the last six months without their help, they have reignited the passion and motivation I first had for my business, and I am excited for what is to come."

Gemma Bronzoni | The Nappy Society





"The Elevatory have helped me scale up and given me the tools and confidence to make changes that have had a major impact on my revenue. I had invested in coaches before, but never to this extent (financially and emotionally)..but I am more than happy to report that the coaching has paid for itself several times over. I honestly couldn’t be happier with the results, so much so that I will continue to work with Anna and her team for the foreseeable future. I just cannot let them go!

Nikki Capp | The Cover Collective




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