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Anna-Bioby Anna Jonak, Founder of The Elevatory.
My mission is simple - to ensure you have everything you ever need to achieve the success you dream of.



There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t check in with someone about aligning their business with their purpose. I’m all about encouraging you to get crystal clear on exactly what it is that lights you up, and then how you can bring this to life through your business.

Without a doubt 2020 was challenging and stressful. But being open to the opportunities for learning and growth has been key for The Elevatory in 2020. It’s given me a reason to really hone in on my values and purpose and to bring this to more of what I do every day.

This has meant making the decision to close down all of our programs so that we can focus on just one. This decision was a fairly easy one as I know that it aligns with my personal big vision and is the best use of the strengths of my entire coaching team. 




The past five years have not been a waste of time by any means! I’ve spent them learning, listening, creating and refining. Most importantly it’s been about making a difference in the lives of thousands of women through our DIY and coaching programs.

But now it’s all about our Mastermind. I find this super exciting as it’s in line with two of my top values of connection and creating impact. I’m completely leaning into this and I couldn’t feel more on purpose! And it’s this exact feeling that I strive to instil in all our Mastermind clients.



The Elevatory’s Mastermind is an intensive personal coaching program designed to help small businesses scale fast.

It’s an accumulation of everything I know women like you need, as well as the best bits from the Masterminds that I’ve been a part of. It’s a unique mix of 1:1 and group sessions supported by a team of specialist coaches. Our team approach means that you’ll get exactly the type of coaching that you need depending on what part of your business strategy you’re working on.

Specialist coaches mean you can scale faster, make the connections you need at the right time and get the real, in depth support that you need when you need it. It also means that we can help women with any type of business whether you’re an e-commerce or service business, or you are a bricks and mortar store looking to move online.

We’ve helped women all over Australia and internationally with a range of businesses from artists, naturopaths, personal stylists, illustrators, baby products, virtual assistants, authors, jewellers, party products, gift hampers, animal services, money coaches, graphic designers, visa specialists, bedding, beauty, bakers, midwives and fitness. (You can read some of their stories here).

No matter where you are or what you do, joining our Mastermind really comes back to our core values of connection, results, empowerment and community.



Growing your business is not just about what you do, but also the connections you make with others. I love to connect with each of our clients in our 1:1 coaching calls. The discussion of possibilities and big dreams is always exciting! It’s also important for our clients to connect with each other and other coaches in the team to provide a cohesive, supportive environment.

We connect with our Mastermind clients via video at least 3 times a month, on the personal online forum daily and quarterly in person (when COVID’s not in our lives).




Whilst DIY training programs have their place in the market, I've found that my team and I are better able to maximise a business's potential (and results) when there is a high level of client commitment.

The Mastermind provides a perfect platform for this as we can ensure our clients get the results as we’re by their side every step of the way. We pride ourselves on bespoke strategic solutions, that solve their specific problems. You can read some of our case studies via this link. No cookie cutter options here!



It’s one thing giving our clients the specific strategy to see results, but another to empower them to be able to execute them and stick with their strategy so that they have the confidence that they can do anything. With our powerful coaching framework, you can master each objective - with a whole team on hand to make sure you’re doing it right! We personally teach you everything from financial planning to Facebook ads.



Masterminds are as much about the members as it is about the coaching. The community of Mastermind women genuinely care about each other and fiercely support, champion and drive one another. All our clients crave strategic, high level connection with other business owners and mentors. It’s so exciting watching business owners grow and flourish with the support of their community.

This community also extends to our amazing free Facebook Group – Rising Female Entrepreneurs - which is full of women who are boundary breakers, goal getters and impact driven.



We are here to help build your brand, get more clients or customers, drive more revenue, work smarter not harder, keep your mindset in check and network with women who understand you and the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship.

And from a personal perspective, the best part is that it lights me up to see all of this change happen around me, as it’s aligned with my purpose.

If our Mastermind is something you might like to be a part of I'd love to have a chat with you. You can book in for a free discovery call here.






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