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We see some women go on to make them into 6 and 7 figure businesses, whilst someone else with a similar idea will barely make ends meet. Why the difference? 


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We’ve come across many amazing business ideas at The Elevatory®. We see some women go on to make them into 6 and 7 figure businesses, whilst someone else with a similar idea will barely make ends meet. The difference? It’s all about you. It all comes down to your connection with what you’re doing. In our experience, you need to have the following 3 elements to make sure your business is a success.



Whether you’re a planner or a dreamer, having your vision firmly imprinted in your mind helps you visualise where you want to take your business and your life. When you focus on an outcome and start acting as though it’s going to happen, you are more likely to achieve it.

Without this vision, you end up going around in circles with no clear direction. It sounds a little back to front, but you really do need to start with the end in mind. Even Steve Covey’s popular book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, lists knowing your direction as one of his desired habits. Enthusiasm alone is not going to help your business succeed. Having a focal point to drive every action and every decision is critical to keep you on track.

Successful business owners take the time to analyse and dream so that they can understand what success looks like to them. If you’re not clear on your big vision, then ask yourself:

    • Where do I want to be in 5 years’ time?
    • Will the business be supporting my family?
    • What financial goals will I need to achieve?
    • Where will I be living?
    • What will I be doing every day?

Being able to answer these questions with clarity allows you to live, breathe and connect with your vision.





You have the vision, now to bring it to life you need the commitment! Tony Robbins believes that the only limit to what you can achieve is you. The vision that you create for yourself is simply your imagination plus the level of commitment you give to making it your reality.

This is my experience and why I believe in this whole-heartedly. A few years ago, my husband and I created our big vision together. This involved setting a financial goal for The Elevatory so that he no longer had to work his FIFO job. Our joint vision was connected to being able to have him home every evening so we could all be together as a family. Every decision we made was linked back to that vision. Twelve months later he no longer worked in the mines.

If you find yourself wavering with your commitment to your vision, it may be because:

    • there’s a fear of what’s to come
    • negative self-talk is creeping into your life
    • your vision may be a little shaky
    • you’re not truly connected to your vision

You need to fix this lack of commitment quickly, as you are what you project. So, if you’re promoting your business as a little side hustle, guess what will happen? Your business will take longer to get off the ground as you’re not 100% connected and committed to it. If you’re feeling uncertain or uncommitted, that will reflect back to you in your environment.



Knowing your "why" is what becomes your emotional driver that puts you back on track when you have setbacks. This is such an important element to business success that at The Elevatory we love to question whether you are going deep enough with your why. It’s not enough for you to “inspire others” or “help others to live their best life”. It should be more than that!

We like to use an exercise called ‘7 Levels Deep on Your Why.’ This exercise can be used on any part of your life and involves asking yourself "Why is this important?" seven times, where each time you question yourself based on your previous response. The more in depth your response, the more you’ll get out of the exercise.

By the time you get to the seventh level, you will have a much deeper understanding of what is driving you. A deeper understanding will mean a greater connection so when those bad days come along, you have the reason and motivation to push through. We have created a template for you to work through - click here.

Building a strong foundation for business success begins with you. If you’re able to articulate your big vision, commit to it and connect with your ‘why’ then you’re well on your way to a fulfilling and successful business.

What have you learnt from digging seven levels deep? Got any questions? Let us know in the comments below.





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