Ecommerce Unleashed

Unleash a flow of high-quality customers and sales in 90 days.


Ecommerce  Unleashed


A 4-month marketing intensive designed to help you implement paid and organic marketing strategies into your business.

For emerging ecommerce owners who want to generate more traffic and sales.

Doors are closed for 2022. The waitlist is open for early 2023.




"In 6 short months I went from drowning in financial losses and maximum 7K sales months to 70K sales months and no ad agency fees!!"

Sarah Bugden // Daisy's closet



You set up your store and had a rush of sales from family and friends and now it's crickets.


  • You're lucky if you get an order every few days.
  • You’ve been working tirelessly on social media, you’ve tried a little bit of SEO, and maybe even optimised a product page or two. All the while just HOPING this will be the next fix you need.
  • You know there are metrics you could look at [bounce rate, conversion rates, abandon cart rate] that might help - but if you're really honest you don't actually understand all the jargon and what it even means... let alone what to do to fix things. .
  • You’re also wondering whether it’s time you added paid ads into the marketing mix - to get the mass exposure that you need.
  • You're here because you know marketing is important for your business and you want to learn it and understand how to implement it yourself.
  • And you’re looking for a program which will show you exactly what to focus on to get results - and more importantly teach you how to implement what you learn!


You’ve come as far as you can on your own and you know it's time to get some help




Now imagine ...


Having a highly optimised website and a traffic system working to bring you orders (day and night) - that once set up, your job is simply to keep monitoring and tweaking to improve performance and continue to scale.



And where your next focus will be on
trying to keep up with all the orders!



"I've gone from 100 orders a month to over 300 orders a month, I had no idea how quickly business would grow and let's just say I'm now being kept on my toes. The growth has been incredible".

Kara Cooper // Mount Vic & me


"My mindset has changed, I didn't think 10k a month was possible, now after being able to hit 50k in peak season I now think everything is possible. It's just me who has to dream it up and then make it happen."

Kristal Spencer // Wine Stains






Ecommerce  Unleashed


This is not just another business course - it's a program focussed exclusively on Marketing where we'll be implementing a handful of important things into your business so you can unleash that traffic flow.


We don't want to overload you with unnecessary information, so you can go into procrastination -
we just want you to get sh*t done.

We like to call it an intensive implementer - because it's just that!

And at the end of your time with us, you'll have learned, built and optimised your heart out - with a strong traffic system in place to show for it!



You'll have your:




What you get access to


4 months of content + live support

To help you seriously move the needle with your online Marketing

3-4 live coaching calls a week

To help with feedback, support, troubleshooting and implementation

Video and resource library

To teach you key marketing theory

Templates, workbooks, blueprints and swipe files

To help you implement

Calculators and Excel spreadsheets

To ensure you really 'get' your numbers

Accountability plan

To help you stay on track week to week

Facebook Group

To reach out to your peers and coaches each time you have a question.

Limited group size

To ensure you have the support you need to succeed

Lock in ongoing support

Option to stay in the program at the end of the 4 months on alumni rates




Meet your coaching team


During Ecommerce Unleashed you'll have access to a whole team of expert coaches all with unique business experience and specialist skills to help you learn, understand and implement.

Each coach lives and breathes what they teach and will run a live weekly coaching call, so you get the most up to date, finger on the pulse information every time.

These ladies will be your cheering squad throughout your program and will always be on hand to make sure you're implementing and actioning what you learn.



» Business Strategy
» Financials & Analytics
» Leadership Coach



» Marketing Strategy
» Sales Funnels
» Facebook™ & Instagram Ads



» Google/SEO
» CRM Management
» Website Optimisation



» Marketing Strategy
» Brand Strategy
» Mindset




This Program is for you if:


  • You are a new and emerging ecommerce owner
  • You’ve exhausted your organic channels and feel like you’re treading water or you’re ready to launch and want to do it right
  • You recognise the need to upskill in marketing and want to learn everything you can
  • You want results like tomorrow
  • You are prepared to get your hands dirty and take action right now
  • You want to plug into a team and community who will drive you to achieve


Who we’re not for you if:


  • You’re at the ideas stage
  • You want someone else to implement and do the work for you
  • You’re not self motivated or self driven
  • You’re not willing to commit 3-4 hours a week for the next 4 months



Please note - it’s a prerequisite that you are on either Shopify or WordPress in order to enrol in this training.





"I'm celebrating my first ever 5 figure launch. Feels truly surreal to write that to be honest but loving where my business is heading and so excited for what lies ahead."

Bec Albouze
The Pop up Party Co


"Somebody please pinch me….this can’t be real! Not long ago I posted that we did our first $10k month……..WE JUST HIT $15k!!!!!!"

Sarah Smith
Fan Friends


"My business has increased its profit margins, my online store sales are up 60% YOY and I now have multiple revenue streams, with a service arm, and now a shop front! "

Just Gorgeous Things





Case Study

Sarah Bugden


Sarah had the dream of opening a storefront in her local town, but after purchasing lots of stock covid hit. Terrified of what to do she created a website and after realising she wasn't getting any traffic she hired an ad agency.

During her time with the agency she found she was spending more than she was making and her business was slowly drowning. When taking into account her agency fees and margins she was actually running at a significant loss.

So, she decided she needed to master her own Marketing and joined The Elevatory.

In 6 short months she overhauled her brand positioning, website and email marketing and learnt how to run her own paid Facebook and Google ads.

And she’s gone from 7k months to 100k months and is well and truly in charge of her Marketing.

She’s now working on expanding internationally.

What’s more Sarah is now very focussed on using her numbers and metrics so we can continue to help her grow and scale.



Here are just some of the clients we’ve worked with:




Case Study

Jo Hardie


After juggling the highs and lows of 3 little ones,

Jo developed the spewy - a super absorbent baby towel to help with all the little messes that babies and toddlers make. Jo believed in her products from the get-go, she just didn't know how to be seen.

She was also scared to invest in herself but she did it anyway.

During her time at The Elevatory we overhauled her messaging and positioning and then built out all of her marketing infrastructure and taught her the power of running her own paid ads!

She listened to advice, and applied everything she was taught, working tirelessly.

When she started she was turning over just $500 a month fast forward a year later and she smashed through 60k months …

Jo has since gone on to expand her product range and has now built her own warehouse to keep up with the enormous growth of her business.




The Elevatory helps clients implement proven business & marketing strategies to build multi-6 and 7 figure ecommerce businesses.


Want our step-by-step guide to ensuring your business is scale ready?