Set your business up for success right from the start


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Set your business up for success right from the start

Ready to kick the corporate world goodbye?
Got tons of business ideas – but not sure which way to go?
Or ready to take your side hustle from hobby into the fast lane?

Introducing our brand-new Kickstarter program designed for women ready to take the leap into business but who want to do it right, right from the get-go. 



So, your dream life awaits you … if only you knew how to make it happen.


You’re gearing up for a big change so you can create life on your terms but where to start?

Most people approach their business with a ‘how hard can this be’ attitude, clueless to all they are going to need to learn and master if they actually want to make it.

But not you – you want, no need, to make this work, so you want figure out how to do it properly, take all the right steps and cover all your basis.

There’s no winging it for you - sensible woman!

The problem is there is so much noise and information out there and it’s overwhelming right?

How do you know what steps to take in what order? Which ones are really important and matter?

The free resources are endless, but they don’t give you the whole picture.

And there are courses everywhere spruiking everything from hashtags to how to launch…

But what do you really need?





I wouldn’t have had the courage or a clue on how to get started if it wasn’t for this program Program. And my business… it wouldn’t be growing so rapidly either!

Trudi Taylor | Taylored Coloured Concepts


"If I kept on ignoring the emails, I'd probably still be in my mundane job. I would have given up on my dream, resented my family ... I actually feel a hell of a lot more powerful. I feel like I am finally taking myself seriously and taking responsibility for my life and the life I want for my family..."

Linda Serrano | Natural Therapist Jobs




Let’s get real - here’s how to fail at business 


You have an idea – you ask a few friends what they think – they give you the thumbs up so you dive in. You set up your socials, build a website, start boosting posts, start playing with hashtags... and crickets…


FACT: You cannot build a successful business without a plan or a strategy…


You can’t grow a business without a hungry audience

You can’t stand out if you don’t know your market place

You can’t compete if you don’t have strong points of difference

You can’t build & connect with the right people if you don’t know who you want to talk to 

You won’t make money if you don’t have a financial plan and / or a strategy

The very first thing you need to understand right now before going any further – is whether your business idea has legs and if not what to do to fix it



You don’t need a business degree – but you do need to know the crucial foundations that make the difference between success and failure




And our Kickstarter program has been designed to do just that.

You’ll get the right start for your start-up so you can build a business for the future rather than finding yourself 6 months down the track hemorrhaging money and wondering why no one is liking your posts, visiting your website... or worst still, buying a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g

Save money and time avoiding the common mistakes most startups make

You’ll be given the crucial tools to research, test and develop the strongest business model possible and develop an overarching marketing strategy to give you a serious competitive edge…

The end results - a viable business designed to stand the test of time. #winning

Then and only then do we give you permission [yes seriously] to dive into all the sparkly marketing stuff -your socials, marketing plan and sales funnels because you know you’ve got something that works, and the world needs to see right now!





Set your business up for success in 8 weeks


Ok, so let’s step you through what we’ll cover in this brand new 8-week program:


 Kickstarter Icon Step1 Step 1

Get Clear on your Why

  • Get clear on what you want to achieve now and into the future
  • Learn how to approach your life & business with intention and purpose

 Kickstarter Icon Step1 Step 2

Get your Business Admin Sorted

  • Ensure your business and brand is protected on all fronts
  • Make sure you’re legally compliant + tax ready

 Kickstarter Icon Step1 Step 3

Embrace the Entrepreneur’s Mindset

  • Learn about the qualities that drive an entrepreneurial mind
  • Assess your entrepreneurial flare and get clear on your weak areas

 Kickstarter Icon Step1 Step 4

Validate Your Business

  • Collect & analyse important data, insights, facts, trends relevant to your marketplace
  • Conduct detailed consumer surveys & focused groups

 Kickstarter Icon Step1 Step 5

Deep dive into your Market place

  • Learn how to conduct & leverage competitor research
  • Get clear on your playing field so you can build out your strategy and plan of attack

 Kickstarter Icon Step1 Step 6

Establish your Competitive Edge

  • Hone in on a profitable niche for your business
  • Establish your pitch - how you’ll stand out, & what you’ll be known for

 Kickstarter Icon Step1 Step 7

Connect with your ideal client

  • Get clear on who you’re serving & what you’re serving them with
  • Build out a picture of your ideal client demographics & psychographics [pain points]

 Kickstarter Icon Step1 Step 8

Nail your financial strategy

  • Get clear on your products / services & establish your price and pricing strategy
  • Learn how to budget & forecast predicted revenue over time


INSIGHT: This content taken straight out of our highly coveted Academy – Our signature program designed to help you build and grow a 6-figure business






Over the last 4 years we have collectively started and grown 9 successful businesses between us, whilst simultaneously delivering 1000's of female entrepreneurs the tools to do the same.

We live and breathe what we teach and wholeheartedly believe in building your business on the strongest of foundations first – and it's for this reason what we teach in our Kickstarter sits at the core of ALL of our programs.

We also know what having a successful business means to you – because when done right it really can enable you to build life on your terms. And we're so grateful that we are able to spend every day wrangling our families whilst we simultaneously get to educate and inspire women like you to do the same.

Whatever your dream business looks like – we're all here ready and waiting to help you get set up right, right from the start so you can go on to grow a business that truly delivers!


The Elevatory Team xo






A sneak peek into the work you’ll do and results you’ll get in Module 1 alone…








What our tribe says



“The Elevatory® is incredible. The steps are so logical, after every module I knew my business was getting stronger and more equipped for success. I would never have come this far, learnt so much and have such a clear plan if I hadn’t made this investment in my business."

Becky Hughes | Sista Collective



“Following the guidance of The Elevatory® I have managed to get my business growing rapidly. I have achieved in 9 months what it took me 3 years to do on a previous business."

Danica Collins | Little Tucker Box



PLUS, you’ll get access to the following bonuses:


Bonus #1


Join hundreds of successful startups inside The Elevatory® Facebook group for the next 3 months and get feedback, connect, collaborate and more.

[Valued $197]

Kickstarter Bonus1


Bonus #2


Access 3 months of live trainings, hotseats & progress sessions - tapping into guest experts and our coaching team.

[Valued $197]

Kickstarter Bonus2


Bonus #3


Get a 30 min wrap up call with one of our coaching team to discuss your next steps to build and grow your business

[Valued $297]

Kickstarter Bonus3


Bonus #4


Get a credit on your account for future upgrades. That’s right if you later decide to upgrade to our full Academy program so you can attack your sales, marketing, funnels and more, we’ll offset your investment in this program against the joining fee!

[Valued $599]

Kickstarter Bonus4









Game Changer. I was hesitant to make the investment with a small business profit but this is the best thing I could have done for me, my family and my business. I cannot even find the word to express the impact this program has made on me as a person and a business"

Indee-Annah Harvey | Indee Visual Design


You guys have HONESTLY changed my life forever and I'll never forget what a pivotal role you played in getting me to where I am now.

Melanie De Gioia | Beer with an Engineer




Who’s this program right for?


  • New startups who want to test a business idea

  • Businesses early in their journey who want to do a health check on their business foundations

  • Businesses a few years in who know they missed doing their foundational work when starting out and who want to strengthen their business fundamentals

  • Businesses who want to change direction and want to test a new marketplace






The Elevatory® is an education hub for Women in Business. Founded in 2016 The Elevatory's mission is clear - to deliver Women all the coaching, training & resources they need to ensure RESULTS in their small business.

The Elevatory® Mastermind was later founded in 2018 in response to students who were progressing quickly through The Elevatory's signature coaching program, delivering advanced training to help them scale and break through the boundaries of those next income levels.


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