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We share a little anecdote with you about what happened to our business and our bottom line when we started to REALLY understand our target market… and our ideal customer for that matter.

So, tune in and make sure to snap up your freebie too – it’s our Customer Avatar Template… the same template that we share with our students in The Academy… and the same one we used to really flesh out our own ideal customer.

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  • How to build up a picture of your consumer demographics so you know who you are talking to
  • How to look at your consumer’s psychographics so you can ascertain why they buy
  • The 5 reasons why knowing your clients in great detail can have a massive impact on your business and bottom line



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Florencia Pyke: [00:00:48] Welcome to Episode 6 of the Raising Her Game Podcast. We are Anna and Flori the founders of The Elevatory® an online business school completely dedicated to seeing mums in business thrive. Now going on the theme of hashtag winning hashtag losing...

Anna Jonak: [00:01:09] ... it's the way we are gonna roll.

Florencia Pyke: [00:01:13] So my winning moment for the last week would be, and for those of you who follow us on social media at The Elevatory®, you would have seen that I got to spend the day with an awesome, other digital marketer if I might say so myself. Yeah she's awesome too.

Anna Jonak: [00:01:30] Jealous [Flori laughs]. I was not there.

Florencia Pyke: [00:01:33] Bit of FOMO.

Anna Jonak: [00:01:32] I wasn't invited. [Flori laughs]

Florencia Pyke: [00:01:37] Oh shut the front door. You had the kids. [both laugh] We were nerding out hard on Facebook ads.

Anna Jonak: [00:01:45] I wouldn't have been much help.

Florencia Pyke: [00:01:46] I don't know, I don't think you would have been too excited to be honest. But anyway I absolutely loved it. It was so fun being able to share this stuff with someone and Ashley Rees, actually from Unleashed Multimedia, she is amazing. So that was really a big winning moment for me because I got to learn things that I didn't know and vice versa. So it was a lot of fun and hashtag losing, so also for some of you who follow us on insta stories, you will have seen that I love to do a bit of baking now and again. [Anna agrees] And I'm really healthy. So I really try and do sugar free. The trouble...

Anna Jonak: [00:02:28] I don't in my house, you're making me feel bad. Get that sugar and chocolate in those cookies.

Florencia Pyke: [00:02:29] ...Well this is the trouble. This is exactly the trouble. OK I made these cookies actually with my kids and they were like sugar free, gluten free, this free that free. Honestly no. They tasted like small rocks like I'm surprised they still have teeth. My poor kids they don't even eat them. [both laugh] Like what is this.

Anna Jonak: [00:02:53] Thanks Mum

Florencia Pyke: [00:02:57] So actually yeah totally. So if anyone has any good recipes please hit me up that are sugar free, gluten free, all free. No I'm just kidding.

Anna Jonak: [00:03:07] Or you could just get a regular Cadburys chocolate cookie.

Florencia Pyke: [00:03:10] Or you could be normal. [both laugh]

Anna Jonak: [00:03:13] OK. Now what's mine - hashtag winning has been having a social life. I've had a big week of my husband I had a wonderful date night, he bought me some beautiful gifts, really being spoilt. And then we also had a dinner drinks session. So many champagnes, so good on a Saturday night with a girlfriend. I love the nights out. I didn't have a hangover the next day.

Florencia Pyke: [00:03:37] Wow !

Anna Jonak: [00:03:37] So that was a double winning moment.

Florencia Pyke: [00:03:39] That is massive.

Anna Jonak: [00:03:40] Felt good. Bit of me-time. I also crept away for the weekend and did some work. So it was just a week that kind of felt like it revolved around my needs. Rather than all the other things.

Florencia Pyke: [00:03:51] Rather than everyone elses.

Anna Jonak: [00:03:51] Yes and the losing hashtag is definitely that the sleep fairy has left the building. There is no sleep happening in my house. I've got kids up and down for a variety of reasons and with three of them I swear like they alternate coming into the bedroom like one after another. It's like they all know.

Florencia Pyke: [00:04:08] They wouldn't want to make it too easy for you. [both laugh]

Anna Jonak: [00:04:11] Why would they. And then add to that my absolute nut job of a cat who is like doing loop the loops around my house at 3:00 a.m. like every morning. [whispers] It's time for him to have his balls chopped off. [Flori laughing] I'm telling you, there is some hormonal stuff going on and the cat is crazy. Book him in [laughs].

Florencia Pyke: [00:04:30] Seriously it's like a fourth child, when she told me she was getting a cat, I was like you are kidding me. You are kidding me.

Anna Jonak: [00:04:38] He was so good at the beginning. Now he does not like me and he loves my husband. I'm like I got him because I wanted the babyness and now he's like whatever lady [both laugh] I'm going to go hang with your husband.

Florencia Pyke: [00:04:54] What! Oh gosh I feel like, I'm very happy not to have any pets. I feel like my life is very complete with two small children and a husband who sometimes counts for one of those [both laugh].

Anna Jonak: [00:05:08] I knew you were going to say that. Yes. Yes. That's what happens when you let men in. Anyway let's not get off track before we start divulging well too much personal information which could happen [Flori agrees]. Imagine us doing a podcast with a wine in hand one day, maybe we'll do that [Flori agrees]. It would be a Christmas special. [both laugh] OK. Anyway on to today's episode, what we've got for you today is all talking about your target audience which is a big one and one we're actually really excited to talk to you about because there's a lot that you want to know about your target audience. And we really want to share with you why knowing your target audience inside out can literally change the trajectory of your business. It certainly did that for us. [Flori agrees]. Over the last few years the depth with which we know our audience has had, oh my god, just the relationship that we have with our audience now with our clients, to the kind of clients that come through our doors it had a massive massive impact and not just that, but on our bottom line. [Flori agrees] Like ultimately the amount of revenue we can bring in as a business and our growth, its just gone next level and it's really all started with really completely understanding our target audience. So the first question we want you to consider, as you listen away to this, and we are going to ask a few questions, we want you to lean in and play in. How well do you feel that you actually know your target audience?



Florencia Pyke: [00:06:24] Yes. So let's go into a few examples around what we mean by that. So to begin with when it comes to their demographics, how well do you know their demographics and by demographics we mean things like their age so how old they are, their sex are they male or female, location where do they live. Are they regional or are they Metro or are they in Australia or are they International, their income levels as a household, often that's kind of where you want to aim but it depends on your offering, their marital status, relationships, what their career is or if they work or they don't work. And then also around the psychographics

Anna Jonak: [00:07:05] Which is so important.

Florencia Pyke: [00:07:07] So this is really tapping into everything around kind of what goes on upstairs for them. So their problems or frustrations or wants, needs, hopes, fears, who they trust. What sets off their distrust, objections.

Anna Jonak: [00:07:22] Which is huge.

Florencia Pyke: [00:07:23] Where do they get their information. And that kind of ties into demographics too but really understanding what media channels are they consuming. [Anna agrees]. You know what are they reading and specifically what are the names of those publications. What do they do in their free time. Who do they do it with, who are they hanging with. All this stuff, it really is important for you to be across inside out. And as we talk about this, one thing that we really want you to consider is are the clients that you're attracting at the minute your ideal clients. And what we mean by this is that are the people who are attracting, the ones who are happy to do business with you. So are they paying your price. Are they becoming loyal brand advocates and by that we mean they're not only buying once [Anna agrees] but they're sticking around.

Anna Jonak: [00:08:13] Coming back for more and they're singing your praises [Flori agrees]. You know the relationship is just next-level.

Florencia Pyke: [00:08:18] Exactly like in marketing there's this thing that we call the ladder of loyalty. And when you have a really loyal client, so the perfect client, this ideal client that is the one who's going to sing your praises for free. They don't expect anything in return because they just think that you are great. [Anna agrees]. And that is the kind of client that you really want to be attracting. Because on the flip side we can certainly say from experience, that working with the wrong clients can really hold back your business.

Anna Jonak: [00:08:48] Yeah and I think also it's quite often that people don't realise that maybe they're working with the wrong clients.  I think sometimes people, they just feel happy to have any client. [Flori agrees]. And it's very much like as long as they got bums on seats or money coming through the door and they're kind of OK with that. Actually when you realise that sometimes you can have a high quality client, someone who's more likely to spend, and you can raise the bar on what you're doing - you can have a massive impact. Yeah we're definitely going to give you some examples on that.



Florencia Pyke: [00:09:15] So to really hammer all of this home what we're going to do now is take you through five key reasons why knowing your clients in this level of detail can really have such a massive impact on your business flow from everything from your strategy to your marketing.

Anna Jonak: [00:09:33] There's the M word again [both laugh]. Oh dear I have no words. You are going to find a really super special freebie, our customer avatar template, which we've used to understand our client in ultimate detail. It's something that we use with our students in part of the lessons around some of the stuff we teach here. And you can find that for you to download and have a play around with at So definitely go download that and get involved and I think it will help you to really kind of put together the pieces of what we take you through today. All right so let's jump in and talk about point number one.



It's so so important that you can talk in the language of your ideal client. OK. For a couple of reasons. The first is you want to show them that you get them. [Flori agrees] You want to be able to write for them across your website, your Facebook ads, blog posts, social media posts, you name it, you want to be able to draw them in with the language that you use, show them that you understand them, you're just like them, aggravate their problems, show them that you can solve them. You can be persuasive and a big one is mind reading. So people often, when they've come to our site, with the work that we've done, read the introduction on our program and they'll be like, it was like you were talking to me directly, like you read my mind. [Flori agrees] And that's because we've actually done an inordinate amount of research into how our clients think, how they feel, we've done phone interviews and really got on to grips on the language as well as their pain points so that we can really tap into them. Talking the language also comes back to that point of drawing in the right client for you because you find that as we said there's a right and wrong client and you can be talking in the wrong language and attracting the wrong people. And we certainly learned that the long hard way at the beginning. And we did a lot of research around the pain points of our followers, and we did a lot of kind of understanding what are your challenges or problems in business and some of the key things that came up were time management, social media, marketing, anything to do with Facebook and Instagram and converting sales and leads. So this is the kind of language that they were using right.

Florencia Pyke: [00:11:44] Yeah yeah I mean it was very marketing heavy is really what we found to your point Anna and so what we decided to do after we did that batch of research was to create a challenge. Yeah actually it was a marketing challenge. It was a marketing bootcamp. [Anna agrees]. And we were sitting back thinking oh this is just yeah we have hit the gold mine.

Anna Jonak: [00:12:08] These guys are going to love this, it's totally tightly tailored for them.

Florencia Pyke: [00:12:11] This is exactly what they've told us, that they want, like here we go. And like honestly that was the worst fail I think we've ever had. [Anna agrees]. The amount of time, energy, money and effort we put into that.

Anna Jonak: [00:12:26] It did not convert well at all. The uptake for our program was just so phenomenally low. And the reason why in hindsight now with the more research that we've done and the more understanding we have is that this audience, they talk the talk, they use all the right buzzwords of exactly what they should be thinking about but when it actually comes to them walking the walk and actually doing and going through the steps of creating a sales funnel, understanding their audience and doing all the due diligence that enables them to be effective in those things, they got quite scared.

Florencia Pyke: [00:12:55] Yeah. Oh a hundred percent I think they were afraid to really dig deep dive but honestly to that level of work, into the how, it was like oh hold on here.

Anna Jonak: [00:13:07] There was too much it was overwhelming and it is easier for them to turn around and walk away than to actually face all the things that they were missing. Because the challenge was very much about identifying gaps and problem areas. So that was a big wake up call for us that just because we have a big following and people using these language didn't necessarily mean that they were our ideal client and certainly we did much more thorough research and analysis and we dug a lot deeper into our ideal clients [Flori agrees] especially those students that were coming through. Those who are really responsive to what we are putting out when we did real in-depth analysis on their language on their pain points. And this time what came up was time again, which comes up for everybody. But some key differences here, one was a lot of words around me and myself and a real readiness to invest in self. So really ready to invest in self development but also in backing themselves in kind of saying it's my turn.

Florencia Pyke: [00:13:58] It was like a self-awareness hey.

Anna Jonak: [00:14:00] Permission to go for it. They were like I need to do this I want to do this. I'm going to do this. Another big thing that came up a lot was how, the what, how, how can I do this, how can I get the answers, you know the how and the what. As opposed to using buzz words it was how, understanding the learning. A lot about children and making it work for the children. And then there was a lot of serious terminology around finances and accounting and all of those kind of like icky pieces [both laugh] that people were like

Florencia Pyke: [00:14:26] they shied away from. Yeah it's taboo yeah. God forbid the word number might come up.

Anna Jonak: [00:14:32] These guys they appreciate the need to do the hard yards and the icky stuff because of the impact it would have on the business. So for us knowing these pain points enabled us to really change our language on our site, in our communication, write whole challenges around the areas, around themselves, around the mindset side of things, but also equally around the how, learning the how and where the gaps are in a way that works for them. And knowing this language and articulating it in products and services and things we've created since, you know in one fell swoop like literally took our business from like a 20k month to 50k month like a flick of a switch. It was pretty crazy but seriously so you really do want to know how you can talk that language so that you can get the right people and talk to them in a way that completely resonates with them.

Florencia Pyke: [00:15:20] Yeah. And I think just before we move on to point number two, one thing that's really important to emphasise here from a marketing standpoint is I know for both of us when we started out on the journey with The Elevatory® I don't think that we quite understood how important the language that we used was across our ad copy across our website. Everything we were really focused on like images and you know other bits and pieces like optimisation and whatnot. And when we started to really invest some time and energy into understanding this language that was when it really started to turn for us. [Anna agrees] So the copyrighting, that language like do not discount that for a second

Anna Jonak: [00:15:59] copy is, copywriting is so so important and we've done programs, we've studied how, we've analysed, we've tested. [Flori agrees] But it's huge. So really really important. Okay. So number two is solving their problems. Okay so by knowing your target audience you can really start to understand and create products and services that you know are going to meet your target market's wants and needs. Okay so often what we see and this happens time and time again.



Anna Jonak: [00:16:32] It's extraordinary isn't it actually

Florencia Pyke: [00:16:34] All the time. So we'll come across students and prospects who have created a product or service based on what they think will work or what their friends and family have told them. Yeah you know that is such a great idea Shelly I'll buy that. Go for it. [Anna agrees]. And it's like well hold on Shelly, stop the bus [both laugh].

Anna Jonak: [00:16:56] Test it test it!

Florencia Pyke: [00:16:56] Yeah have you done any research. Do you know that people actually want this. Do you that people are willing to pay a price for it. Are there enough people who want your offering Shelly, like there are so many layers to this that you need to be really confident around before creating an offering. You know you want to be sure that whatever you put out there is solving a problem that you know meets your target market needs, really. So in order to do that you know you want to be thinking about doing interviews, about facilitating research, asking the right questions. And I know that for us you know we - oh gosh - research. [Anna agrees]. The research hats are always on over here at The Elevatory®. And you know it is so important to emphasise this because it is really what's enabled us to craft and create a very unique program that literally has been created by our ideal client. So at the end of every single intake that we have, we will interview and do research. So send out surveys to every single student who comes on the journey and we ask some specific questions to help us basically optimise the delivery of our program so that our students can learn better. [Anna agrees] and we literally take this information on board and we make tweaks at every single turn around the program to help their learning experience. So over the course of the last two and a half years...

Anna Jonak: [00:18:22] Yeh its just changed phenomenally but in the most amazing way.

Florencia Pyke: [00:18:24] Yeah I mean we have developed a space for collaborations, we've got a dedicated community, now we have this personal coaching forum and thread with each and every single student. We've got personal coaching content like everything, every layer of the program has been created thanks to our students

Anna Jonak: [00:18:42] to the input and the feedback. Yeah. It's so it's so huge to be creating products and services that people want and that is meeting those needs as you said rather than that finger in the air like hey

Florencia Pyke: [00:18:53] listen to them listen to what they want you know, ask them what they want [Anna agrees] and they will tell you and then you will know.

Anna Jonak: [00:18:59] You need to feed a hungry audience. It's finding the hungry audience as opposed to you know just kind of rocking out there and creating something. Research is so key and is the starting point in anything we do.

Florencia Pyke: [00:19:11] 100% percent.



Anna Jonak: [00:19:12] Ok moving on to point three and that is that it is easier to buy from you when you know client inside out, you're going to be able to basically deliver the right price points to attract the right person. You're going learn to be able to incentivise them with the right bonuses or discounts. It might be an initial 15 percent off when you landing on the website, thinking about cross-selling or upselling inclusions. So what might get them over the line and what might help increase the share of wallet when they come and spend with you. All of this stuff obviously you want to test over again and again just like the research that we've done we've definitely tested our price point to see the kind of client calibre of client we attract, because we want someone who is going to do the work and is really invested in their results and we can certainly get lots of bums on seats at low price points but it really impacts the quality of the lead that comes in and the work that they are going to do. So we have now refined and tested a price point to ensure that the people that are coming to work with us are all in.

Florencia Pyke: [00:20:14] Yeah and that just goes to show how if you do the research you're going to get the same result.

Anna Jonak: [00:20:18] Yeh because a lot of people I think as well they are fearful about their price strategy. They fear putting their prices to a certain point because they feel like they're going to price themselves outside the market. But actually you might find that you're kind of doing yourself more damage by staying where you are because you could raise the bar of what you're doing. You can differentiate yourself. [Flori agrees] It's really interesting and exciting when you get into numbers and analysis and kind of even competitor research and brand positioning to find that price strategy that is going to appeal to your ideal client.

Florencia Pyke: [00:20:48] Yeah. No I couldn't agree more and maybe down the track we even do a podcast on price strategy because it is, there's such a psychology behind pricing that you know we could we could talk about that until the cows come home. But yeah you're absolutely right by knowing your target market intricately, you're going to be able to charge the right price that you know they will be willing to pay.



OK so one thing here that I want to talk about just from a marketing standpoint is that and I'm sure we're going to touch on this over episodes to come, but when you actually analyse the buyer decision making process, you will see that one of the very first steps after awareness, so someone becomes aware basically that they have a need or they have a problem or they have a frustration, is that it's your job to educate them that you have a solution to their awareness or to their need. And by understanding your target market's motivations and objections, especially that motivation element it becomes so much easier for you to hit on the points that are going to educate them and get them excited about your offering. So you know we we certainly know that when we did the research around our target market, we found a lot around this you know a lot of mums who want to create a business for themselves and work from home because they want to be there for the kids. 

Anna Jonak: [00:22:23] Flexibility and freedom.

Florencia Pyke: [00:22:24] Yeah exactly. You know they want to be able to pick up their kids, they want to do the school run. They also wanted to have this element, this layer of significance that they weren't really getting at that point in time. And they also want to self develop and invest in themselves in their education and continue to learn and grow. And they also want to be able to contribute to the family bottom line basically and equally as important some of the objections that we come across. [Anna agrees]. Hubby. The gate keeper.

Anna Jonak: [00:22:57] You know sometimes the gate keeper of the finances or the person that has the final say yes or no.

Florencia Pyke: [00:23:02] Yeah. And it can again be really frustrating for both parties. You know for her and them for us because we see how much she needs it and how much she wants it and how great it would be for her to be able to evolve her business. But I mean that is something that happens you know and often as well as some of the objections really come from a mindset element. So we see a lot of self-doubt, fear around you know really putting themselves out there and you know what if. What if I don't do the work [Anna agrees] and I don't deliver because I'm telling my hubby you know I going to invest this money. But what if I don't.

Anna Jonak: [00:23:36] Yeah. You know, looking at it the wrong way. [Flori agrees] What if I don't. What if I fail as opposed to I'm not. I'm going to.

Florencia Pyke: [00:23:44] This is not an option.

Anna Jonak: [00:23:45] Yeah that comes back to commitment. That's all we talked about very first episode - comes back to commitment, being all in, I'm going to make this happen.

Florencia Pyke: [00:23:52] Yeah exactly. And so you know around that mindset element as well, sometimes there's fears around and comes back to the whole element of time and time scarcity. But again how committed are you. [Anna agrees]. Right.

Anna Jonak: [00:24:05] Because you make time for what you value.

Florencia Pyke: [00:24:07] Correct you know. So there are some key takeaways when it comes to understanding their motivations and objections.

Anna Jonak: [00:24:14] So some food for thought that how you can obviously think about how these might be relevant for you and definitely the customer avatar template feeds into all of this so we've given you examples of our ideal client. And in fact we've got a custom avatar profile that we wanted to share with you of our ideal client. It's quite detailed but really to bring to life I guess the depth with which we know our client, know and love our ideal client basically.


Focus on your target audience


Florencia Pyke: [00:24:41] Yeah and let it be an example to you and you know basically some inspo for how we want you to think about your ideal client you want to get to a point where you can describe them in this much detail and we'll talk about Sabrina right now. So here she goes. So Sabrina is a 35 year old mum of two. And she is in the midst of starting or has already started a small home based business and her motivations for starting a business are as follows. So she's super driven. OK. And her career was yeah it was pretty darn important to her prior to having kids. But now as a mum she wants something for herself outside of the family which feeds her mind, her creativity and her drive. OK. But truth be told the Groundhog Day of parenting is starting to slowly kill her. OK it's killing her spirit and she's feeling that it really is a must for her to be using her mind and striving for something to keep her mentally healthy. Plus she desperately is craving a sense of connection to other people. OK. [Anna agrees] And she's finally like yeah she's totally lonely and she's really finding that her business is giving her this outlet OK. In the business community she feels like heard and she's connecting with people and with her clients. She's really like buzzing off of this sense of connection. She also really wants the flexibility and freedom that a small business will give her so that she can be the mum that she really wants to be and she wants to be for her kids on her terms OK. And of course she wants to earn for herself to contribute to the family's income. OK to take the load off hubby and maybe even deep down if she's really really honest with herself, she would love to be so successful that her partner could give up his job and follow his dreams or maybe even come join her in the business. We have definitely seen amongst a lot of students now and at the very core of it she is a smart, driven, determined woman who believes that she can achieve more for herself and create the life that she wants.

Anna Jonak: [00:26:36] Yes with all of that said though, her confidence has certainly taken a bit of a beating with years of being at home with small children and she's not quite as certain of herself as she used to be. These days she often doubts and second guesses herself which frustrates her because it's not what she used to do, but she doesn't really know how to find her way back out of that negative headspace and back to herself prior to children in her old life. To make matters worse she's not really as business savvy as she liked to be and with no real tangible small business experience which obviously then adds layers of self-doubt that being a smart driven woman she knows that when she needs help and is definitely looking for guidance and needs that help to realise her big dreams she's going to go for it. She's searching high and low for answers now to get the results that she wants. She's looking for that how and even thought money is tight, her gut tells her how she needs to upscale and invest in herself so she can step it up and do this, rebuild herself and make her business successful. So she's living life on her terms even though she's scared shitless. She's scared. We've all been there. [Flori agrees]. But lastly her biggest fear is having to return to the corporate world because it no longer fits who she is and she can't and won't let that happen. She is going to live her dream commitment. She is all in.



Are you Sabrina?

Florencia Pyke: [00:27:52] Oh gosh. It's funny every time we read out that description in the course, and you know we've done it across different challenges, webinars what not, the number of people who are like oh my god I'm Sabrina. It's so true right. Right so just before we wrap up let's touch on number five. OK. And how important it is to know your target market intricately because it's going to enable you to market more effectively. OK. And basically everything that we've run through now to date in this episode you're going to start to see how this all fits together. OK. To enable you to be that much more effective in your marketing strategy. And you know we talked about the sales funnel in the last episode and number four and how this plays such an enormous role in building your relationship with your ideal client. Right. And nurturing them and establishing that sense of trust etc. until they buy from me and you get married. But it is so important because when you know what your target market, what your ideal clients want and need, what their objections are what their frustrations or their hopes. All this stuff is so much easier to market to them effectively and to use the language, the correct language that's going to hook them in and get them to create that sense of trust with you...

Anna Jonak: [00:29:10] and create all the right steps for that sales funnel. So knowing that at certain points certain things are going to resonate. And we've seen certainly with students where their opt in to freebies is by knowing their ideal client. They might get a few leads and then they will change it and they'll change the language in a little bit and then get 300 leads.

Florencia Pyke: [00:29:28] Correct. So it's the exact same freebie. But they've changed the title of the freebie and the call to action on that title. And you're absolutely right. It will absolutely change the take up, the opt in rate of that freebie and that that goes back to talking about you know how it's like a puzzle piece the marketing strategy. And you got to be willing to tweak, measure at every step.

Anna Jonak: [00:29:51] So but it's going to be so much easier for you if you know your ideal client, your marketing is going to be that much easier. Again you'll have done your due diligence, you'll know who you are talking to, the channels, really feeds back into what we were talking about in Episode 4. All right. I know lots of information.

Florencia Pyke: [00:30:08] Yeah lots of gold.



Anna Jonak: [00:30:09] All right so let's do a quick wrap up because you know we've given you lots and so we've taken you through why it's so important to really know your clients and the impact it can have. Everything from speaking the right language to drawing in the right people to creating the right products and services that they really want and people are going to be lapping up, setting the price points and offers so that people are buying in spades, understanding motivators and fears and objections so that you can handle them or make sure that you know the right stuff is at the forefront of your communication strategy and ultimately how all of this really feeds into being enabling you to be that much more effective in your marketing and the sales funnels that you build. And I guess the bottom line for us is that definitely the more we've learned about business, our audience sorry, it's has changed the trajectory our business. Obviously from a bottom line standpoint, but really as well, and I mean this, I get a bit emo but, the kind of clients that we're working with now, [Flori agrees] the relationships that we have, the people with just so passionate about the business they are so driven they want to be successful at kicking goals because of it. It's just next level.

Florencia Pyke: [00:31:13] Yeah. I mean to your point being able to connect and draw in the right people also enables us to create that much better of a product because when we do the research to understand what they want, they're the right people who we're asking now. Right. So it enables us to create a more powerful and compelling offer that's going to meet their needs as well. So it's a win win. [Anna agrees] You know it's kind of this positive cycle here. So yes we really encourage you to start asking how well do you know your audience. Are they your ideal client and what can you start doing right now to learn more about your audience.  And we do want to say that this stuff is not going to happen overnight. [Anna agrees] You know we're nearly well we're two and a half going into three years into our business here with The Elevatory®, and you know we, it's taken us a while to come this far to really understand and nail our avatar.

Anna Jonak: [00:32:08] Lot of research, lot of hours.

Florencia Pyke: [00:32:09] Gosh yes. But you know if you are really serious about your business honestly this should be your mission to get to this level of clarity when it comes to your target market and your ideal customer that client avatar. Okay so that you can seriously improve the quality of everything that's going to really lift your business and your results if you get to know them really really intimately.

Anna Jonak: [00:32:28] Definitely. Now as we said we've got a customer avatar template. So we've basically got a series of questions and pointers for you start thinking about the detail and depth you want to have in your ideal client. So to get your hands on that freebie head to And as we leave you our parting thought for today is this. Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Another Steve Jobs.

Florencia Pyke: [00:33:00] Love Stevie. All right. And remember be brave in your business.



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