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Flori chats with Jenna Black from Abundant Boss around the importance of a positive money mindset and how to strengthen yours for success. 

In this episode of the Raising Her Game Podcast, Flori catches up with Jenna Black from the Abundant Boss - a.k.a money mindset mentor, business strategist and energy healer to chat about tips and tools to shift your money mindset and receive more abundance this 2019.

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  • How to help make 2019 your best year yet on a personal level
  • What is money mindset and how does it help you in business
  • Insights and tips to adopt the right money mindset so that you can yield abundance in your business and life
  • Why your childhood affects your money mindset
  • What is the process of energy healing
  • How to master your energy to attract clients




Jenna (a.k.a the Abundance Queen) is the founder of Abundant Boss and a business success and abundance coach for spiritual and visionary babes in business. She blends the mystical and the practical to help you design and grow a business and life that is profitable, aligned and rich – on every level. Her mission to help next level babes, get seen, heard and paid for being your true self, up level into more influence + income, and create a wildly abundant business and life, you are madly in love with.








Flori Pyke: [00:00:54] Welcome to Episode 36 of the Raising Her Game Podcast. And you have Flori here with you today and I'm super excited to be hosting a guest who we haven't actually yet had on the podcast. And she is a money mindset mentor, a business strategist and energy healer as well as the head honcho at the Abundant Boss. A huge welcome to you, Jenna Black.

Jenna Black: [00:01:23] Hi Flori. Thanks so much for having me.

Flori Pyke: [00:01:26] No it's such a pleasure. As I said to you before we kicked off today I'm super excited to have you on the podcast because mindset, as I mentioned to you I've learned a lot via Anna but I am all ears. I'm very excited to learn loads from you today because it's certainly not my niche at all. [laughing] So it's really awesome to have you here.

Jenna Black: [00:01:51] Thank you so much. I'm super excited to chat all things mindset with you as well. It will be good.

Flori Pyke: [00:01:55] Yeah. So before we kind of get into this, I thought you might be able to share with our listeners just a little bit more around your niche and your jam and all things that you're passionate about and what you do over the Abundant Boss.



Jenna Black: [00:02:12] Yeah sure. So I work with visionary spiritual women and really those women that desire to call in more in their life and become known for their soul work and what they're here to do and to really help them step into that fully. So I work in abundance and money mindset. So really looking at your energy and your alignment, your mindset around wealth and allowing yourself to receive greater amounts of abundance and at the same time we look at your business, so blending in the business coaching and strategy and helping you get super aligned and focused and intentional in how you spend your time, what you spend your time doing. So yeah, I kind of help women shape their overall business but also their life so as we do this work, we kind of apply it to all areas of life. And I really help women I always say like talking about abundance on every level so not just with money but abundance in your relationships and your creativity and your business and all areas. So yeah, I really help them step fully into who they are and it's the most rewarding work. I love it.

Flori Pyke: [00:03:20] Yeah. I can see you on video right now totally like shining. The passion is oozing. [Jenna laughs] So I'm picking up on that. Well certainly a lot of alignment there with what we do and I couldn't agree more with you in terms of how it's all kind of intertwined and when you can start to really get that abundance and positive energy coming through on a personal level it can have that effect as well on all other levels including business.

Jenna Black: [00:03:52] Yeah absolutely. Yeah it definitely is a ripple effect in all areas of your life.

Flori Pyke: [00:03:57] Yes. That's right and that's like the perfect way to describe it, a ripple effect. Now look, seeing as we are kicking off 2019, we're still in the early stage of 2019, I thought that perhaps today we could just talk a little bit around how to help make 2019 basically like you're your best year yet and especially on this personal level. We talk a lot about business over here and obviously mindset as that is absolutely Anna's magic, but I would love to kind of ask you some questions as well when it comes to mindset because you are a bit of a ninja on this stuff as well. [Jenna says thank you] And there were a few things when I was kind of, as we were chatting you do a lot around money mindset and that's something that we, to a degree we touch on it but it's certainly not a key area for us. and I'd love to just ask you some questions around what does that mean. What is money mindset? How does that help you in business? How do you adopt a positive money mindset? How can this impact your business results? Yeah, I would love for you to just kind of give me some insights around that and some tips to adopting the right money mindset.




Jenna Black: [00:05:21] Yeah for sure. So I really believe in the power of mindset work particularly around money mindset for women and particularly in business because I find a lot of us like start our own business and we're used to, maybe we had a salary before, we get paid, we don’t have to think about, the money just shows up and then we go into business and it's a whole different ball game, right? With receiving and feeling worthy of receiving and so just to kind of break it down really simply, money mindset is just the beliefs that we have towards money and receiving. But it also stems from a place of what we deem ourselves worthy of receiving. It all stems back from what we believe we are worthy of having and how much we believe we are worthy of receiving. So the way that you can start to really adopt a positive mindset is ultimately starting with understanding your money story and what you were taught around money and going way back to childhood, really doing some journaling work or even just starting to bring forward how we were raised around money. What was your household like with money? What were your parents like with money and really starting to see that a lot of what we get taught, not just around money but around our worth and around our abilities and everything like that. It's just all programmed to us at really young age and often goes back generations as well. So I remember when I was first exploring this work five years ago, when I started my money mindset journey and I started to realise that my dad has always kind of said "you got to work hard, trade your hours for dollars". We get taught that you do an hour's work, you get paid an hour's rate. That's kind of like a standard belief particularly in my family. And then I realised well that goes back to my grandparents. That goes back to my great grandparents. That's generations and generations. So a lot of the time when we start to unpack it, we realise that everyone is in this cycle of what we get taught and passed on. [Flori agrees] And it's up to us to say well is that actually my truth? Is that what I want to carry forward? Is that what I want to teach my kids or my family? Is that what I decide to run my life? Because our beliefs are really directing what we create. So it's really about understanding firstly what your money story is and you simply do that by saying well how was I raised around money, around my worth? What where my parents or my parental figures like with money? What did I witness verbally or behaviourally? And just start to understand where these beliefs and patterns are coming from.

Flori Pyke: [00:07:57] Yeah. It's amazing how much it stems back to like childhood. I mean I feel like with so many of these mindset blocks, things that hold you back, money mindset, like there's this underlying trend that it really stems back to your childhood and these formations of beliefs that you've adopted in that time. [Jenna agrees] And one thing sorry. Just when you said my dad said that you get paid for an hour's work. You work an hour, you get paid for that one hour. And I just totally can relate to that on some degree. Because I remember when I started way back when I commenced on my entrepreneurial journey, my dad, he was quite concerned about exactly that like "yeah but you're not going to have a salary". [Jenna says yeah, my parents were the same] Like he just could not wrap his head around it. And he was like what if it doesn't work and even though you, exactly to your dad's point, even if you put all the hours in, it doesn't mean that you're going to make this target amount of money. And I was like yeah, I know. But it was almost like I had to educate him like it's almost like the tables turn in terms of that childhood to dad and then now I'm kind of teaching him but it was almost like I had to put his mind on ease that like it would be okay etc etc. So I can totally relate to that personal story you just shared.

Jenna Black: [00:09:40] Yeah. I think it's really common, this idea that you have to work hard to earn some amount or if say we're setting money goals for 2019 and we're thinking well, if I earn more I'm going to have to work more or I'm gonna have to sacrifice more time with my family or my kids and we start to get this old conditioning coming through. So it's just, I think like the most important thing to do is just have lots of awareness as to what you're telling yourself and the habits that you're taking on money from those beliefs that you're telling yourself and you can just start to change the story and it can. Things can shift really quickly when you come back in and understand okay, this doesn't have to be my truth anymore. This doesn't have to be the way that I approach it anymore and I can choose a different belief and over time your mind adopts to that. And that's what then creates more abundance for you. So it's yeah, it can shift quickly.




Flori Pyke: [00:10:30] And in terms of changing that story for yourself, Jenna, do you have any particular tips around that and how do you go about that for yourself about changing that belief that you have with money that may not be serving you right now but that you'd like to change coming into 2019 and into the future? How do you do that?



Jenna Black: [00:10:54] Yeah so, I always get my clients and people in my community to start with first understanding what it is that you want to change. So what is that belief or that pattern. So it could be money requires hard work. That's a really common one that I see. So we're taking that and it's like, as well then who taught you that. So we want to identify the root of it if we can, where we picked it up from, starting to understand it's usually from our parents or someone in our life growing up and then over our lives we have different experiences that integrate it even more. We think that it is our truth. So just identifying where it came from. And then from that stage then you can say OK well I fully accept it. So the first step is accepting and understanding that it's not your fault that you took on this belief or this conditioning. It's just how you were raised. And now you can take your power back and rewrite that story. So it's firstly accepting it. I like to do a little bit of forgiveness work around anyone that taught me maybe that I wasn't worthy enough or that taught me a certain belief that I want to release, a limiting belief and forgiving anyone involved in that. So it could be who taught you that or even forgiving yourself for taking it on as truth. That can be really powerful. Just the releasing of it. It's like an energetic release of it.

Flori Pyke: [00:12:08] Yeah. I like that. I like that awareness around exactly like forgiveness. I think that's something that is so powerful because... That's right, it's almost like you're consciously acknowledging right and investing the energy in the fact that yup OK that was what it was, rather than just saying I'm going to put that aside. You take that conscious acknowledgement and time to forgive and kind of digest what has happened. I think it's really cool yeah.

Jenna Black: [00:12:37] Definitely. I think like a lot of the time people want to skip over it a lot. But they kind of like want to be feeling into it.

Flori Pyke: [00:12:44] Exactly. Well that's it. They kind of want to like sweep things under the rug even though they see it and then it's like all right well you know,sunk costlet's put that over there and keep on keeping on. But I like that kind of...

Jenna Black: [00:12:55] I think it deals with it. It deals with the root cause of it right? Otherwise it's just going to show up again. [Flori agrees] So it's about understanding it, feeling into it even if there's some pain and sadness and frustration and that's a good thing. Like feel through it. Let that energy go. So that's really important like accepting, forgiving, having awareness around it and then from there it's really about well if I tune back into my soul and what I know to be true, knowing that abundance is actually our birthright and that's something that you can start to affirm to yourself it’s my birthright. Abundance is available to all of us. It's actually our natural state, is to be in overflow and abundance and we get programmed into it otherwise, right? [Flori agrees] And so it's about coming back to that natural state and saying well from that, what do I choose now? What would be the opposite? I usually just say to people what's the exact opposite of that limiting belief. If it's that money is hard to make, that limiting belief, well then what's the opposite of that? That money comes to me infinitely and overflow. It's easy. It's fun. Whatever it might be and starting integrate that. So then you just develop a practice around it right. So I think it's really important to know that it's mindset work, it’s not just like OK did it today ticked it off I'm done. It's that daily tuning in, choosing the right beliefs, choosing the energy that you want to bring, taking the actions from that space and knowing that it's a consistent practice. It really is like a ritual or a practice that you just integrate into your day to choose these new beliefs and over time it just becomes your normal. And that's just the way they think and you thinking more abundantly and it becomes really natural and you start applying it to so many different areas of your life as well which is that ripple effect that we're talking about.

Flori Pyke: [00:14:37] Yeah. It's so important what you said practising it, isn't it? It's not something that once you pull the trigger on changing that belief you're done, you've put it to bed, you're sweet forever. Not quite. Like you constantly have to practice it, don't you? In every sense of a limiting belief be it exactly from a money mindset standpoint to something that's just not serving you in terms of, be it your self-confidence or backing yourself or what have you.

Jenna Black: [00:15:05] Absolutely. Yeah. Just continuing to choose that new story and new identity of you, yourself to be in and choosing that person.

Flori Pyke: [00:15:15] And consciously working on it. Yeah. Now I have a question for you because, just now you were talking about energy and I know that you do a lot around kind of energy healing and you just mentioned that state of abundance that's really a state that we're naturally inclined toward. So I have like no understanding whatsoever around energy healing and what have you. Can you talk to me a little bit more around what that encompasses and how can we adopt any tips you might have around energy healing or how does this all work?

Jenna Black: [00:15:57] Yeah. So for me, my approach to energy healing is probably quite different to how most people do it. There’s all different types of energy healing. I guess you could start with that, all different modalities. Mine is really looking at the mindset and getting you into alignment with what you desire to be, do and have in this world, what you really are here to create, to share, to be, to do, to have and stepping into that and releasing anything that isn't aligned with that. So that's the process of energy healing that I do with clients in terms of OK where do you want to go? What's that vision that you want to call in? Who do you want to be? What do you want to do? What do you want to have? And stepping into that version of you and then really reprogramming your mindset with that, reprogramming your energy. For me it looks like, I mean it's all different. [laughing] I'm trying to break it down in a simple way that's easy to understand.

Flori Pyke: [00:16:47] Sorry I've opened a can of worms I can tell. Well maybe you could tell me a little bit more about it from a mindset standpoint going back to this whole theme and topic of money mindset. How can for myself who has really like you're talking to a serious blank canvas here when it comes to energy healing. Is there something that I could practice or adopt some sort of tip you could share with me and our audience around energy healing and adopting that positive money mindset to service into the new year basically?

Jenna Black: [00:17:23] Yeah definitely. So I think the first thing to understand is that everything is energy, right? So it's all, everything is energy. You, me, the chairs by sitting on and everything's vibrating in a different frequency and so when you're looking to call in more money this year, say you want to make your first six figures or whatever it might be, looking at the energy of the you that already has that. So how does she show up? How does she feel in her day to day life? So she probably feels expensive, free, aligned, confident, calm, whatever it is like tapping into those energies and emotions behind the vision that you want to step into. And then from there, saying OK well if I come back to my current reality and where I am now, how can I start to feel that way in my day? What would make me feel the way that I desired to feel? What actions would I take as that version of me, right? So we kind of go to the next level version of you or your higher self or whatever you want to call it and then get her to guide you forward and it's like what OK what does she choose to believe? What does she choose to feel? What actions is she taking each day? So if you're wanting to call in more money, it could be OK well I'm going to stop money tracking and actually forming a new relationship with my money. In terms of energy, I am going to release anything my life that doesn't serve me. That includes limiting beliefs. That includes any habit or maybe you find you're not eating right or you're not moving your body or you're spending time with toxic people or those things in your business that you're selling that don't really feel exciting anymore, whatever it might be. You kind of do a big review of your whole life and business and letting go of anything that's not serving you and not serving that next level. And then of course, in terms of like a deeper energy thing I do a lot of healing processes with clients, meditation, some reiki and things like that. There's all different elements that you can tap into and different modalities. But ultimately, it's about what is no longer serving me and what we're creating from our world starting inside. What am I choosing to believe? How do I choose to feel? What actions do I choose to take as that next level version of myself?

Flori Pyke: [00:19:40] Yeah very cool. And so taking that one step further when talking about basically embodying your wealthiest, most abundant self for this year, be it on an energy front or a mindset front, can you share with us maybe some daily tools or rituals for really shifting your money mindset so that you can receive more abundance? And I know you touched on some but if you have any other kind of tips that would be awesome.

Jenna Black: [00:20:10] Yeah definitely. I always recommend journaling. It's one of the most powerful things that you can do to actually write what you desire to create like into reality. So actually stating in your journal or writing in the morning or even if the morning is not a good time, at night time before you go to bed, whenever, finding space to spend 5 -10 minutes journaling each day and through that process actually stating everything as if it's done from your next level self. It's so powerful and its work that if you do that practice each day, you're starting to really write things into reality. And I call it that you're actually affirming it and receiving it through that.




Flori Pyke: [00:20:48] Is that something that you do, Jenna, out of interest like on a daily and how often do you do it?

Jenna Black: [00:20:53] Every day. Every day, I journal. Yeah. And it's interesting because I had to almost force myself to do it a little bit at the start. And I used to journal a lot when I was a teenager. That was my favourite thing to do and then I kind of lost my way with it and stopped doing it for many years and then recently in the last say three years came back to it. And it's probably my number one tool that I get people to work on in terms of it allows you to come into alignment with you, right? There's no outside voices. You're really just tuning in. You're hearing that soul voice coming through. What it is that you desire. You're able to really work through limiting beliefs in your journal but also tap into OK what do I want to create here and I'm just starting to write it as if it's already done and tapping into that energy.

Flori Pyke: [00:21:41] Yeah. I was gonna say I can imagine it's very empowering from the standpoint of really painting a picture of exactly where you want to get to because you have to describe it in every sense of the word. Once it is achieved, right?

Jenna Black: [00:21:56] Yeah definitely. And I think like for women in business as well. One of the coolest journaling things you can do particularly this time of year like we're in January right now is writing say your dream day out and actually writing exactly how you would love to show up in your business and what actions you would love to take and how would you spend your time and what kind of self-care routine do you have and mindset routine or whatever it looks like, when to spend time with kids and family and really writing it as if it's happening, right? So writing it like in so much detail that you're allowing yourself to feel that and put it into action. So after the journaling, it's always like well now what do I put into action? What's the next right step for me? And it allows you that space to have clarity on what that is.

Flori Pyke: [00:22:39] So you do this daily you said or how often?

Jenna Black: [00:22:42] Yeah journaling. I do journaling daily in all different ways. Probably about I mean 10 minutes probably a day. It's not too long but it's the first thing I do in the morning.

Flori Pyke: [00:22:53] And what kinds of things, can you give me some examples around what kinds of things you're journaling like? From I mean I can, I gather from a business standpoint perhaps it's like if you're launching your course or what have you, it might be to sell out but like any others? Because I would certainly... I'm thinking journaling OK maybe I should journal about that. No but more from your standpoint like business aside from a personal standpoint like how do you, do you dress like business one day, personal the next or how do you kind of approach this to make the most of it I guess?

Jenna Black: [00:23:28] Yeah. I mean really for me it's like a stream of consciousness. I just kind of write what needs to come through and I blend it all together. So I might be writing something like this month I call in say fifty thousand dollars and like that's done. I look at it and I decide it from that space. I now focus on these actions and I kind of write through what comes through. And then at the same time I'll be journaling all like I have the healthiest strongest body. I feel really vibrant. I have lots of energy and I'm starting to kind of tap into all areas, my relationships, the deepening. I write. I do a process called Flow Journaling. So for me that's just about literally writing things into reality, stating it as if it's done. And just literally as you start writing, things will just come through and it's like allow yourself to do that and to explore it. But yeah I can journal on anything from business like actual strategy stuff to also just stating that my clients find me with ease and that they're attracted to my messaging and my energy and things like that. So and then all the way to self-care and food and everything.

Flori Pyke: [00:24:35] And it's almost like a... I mean please jump in. It's almost like a form of meditation. [Jenna agrees] Because you’re taking that conscious time with yourself aside to see where you want to get to and just... almost shut everything else off. It's just about you and those conscious thoughts that are coming up for you and channelling them in the best way to serve you, isn't it? It's almost quite similar to that.

Jenna Black: [00:25:12] Yeah. I would say it's quite like a meditative state that you get in here. And I find I probably journal more than I meditate because it actually just feels more connected for me. So I think it’s, it's not that you have to journal. Everyone's different right with different techniques and tools but yeah for me I found it across the board to be one of the more popular and successful tools that you can use particularly around mindset and particularly around getting into alignment with OK what do I want to do here? And what's important to me and what's important that I create or sell? I find all my best ideas come after I journal because I'm just clearing my head.

Flori Pyke: [00:25:49] Yeah definitely. I mean we do so much with our students around goal setting. And, it's something that I can see having so much value in helping to basically execute those goals by stating that they've been done and also even breaking, we get them to basically break them down further into step by step. So it's really chunked down into bite sized pieces that's totally achievable for them and I can see the power and saying I did this step and I did that step and I'm here and I achieved that. Yeah, I can absolutely see the power in it. And it’s also almost like, I think when you write something down, it really forces you to ensure that it makes sense to yourself and it also often uncovers things that you wouldn't have otherwise thought of. [Jenna agrees] So I could certainly see the power in that as well and particularly from a business standpoint because it might bring up some ideas that ‘oh haven’t thought about that, better write it down’.

Jenna Black: [00:26:53] Yeah. I really, I always say like the truth comes out in your journaling and it might be something that you write and like oh where did that come from? But it's important because that's like your true self coming through, right? So just kind of trust that voice. I think it helps to develop trust and certainty as well in what actions to take it. [Flori agrees] So if you're writing it down and consistently a message is coming through it's like OK well, I need to take a leap of faith and lean into this. So for me, as an example I remember before I did any live streams I was so nervous about live streaming particularly on Facebook probably a year back. And it's so common. [Flori says I hear you. We've all been there.] Yeah, we've all been there. So I remember journaling about it and I used to say I'd write down I’m confident on a livestream. When I livestream my message comes through me. People engage and leave amazing comments. And I wrote all that before I even did my first livestream. So then it started for me to shift into the mindset of yeah OK this is fun and releases like almost like that fear or that charge that comes with being scared to do something and it allows you to step into that person that does that. Yeah. Definitely get your students to integrate this.

Flori Pyke: [00:28:02] Yeah, I know I love it. Well and also, it's almost like a strategy that holds you accountable. [laughing] Because you're saying that you're gonna do this and you're gonna do it xyz way at this time in that day. And it's like well I got to execute on it now. [Jenna agrees] I love that. Okay. Very cool. And going back to the energy side of things. In terms of exactly like looking at the New Year and for listeners with small businesses who are looking to grow their businesses, do you have any tips around basically like how to master your energy to attract clients and to yield more of that abundance that we are talking about?

Jenna Black: [00:28:52] Yes sure. So I really believe that people can kind of tap into your energy online and a lot of times people were buying into being around you because you're at a level that they want to be at or you're at this kind of, sorry, exuding this certain energy that they want to experience. So I always say to people like you have to feel the way that your clients want to feel and that's how they start to attract into the work that you're doing. So for instance with the work that you and Anna do, your clients want to feel clear and they want to feel confident and you guys exude that in the way that you show up. So there's this connection energetically and I know that sounds super woo woo but it's just what I go through. [laughing]

Flori Pyke: [00:29:33] No. Can I just jump in there? It's totally resonating with me because I couldn't agree more. Often times like the when we get our students to for instance draw up their ideal client, their client avatar, a way that I always tell them to help them to basically flesh this out is really think about the person you like doing business with. And it's often that person that you naturally attract because you guys are aligned and you're putting out a certain message and you're resonating with that other person and there's this natural alignment. So I couldn't agree more with you.

Jenna Black: [00:30:10] Absolutely. Yeah definitely. And so I think it's just about leading with that right and understanding that your energy is what speaks to people first. And that's the first thing that people kind of feel when they're engaging with you online. And so then your energy is I think it's the number one priority in running a successful sustainable business. A lot of the time there's this messaging of hustling and all this kind of stuff and I find people burning out really quickly and I think that the more that we’re in alignment with who we really are, we're actually showing off with ourselves, right? Authenticity is something that builds that really strong energy as well. When we're showing up as ourselves and trusting what we're called to do and taking action on the things that we're called to do. That's when our energy is heightened and at this different frequency and people feel it. And people want to be around that, and they want to rise with you. It's like an invitation for your clients to rise with you, right? So I think like on a practical level in terms of managing your energy and getting, keeping yourself in that higher vibrational state, I mean there's so many different things you can look at there. But I mean the big one is looking at your beliefs and as we were saying before unpacking what's no longer serving you, choosing a different story and a different belief pattern that you want to integrate an anchor into, looking at that next level version of yourself, the woman who's making the six-figure income that you want to make. Well what actions would she take today rather than waiting to get there before you do something or invest in yourself or take that action to do the livestream. She could probably do those things today and all of those things add to the energy that you're giving out. And then even more practical how you're actually fuelling your body, self-care, having time to look after you first because you're the one driving the ship and you're in control and it's your energy that's important. So it's about releasing what doesn't serve you on like a habit level, on a belief level, on an action level and anything.

Flori Pyke: [00:32:15] Yeah on that front I have a question for you. So and I have a question for you around this because it comes up a lot for students in our community where exactly they're about to put themselves, their faces out there, they might be doing a livestream or webinar and they're scared s**tless. And I love the tip of journaling and making it real for yourself that you've been really successful on whatever platform it is that you've put yourself out there on. I have a question for you in terms of from an energy standpoint say that I was that person about to put myself out there I'm really nervous. Do you have any tangible tips for me right now from an energy standpoint how do I prepare myself for that aside from the visualisation, the journaling, is there anything else that you might have a tip around like what did you do exactly when you did a livestream two years ago? [both laughing]

Jenna Black: [00:33:09] Yeah. Well definitely the visualisation I think they're the ones that people kind of can access quite easily. It's ultimately what is going to shift some energy for you on a physical level. Exercise is great. Put on a song that you love and dance on just like kind of move through it, right? So you want to kind of shift some of that nervous energy. Another tool that I love is EFT which is emotional freedom technique I don't know if you guys have one.

Flori Pyke: [00:33:39] I don't know. Can you? What's that? I'm like what language are you talking? Sorry. [both laughing]

Jenna Black: [00:33:49] So emotional freedom technique or EFT. It's called tapping. People will hear it as tapping. It's basically a noninvasive thing or tapping on acupressure point. So it's like acupuncture but without any scary needles and you're tapping on the different Meridian points in your body. So I've just recently gone through getting certified with that and using that with my clients now and that's been really interesting because it's something I've used for years but never thought to share with other people. But that's a good way to basically it... you basically state out loud the fear that you're having so it could be like I'm nervous about the livestream but I'm going to stop the livestream, you confront the fear that your thinking is going to happen. And it helps you to accept and love yourself as you are. So you go through this statement process. If you go on YouTube for people new to it just google EFT or EFT for confidence and there's all different videos and you can like tap along with people, they call it. So it's really cool. So that's just another tool that you can use just in the moment, right? So if you like five minutes before the livestream, sit and just talk through the fear and then you basically restate it in a totally different way, so in the positive way and actually affirming that you're safe and supported through the whole process. So that's a really great way to shift. It also shifts the energy right in your energy bodies. So there's that. But yeah, I think movement is really great. It's something like even if it's just standing in front of the mirror and just kind of affirming to yourself that you are worthy, that you're enough, that you're powerful, that you're confident and just yeah I think movement is probably my favourite tip though to just kind of shape the energy around because a lot of the time it's just kind of sitting there stagnant and we need to release some of the nervous energy out.

Flori Pyke: [00:35:29] Yes, I totally agree. Release it and channel it in the right way that's going to best serve you, right, during the livestream. No, that's very cool. The EFT and I have to check that out.

Jenna Black: [00:35:41] Yeah take a look at it. Yeah, it's quite cool.

Flori Pyke: [00:35:43] Yeah. Good hot tip. Thanks. OK. So what about, we’ve talked about vision a bit I know I'm very clear on my 2019 vision and as I mentioned to you, it's something that we work on a lot with our students is to get them very clear on their visions and where they want to get to in their businesses and their personal lives. Any tips around basically how to get into alignment with that vision and up levelling quickly in addition to what we've already discussed?

Jenna Black: [00:36:17] Yeah so, I think ultimately, as we are discussing like going to that next level version of yourself and really let her lead you forward. That's the best tool that you can use to quickly up level so if I was already at that space what would I be thinking, feeling, taking action on? What would I no longer be available for as well? I like to ask myself that question like what's no longer serving me in this vision? What doesn't fit into my vision anymore? A lot of time we need to release some things in our life or release some old offers or services that we're selling that just maybe don't feel connected to where we want to go. And then in just like a really practical level, it's just about kind of every single day breaking down well what are the simple consistent actions that I can take. So I think a lot of the time we paint this bigger vision and then it's like well how am I going to even make that happen. And I know that you're saying you work with your clients to kind of reverse engineer it and break it down into little steps and I think that's really powerful and just kind of coming back to like if I only could do two things a day what would I be doing or coming back into those basics that are going to really move the business forward. So I think a lot of the time we distract ourselves as well in business with all the things and we kind of it’s like I'm going to go tweak my website for the seven hundredth time or change my fonts again... [Flori says I'm going to go first on Insta] or change my site. That stuff doesn't matter. The up levelling quickly is about what way would be your zone of genius. [both laughing] What are the things that you desire to do? And it's usually getting your messaging, creating your content, showing up right? It's the visibility work. It's the messaging. It's the selling. Not being afraid to sell.

Flori Pyke: [00:38:02] No I totally agree. It's those high value activities. What are the things that exactly kind of goes back to that old 80-20 rule, right? Like what's that 20 percent of the business that you're going to work on that's going to drive 80 percent of the growth. And what are those activities at the core of it and making sure that you're focused on those so that you can up level quickly without getting bogged down exactly right in the day to day like oh I'm going to go post on Insta and Facebook. Don't get me wrong that stuff is super important but in the scheme of things, where does that sit on the importance ladder, right? [Jenna agrees] Is it going to make or break you, right?

Jenna Black: [00:38:43] Yeah exactly. And I think just having the boundaries with your time, right? Like just really honouring which... boundaries are form of self-love to me. It's like if you are honouring your creativity or the work you're here to do like that, you will create the boundaries around it so that you get to work on that and other things can come after. So understanding your priorities in your business and focusing on those things and putting the boundaries in place so that you are working on the things that are important and are moving you forward those high value items. And then when you mix that really like practical strategy stuff with the energy work and the mindset work and embodying that next level version of you, that's when the magic happens and that's when things up level quickly. So I think it's just about being conscious everyday of where, what are you choosing to believe. What's the energy that you're getting up with every day? And then where do you spend your time doing? And yet small tweaks can really allow you to grow quickly.

Flori Pyke: [00:39:42] Definitely. You said something that just totally gave me a few goose bumps because as a mum in business with three kids and I work from home and boundaries and putting those boundaries in place and the fact you said they're almost like a cue of self-love. And I couldn't agree more with you. And I think that especially for as a mum in business like it's very important to set some boundaries for yourself and to accept them and to be respectful of them, be if that means spending, investing time with your family, on a certain day or for these hours or be it that you're getting up at 5am to work on your business and if the baby cries, well then maybe hubby can step in. Boundaries are such a big thing when you're wearing all these hats.

Jenna Black: [00:40:38] Yeah absolutely. And I think a lot of the time, people think boundaries are too structured, but the structure is what creates the freedom. And then it creates the abundance. So yes starting with that and tuning into maybe where you don't have boundaries in your life and how can I kind of tweak things? And yeah, I think it's just about, yeah it is that form of self-love because when we're taking action on something and prioritising what's important to us, that's us saying to ourselves that we're worthy of having it. But if we're not doing that and if we're giving out energy and time to things that are no longer serving us and that drain us, that's just reaffirming I'm not worthy of what I want in our subconscious level. So we have to be aware of that.

Flori Pyke: [00:41:18] Yeah definitely. And I think exactly when you're not honouring the boundaries that you've set for yourself it's very hard to execute on the things that you've said to yourself you're going to execute on and then there's a whole like down spiral of that affecting your confidence and your ability to show up and back yourself and it's all intertwined. So I totally agree. Well thank you so much for your time, Jenna. I've really enjoyed learning from you on all things money mindset, energy, EFT. [laughing] Yeah all the things. I'm gonna go check that out. No it's been really awesome. I've really enjoyed it. Now for our listeners who'd like to learn more about you and what you do, Jenna. What's the best place for them to check you out, your website, socials? Dish them out.

Jenna Black: [00:42:14] So website firstly is So definitely come on there. I've got a few freebies that they might want to dive into as well and that. And then Instagram is probably where I'm mostly hanging out which is on Instagram.

Flori Pyke: [00:42:28] Awesome. I was actually checking out your website before we connected and here I can see you're a very regular blogger.

Jenna Black: [00:42:33] Yeah. I like writing. Writing is my thing.

Flori Pyke: [00:42:37] I was going to say all this journaling talk. I'm like you must be really into the writing because...

Jenna Black: [00:42:43] Yeah. That's my format. I love writing. Yeah.

Flori Pyke: [00:42:46] And you're very like you're on it. Yeah. I enjoyed checking it out. So if you're listening you might want to go plug into her blog because there's some serious gold nuggets in there. Now for our listeners for the show notes, don't forget to pop over to our site And Jenna, in true Raising Her Game Podcast tradition. Could you please share a bit of a parting thought for our listeners based on what we've been chatting about today?

Jenna Black: [00:43:23] Sure. I love this end of the podcast. I think it's great. Well I think ultimately, what it boils down to is just remembering that abundance is your birthright and it's your natural state. And to understand that you're infinitely worthy. Whatever you desire to call in, it's there. It's yours for a reason. You have those desires because they're meant for you and you're worthy and there's nothing you need to say or do to prove that. You simply are worthy of it. And yeah to remind yourself that it's your birthright to have all the things that you desire.

Flori Pyke: [00:43:53] Oh I love that. Thank you so much. Yeah. Now ladies, remember be brave in your business.



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