Case Study

Anna from Lighthouse Lane

Case Study

Bali Bliss, Family First & Six Figure Success

You’re ready to grow - and you know what you need to do… Sales strategy, financial plan, funnels, email marketing, marketing plan .. the list goes on BUT, you're just not sure how to implement it all …


Now, imagine being plugged into a team guiding you through it all step by step.
EMPOWERING you with all the knowledge, tools and training you need.
A completely bespoke experience that meets your business needs.

Our coaching and consultancy service will give you just that.



Introducing Lighthouse Lane

At Lighthouse Lane, you’ll discover a carefully curated collection of pendant light shades crafted from ethically sourced bamboo, rattan, and seagrass. Meticulously hand-woven by talented artisans in Indonesia, these stylish light shades are a testament to Anna Worrall's commitment to using top-tier, natural, and sustainable materials. As the driving force behind the online store, Anna works directly with her artisans to ensure each piece is a unique masterpiece.

Anna says "Lighthouse Lane was born as a result of a 2-year hiatus in Bali. Hubby and I wanted to escape the rat race we were living in Australia, slow down and spend more quality time with our 3 kids.

In the days before I was brave enough to ride a scooter, I spent a LOT of time sitting in traffic. It gave me lots of time to observe what was going on around me in local villages and see the amazing home wares, furniture and light shades being made by craftsmen and women from their homes.

It was the light shades that constantly caught my eye. So many amazing designs being woven by hand, one piece at a time. Having built homes and renovated several times, the lack of unique lighting options always frustrated me – and here it was all around me.

So, on our return to Australia, with the desire to not be caught back up in the rat race and to be able to work more flexibly around our family, the five suitcases we took to Bali became eight, a surfboard – and a container full of gorgeous light shades!"

The Problem

Anna knew she had a great business idea, but also knew she had absolutely no idea how to run a business, or even where to start.

"I needed a business coach. Someone to guide me, advise me and hold me accountable to enable me turn my idea into reality."

Joining The Elevatory®

Anna recalls:

“I loved that the Elevatory had coaches for different areas of your business from Facebook ads to SEO to numbers to mindset and I loved that they were women who wanted to support other women in business to succeed. I didn’t feel intimidated.”



The 4 core objectives at The Elevatory 



Set your business up for growth now and into the future




Increase your traffic, sales and profit




Automate as much of your business as possible




Have you firmly step into the CEO role of your business



Anna started with the Elevatory prior to starting her business in early 2021.

 One of the biggest things the Elevatory has done for me is give me confidence – confidence in myself that I can do this and know they are there to guide me and give me a push when I need it! They have enabled me to think bigger and have challenged me to think differently about various parts of my business.”



Before diving into website creation, it's crucial to define your unique selling proposition and distinguish yourself in the marketplace. Understanding your ideal clients, mastering effective communication tailored to them, and devising strategies to reach them lay the foundation for all your interactions.

Anna collaborated closely with Anna Jonak to fine-tune her messaging and ensure it hit the mark.


Website Creation

Under The Elevatory's guidance, Anna then crafted a high-performing Shopify website with the goal to transform visitors into customers. With a clear homepage menu and strategically designed product pages, the user experience became intuitive and conversion-friendly.

With further insights Anna upleveled the website again, optimised for SEO, faster load times and an improved menu tailored to her audience's preferences, all of which led to a notable increase in conversion rates.


Launch Homepage

Lighthouse Lane Launch Homepage

Re-Fresh Oct23

Lighthouse Lane website refresh




Lead Magnet

Next Anna strategically implemented lead-nurturing funnels on her website, capitalising on the opportunity to engage and convert potential leads. Through extensive testing, Anna identified the perfect lead magnet that not only captures interest but also serves as a powerful catalyst for driving sales.




Google Analytics reveals a consistent monthly increase in users, now reaching thousands per month. This growth is attributed to a combination of organic and paid marketing strategies.


 Anna W Google Analytics Users



Paid Ads

Anna initially focused on mastering Meta Ads so she can confidently manage this herself. In her latest campaign she achieved an impressive x4.8 return on ad spend (ROAS) for her conversion ads in Sep-Oct.

This accomplishment was part of a comprehensive strategy crafted by Coach Caroline, encompassing multiple objectives.


 Lighthouse Lane Ad Example  Lighthouse Lane Ad Example  Lighthouse Lane Ad Example


Meta Result


Her ad results for 3 days on 'Green' Friday a $1200 ad spend to $18,000 in sales!


Meta Result



Thanks to Anna's partnership with The Elevatory, her first year in business saw an impressive $50k in sales, which doubled the following year, moving into her third year, sales skyrocketed into the six figures. How did she achieve this remarkable growth?

  1. Implementing systems to stay on top of crucial numbers like profit, cash flow, and margins.
  2. Successfully self managing her Meta and Google Ads, guided by coaches Caroline & Jo.
  3. Building her email list from scratch to nearly 5000 subscribers.
  4. Boosting her average order value by 25% year over year.
  5. Growing her social media followers from zero to an impressive 6000.
  6. Collaborating with a dream interior designer influencer.

The culmination of these efforts resulted in Anna's best month ever in September 2023, with a 50% increase in average sales, followed by a remarkable 100% jump in October and an astounding 300% surge in November23.



But most importantly Anna is living her dream life

Reflecting on the past two years since the launch, she vividly recalls the initial aspiration of having a business that allowed her to return to Bali once or twice a year and having a business that fit around her family, so she could be there for pick up and drop off, school assemblies and sports days!

 Anna W 2 Year Reflection


 The Future

Anna's marketing focus is undergoing a shift towards a deeper mastery of Google Ads, guided by Coach Jo, and a continued emphasis on refining her email marketing strategies.

The wealth of accumulated data will play a pivotal role in gearing Anna up for the strategic scaling of her business.

And of course, Anna remains steadfast in savouring the freedom her business affords her in balancing work and family life.








5.0 Rating from 65 Google Reviews









"Two months in and my audience has grown by thousands, my list has doubled and my income is steadily growing. I have dived into Facebook ads which has been a revelation and I’ve even executed a pre launch launch! It is powerful to be right alongside other owners as they grow their businesses too. The support, the accountability and the candidness of our coaches is making a major difference to how I am working and my goals for the future.”

Erin Duncan | Erin Duncan Creative





In the first 3 months I got more done than what I used to get done in a year. We have made so many incredible changes to improve both my sales and profit margin.

After just 2 months, I had a record month in sales."

Louise Carter | Baby Luno







“In two months, I have tripled my email subscribers, set up automations which have generated great sales (abandoned cart sequence and website pop-up) set up my first Facebook ad which is doing really well AND sold out of my pre-sales for my next book in a couple of hours!"

Jess Spencer | Adored Illustrations





Just 12 months in our sales are doubling year on year... we’ve jettisoned a product, relaunched our flagship product, rebranded our website, and overcome one of us unexpectedly being absent from the biz. This year we will totally be a AU$1,000,000 turnover business. What’s more we LOVE our biz again!

Jo Cumberbatch | Go Trovo Games







"I have been able to efficiently fast track my business to success within the niche Equestrian industry with a complete rebrand, new website, social media and marketing plan and fundamentally a better understanding of my numbers. If you are a business owner who needs to be inspired, educated and connected with like minded individuals to take your business to the next level, I cannot recommend joining the Elevatory journey enough!"

Kate Berry | Just Gorgeous Things





"This program has opened my eyes and helped me take my business to the next level. The assistance and support with FB ads, strategy and financial management has increased my sales month on month. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I have in the last six months without their help, they have reignited the passion and motivation I first had for my business, and I am excited for what is to come."

Gemma Bronzoni | The Nappy Society





"The Elevatory have helped me scale up and given me the tools and confidence to make changes that have had a major impact on my revenue. I had invested in coaches before, but never to this extent (financially and emotionally)..but I am more than happy to report that the coaching has paid for itself several times over. I honestly couldn’t be happier with the results, so much so that I will continue to work with Anna and her team for the foreseeable future. I just cannot let them go!

Nikki Capp | The Cover Collective




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At the Elevatory we help clients build multi-6 and 7 figure businesses through strategic marketing.


A comprehensive guide of the tasks you need to tackle and the infrastructure you need in place to sustainably grow your business.