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Flori chats to Colin Morgan about his thoughts on how best to manage your time, mindset & marketing, after interviewing hundreds of today's most successful entrepreneurs.

What makes one person successful and another not? Colin Morgan shares his thoughts on how best to manage your time, mindset & marketing, after interviewing hundreds of today's most successful entrepreneurs.

Colin has interviewed and learned from the very cream of the crop including the likes of Amy Porterfield, Emily Williams, Seth Godin, Neil Patel, Noah Kagan and many more. Come and tune in as he shares with us his biggest takeaways when it comes to the habits of successful entrepreneurs.

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  • Colin Morgan shares his biggest takeaways after interviewing many highly successful people
  • How you can be practical with your time-management
  • Why you have to know your customer before you start marketing
  • The significance of the phrase ‘the person who is the most certain about what they do - will win always’




Colin's mission is to inspire the next great entrepreneur. Colin started as a professional golfer before moving into the business field. Colin has been an Entrepreneur since he was a teenager and is now the Vice President and Partner of the Plan2Profit Group. He has taken his work ethic as a Professional Athlete and focused that to his Business. He is a Marketing and Sales Expert and also the Host of the Top 100 Podcast and The Daily Grind.
Podcaster Colin Morgan







Flori Pyke: [00:00:33] Welcome to Episode 13 of the Raising Her Game Podcast. We are Anna and Flori, the queens of small business and we deliver female entrepreneurs both the business and mindset tools to start, grow and scale your small business for success. Now today you have myself onboard, Flori, as I'm going to be taking the reins on this episode to interview an exceptional individual. In fact he's a fellow Canadian so very exciting. 

Colin Morgan: [00:01:08] Totally.

Flori Pyke: [00:01:08] Yeah totally. I don't get to connect much with Canadians on this side of the world that much anymore. He's also a former professional golfer who's now the host of the very popular podcast The Daily Grind where he interviews successful and interesting people five days a week. And Colin is also part owner of the Plan 2 Profit Group. So this is Colin Morgan and Colin we are so excited to have you join us. We can't wait to learn a bit more about you and to learn a bit more, I mean I think I'm going to let you tell us really what you do with The Daily Grind and a little bit about how you got into the podcast. So welcome.



Colin Morgan: [00:01:55] Sure. Well thank you so much for allowing me to be here. Really excited. Like you'd said I host The Daily Grind podcast where I interview successful people five days a week. My podcast journey began probably almost about a year ago now where I was sort of introduced to podcasting. I became fixated on it and I saw the real value in it. I reached out one day to John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur On Fire which is a really popular show and it was a shot in the dark and I'm like maybe I can get on that show and I did and from that one sort of guest appearance our business generated you know what an extra almost ten thousand dollars that month and I'm like wow I really see the value in being on podcasts so I decided to take it a step further and be on more podcasts but host my own show where I would do kind of a similar thing but ask questions that I was really interested in and questions that people who say we're stuck in a 9 to 5 job and didn't know what they wanted to do but knew they wanted to do something different and had a bigger purpose, where they could turn to that and learn from amazing entrepreneurs and their stories of where they came from to show that you know kind of they were in a similar position to what you were in and it evolved to a place where I've had some amazing guests. I've been able to speak to some amazing people and implement a lot of what they've taught me into what I do which is evolving every single day and I'm really excited to do that and excited to be here and it's given me opportunities like this today to be able to share what I've learned with other people. 

Flori Pyke: [00:03:40] Oh that's awesome. Thanks so much Colin. And so out of interest so that our listeners can understand because I know you and I have spoken in the past but so how many people have you interviewed to date now on The Daily Grind.

Colin Morgan: [00:03:55] Today was episode 181.

Flori Pyke: [00:03:59] Wow.

Colin Morgan: [00:04:00] So I've actually interviewed more than 200 because I have to keep ahead since it's a daily show. But yeah it's been a lot but it's been really fun. It doesn't seem like a lot of work which is always nice.



Flori Pyke: [00:04:13] Yeah. And who out of interest, who are some of the most well, I guess this is kind of putting you on the spot but I'm very curious to know which are some of your favourite people who've interviewed cause you know I went through your podcast and there are some pretty sensational entrepreneurs who you've had the opportunity to connect with. And I'm curious to hear from you who are some of the people that you have enjoyed connecting with the most and then maybe after you can share some of the key lessons that you've gained from these people or others etc.

Colin Morgan: [00:04:57] Yeah you know what each guest has, for everyone listening if there's a guest, like I don't want to offend anyone. Each guest has really brought something different and that's the real power of why I wanted to do a daily show because every day I can learn something new because each person brings their own unique look and outlook and skills to the show. But some people I mean I had Seth Godin on and that was a real goal of mine starting the show. I love Seth. I read his books. I really resonated with him. So having the ability to kind of speak with him was great. There was a friend of mine actually from high school who's doing amazing things, a really really smart guy his name is Spencer Thompson. Probably one of the most interesting conversations I had, just on sort of mindset and what it takes to start and grow a business which was really exciting. And then I mean there's so many people it's hard to pick out of the 180, one person. [Flori laughs] But you know today even, I had a couple days ago, I had an Olympic medallist on and I'm having an actor on the show in a little bit and just kind of having conversations with people from different walks of life outside of say what I am doing. I really find that interesting because I think that me being an athlete but speaking to an athlete and understanding how they got to where they are I can take lessons and implement that into what I'm doing and same with someone who's acting or same as someone who's doing a different type in a completely different type of industry. So I mean I gave you three or four.

Flori Pyke: [00:06:33] Yeah definitely. It's funny you talk about being an athlete. I think I mentioned to you my husband was a former professional athlete. And it is incredible the amount of diligence, focus, like there are so many incredible qualities that you pick up as being a professional athlete that I have learned to appreciate and respect immensely in my husband so I can see exactly why you're saying that. You know interviewing people from different walks of life even though they may not be business related, there's so much to gain from them no matter what discipline they they are in, correct.

Colin Morgan: [00:07:14] Yeah. Yeah absolutely. Couldn't agree more.

Flori Pyke: [00:07:18] And now obviously you know most of our listeners as you know Colin are female entrepreneurs. They're mums or women who have started a business. And so I guess from our standpoint you know we'd love to learn a little bit more on the business side some of those key gold nuggets that you've taken away from from speaking to different people and I think on our end we've identified some of the major pain points for our audience which I'd love to understand if you could pinpoint one or two things that from interviewing all these incredibly successful people that you'd have some advice for our listeners around so the first one you know being mums in business there's certainly quite a bit of pressure to get all the things done in the day, time management  for us as mums is really a key pain point. And you know we often, Anna and myself, we often get asked you know how do I manage my time effectively to manage the juggle of three kids, a household, dinner, a growing business etc. So yeah from your standpoint I think we'd love to understand. What advice do you have from speaking to all these people around some key takeaways when it comes to effectively managing your time.



Colin Morgan: [00:08:44] Yeah I mean first of all anyone who's a mum out there who runs a business, I commend you. My sister does it. I don't know how she does it. I even watched her kids, my nephew and niece the other day, and I was there for four hours and I got home and I slept a whole morning. [Flori laughing] I was exhausted, running around. So how mums are able to do it first of all, is amazing like that's way more impressive than anything else.

Flori Pyke: [00:09:11] Thank you. And I say that on behalf of all our listeners because it is true it's no mean feat.

Colin Morgan: [00:09:20] Totally. But what I've heard in terms of time management and it's something that a lot of people struggle with. It's something even to this day I do as well. But some things that my guests have shared is one is to be very practical with your time. It's to break down what you need to get done and have a top three it is probably one of the biggest things that I've heard and implemented and seen worked. So you may have a list, especially mums you may have a list of you know twenty thirty long throughout the day. But just to be able to figure out say for your business what are the top three things that I need to do today. And having those top three are first a lot more palatable and it allows you to get things done. So you can really super focus on those three things and get those done first. Now if you have more time so you get those done by noon and you're sitting back and you go I got another two hours, well create another top three list and go through that list again and pick your next top three things that you need to get done that is priority. And having that system in place kind of makes those lists a little bit shorter, a little more palatable. And you can't get everything done at once. So just being able to knock off one two, optimally three things. Even if you do three things throughout the day what I found is if you consistently do it it leads to massive results.

Flori Pyke: [00:10:45] Yeah definitely. I agree and I think you know you mentioned the word priority and I know you know in reflecting on exactly this great advice that you're dishing out is that I have a big kind of rule of thumb when I'm organising my time. Is this going to help my business grow in the long run. Because if it's not I'm looking to understand at what point can I outsource this. Because I think for mums in business and we often say this, once you get to a point like ideally you want to have some people helping you because we can't do all those things. And it's not time effective to learn in some cases how to do graphic design, how to build a website, how to do the technical for this and how to you know. Like there's only so many things you can do and you've got to focus on what you're good at and also what's going to really, kind of goes back to the 80/20 rule right where it's like the 20 percent of what you're working on is going to bring you that 80 percent of results in your business. So I think that's also something really key to focus on exactly when you're saying priority. For me that really resonates because I really try and consciously think when I look at my to do list exactly that like is this going to create a result for our business is it going to enable us to make more sales. Is this a top line. You know 20 percent activity. Not all three things I think have to fall in that 20 percent bracket. But I think you want to aim to at least have one right.

Colin Morgan: [00:12:24] Yeah absolutely. I mean you're totally right because if you don't then like I said you get scatterbrain you can't get things done. It becomes a game which you don't really want to play. And you're right about outsourcing and I think that's something that is a skill for a lot of people to learn is how to find, like how to hire somebody, what to look for, what traits because it does for a lot of people, it takes a really long time to find someone that really fits with you. And really that's what I think you should be looking for is who fits with my style. Who can I let their creative juices out and do what they have to do in order to help me and me not have to sit back and watch everything that they're doing right. So it's kind of a process of letting go sort of speak to.

Flori Pyke: [00:13:11] Yeah I I so agree with that. And it's it's such a good point that you make because I know when we started on the front of outsourcing it was scary. It was like how is it that we can so easily drop our kids off at daycare, [laughs] but we are absolutely like freaking out about having someone take over you know an e-mail automation like it was like oh my God, you know it was really worrying us and then but it's like baby steps. Once you kind of let go of one little thing and exactly like you said Colin you know you see that they're capable and we've been so fortunate we have the most incredible team that we've built and a lot of them are existing students of ours like Jo and Indee and they're like, you know we wouldn't be here today if it weren't for them like. And but it's taken time to learn how to let go and trust in other people and to know that you know they're doing as great, if not 99.99% of the time a better job than we could do and that's exactly what you want right. You want to bring people on to your team who are more skilled than you in that particular area I believe.

Colin Morgan: [00:14:24] Yeah.  You made a really good point there giving them small tasks to begin with because I think people maybe think that you know I wanted to get rid of this completely but they don't really trust it. But even if you're dealing with a customer. Get them to help with just an e-mail. Yeah get the customer to trust them just in a small amount and then just give them a little bit and a little bit more rope over time and then it gets to a point where the customer will want to deal with with who you hired instead of you. [laughs]

Flori Pyke: [00:14:53] Yeah is. It's so true because one of our existing students Jo she's our student liaison. And you're so right like in the last week she's been reaching out to some of our existing students herself and I think in the beginning she's was a little bit wary but now just like oh they love hearing from me. I was like well yeah cause they know you're the IT girl you're the one like they go to you, you know. And it's awesome like being able to yeah just know that that is so well controlled. Yeah but it takes time it just takes time to get to that point doesn't it.

Colin Morgan: [00:15:33] Yeah it takes time and it takes a while but you have to trust it because if you don't then you're going to look ahead two three months down the road and be in the exact same position and look back. I still haven't done anything, so it's better to do it now.



Flori Pyke: [00:15:46] Yeah. You're absolutely right and you can't do all the things you can't be an expert in everything. It's just you have to pick and choose. Yeah. Awesome. OK so some great key takeaways there on the time management front. And what about. So I'm a digital marketer and I do all of our digital marketing over here at The Elevatory® so this is one that I have been so excited to hear your gold nuggets around marketing because in seeing some of the incredible people who you have interviewed in the past like obviously coming from a marketing standpoint. Oh my gosh like some of the key takeaways you would have gained,  I've been trying to like churn through your your podcast as quickly as possible. [laughs]. But I was like you know I'm sure I'm not going to get through the 180 episodes by today so which unfortunately I haven't quite yet because there's just too much there. But yeah on a marketing standpoint can you share with me a little bit around what some of the key takeaways have been from interviewing you know all these amazing people. What if you had to pinpoint one or two things.

Colin Morgan: [00:16:58] Yeah. Sort of a generalised point because you can kind of get specific with certain things but it's about positioning first and then strategy. So a lot of people will just market because they look and they say oh I need to jump on this Facebook ad trend or Oh my God LinkedIn ads are working for John I need LinkedIn ads to work for me. I'm missing the boat. So they just jump in and try and are trying a whole bunch of different things for a lead source and which is normal right especially when you're starting out. But a lot of what positioning and strategy has to do is looking at where you are. Who is your ideal client, who's the one person you see yourself working with. What do they do. Like who are they, where they hang out. You know how can I get involved. How can I learn more about them and then based on that information being able to strategically place ads or strategically reach out directly and let them know who you do and what you are. So it's not necessarily a point of just action. Even though action is great and you'll learn a lot. It's to do to just kind of take a step back and really understand and look at what am I trying to do. Who is my customer. Where are they. And what are the right points of marketing for me. Because for certain businesses it can be heavily focused on Facebook, for other businesses it could be Instagram or Google AdWords or it could be LinkedIn or direct marketing so you have to look at how you can get in contact and then double down on that. Not to say you can't try anything else, but one of the most successful things I've seen just based on really any industry in terms of just being general is webinars. Like so many people praise webinars because it gives someone the opportunity to share what they do in under an hour very quickly. And I think when you go to a website a lot of times you may be struggling to figure out you know I'm looking for this thing but they do so many other things and it's hard to find what they do. But a webinar and a video just makes it really easy for someone to understand OK here's what they do. Here's what they help with. And then you can determine as the customer, whether you fall into that bucket or buckets that they do. So in terms of positioning strategy kind of take a step back, look at what you're doing and then find the correct sources of marketing. And one big one is through webinars.

Flori Pyke: [00:19:33] Yeah. Cool. I love that I think you really nail it there on taking a step back because you know when when we approach, the way that our program works Colin, and I know we discussed this before we came on the podcast when I explained to you a little bit more around The Elevatory® Academy and and how we work with our students there as well as in our mastermind is exactly what you're saying. You know before we deep dive into any marketing, or encourage anyone to spend any dime on marketing is exactly what you're saying. You know make sure that you have those foundations in place that you're absolutely clear on your customer avatar, on the position that you're going to occupy in the market and how you're going to be different and how you're going to gain that stand out and who your competitors are. What your niche is going to be, all those foundations that are just absolutely imperative for nailing your marketing strategy. So I am I really couldn't agree more. Just like music to my ears that you're saying that because that's exactly how we practice with our students and I think it so nails it.

Colin Morgan: [00:20:43] Yeah yeah. And you have to because if, I mean, I wouldn't say you have to but it's very important because you don't want to be stuck in a position where we were, like a few years ago or a year ago even I think a year ago, where you're sitting back and every month is like where are these people going to be. You're sitting in and it's called hope marketing. I'm just sitting here waiting for this thing to ring and if it doesn't ring, we're toast right. [Flori agrees]. So it's being able to get creative and if you don't do that and or if you're in that situation you just need to take a step back and get really focused and niche down and figure out who it is that you're trying to serve.

Flori Pyke: [00:21:21] Yeah totally. Otherwise I think you're going to just end up wasting your money on any marketing efforts.

Colin Morgan: [00:21:28] You can waste a lot of money.

Flori Pyke: [00:21:29] Oh yeah. So you can waste it.

Colin Morgan: [00:21:32] I've done it. And it's quick too it's quick.

Flori Pyke: [00:21:36] Yeah I'm putting my hand up too. We have. We have. Oh my God. Spent upwards of 10,000 wasting money. When we first started out and tried to outsource a few things too quickly as well, going back to outsourcing thing, and just let someone kind of take over the whole strategy and it just doesn't work when they don't know and you're not sure yet. You know you're just trying to go a million miles an hour and it doesn't work. You really have to peel it back and get those foundations in place because once you do oh my god it just it so pays off.

Colin Morgan: [00:22:13] Yeah totally and it happens the other way to read like every decision that you make has an impact in the future, and that's what I've learned, that's the reason why I like to take a step back and really focus on what are these successful people telling me to do and what can I learn from it. Because if I just go in and try something it will set me back months if not years.

Flori Pyke: [00:22:38] Yeah. No absolutely. I think as well like as a marketer one thing that I always say to our students is once you have these foundations like you can try things. The important thing is that you're always testing and measuring. So you're recording like for every dollar that you put out there what is that returning you. What is the return on that investment. Because if you don't measure then how do you know what's effective. You know if you're putting money behind Google ads and LinkedIn ads and Facebook ads if you're not measuring what each of those dollar generates for you in return then it's very difficult for you to understand what's working and what's not. So I think that's a key point to to make as well to our listeners right. Like just make sure that you're [Colin agrees] you can always test and measure and actually on the subject of testing I saw that you have interviewed Neil Patel in the past is that right.

Colin Morgan: [00:23:31] Yes yes.

Flori Pyke: [00:23:32] So we actually worked with Neil's team. Would have been gosh quite awhile ago now maybe two years ago, I'm a big fan of his and I listen to his podcast quite a bit as well, actually. I think it's great. I love like the really quick, the marketing school, you know the five minute key nugget for the day. And he says that all the time you know you got a test but you got to measure and that's been one key takeaway that I've really gained from listening to Neil. And it's so true and it's been it's really made a big difference for us in our business is it's fine to test once you have these foundations in place but just make sure that you're measuring what every dollar does for you. Right.

Colin Morgan: [00:24:17] You need all the data. If you're making decisions without data, you're making it on emotion and when you make emotional decisions they are generally wrong, most of the times they are.

Flori Pyke: [00:24:28] No but you're so right. The more data you have the easier it's going to be. It's no finger in the air like oh I'm just going to... It goes back to exactly what you said that term hope marketing. There's no hope marketing. It's based on numbers. It's based on tried and tested figures and that really fuels efficient decision making and proper decision making. So I couldn't I couldn't agree more. Now I wanted to ask you a little bit more on the webinar front. Do you use webinars out of interest Colin.



Colin Morgan: [00:25:00] Yep yeah absolutely.

Flori Pyke: [00:25:01] And have you found, because I mean we have also used webinars a lot. And I'm just really curious because I know for us over here at least in the Australian market we've definitely found a bit of a decrease certainly in attendance rate. And then we've had to play a lot around and it goes back to this whole like keeping it fresh. You know I think with digital marketing you have to always be thinking on your toes. Be willing to try something new and shake things up and we have and it's been working. But I'm curious to know from your experience with webinars or you know from I also saw you spoke with Amy Porterfield, I don't know in that episode specifically she spoke around webinars, but you know what's been your experience and how you've had to kind of change with the times to make webinars effective is a question that I'd love to learn a little bit more or from you about.

Colin Morgan: [00:25:59] Yeah you know what. When I first was introduced to webinars I hopped on that excitement train I was pumped, I'm like wow this is amazing I'm going to automate all my stuff so I don't do anything, [both laugh] but then I realised quickly that I had to generate people and I had to get people to sit in and watch it. And I think that's the biggest struggle for people - like you fill the room and how do you get people to show up. And you know one thing that's worked crazy well for me is I tried Facebook ads. I lost money doing it because if you're not a person of authority like people generally really don't know you and trust you, it's hard for Facebook ads to really convert there. There's a lot of a process that really needs to go on for months before someone is going to jump on. But what I started to do is I looked at LinkedIn groups and Facebook groups. And I saw a huge gap there and it's so targeted. So say with a LinkedIn group you can find specific people who are interested in a type of business so say I'm drinking a beer. Restaurant business say because I'm drinking a beer. OK.

Flori Pyke: [00:27:09] You're allowed. It's Friday evening for you right now. [laughing]

Colin Morgan: [00:27:15] So there are tons of restaurant groups on LinkedIn. So to go and join a LinkedIn group, provide some value and then reach out to the LinkedIn group owner, so the person who is in charge of the group and what I started to ask is how are you currently monetising your group. And would you be interested in an extra few thousand dollars a month simply by sending out free e-mails to your group which is going to help them with X Y and Z. So it's very strategic. It helps them as a group owner because you're providing value and then you're able to get their 10 to upwards of hundreds of thousands of people in these groups. He's sending them direct emails

Flori Pyke: [00:28:03] and they trust him.

Colin Morgan: [00:28:05] Yeah it comes from the group owner and there's that trust there. So those that you're sending out if you have a 100,000 person group,  you're going to fill up a 100 person room very quickly. And now you have people engaged, you can get him involved in the webinar. And he's pumped because if you sell your services, if people like what you're doing and you can help them, you can cut back a percentage of what you're making to the group owner. It's a 100 percent free way of doing it not to run through ads and it works just as well on Facebook. So it's just finding what groups are there. Being able to reach out and creating that strategic e-mail of understanding how are you monetising the site. Are you interested in making more money. Here's what I want you to do it's completely free. Would you be interested in learning more. And that simple e-mail there, with reaching out to these people generate huge results and that's free. So who doesn't like free.

Flori Pyke: [00:29:04] Yeah. Wow that's pretty cool. And that's certainly I have to say, not something, I mean we've approached different business owners but certainly not taking that angle you know of approaching a particular, especially on LinkedIn. I think it's funny you say LinkedIn because I've seen so much around and heard so much about LinkedIn lately in the news in terms of being such a targeted and high organic reach platform on social media at the moment.

Colin Morgan: [00:29:35] Huge.

Flori Pyke: [00:29:35] Yeah like I think you know it's funny that you say that. It just really resonates with everything that I'm listening to right now that you know it's obviously worth its while to go and suss out what you can be doing on that front. And I certainly know we were looking to do more on that front as well. So that is an awesome tip. Thanks so much Colin. That's a great one.

Colin Morgan: [00:29:58] Yeah and if you get one group owner you get more because you get that testimonial on that's what you want right.



Flori Pyke: [00:30:06] I love I love. OK. And one final question I have. On a marketing standpoint before we move on to talk a little bit around mindset is you know I mentioned Amy Porterfield, obviously you know as a digital marketer huge huge fan over here. When I saw you had interviewed her I just about fell over. I was like oh my god it's like I'm like you know it's the equivalent of saying like Bieber fever. I've got like. [both laugh]. Honestly, just wow. So you know on a marketing front like what was your key goal take away from Amy. I'm just really curious. So our listeners can also learn.

Colin Morgan: [00:30:46] She's just such a nice person.

Flori Pyke: [00:30:48] Isn't she. Oh my god right.

Colin Morgan: [00:30:48] I mean as I was interviewing her, like there are certain people you have on who are huge names and maybe they don't come across as nice or genuine. But she was just so nice and genuine in the same way she comes across on online is the same way she comes across in person. And when I saw that I'm like I know why she's doing well. It's easy for her because she's being who she is. And that's why people are drawn to her like yourself because she's so like she's so likeable with what she says and there's so many things that she does well in terms of webinars and stuff like that. But the biggest thing is she's an attractive character like she is. She's believable because she believes in her product and like that's, if anything that's what I could take away is like if you truly believe in what you do it comes across on the screen that comes across over the mike because it's passion it's real. It's not something that's inauthentic or fake.

Flori Pyke: [00:31:51] You know I couldn't agree with you more. One of the things that you just made me think of, how you're describing her, resonates with me about her as I find her so real and authentic like I just find you know there's no bull**** like she just says it how it is and she doesn't sugarcoat it but she's so nice and she just is that you know the girl next door. And I couldn't agree more with you and in fact like one of the things that we've been really talking about quite a bit actually on the podcast as late is don't be afraid to be yourself. You know people connect with people right as opposed to brands. And she is such a perfect example of how well that has worked in her favour you know where she is a people magnet like yeah she's the brand. But I mean she is a magnet honestly and I think it's so right what you're saying. So I couldn't agree more. I'm so jelly that you got to chat with her.

Colin Morgan: [00:32:52] If you ever want an introduction. Happy to give one.

Flori Pyke: [00:32:54] Oh my gosh. Yeah. That would be amazing. I'm like getting so excited over here. Yeah that would be amazing.

Colin Morgan: [00:33:01] Everyone listening, we're going to get Amy Porterfield on the show, you can hold me accountable for it. I'm going to say it on the show, this needs to happen now.



Flori Pyke: [00:33:09] Oh my God. OK. If I could jump right now I would. I can't because I've got to stay in front of the mike. But yeah that would be amazing. All right. So yeah listeners watch out for that one. Now another big thing that we are huge on over here, as you know Colin, is mindset. This is one of our key points of difference as a business school and as I mentioned to you in the past, my business partner Anna she's an absolute mindset ninja. And it is something that has been so key. Well I think it is so key for any entrepreneur but particularly for a mum in business you know who's juggling all the balls who is trying to make it work. And I would love to learn from you, you know from people who you've interviewed and also I think from your experience as a professional golfer because you know we touched on some of the traits that you need to have as a professional athlete. And I think mindset you know from watching my husband it is so important and so imperative. What would be some of your key takeaways when it comes to... How do you keep on keeping on. How do you keep on persevering when s**t hits the fan. Like what are some of your key tips here when it comes to mindset.

Colin Morgan: [00:34:25] Yeah I think with sport and business I think the biggest thing is and you know someone I have on the show talked about this and it was certainty and I don't know why that word resonated with me so much but it just did just based on my experience and everything like that. And the person who is the most certain about what they do - will win always - whether it's sport, whether it's business, if it's a competition whoever is certain at the time will win. And I look back and I reflect on times where I played really well in golf or times where I didn't or times I succeeded in business and I knew before those moments subconsciously I knew how I was going to perform. I knew whether this was going to go well or whether this wasn't. So it's creating it's like how do you create that certainty. And for me it's all done through preparation. So how do I set myself up to a point where when I have to perform I'm ready. So things that I used to do in golf which I've incorporated in, as I was in yoga my parents put me in yoga at a very young age and helped me how to breathe properly. And my father always told me that everyone gets butterflies, everyone's going to get nervous. But our goal is to get those butterflies to fly in formation. And it resonated with me because no matter what I did I always found nerves. But the more I could feel like in the moment I was certain and prepared, the higher I would perform, so things which I did and things which is reiterated all the time on people that I speak to and high performing individuals is done through meditation and mindfulness and it's taking moments throughout the day to really just quiet down and get in tune with who you are and there's a lot of people that have a bad rap on that. I was one of those people I'm like I don't want to sit down for ten minutes and close my eyes and you know focus on my breath. But if you give it a shot it's like everything else right. If Amy Porterfield came on the show and said you need to start meditating you would probably start meditating right. [Flori laughs].

Flori Pyke: [00:36:47] Oh I would. And I think I'd really have to work on getting my butterflies in formation. Put it that way if Amy Porterfield came on the show.

Colin Morgan: [00:36:56] Absolutely. So what I would say is how do you set yourself up every day whether it be a morning routine or if you're trying to perform on a podcast. Yeah how can you set yourself up those 20 30 15 minutes that you have before. How can you get yourself in the right frame of mind. How can you get yourself quiet. How can you speak at the pace that you want to speak at because all those things come out in what you do. And the more certain you are the more you can prepare yourself for the moment, the more ready you are. And it comes out in your work it comes out in everything that you've done and it has for me yeah forever. So for me I like to dial in a morning routine which includes I get up early. I meditate, I exercise, I pick my top three which I've shared with you, and I create me time so it's just something that I like to do, just take time and gets my mind off of business completely and for me it's sports because I'm an athlete. I like to keep up to date on sports but it just takes my mind off of it because you are so, when you work for yourself you're so into what you do it's hard to step outside no matter what you do. Your mind's always working. So it's like how do you get out of that because that can be unhealthy. And then also it's like through reading and reading books about psychology and sports psychology and how top performers perform, like people say all the time you might as well not reinvent the wheel learn from those who have come before you. How do certain people who you idolise, how did they get to where they are. And look at how they do it and copy it and give it a shot. And those are just things that I do but it comes down to certainty and how can I get myself prepared for the moment.

Flori Pyke: [00:38:48] Yeah. No I love it. I think there's a couple key, I mean all of it is resonating with me. But certainly one thing that you touched on there with certainty is you know I was listening actually to a training from James Schramko yesterday and he was talking about the power of visualisation and how if he's going to do a talk or he's going to launch a product or he is working on something he will visualise the success of that happening and he'll start visualising that months in advance and he starts visualising it so much that subconsciously he knows he's going to be achieving that goal for himself be it whatever it is. And I think that is so true and that really speaks to that element of creating certainty. And I think visualisation and certainty they they really play hand in hand, don't they.

Colin Morgan: [00:39:52] 100 percent and also do the opposite. Like a lot of times fear is something that holds you back and how do you deal with fear. And it's dealing with it head on. So in the same way in which you're visualising what you want, visualise the worst case scenario, if you're nervous for something like what if this doesn't work. And a lot of times when you realise what the consequences are what happens it's not as bad as what you think. So not only visualising the positive but also not ignoring what happens if something doesn't go right.

Flori Pyke: [00:40:30] Yeah. No I think that's a great piece of advice. Yeah. I'm certainly one for visualisation and one thing that you spoke about which again I've been hearing, it's almost like I'm getting this knock on the door about this other thing you know I talked about it I'm certainly getting knocked on the door about LinkedIn and the other thing is meditation, like I know Mike my husband is saying you know you should meditate because he did it as well to a degree when he played professionally and just last week I was having dinner with the CEO of Nestle in fact and she was also telling me about the incredibly positive effect that meditation has had for her and was really encouraging me to give it a try and much like you Colin, I have tried and I think I kind of like oh I just can't do this. You know I've got so many things to do. But the more I am hearing about certain, I hear all these anecdotes from really successful people telling me you got to do this, like I do feel that you're right. Like it's certainly something that I can see how it would really centre you and I guess, do you have any tips around that around how to get started with meditation for myself and for our listeners.

Colin Morgan: [00:41:54] I would say commit to two weeks. Try to do it and you can take some days off. But for me it was Monday through Friday. I picked one time throughout the day that I would be able to do it. That was consistent to me and I stuck with it. And what I found happen is it's like anything when you start a routine you start to get used to it at the beginning stages it's difficult. It's like going to the gym right. You go to the gym. You run on a treadmill. You're like 'it sucks I don't want to come back'. But it gets easier and it gets easier. So it's the same thing with meditation. And for me it was a form of healing. And it gives time for self reflection which I think is huge because I don't think there's enough emphasis and people don't put enough and I don't put enough into this time on looking back and questioning what's happening and looking at all possible scenarios and saying what is happening in my life like what can I do to move forward. What happened today. How can I improve that. And for me it's been that self reflection and it's been a real healing process for me because sometimes it can get scary sitting there with just your own thoughts. Especially if you've been through something and I get it, it can get really scary. But the more you can just attack that it's like attacking things that you're uncomfortable with, the more you get comfortable with that. So for me to commit to that two week, five days a week, 10 minutes a day, ten minutes don't try and be a hero and do 30 it's not going to work. I still can't do 30 to be honest. My sweet spot is 15 minutes a day.

Flori Pyke: [00:43:34] OK. All right. And just in a quiet room and just yeah.

Colin Morgan: [00:43:38] Yeah. You know you throw some headphones on. Or you could you could go for a walk and sit down on a park bench. But just take time just to decompress.

Flori Pyke: [00:43:49] Yeah. OK love it. I'm going to try it and I'm going to let you know how I go.

Colin Morgan: [00:43:53] Let me know. [Flori laughs]. Headspace app, Headspace app.

Flori Pyke: [00:43:57] Is that an app I should check out. Oh I love a bit of an app.

Colin Morgan: [00:44:02] Get it on your phone. You need the Headspace app.

Flori Pyke: [00:44:05] Ok headspace. Got it. All right I'm going to check that out. All right well. Oh my goodness. Thank you so so much for your time Colin. It has been just such a pleasure and such a privilege to host you on our podcast. You've shared so many key insights with myself and I'm so sure with our listeners, like there's been so much in this so I really really appreciate you taking the time to connect with us.

Colin Morgan: [00:44:33] Thank you for allowing me to be here. It's amazing to always share any insight if I can help just one person. That's my goal. Anything.

Flori Pyke: [00:44:41] Yeah well you certainly have. For our students who are listening get extra excited in fact because Colin is going to be coming and teaching further for our students or to our students I should say sorry, on customer acquisition strategies so I'm personally also very excited to hear more around that and all the insights you have to share there. So yeah we are super pumped to host you again.

Colin Morgan: [00:45:06] I'm pumped as well.

Flori Pyke: [00:45:08] Yeah like it's been so awesome. So thanks so much. Now for anyone listening who'd like to further tune into Colin's gold and learn from his podcast The Daily Grind. Please please make sure to go and tune into his podcast The Daily Grind. It is amazing. I certainly encourage you to listen to. Well you can surf through it. I was looking at it actually like just because there's been so many people whilst we have been chatting I was like oh my god like the repertoire of people who you interviewed. It's just mind boggling. So go have a look yourself. I mean it's certainly impressive and there is so much gold in there so go go check it out. Now for the show notes please don't forget to pop over to our site at and if you love the episode please let us know. Drop us a review. We'd absolutely love to hear from you or drop us a note over at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and for today's parting thought, I actually thought you know I might leave it to you Colin to share. So usually at the end of every podcast we share a quote from someone. And I thought you know put you on the spot a little bit. What's your Parting Thought for today based on what we have discussed over the course of today's episode.

Colin Morgan: [00:46:31] My parting thought would be to anyone who is at a point in their life where they want more or they want to get to that next level or do that thing that they've always wanted to do is understand that you don't have to do it alone. You don't have to go at it alone. There are people out there who can help and support you and seek that help, seek that help because those people have valuable insight that you will not have. And I've been down the path of trying to do it myself. And the best thing that I did was invest with someone. Is if you're listening to the podcast, you're a podcast listener and you love what Florencia does like reach out to her and grab 20 minutes and just pick her brain and see if she's the right person to work with. And if she is, pay for it. I'm not just saying that in terms of trying to get it but I truly believe that if you don't pay for something you will not put your effort and your focus will not be there. If you want to get to that next level you need to invest in yourself and you need to do anything that everything that it takes to get there. So invest in yourself, believe in yourself enough to know that you're good enough and that investment will pay off. So go for it. Don't be afraid and invest in yourself. Invest in Florencia, subscribe to the show, comments, review, everything. Thank you so much for being here.

Flori Pyke: [00:48:01] Thank you so much you have me blushing and I have to say that was a totally unsolicited plug.

Colin Morgan: [00:48:07] It was, it was unsolicited.

Flori Pyke: [00:48:08] So thank you. That certainly has me blushing pretty hard so. But I think you're so right we always say you know be prepared to jump off the bridge and you've got to spend money to make money right. Be it with whoever you choose to follow or whatever program you choose to pursue but you know choose to go with someone who's already travelled the path because you're going to get there so much faster in the end aren't you.

Colin Morgan: [00:48:33] I spent three thousand dollars today so I'm having a beer. I spent three thousand dollars today on my personal development with someone who I think can take me to the next level. So they just look at that and just mull that through and understand if you want to do it you need to do that for yourself as well.

Flori Pyke: [00:48:49] Yeah. Now it's so true. Well thank you so much again. And to our listeners very. This is very timely to what Colin's has been saying. Remember be brave in your business.



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